Astrological factors.
Planet---Venus afflicted by Sun, mars or Saturn,rahu or ketu.
Saturn-because it’s a vestigial organ.
The 6
lord indicates the disease, look for the rashi it tenants and aspects on houses
and signs.

Swathi nakshatra rules the body parts like skin, kidneys, ureter, appendicitis,
hernia and bladder and is also responsible for the diseases associated with
these organs. This star is under the governance of the shady planet rahu.
The Sixth House

Diseases related to body parts like waist, navel, lower abdomen, kidneys,
small intestine, upper part of large intestine, intestinal function, appendix, etc
are mainly due to a weak sixth house in your birth chart. It is related to
sickness like appendicitis, poisoning, constipation, hernia, blood urea,
psychiatric problems, exhaustion and nervous breakdown. The sixth house
afflicted with moon makes a wild tempered person or a lunatic whereas Venus
affiliation gives sexual disorders, dysfunction of sex glands and sterility.
Similarly when Mercury affiliates the sixth house it gives loss of memory, dull
head and idiocy.

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