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Campaign Together, Win Together.

Conservative Future has never had a female elected CF Chair. This situation
cannot be allowed to continue, given the great female talent that we have in
our organisation.

The RoadTrip2015 and TubeTrip2015 campaign days have been the signal
success of CF this year. It is no surprise that that women have been at the
heart of this project. Alexandra Paterson has proved herself to be a strong
campaigner, leading massive Roadtrips to Chester, Cheadle, Eneld North,
Portsmouth South, Harlow and Newark.

We believe that Alexandra Paterson is the right person to take CF forward. It
is time for CF to have its rst ever elected female Chair. That is why we will
be supporting her for CF Chair and we urge all CF members, whether male or
female, to rally around the woman who can help deliver a winning election

Aisha Vance
Chair, CF Women

Theodora Dickinson
Chair, Oxfordshire CF

Ellie Vesey-Thompson
Chair, Devizes CF

Annabel Shaw
Vice Chair, York Uni Tories

Clarissa Slade
Chair, Devon CF

Victoria Adams
Chair, Queen. Mary CF

Louisa Townson
Chair, UCL Tories

Antonia Jade King
Chair, Royal Holloway

India Brummitt
Chair, Wandsworth CF

Charlotte Kude
Chair, North West London CF

Emily Burditt
Conservative Researcher of the year

Ellie Hughes
Chair, Manchester CF

Helen Chandler-Wilde
Chair, Henley CF

Yasmin Rufo
Youth Mayor, Ealing

Joanna Hossack
RoadTrip2015 Co-ordinator, North West

Sarah Louise Cooper
Chair, Eneld CF

Maria Rebecca Murphy
Chair, North Yorkshire CF

Hannah Rawbone
Chair, Tooting CF

Bethany Wright
Chair, Staffordshire Area CF

Rihanna Voice
Deputy Chair, Staffordshire CF

Chantelle Whyborn
President, Essex Uni CF