An Obligatory Duty

Sandhyopasana is the daily religious practice of the Hindus whose investiture
with the holy thread has been performed. Sandhya is a Nitya Karma or an
action that is to be done daily. Sandhya is an obligatory duty to be performed
daily for self-purication and self-improvement.
Sandhya should be performed by all followers of the Sanatana Dharma. !very
"rahmachari and every householder must perform it every day. #f he fails to
perform it$ there is %ratyavaya Dosha or the sin of omission. He loses his
According to the Hindu Sastras$ a "rahmana$ a Kshatriya and a (aisya will get
hell$ if they do not perform three times Sandhyopasana )&rai*ali*a Sandhya+
daily. #t is for the purpose of Sandhya only$ the law of ,a'nopavita-Sams*ara is
laid down in the ,a'naval*ya Smriti which says- .&he "rahmana in his eighth
year$ the Kshatriya in his eleventh year and the (aisya in his twelfth year are
t to be given ,a'nopavita./ "ecause$ only after this particular Sams*ara$ they
are supposed to be worthy to worship Sandhya and ta*e to (edic rites. &hey
should *eep themselves pure internally and e0ternally. &hey can nicely
understand the sacred glory of this divine science.
"enets Of Sandhyopasana
Sandhya is a combination of 1apa$ 2pasana$ Svadhyaya$ meditation$
concentration$ Asana$ %ranayama$ etc. He who does Sandhya daily has
"rahma-&e'as or spiritual lustre$ in his face. A man who performs his daily
Sandhya$ according to the prescribed rules$ at the appointed time as laid
down in the scriptures$ attains purity and success in his every e3ort. He
becomes powerful as well as calm. 4egular Sandhya cuts the chain of old
Sams*aras and changes everybody5s old situation entirely. #t brings purity$
Atma-"hava$ devotion and sincerity.

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