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Interview Questions for Police Chief Applicants

Interview Questions for Police Chief Applicants

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Written interview questions for Savannah-Chatham police chief applicants.
Written interview questions for Savannah-Chatham police chief applicants.

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Published by: savannahnow.com on Jul 31, 2014
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1. Police departments and law enforcement agencies throughout the country are
finding it very difficult to attract qualified applicants for police officer positions.
Discuss your philosophy and techniques relating to recruitment and retention of
law enforcement personnel.

2. Community policing is a term used frequently in many law enforcement
agencies today. What are the key elements and primary police practices
associated with community policing? How would you go about instituting these
policies in a climate of fiscal constraints?

3. In a diversity rich community like Savannah, cultural competency is very
important. What experience do you bring, and what practices would you
pursue to ensure a harmonious relationship between Savanah/Chatham
County’s workforce and our diverse community?

4. What can the Chief of Police do to ensure ongoing courtesy and respect
between police officers and the community members with whom they have

5. Through the City Manager’s survey of the community, a key theme heard was
that the next police chief needed to be a leader who displays honesty and
integrity. However, at times, the public perception is that these qualities are
lacking. How will you work to change public perception and gain their
confidence as a leader who is honest and has integrity?

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