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Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted Living Facilities

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Assisted Living Facilities

Common Myths about Assisted Living Facilities

Common Myths about Assisted Living Facilities
• Families have preconceived ideas • Media emphasizes negative stories • The following information will dispel common myths about assisted living facilities

Myth #1: The Phrase ‘Assisted Living Facility’ is new terminology to describe nursing homes • Assisted living facilities are a new concept • Designed to serve the needs of our changing society • Seniors live longer and prefer to live independently • Adult children juggling two careers, children, and needs of aging parents

Assisted Living is the Solution
• Eldercare professionals recognize the need for an active lifestyle and care • Seniors don’t feel as though they’re a burden • Live independently • Full calendar of activities • Secure in knowing assistance is always available • Promote independence, whereas nursing homes focus on skilled medical care and therapy

Myth #2: No Wheelchairs and No Incontinence
• Independence is encouraged, but wheelchairs not prohibited • Must be able to transfer with one person assist • Two person assist or non-weight bearing patients not appropriate for this environment

Incontinent Patients Accepted if Condition Can be Managed
• • • • Toileting schedule Incontinence products Frequent reminders Most seniors receiving toileting assistance can maintain active lifestyle without fear of accidents • Unmanageable bowel incontinence may require an alternative setting • Poses health risk for other residents

Myth #3: Medicare Will Pay for Assisted Living

• Medicare does not provide coverage for nonskilled care • Skilled nursing facilities accept Medicare • Assisted living facilities typically private pay or long-term care insurance • Some beds set aside for Medicaid recipients • Others offer financial assistance programs • Limited financing or future Medicaid applicants may want to consider a care home

All Senior Homes
• All Senior Homes is a resource for seniors and families searching for housing and care services • Visit http://www.allseniorhomes.com for more information on senior housing • Information in this presentation provided by Sara Shelton, gerontologist, for AllSeniorHomes.com

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