Potential Transit Station Area Information

1/4 Mile Buffer

Existing Conditions
The station area includes apartments, condominiums, townhomes, retail, service commercial, office, and hotel land uses. The recently built apartments are garden-style and separate from other land uses. The condominiums are set back from the street, gated and relatively new with internal deck parking and some surface parking. Townhomes are newer and oriented to the street, but set back from the road. The retail and service commercial is set back from the street in large shopping centers with vast surface parking lots. The office and hotel uses are in office park settings and generally include one or two stories, although a few are taller. Vehicular access to the station area is provided by Chamblee Dunwoody Road, which also has ramps to I-285. Cotillion Drive and Savoy Drive also serve the station area and provide access to the interstate. Connectivity throughout the station area is poor due to a lack of cross streets and enormous block sizes. While some streets in the station area do have sidewalks, most do not. Some of the existing sidewalks are in disrepair and none provide pedestrian amenities.

Development/Redevelopment Potential
This area serves as a primary gateway to the City of Dunwoody. A large shopping center on Chamblee Dunwoody Road with plenty of surface parking may be a good candidate for redevelopment as mixed-use. Additionally, some of the office parks are older and may be candidates for redevelopment as denser centers with the addition of transit. The City of Dunwoody is currently developing a Comprehensive Plan. Discussions with staff have indicated a willingness to coordinate future development with concepts from revive285 top end.