My heart is the center where feelings reside there the cries and caresses mingle side by side pumping

, flowing it never stops it’s where love’s grace burdens and mistakes ly my heart is everything that makes me unique Now suddenly I find That something’s gone wrong…. The blood has thickened from journeys of pain and now these arteries are not the same i feel the weight of unfulfilled love that runs through my veins like an oxygen infested drug There seems to be a problem so let’s probe inside says the cardiologist with his gentle hug don’t worry my dear i’ve done this a thousand times we don’t want to lose you and it won’t cost you much But now my brain is thinking worrying distant and afraid no one has ever looked at my heart this way! yes i think my heart has had enough it’s time for a new one no longer pretending i can be this tough 12/2/09 ……………………………………….. beatriZ

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