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Celeb Slap part 8

Celeb Slap part 8

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Lindsay Lohan still not too domestic for a nipple see thru

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So I really don’t blog about Lindsay Lohan much anymore, that sex symbol turned lesbian angle turned out to be a lot less salacious than it looked on paper, but every once and a while she’ll walk outside with her nipples waving hello, and it makes me nostalgic for the train wreck slut of yore. It’s nice to know that while certain aspects of her life have changed, she still doesn’t own a bra that she wouldn’t rather forget a home.

Anyway, the biggest change in Lindsay’s life is instead of trying to bang every man, woman, and meth-head in sight, she’s now a one woman gal, shacked up with Samantha Ronson exclusively. Here’s Lindsay and Sam yesterday going to Matsuhisa, a Beverly Hills sushi restaurant, to celebrate Samantha’s birthday. I think they look really cute together… provided you can overlook Ronson looking 31 going on Keith Richards. Pictures via here and here Comments (1) Send this post to a friend


August 7, 2008
Miley Cyrus admits to Nick Jonas relationship, caught in lie
Filed under:The Biz Buzz, Miley Cyrus / Slapped By:Harley at 20:36 Edit This

So it turns out not only has Miley Cyrus finally come clean that she was dating Nick Jonas but she was far sluttier than anyone imagined. In an exclusive interview with Seventeen Magazine, Miley reveals that it was Jonas that pursued her and they were boyfriend-girlfriend from the day they met. Let me get this straight, Miley Cyrus goes around wearing a purity ring but couldn’t even hold out on the first date? That’s the sluttiest virgin I’ve ever come across.

Anyway, here’s Miley describing the dynamics of the relationship, which she confirms finished at the end of 2007: “Nick and I loved each other… We still do, but we were in love with each other. For two years he was basically my 24/7. But it was really hard to keep it from people. We were arguing a lot, and it really wasn’t fun.” She continues that she might end up marrying Nick, who at the moment is dating Selena Gomez or might just end up best friends for life. It’s actually really sad but Miley blaming the break up on the press being too hard to lie to makes it a little more difficult to feel sorry for her. Via Comments (5) Send this post to a friend


August 6, 2008
Hermione Gone Wild! Emma Watson bikini pictures
Filed under:The Biz Buzz / Slapped By:Harley at 18:16 Edit This

If you’ve ever wonder what Hermione was wearing underneath her Hogwarts robes - well it looks like school is out for summer. These Facebook photos of Emma Watson, show the Harry Potter in a tiny blue bikini on vacation with boyfriend Jay Barrymore, a 27 year old he-who-can-not-be-named because no one has ever heard of his Muggle ass before.

Anyway, these pictures were taken in Ibiza by Bee Shaffer, who worse than from Slytherin is from the house of couture, as her mom is Anna Wintour, the Bellatrix like Vogue editor. Her candids make Emma Watson and her Muggle look like they’re really in love, and while he may not be much to look at, that’s nothing a little Polyjuice Potion can’t fix. (BTW, you can still view Emma Watson’s polly juices in her see thru upskirt - here.) Via Comments (2) Send this post to a friend


August 5, 2008
Ed Westwick caught making out with other guys
Filed under:The Biz Buzz / Slapped By:Harley at 18:48 Edit This

If Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick seems a little too friendly with costar Chace Crawford, well the two also happen to be off screen roommates, sharing a Chelsea Manhattan apartment together. And if that doesn’t draw a clear enough picture for you, here’s recently discovered Photobucket pictures of Westwick making out with Jimmy Wright:

Wright is in the guitarist for The Filthy Young, the Indy band that Ed Westwick is the lead vocalist for. Here we see Wright checking the status of his lead singer’s vocal cords… with his tongue.

And here’s Westwick making Zoolander face after the fact. Nothing says heterosexuality like Zoolander face.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Ed Westwick is a gay, I’m not trying to label him like that. I’m just saying Westwick is the type of guy when he gets really drunk likes kissing other guys and buying apartments with them the next morning. Now what’s gay about that? Via here and here Comments (3) Send this post to a friend


August 4, 2008
Miley Cyrus leaked booty shorts panties pictures
Filed under:The Biz Buzz, Miley Cyrus / Slapped By:Harley at 11:57 Edit This

So officially Miley Cyrus’ cell phone got hacked once and these pictures were taken like a year ago. Unofficially, a new set from those stolen pictures seems to come out every two weeks, and with Miley having just announced that the upcoming season of Hannah Montana is going to be the last (putting daddy out of work BTW), Miley continues to “leak” new sexy photos, trying to cultivate a more adult image.

Don’t believe me? Well even if you concede that the cell phone pics might have been leaked without her permission, look at the slutty outfit Miley was wearing at the Teen Choice Awards last night. Her Gynecologist hasn’t even seen that far up her skirt.

I just don’t get how Miley Cyrus was so apologetic about a Vanity Fair where she showed a little bare shoulder when every other day she either through a leaked picture or in a performance she shows ten times as much skin as that. Via More Miley Cyrus leaked photos: Miley Cyrus leaked photos: Hanna Lez-tana? Miley Cyrus: I love where this is going Miley Cyrus lesbian and ex boyfriend pictures Comments (17) Send this post to a friend


August 3, 2008
Audrina Patridge & Heidi Montag: the new Hills power couple?
Filed under:The Biz Buzz / Slapped By:Harley at 19:35 Edit This

Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? And more importantly, when your sitting next to Spencer Pratt, can you see the actual residue of slime after he gets up from his chair? Those are the key questions after Pratt, Audrina Patridge, and Heidi Montag where spotted having an hour plus friendly sit down at the premiere party for the new Tony Hawk T-Mobile Sidekick.

Which is kind of ironic because at different times both girls have been the Lauren Conrad Sidekick, only to be spurned when they became famous on their own… most recently Audrina after her leaked Playboy type pics made her a paparazzi cheese cake favorite. Anyway, with the upcoming season 4 of The Hills rumored to be the last, I thought the newly friendly trio might be the idea nucleus for a spinoff. I even thought up a name for it - “Four Fake Breasts and One Real Douche“.

UPDATE: Photographic proof that Audrina and Heidi have grown into frenemies. Via Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


August 2, 2008
PROOF Miley Cyrus was dating Nick Jonas!
Filed under:The Biz Buzz, Miley Cyrus / Slapped By:Harley at 21:00 Edit This

So obviously Miley Cyrus dating Nick Jonas is old news, they broke up last December, but for some reason Miley was in denial about them ever dating and made this insane statement: “No one knows we were ever together, so how could we break up if we were never together… No one has proof… We aren’t broken up and we’re not together.” It’s almost like Miley was daring someone to call bullshit on her, and it turns out it was really easy. If you look at the shirt Miley is wearing from this hacked cell phone picture which was allegedly sent to Nick Jonas, she’s wearing the exact same shirt as him! My only question is if next week Selena Gomez shows up wearing that same shirt, does she deny she’s dating Nick… or Miley? Story via, quote via Comments (3) Send this post to a friend


August 1, 2008
Where did the Jessica Origliasso naked picture come from?
Filed under:The Biz Buzz / Slapped By:Harley at 19:31 Edit This

Are you a pop star but no one in on that little secret but you? Just leak a naked photograph of yourself. At least that seems to be what Jessica Origliasso of the Australian pop group The Veronicas did. Despite no one even being able to tell her and her twin sister Lisa apart, everyone seems to be convinced that the picture above is of Jesse, even though other then the picture originating online through the photo service Flynetonline, no one knows the slightest thing about it.

Like even if the picture is a fake, as Origliasso’s publicist claims, why is it that the rest of the pictures in the set, which no one is disputing is Jesse, no one has a clue where they came from? What the hell is going on here? UPDATE: The pictures were taken 3 years ago by an ex lover, who just sold them to two Australian magazines. Following standard celebrity protocol, after first denying the pictures were really her, Origliasso’s record label is now threatening to sue the ex. Via Comments (4) Send this post to a friend


July 31, 2008
Rihanna see thru nipples - get me a magnet!
Filed under:The Biz Buzz, Rihanna / Slapped By:Harley at 11:25 Edit This

So a couple of days ago when commenting on how Kristin Kreuk’s new lesbian haircut makes her look like the white Rihanna, a reader pointed out that Rihanna is the white Rihanna. And upon closer inspection, I’ve got to agree - she makes Halle Berry look like Wesley Snipes.

Anyway, here’s Rihanna yesterday on the New York party scene, showing us what we’ve known for a while about her, that the only way she can tell her right nipple from the left is to stick a tiny metal spear through it. Seriously, if you ever see Rihanna in a club be like, “are you attracted to me or is that just the magnet in my pocket.” It won’t get you anywhere, she’s hooked up with Chris Brown among other reasons, but I promise her bodyguards will get a laugh… followed by them unceremoniously throwing you into the dumpster outside. Anyway, see thru nipple rings and all, Rihanna still looks gorgeous. Via Comments (4) Send this post to a friend


July 30, 2008
Bar Refaeli for Prime Minister
Filed under:The Biz Buzz, Bar Refaeli / Slapped By:Harley at 18:50 Edit This

So it’s been a painfully slow news day everywhere that is except for Israel, where their Prime Minister Ehud Olmert resigned today for no apparently reason. Israeli governments have a higher turnover rate than French Fry cooker station at a McDonald’s but whatever… this is Celeb Slap not Politician Slap.

Anyway, now that there’s the job opening, Israelis could do worse than considering the Israeil born Bar Rafaeli, shown here vacationing in St. Tropez. Yeah I know at age 23 she’s a little young, and the government would have to adjust their military budget just to afford her appearance fee but look what they’d be getting: the first female Prime Minister ever and yes I’m including Golda Mier. The Middle East Peace Crisis would be solved in five minutes, seriously do you think there’s a single Arab leader who would have a problem negotiating with the Israeli Prime Minister if this is what an Israeli Prime Minister looked like? The talking points would quickly shift from how to divide Jerusalem to if they throw in half of Saudi Arabia, would Rafaeli consider spending a week on their private yacht.

(And if that didn’t work, Bar could always open her supermodel Rolodex and appoint Naomi Campbell as her new Minister of Defense. The Israeli military is one thing, but Palestinians do not want to mess with a PMS-ing model with a receding hair line. Trust me.) Via Comments (2) Send this post to a friend

July 29, 2008
Kristin Kreuk’s new lesbian haircut
Filed under:The Biz Buzz / Slapped By:Harley at 18:05 Edit This

Hey kids, it’s the White Rihanna! Kristin Kreuk, who just left Smallville after 7 seasons, seems to have lost her identity a bit, cutting her long locks in a decision she said she’s been contemplating for three years. She says she likes the change because it makes yoga more fun and now she can finally use hair gel. OMG - she’s actually as boring as the character she plays on TV.

Anyway, just in case you forgot, here’s what Kristin Kreuk looked like when straight guys still thought they had a chance. Via Comments (35) Send this post to a friend


July 28, 2008
Demi Lovato’s boyfriend is a Zack Efron clone
Filed under:The Biz Buzz, Demi Lovato / Slapped By:Harley at 15:41 Edit This

When it comes to the hierarchy of Disney channel stars, I guess Demi Lovato must have been thinking, well if I can’t date Zack Efron, I’ll just get someone who dresses like him. That’s the only explanation I have for “Keith“, Demi Lovato’s ambiguous boy friend, who if not in the closet, seems at the least to be gay for Efron. Seriously, that Single White Female even has the same haircut!

But maybe the eye shadow is deceptive… you never know, maybe the kid’s just emo. (After all, if I were gay my parents could deal, but emo? Nobody likes a whiny emo kid. Nobody.)

Via Cell Freak Comments (27) Send this post to a friend


Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad do McDonald’s bikini style
Filed under:The Biz Buzz, Kim Kardashian / Slapped By:Harley at 11:51 Edit This

As a general rule the ecstasy and the agony of th McDonald’s dining experience is it’s mind numbingly monotonous, but apparently not so in Malibu, where celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad can be seen in bikinis munching on Big Macs.

Actually, these pictures are from a beach house event commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Big Mac, which I wouldn’t even be covering it if Kim Kardashian could go five minutes without looking like a Fly Girl with the fly unzipped.

What is that outfit? Bikini top, overalls, and short shorts with a soccer mom waistline - all delivered in a UPS color scheme. Way more Return to Sender than the total package IMO.

Anyway, Kimmy K really did dig into the Big Macs. The wide framed model was probably the only celebrity who wanted it to go straight to her thighs. Via here and here Comments (1) Send this post to a friend


July 27, 2008
Miley Cyrus lesbian and ex boyfriend makeout pictures
Filed under:The Biz Buzz, Miley Cyrus / Slapped By:Harley at 8:41 Edit This

So because it’s apparently some obscure California state law, any picture taken by Miley Cyrus ever has to be leaked onto the internet, here’s the latest, Miley giving a very affectionate kiss on the cheek to an unknown older woman. You might think I’m making too much of this to call it a lesbian picture, but a couple of friendly teenage pics is how it started with Lindsay Lohan, and by now she’s cleaned more carpets than a Stanley Steamer. Plus that’s before pointing out Miley has already recreated the Lady & The Tramp spaghetti scene with another chick.

But to be fair, also leaked was old photos of Cyrus getting cozy with ex-boyfriend Thomas Sturges who’s best known for well… just being photographed with Miley Cyrus.

So what do you think, does Miley look more into the guy or the girl? Picture via here and here Comments (13) Send this post to a friend


July 26, 2008
Madonna’s a fugly monkey, Lourdes is 45-year-old arab man
Filed under:The Biz Buzz, Madonna / Slapped By:Harley at 21:18 Edit This

For us people of a certain age this is heartbreaking, but it looks like Madonna, 49, seen here leaving a Kabbalah Center in Manhattan, has finally been beaten with the fugly stick. She looks like Eva Perón and not the one she portrayed in the movie, the one that’s been dead since 1952. She looks like Joni Mitchell on steroids. She looks like all her teeth have been removed and she has to eat her meals through a straw. Which brings me to why she let ex Carlos Leon knock her up in the first place…

The great thing about 11-year-old daughter Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon for Madonna is no matter how bad a toll the aging process takes on the Material Girl, as long as her own girl is around, she’ll never be the ugly one in the room. Seriously, I know making fun of celebrity’s kids is about as classy as stealing from the homeless but Lourdes looks like a 45-year-old Arab man from the planet Xenu. And I know Xenu was their ruler not a planet, and Madonna’s cult is Kabbalah not Scientology, but how am I supposed to keep track of these things when I’m staring at an 11-year-old girl with a mustache three times as thick as my father’s? Via Comments (1) Send this post to a friend


July 25, 2008
Is Georgia Groome the next Selena Gomez?
Filed under:The Biz Buzz, Selena Gomez / Slapped By:Harley at 19:27 Edit This

So I’ve seen so much speculation lately about if Selena Gomez is the next Miley Cyrus, that I thought it would be kind of funny to figure out who the next Selena Gomez will be… you know the next 14 or 15 year old kid people are inevitably going to compare to Miley Cyrus.

Anyway, my vote is cast for the 16-year-old Brit Georgia Groom. You haven’t heard of her before but she’s starring in the upcoming “Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging” which is being billed as the teenage Bridget Jones. At the very least her British accent is more convincing than Lindsay Lohan in Parent Trap. You can check out the trailer for yourself here. Via Comments (10) Send this post to a friend


July 24, 2008
Brooke Hogan carrying her public hair
Filed under:The Biz Buzz / Slapped By:Harley at 7:40 Edit This

Normally I don’t like posting about Brooke Hogan- the whole not knowing if she’s a man or woman thing is kind of creepy, but I’m always curious about the does the carpet match the drapes department and if not a carpet, that rodent should at least be harvested into a pair of slippers. If sibling DUI Nick didn’t get to it first- that animal looks like a Kola Bear clubbed like a seal.

Meanwhile even putting aside gender, I’m not sure what specie Brooke Hogan is. I guess when your a second generation steroid user certain side effects are to be expected… though to be fair opposable thumbs are probably overrated anyway. Via Comments (2) Send this post to a friend


July 23, 2008
Patricia Heaton leaked lingerie photos

Filed under:The Biz Buzz / Slapped By:Harley at 19:45 Edit This

So I was watching a Conan O’Brien rerun last night when Patricia Heaton started telling this story about how she had done this lingerie photo shoot as a favor to her makeup artist and a photographer. The pics were just supposed to be for their portfolio but someone hacked the computer and posted them on the internet.

Patricia was shocked when a fan came up to her and asked her to sign one of the pictures! At least that’s version Heaton’s been telling, and maybe I’d believe it was coming from the month of a 20-year-old, but the way I figure if your 50 and still look that good, the person most interested in having those photos leaked… is Patricia Heaton. Via Comments (1) Send this post to a friend


July 22, 2008
Meet Christian Bale’s family (before he kills them)
Filed under:The Biz Buzz / Slapped By:Harley at 10:37 Edit This

If Christian Bale wanted to featured on Celeb Slap, well he sure was being literal. The grim actor was just arrested in jolly old England after the London premiere of “The Dark Knight” for assaulting his mum and sister before the premiere. Whether it was for physical assault, or if for verbal assault as TMZ is now hypothesizing is unclear, but it seems likely Bale at the least made threats threatening bodily harm to mother Jenny, 61, and sister Sharon, age 40.

Anyway, since the details of the case are still kind of murky I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at Christian Bale’s origin story. Apparently, growing up he split his time between California and England; his dad was a commercial pilot, and the mom in question was a circus performer. Sister Sharon went on to work in computers but Christian has three sisters, so don’t know which one is in the family portrait. Also don’t know why the other two sisters missing, maybe he already killed them. I’m not saying Christian Bale has unresolved anger issues, but the police might want to reopen the investigation into Health Ledger’s death. Maybe Batman just wants you to think it was an overdoes. Via Comments (3) Send this post to a friend


July 21, 2008
AnnaLynne McCord naked: checking out her area code
Filed under:The Biz Buzz / Slapped By:Harley at 20:16 Edit This

So while early hype on the big Beverly Hills 90210 reboot focuses on Jennie Garth and Shannon Doherty returning, trust me once this show actually makes it to air, the only person anyone’s going to be talking about is AnnaLynne McCord. How do I know? Well the 21-year-old actress has said she’s basically going to be playing a PG version of her character from Nip/Tuck, which if you’ve seen her smoldering performance as Eden Lord, you’ll know it will still end up bring R rated by network TV standards.

Nip/Tuck essentially became the AnnLynne McCord naked show, as her Eden was a bad girl that was an equal opportunity seductress. She started last season (passing herself off as) an innocent school girl and by the end of the season was doing straight up lesbian porn.

As for AnnaLynne McCord’s personal life, I couldn’t find a lick of gossip about her anywhere…

…I guess meaning that she’s so busy having sex on screen, she just doesn’t have enough time to hook up in real life.

Comments (0) Send this post to a friend

(Possible) Madonna/ Alex Rodriguez sex tape
Filed under:The Biz Buzz, Madonna / Slapped By:Harley at 7:54 Edit This

The odds of this story panning out are pretty unlikely, but… Celeb photo service x17 is reporting that some guy claiming to know Madonna through Kabbalah classes is shopping around a sex tape of Alex Rodriguez with the Material Girl. Apparently a few months ago he offered up his apartment to the adulterous couple, while unbeknown to them left a hidden camera focused on the couch. Nothing about this story sounds likely to be true, from the duo trusting their affair with a near stranger to the fact I really doubt Madge ever let Alex in her vadge in the first place. But x17 claims the British rag The Daily Mirror has offered this guy $2 million for the sex tape, and they must be paying for something.

Anyway, I couldn’t care less either way, I just think it’s funny how x17 plasters their logo all over the accompanying photo, as though showing Madonna and A Rod nowhere near each other is some sort of world exclusive they want credit for. Via Comments (1) Send this post to a friend


July 19, 2008
Ashley Harkleroad naked in Playboy pictures
Filed under:The Biz Buzz / Slapped By:Harley at 21:38 Edit This

So Playboy wants you to believe that Ashley Harkleroad is the first tennis player to pose naked for them but she’s apparently the #72 ranked female tennis player in the world, who’s career prize money total is $927,881. Which I bring up because she probably made more money posing for Playboy than she ever did playing tennis… making her her a nude model who plays tennis, not the other way around but whatever…

Anyway, Ashley Harkleroad decided to pose naked in Playboy after having ovarian cyst surgery, I guess meaning that guys looking at her pictorial aren’t only supposed to get a hard on, they’re supposed to get inspired. I’ve never understood where the line between inspirational story and too much personal information begins and ends… like over the weekend I was battling a nasty yeast infection… does that mean Playboy wants me to pose for them too? Via Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


July 18, 2008
Miley Cyrus still a virgin, getting conceded about it
Filed under:The Biz Buzz, Miley Cyrus / Slapped By:Harley at 18:05 Edit This

So Miley Cyrus has been making the rounds the last couple of days, the media rounds - get your mind out of the gutter, and she wants you to know that not only is that indeed a promise ring she’s wearing, but she’s still a virgin and will remain one until there’s a second ring on that finger. Here’s what she had to say to TV Guide:

“I like to think of myself as the girl that no one can get, that no one can keep in their hand. Even at my age, a lot of girls are starting to fall, and I think if (abstaining) is a commitment girls make, that’s great.” Girls her age are starting to fall? How the hell does Miley think women get pregnant, by being too klutzy? And if she wants to keep her legs crossed until marrying your daddy is legal that’s fine but she should curb the ‘tude because these pop stars who wait and think they’re too good for everyone inevitably end up settling and by settling I mean Kevin Federline level settling. quote via pictures via Comments (4) Send this post to a friend


July 17, 2008
Vanessa Hudgens in Bikini, Zach Efron in closet
Filed under:The Biz Buzz / Slapped By:Harley at 5:02 Edit This

High School Musical 3 is coming out on October 24, a fact I’m only bringing up because Zach Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are never actually seen together unless a new High School Musical needs to be promoted. So while Zach would rather ef-Ron than ef-Vanessa, they go out in public pretending to be a couple, which might be a little more convincing if either was anything resembling a good actor in the first place.

Anyway, these pictures were taken July 6th by In Touch magazine for what I’m betting was a staged photo op in the Caribbean Islands. Or maybe Effy just color coordinated with Vanessa Hudgens’ bikinis on his own… that actually does sound possible. And for all I know Vanessa really thinks the two are a normal couple. Shaving your legs together, doing each other’s nails, waiting until your 35 to consummate the relationship… that’s all normal, right? Via Comments (2) Send this post to a friend


July 16, 2008
Helen Mirren’s a GILF in a really tiny bikini
Filed under:The Biz Buzz / Slapped By:Harley at 9:22 Edit This

So here’s a picture of Helen Mirren on vacation in Italy with her opportunistic 63-year-old husband Taylor Hackford. She’s only 62 - he’s such a cradle robber. Anyway, I could get over what a tight body Helen Mirren has, and was trying to figure out how someone that old could look that hot, when I read her Wikipedia page and finally figured it out. She’s never had any kids! While other celebrities like Britney Spears and Jessica Alba have their bodies wrecked by the age of 25, Helen Mirren still looks better at nearly three times their age because she had enough self control for birth control.

And less you thing she made a deal with the Devil or something, here are some naked pictures of Mirren from the 1972 movie Savage Messiah, to prove even with someone as well preserved as her, there’s still some drop off in her looks. Via Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


July 15, 2008
Pictures of Oprah’s new boyfriend Tyler Perry
Filed under:The Biz Buzz / Slapped By:Harley at 10:06 Edit This

When rebounding from a two decade long “relationship” with permanent bachelor Stedman Graham, I guess maybe for Oprah dating a professional cross dresser is her attempt at trying to act hetro. Here she is on vacation in Italy with Tyler Perry, who’s “Madea” character has made him a small fortune in theater, movies, and TV. (And by small fortune, I mean small by Oprah’s standards.)

Of course even while breaking in a new man, Oprah still has “best friend” Gayle King by her side, proving that while beards can come and go with the cut of a razor - Gayle King is forever. Via Comments (7) Send this post to a friend


July 14, 2008
Ashley Alexandra Dupré sex tape preview
Filed under:The Biz Buzz / Slapped By:Harley at 12:13 Edit This

So for a while Joe Frances, has been teasing that he has a sex tape of Ashley Alexandra Dupré from before her Eliot Spitzer hooker days, only a $10 million dollar lawsuit from Dupré was holding the Girls Gone Wild CEO from releasing it. Well a few days ago, Dupré finally dropped the lawsuit and sure enough the footage is way hardcore than most Girls Gone Wild clips. While it’s unclear how long the complete footage is, the preview video shows a totally naked Ashley and a toy, in some self love from a variety of angles.

So does she have the prettiest pussy in all of New York as her reputation alleges? Well it’s nice, but for the record I think this footage was shot in Florida. (to see the Ashley Dupré sex tape preview video, point your browsers to http://trashleydupre.com/trailer.html)

Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


July 13, 2008
Miley Cyrus & Ashley Tisdale: new frenemies
Filed under:The Biz Buzz, Miley Cyrus / Slapped By:Harley at 17:04 Edit This

So Ashley Tisdale has played so many high school roles for so long, that she doesn’t seem to remember that she’s actually 23 and that hanging out with 15-year-olds like Miley Cyrus is seriously weird. Okay, maybe not Mary-Kate Olsen making out with a 63-year-old Ben Kingsley weird… but still.

Further complicating things, the duo were joined on the Beverly Hills shopping expedition by Ashley’s mother Lisa. Ashley, you’re 23-years-old - you do not need your play dates supervised! Why is it that Ashley can lose her nose, but she can’t lose the parental? Via Comments (0) Send this post to a friend


July 12, 2008
Sienna Miller topless, making out with someone else’s husband
Filed under:The Biz Buzz / Slapped By:Harley at 16:33 Edit This

I think Sienna Miller is really absent minded slut because she always seems to be misplacing her top, but this time Sienna Miller topless is especially whore-ish because that guy is married and not to her.

Anyway, the guy’s name is Balthazar Getty, his wife’s name is Rosetta Millington and they have four children together. And while I don’t know this for sure, I’m guessing when Rosetta sees these, Getty is going to have some seriously awkward explaining to do. Via Comments (1) Send this post to a friend


July 11, 2008
Miley Cyrus wet tee shirt pictures
Filed under:The Biz Buzz, Miley Cyrus / Slapped By:Harley at 18:57 Edit This

So I don’t want to say Disney is exploiting it’s young child stars, but these Miley Cyrus wet tee shirt pictures are actually from the set of her new movie, the not so mysteriously titled Hannah Montana: The Movie. And the set is actually the Malibu beach, but other than that the facts are pretty much straight.

Anyway, Miley’s male costar in the film is a kid named Lucas Till and I’d totally start a rumor that they’re dating in real life, except everyone knows it would break Billy Ray’s achy breaky heart if another guy got within ten feet of his meal ticket and Miley Cyrus will probably be like 25 before she finally has sex. (I mean outside the family of course.) Via Comments (27) Send this post to a friend

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