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Xiaodan Jiang/Teresa
Professor: Luciana Lew
Writing: Reflection Paper-Outline
16 July 2014
A. Identify and explain subject: In our globalized world, language competencies are
increasingly important. Non-native language learning is a challenge for many
individuals and countries. The process of non-native language learning raises a large
number of questions, one of whom is that whether language shapes people or not.
B. State your reaction to the subject: It reminds me of my experience of English learning.
Though I have learned English for around seven years as my second language, it is
very hard for me to think in English and then speak in English because of the structure
of sentences and many other differences between English and Chinese.
C. Thesis Statement: Language does shape people in such three ways as social status,
interaction and thought.
Body paragraph 1
Topic Sentence: One impact that language has on people is social status.
1. Supporting evidence 1: Amy said that people in department stores, banks and
many other places did not show respect for her mother because of her mothers
broken English (136).
2. Supporting evidence 2: Jasmin mentioned that her parents were very proud of her
picking up English, which was usually regarded as an advantage by them to show
off (140).
Body paragraph 2
Topic sentence: Language also greatly influences peoples interaction.
1. Supporting evidence 1: Amy brought up her experience of helping mother
negotiate with a stockbroker. The difference between her English and her mothers
well proves language affects peoples communication skills (136).
2. Supporting evidence 2: Oscar put forward that even though he estranged from
Spanish, he made friends with Latinos in most cases and felt a feeling of comfort
when hearing Spanish (132-133).
Body paragraph 3
Topic sentence: The final impact that language has on people is thought.
1. Supporting evidence 1: Jasmin spoken of her changing thoughts of womens
position (141).
2. Supporting evidence 2: Amy stated that her mothers English limited the way she
thought (137-138).
A. Recap thesis statement: Social status, interaction and thought are the three main
ways that language has an impact on people.
B. Recap Paragraph 1: Language has a particular social function.
C. Recap Paragraph 2: Language influences peoples conversation.
D. Recap Paragraph 3: Language affects the way people think.
E. Conclusion statement: In conclusion, language has a great influence on human