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Hix News 201408

Hix News 201408

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Hicksville High School Alumni Newsletter, August, 2014
Hicksville High School Alumni Newsletter, August, 2014

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Published by: hixnews on Jul 31, 2014
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AUGUST 2014 VOLUME 14 ISSUE 11 www.hixnews.

Dear Hix News,
Here is Barbara DiBella Dowd, a friend of
mine from high school and me.
The 2nd picture is my husband Bill and I.
Sherrie Profe Davis 1962
....I haven’t been receiving my newsletter for some time now.
Please make sure that I’m still on the list. Thanks.
Judith Karish Rycar 1969
Hi Judith,
The reason you have not been getting the monthly announcements is
that you have decided to opt-out of being direct added to Google
groups. You can, however, subscribe to the HixNewsletter by using the
Google subscription box in the upper-left of our homepage at:  

Best, Henry
Hi Editors…
Lizz Munkel Lester here from HHS 1957. I noticed that in "People looking for People”... Linda Frimmer 1958
….is looking for Agnes Arthofer 1957... but in the Memoriam page ….I’ve noticed Agnes Arthofer is listed as
Passed away. Is there any way you can notify Linda Frimmer of this?
Thank You Sincerely
Lizz Munkel Lester
Dear Linda Frimmer,
We have been informed that Agnes Arthofer (1957) had passed away.
She is listed in the "In Memoriam" section of our HixNews website.
ote back from
da Frim
k yo
r th

. Lin
Hi HixNews,
I found Bonny Muck ‘62 a while back but forgot to tell you.
You can take my entry of your “looking for” list. She’s now
Bonny Robinson and her email is (concealed) . I guess you
should get her permission before you hand that out.
Kim Allen 1962
Thanks for the update, Kim. Our policy is not to reveal
anyone's email without their permission. I shudder to
think how much teasing Bonny sufered in school for
her maiden name.
Henry Lichtenstein
Bonnie Muck
Kim Allen
I'm a member of the class of 1964 and was hoping to fnd that a 50th reunion had been organized. I'd
be willing to serve on a committee and do my part. I'm living in New Haven, CT and still working
fulltime teaching nursing. The only person I've been in touch with is Marlena Borst Hamann who was
living on Long Island when I spoke with her a few years ago. I'm interested in fnding Brenda Burchard
& Yvonne Kerne also in the class of 1964
Jill Berlenbach Strawn1964
Marlena Borst Hamann
Brenda Burchard
Yvonne Kerner
Jill Berlenbach Strawn
Hi Jill,
We do not have any info for Brenda Burchard or Yvonne Kerner, although David Kerner '69 is one of our
members. Perhaps David is Yvonne's younger brother? If you joined our membership (it's free of charge),
we could put you in touch with David Kerner and add your inquiry about Brenda and Yvonne to our
"Looking for People" list. Please let me know if you want to become a member of HixNews.
Henry 1959
To David Kerner class of 1969…
HixNews has a request from a 1964 graduate who is looking for Yvonne Kerner. Are you related to Yvonne???
Please let me know. Thanks.
Bufalo Bob Casale
A note back from David… NO!!!
Editor Note… thank you, David!!!!
I just wanted to let you know that there’s a photo of me,
Joe Platt (incorrectly labeled Jack Platt) in the top part of
the birthday section of the May newsletter. There is also a
photo of Jack Platt, correctly labeled, further down in the
birthday section. BTW…my birthdate is 2/15/47.
Joe Platt 1964
I'm confused. I see only one picture of Jack Platt in the June
issue. I had you down for May 10 as a birthday. I changed it
to February 15. What year did Jayne graduate? The closest I
come up with is Jeanne Goodman Keliher who graduated in
1965. She is married to Richard Keliher from the class of
1964. Please advise.
Bufalo bob
Bob…this is some clarifcation for you:
The Jack Platt/Joe Platt confusion is in the June newsletter.
It is next to the picture of Peggy Werner Petrone (1966) The photo to the left of Peggy is me (Joe) but
the name is incorrectly listed as Jack Platt.   Further down there is a photo of Jack Platt who really is Jack
Platt (1969).   Re Jayne Kelleher was in the class of 1964.
I was a teacher at the Junior and Senior
High from 1964 to 1997. My frst year I had a
student, Rita LaRocca (’70), in my 7th grade
class. After graduation we stayed in touch
while she worked in the children’s section at
the Hicksville Public Library. I know her
brother Joe became a teacher and died very
young. The last time I spoke to Rita she
called to say she was married and was going
into the Peace Corps with her husband. That
was in the mid 70s. I have searched for her in
Classmates, on Face Book and Google with
now luck, and was wondering if you might
have any information about her. I sure would
like to know what has happened to Rita.
Thank you.
Joseph E. Scalia
"Still crazy after all these years...”
A note from Art Lembke…
Good morning.
Wanted to share the following article for
which Ray was interviewed about his favorite
shops, restaurants and cultural spots in
Manhattan. Here's the link:
Who is Ray?
Bufalo Bob
Ray is my Nephew!
If you ever go to Manhattan, you may want
to check some of these places out, he has
very good taste.
I was saddened when I learned of the passing of Artie Clemenz in the
June newsletter. To me Artie was a quiet fellow who always had time
for anyone and one of the best ball handlers and playmakers on a
basketball court that I had the good fortune to know and play with.
Although we did not socialize a lot, (I was a year behind him) we both
played on the Trinity Lutheran church basketball team on Nicholi
Street for a number of years. Along with my brother, cousin and
friends who also attended Hicksville High we posed a formidable
team. The Hicksville High varsity team found that out in 1961.
Whenever Art had the ball, we knew it was in good hands. His
sportsmanship, sense of fair play and competitiveness will always
stand out in my memory of him.
Brian L. Maas, Class of 1962
Have plans been fnalized with a date, place
and time as yet? Please respond with info.
Thanks for all you do.
Pat McNeil Liptak

Artie Clemenz Brian L. Mass - 1962
Pat McNeil Liptak
Is there a list of people
Bob Karen
A note to Stephanie Schlegel, class of 1968
Please give me your sister's email address. We have her on
the master list for the Hicksville Newsletter with no email
address. Plus can you tell what her birthday day is. We
have her down for July with no date.
Bufalo Bob Casale
Hi Bufalo Bob Casale,
My sister is Judy Schlegel, class of 1966.  She changed her
name decades ago to Sully Bonn and lives in the Boston
area. The latest email address I have for her is (concealed).
Her birthday is July 11, 1948.  Good luck with everything.
Stephanie (Schlegel) Manning 1968
Judy Schlegel
Stephanie (Schlegel)
I thought that a possible nominee for the HHS
hall of fame would be
Lorraine Bracco, class of ’72
She graduated Hicksville High and went on to
become an “A” list Hollywood actress. She’s
probably kind of hard to get hold of.
Peter Arena 1973
Thanks for the monthly email but the introduction on this one put a
smile on my face. Check out the "Biographical Sketches" submitted by HHS
alumni. Send us yours for inclusion in the Newsletter. Please include an old
and a current picture. For us class of 59ers isn't and old and current picture
the same thing?
Jed Schaiman 1959
The announcement is largely boilerplate,
which is updated to refect the current
status of the publication. The wording "old
and current" means a picture from your
high-school days and a recent picture of
you to show how you have aged.
Henry Lichtenstein
Henry Lichtenstein
Jed Schaiman 1959
Hi Bob,
I fnally got a chance to view this wonderful tribute you paid to our Vietnam KIA’s, plus Kevin Kolm who
was killed in Iraq.
Memorial Day Tribute to Hicksville High School Veterans
It’s very sobering, particularly when you read how and when each of them died and how many of them
were killed soon after they began their tours.  All of us, as Veterans, can say “There but for the Grace of
God go I”.  All of us who served during the Vietnam War Era and are still here to enjoy our families,
friends and life’s experiences are truly fortunate and can truly understand the price paid by these HHS
Alumni, who never had a chance to enjoy the same experiences.  They died so young.
You’re a very dedicated guy, Bob and we’re fortunate to have you among us.  Thanks for another
Wonderful Job!!
All the best,
P.S.  I’m also going to share this with the Levittown Vietnam War Group, both via email to its leaders
and on their Facebook group, as three of our graduates were Levittown residents who they are also
honoring through their Memorial eforts.  Bob McDevitt, the group leader who I had the pleasure to
meet recently, as he lives near me in Florida, is currently driving north and is tracing all 37 names of the
Levittown residents who are on the Vietnam Wall in Washington as part of his trip.
Buf…FYI…feedback received so far from the Levittown group on my post of your Memorial Day
tribute. McDevitt is their group leader and Vogt is their Facebook coordinator…Joe
I've copied Bob Casale for this note so he'll see your message. Sorry to hear it's raining in Woodstock as
that's a beautiful place this time of year.  Our relatives who now live in LWR, and attracted us here, lived
there years ago and while we weren't at the Woodstock event in the 60's we've seen the area many
times.  Hope your weather improves, but with Hurricane Albert heading your way, that may be doubt-
ful for the 4th.  It skipped us here in Florida giving just a whisker of rain. 
Bob McDevitt Charlei Vogt
Thanks Joe for posting for us, very good tribute the men from Hicksville
who gave all. May they all rest in peace. Also I liked the cartoons at the
beginning showing the parties verses the ultimate price paid for
Memorial Day. I thimnk more and more are forgetting what it is all
about, but I hope I’m wrong.....
Hi Joe, we are in Woodstock NY and it is raining very hard here at the
camp site. I thought the video you posted was outstanding and please
pass that onto Bob for me. It really highlights what Memorial Day is
truly all about.
Bob McDevitt
A note to Sandy Brindisi…
Can you tell me when Dena Grieshaber graduated? I'm using some material from Facebook in the
newsletter and found her name but cannot fnd out any details. Appreciate what you can tell me.
love yah
Bufalo Bob Casale
I think 1981 Bob.  She turned 33 this past April.
Thanks Bob for your continuing eforts to bring
back the memories of our high school years.
Even though I didn't attend the 2004 Reunion,
it was enjoyable to see the event on video.
Thanks again for everything that you do.
Bill Canham 1961
Dear 1961 Classmatesand Others...
I just fnished loading a Video that was taken at the Reunion we had back in 2004. It was an odd year
reunion, 43 years, but was well accepted by the majority of the class. If you want to view the video, go to
Hyperlink to Hicksville High School Class of 1961 Reunion 2004:
love yah
Bufalo Bob Casale
this was so
great!  You did a
wonderful job.  It
brings back so many
memories. Thank you
so much.....you are
truly a sincere
dedicated man.
Janet Emery
O’Conner 1961
Thank you soooo much Bob for the video, it was
great.  You put so much time into keeping your
classmates happy. It was great seeing and
hearing Dennis Naso, Almost forgot how funny
he was. Thanks again
Ginny Kolenik Doherty 1961
Thanks, Bob.
Ken Schumann
Hyperlink to Hicksville High School Class of 1961 Reunion 2004:
Thank you,
Eileen Toner
Thanks for
Mary Birosh
Thanks Bob.
What a diference
10 years makes,
right?   Hope to
make another ten
years.  Some of our
classmates are no
longer with us..
Frank Tiringer
I loved it-Never realized how much I made
faces (animated) I am.  You did a great job.  
Happy Fathers Day
Shelly Heyman Baron 1961
Great job on the class of 1961 video of the
2004 reunion. Hopefully, we will have enough
material for you to do one for the 1964 reunion
being held in September of this year.  Thanks
for all you do for us.
John Maniec 1964
Great video!!  Nice
work Bob.
Ricki McKenna
(Pollak) ’62
Although I
graduated in 1973,
I enjoyed your video. It's
nice that everyone gets
together, shares memories &
what looks like a wonderful
meal... Also Happy Father's Day...
Janis Wood 1973
First I want to thank you for forwarding
my e-mail to Val Pakaluk. I plan to visit
her in Florida in October as long as
God does not laugh at my plans.
Joyce Thorburn Jurgensen 1967
Hi Bob
Thanks for the link to the In Memoriam tribute for the class of 1964. I am changing
my e mail address so would you please change it on your contact lists. The new
address is (concealed)
Howard Bell 1968 Editor’s note…
Howie…Go to the home page… http://hixnews.com
In the Google box on the left, type in your new email address
and hit submit. Henry Lichtenstein will take care of making the
change. Regards. Bufalo Bob
Note back from Howie… Thanks Bob, all taken care of…Howie
A letter from Mike Regan, Class of 1966:
Just To Share,
Some years back, about 3:00 AM or so on a Christmas Morning, I found myself alone with thoughts of all the great
guys I had served with while an infantryman with the 3rd Marines up around Vietnam's DMZ in '68... With special regard to
those many who were lost in combat. And, yes, thoughts, too, of my parents (My father was a WW II Vet) who had passed on
not so long ago...Depressing time, indeed...
Granted, I was tanked up on a six-pack of Guinness and found myself staring at an 'ole typewriter in the corner of the
room. No computer in those days, so I pulled out the dusty ink cartridge, rammed a fresh one in place and, simply put, began
writing whatever came to mind. As you can guess, I was in a bit of a stupor and the words fowed out as free as a new found
breeze... Even found some humor in a bad situation...
The frst thought, and memory, that came to mind before punching the keys was a childhood one. Each Easter our
rather large family of eight would visit the grave-site of mom’s brother, Ensign John J. McCourt, here at Long Island's Holy
Rude Cemetery. At a very young age, I was fascinated by watching the sadness and total despair of others who were also there
while my parents, especially my mom, went about business (Including prayer & tidying up the site) as happy as larks in a tree.
It was as if they were aware of something few could comprehend. That her brother, a WW II Navy Fighter Pilot who had lost his
life in the closing months of the war, and all the others were somehow, someway, O.K… That there was much, much, more to
this life that has yet to be touched on or tapped into. And, of course, the enormous possibilities that "Do Exist"... To swipe a
quote from Bobby Kennedy: "Some People Dream Of Things That Exist And Say, "Why...?" Others Dream Of That Which Does
Not Exist And Say, "Why Not...?"
To make a long story a bit longer, thought I'd share, and enclose below, that story and the possibility (CARES)
presented in the story’s conclusion… Hope yourselves, and anyone else out there who has lost a loved one or friend, fnd
some share of both hope and solace in the words. No doubt, some may think me quite the nut case but, screw it,... I some-
times wonder if a teenager named Christopher Columbus was a bit tanked up (Not sure if Guinness existed in those days)
while he stared through a telescope, watched the 50 foot mast of a sailing ship slowly sink into the horizon and came to
realize that something out there was curved. By Golly...! The World Is Round...! And, of course, the most respected intellects of
the time hung up on their "world is fat" defnition wrote him of. At least for a while...
Do I believe that CARES represents a viable possibility...? And do I believe that some would think of the scenario as
about as goof-ball, ridiculous and unbelieving as it can get...? The answer to both is yes...
Do I really give a hoot what those representing the latter think...? Nope
After all, "Even We Marines Can Get Philosophical at times"
Sincerest of regards & Semper Fidelis
(Always Faithful)
Mike Regan 1966
Editor’s Note: Although there was no link to the story
referenced in Mike’s letter, he is featured in this month’s
Alumni Bio section on the main page. Click on this link:
Thank you for all the postings and
info. It is great to hear of all the
activity and necessary to hear of the
loss of our classmates. I can still sense
the halls of HHS and the fun times we
had there. I am still in contact with a
few pals from the OLD days. Right
now my partner/husband Jef Jelineo
and I are in Palm Springs enjoying
what I call semi-retirement. We were
married in 2011 in NYC at City Hall
and split our time between NY & Palm
Jef is retired almost 2 years and I am
still singing and acting when I can. We
love it here although this time of year is HOT! I have
been very active in fund raisers and concerts and
recently did  a fun cabaret show at the Rancho
Mirage CVRep with veteran Broadway actors,
Alix Korey & Janene Lovullo. It was a blast and
I had hip replacement a few years ago and that set
me back a bit, but am fne now.
As I approach my 70th Birthday I have been refect-
ing somewhat on things past although not lingering
too long there. The Highlights include so many fond
memories of HHS and my time there and all I learned
about myself and my profession. No kidding that
theatre experience had a profound efect on my
career and work. Kay Fletcher was the Speech
teacher who was in charge of  and directed the
She was a main force in my developing as an actor.
She was encouraging and focused me not only into
understanding the theatre as an art but
she opened a creative world that was
amazing, fun, and productive. She referred
me to Ithaca College her Alma Mater and
that was the tipping point for my under-
standing what a professional in the theatre
really has to concern himself with. It was a
perfect match and a perfect next step
from what I learned at HS. It is still an
amazing College. My EVITA colleague,
Patti LuPone's, son went there recently.
I now coach and teach students of HS age
locally who are aspiring performers. And I,
many times, refer to my past High School
self and how thrilling it was to discover the
abilities and talents that are waiting to pop
out. I also perform with them and try to imbed a
work ethic and understanding of what I learned as a
veteran Broadway actor and singer. They are percep-
tive and gifted and so desirous to hear and learn.
It is very uplifting for me. So the root of all these
many years of performing and touring and
experiences once only a glimmer in my fantasies on
Alexander Avenue  were born on the stage and
classrooms of HHS.
I am so glad to read your postings and although I
haven't been back to Long Island in many years,
I recall my years there Very Fondly.
All the Best to all ALUMNI!!
Sal Mistretta
Here are a few
things I was
involved with
out here...
Thank you for the card, and for
thinking of me. It was much
appreciated. I am not playing golf
anymore, but I did enjoy it. (I'm
not driving anymore either.)
Harvey Weiss 1947
p.s. To be able to dance like those
nuts after 63 years is quite a feat
Thanks Harvey and Shirley Weiss
Thank you for the card, and for
thinking of me. I was able to
celebrate my 80th with family and
friends, many of them graduates
of HHS. We enjoyed talking about
old school chums and great
memories. Your card helped bring
back a lot of those great memo-
ries, and was very much appreci-
Bob Birk 1952
Dear HixNews
Thank you for the card, and for
thinking of me. It was very
thoughtful of you. How do you
keep track of all these birth-
days? I'm having a Happy
on my birthday. Thanks, again
Jeanne Goettelmann LaPointe
Thanks for that fun anniversary
card, Buf! Trish and I have been
married for nine years, but we
have been a couple (of nuts) for
thirteen years together.
We appreciate your
Henry 1959
Hi Bob,
Thank you for the "gentle"
reminder of a year gone by and
good thoughts for this year of life.
Kathy McDonald Corey 1960
Although I'm not one of your
classmates (my husband is Mike
Bisaccio from the class of 1961).
I'm very touched that you would
remember my birthday and I
thank you so much for the
Terry Bisaccio 1961
(married to Mike Bisaccio 1961)
Thanks so much, it's great to think
of Hicksville memories each year
when these cards arrive.
Marcia Rubenstein Pollack
Bob and the gang, Thank you for
the card, and for thinking of us. It
was much appreciated.
Laura & Murry Dalaimo
Thanks guys -
Have great memories of July 4th
on Long Island.
Eileen Greenberg Ingala
Thank you for the card, and for
thinking of me. It was much
appreciated. I am truly sorry I could
not make the 1963 50th reunion. I
was required to be in Fort Worth,
Texas that weekend.
Bob Wayne (Chernok) 1963
Thank you for the card and for
thinking of us. 39 years and count-
Carrie & Tony Bellacera 1966
Dear HixNews Editors
Thank you for the birthday card. You
all are so kind and considerate!
June Drummond DeBaun 1968
Dear HixNews,
Thank you so very much for your
e-card and birthday wishes! I really
appreciate it. 65 years old! I can't
believe that it's been forty-seven
years since high school gradua-
tion! My 97 year-old dad can't
believe that his son is eligible for
Medicare! Thanks for all you do for
Hicksville and our graduates!
Martin Brandfon 1967
Dear Bob and staf,
Thank you for your e card and
good wishes on my "milestone"
You're doing a wonderful job
keeping our alumni connected 
via the monthly newsletter and
reminding us of the good times
we all shared back in the day! 
Nancy Engelman Glick 1967
Dolores Etzel Frey 1956
Maria Gargano DiPasquale 1983
Thanks for the card and
for thinking of me. It was
much appreciated. I loved
the card.
Joanne Ganz 1971
Thank you for the card, and for
thinking of us. It was much
appreciated. 44 yrs & counting!
Dianne Gunnigle Burkhardt
1968 and Martin Burkhardt
Linda Parrella Ruggierio
Nancy Alfano
O’Geary Smith
Gayle Schoenberg
Bunny Miller Pollack
Frank and Mary Ann Vallina Smith 1961
Linda Sheil 1962
Vikki & Robert Pietras
Adele Hermann Ziegler (1965)
and John Ziegler 1963
Shelley Garb & Phil London 1968
Warren Alfano 1968 &
Judy Pugliese Alfano
Clif Schilling and
Leona O'Hanley Schilling
Myra Rosen Fox &
Stewart Fox1965
Thank's again…another
good one....Thank You
Walter “Buddy” Weber
Thanks BufBob and the gang at
HixNews. It’s one I’d like to forget!
Art Pardo 1962
Thank you for the card, and for
thinking of me. It was much
appreciated. Keep up the good
work on the monthly
newsletters. So long from
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
Louis Siracusa 1968
As Joanne and I are vacationing
in Ireland, I am happily
surprised to see a birthday card
from you. Thanks.
Ken Arnold 1965
Thank you for the card, and for
thinking of me. It was much
appreciated. Go Comets!!!
Hal and Barbara Marx Smith
Judy Diamond (Class of ‘71) and Dennis Hendrickson
(Class of ’70) have begun to equip a children and teens
library at Youth Haven, a home for abused and seriously
neglected kids in Southwest Florida.  Starting with 200
volumes of the coolest books, and some literature, Judy
and Dennis have placed books for kids of all ages and
interests in the two residential buildings, books for
smaller children in the counseling center, and a variety
of easy reads, latest craze, and teen self help books in
the Drop In Center for runaways. “Our work has just
begun. We plan on having 1000 books in place by year's
end.  Space will be the only thing that stops us.  Upon
completion, the following plaque will be placed at
Youth Haven…
‘These books are dedicated in loving memory to
Mr. Neil O'Doherty, Beloved teacher, mentor and friend!
By his grateful students… Hicksville High School,
Hicksville, Nassau County, New York 11801’”
Judy Diamond, Hicksville High School Class of 71, inputs the book
inventory prior to the opening of the new Library for Children and
Teens at Youth Haven, Naples, Florida. Youth Haven is a home for
abused and seriously neglected or abandoned children. A few days ago
the Library was fnally installed in it's permanent locations, the boy's
and girl's cottages. (Judy Diamond has a write-up about the Library on
her Facebook page.)
Back to the 50’s!
A neat look back to the 50’s for the older folk. The kids might remember
some of the stuf and get a kick out of peering back at the past. Click the
link below. Otto Gabrielsen 1964
These are very cool!
Click on the link below and then click on the photo to change from 1944
to today and back again
Tom Phon 1960
Here are some neat videos...
Volkswagen Commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHixeIr_6BM
Elephant Rescue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTHsyIQI2L0
Bird and the snake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Yjdf3woXl8&list=TLYwdRPlGiqX9G0Z4LpN9IepECWF-3vtix
Nine Quarters and a Dollar Bill: http://biggeekdad.com/2012/06/nine-quarters-and-dollar-bill-act/
Class of 1965 Reunion!
I have been talking with a few class members about our proposed upcoming 50th reunion. Those
involved with our 40th are not interested in chairing our 50th. The following are scenarios for a
reunion...what appeals to you? Send a response to Elin Fischman Lawrence at: elawrlaw@sbcglobal.net
#1--Reunion on LI at a restaurant on a Saturday evening- need a chairperson/volunteers to arrange
the place, etc.
#2 - A short 3-5 day cruise out of FLL or Miami - can be arranged with a travel agent or cruise line.
#3- Many members of our class live in the SE part of the US- arrange a dinner in Florida at a
restaurant or facility for Saturday night and other activities, cocktail party, beach party at someone’s
place in FL. I live part time in Fort Lauderdale and would be happy to host a gathering if the #'s
are not too large. My condo building does have a large party room and catering facilities if the
response was over 50 people.
#4- do nothing
I would love to hear from classmates and what they would like to do for this special reunion. Please
when you email tell me where you live, your choice of venues and time of year you prefer. My sister
had her 50th a few years ago on LI. The cost was $109 /night for the hotel and the dinner was $98/pp
plus travel costs and other meals
over the weekend. The class of
1964’s reunion this year costs are
$125 for the dinner and
$145.95/night at the hotel. Feel free
to send this on to others in the class
who do not get HIX news.
Elin Fischman Lawrence ’65
Dear Class of 1965,
There is a pending Fifty Year Reunion to be held sometime in 2015. Response to Elin's request to know who will
attend has not been tremendous. If you think you can or know you will attend, please send a note along to Elin
at: elawrlaw@sbcglobal.net
I put together a short power point presentation that has many pictures from the 40 year reunion back in 2005.
Just looking at the glow on the many faces as they met their classmates after many years is heartwarming.
The same result could be what happens at your "Fifty Year Reunion." I'm sorry that I could not put names to
many faces.
I sent out several requests along with some pictures asking for confrmation of who was who. Too few
responses prompted me not to include names now.
As you view the presentation, should you know someone, please let me know via email bufbob@juno.com
The presentation is only 21 frames and takes about fve minutes to view. If you know someone in any of the
pictures, and plan to respond to me, please just count the frames and let me know the name of the person you
recognized and the number of the frame. I will update the presentation to include names and then add in
pictures from the reunion. Also, if you have old pictures, sophomore hop, junior prom, senior ball, senior trip,
parties...anything you have, please email to me as an attachment. Most of all, let me know what you think of
the mini presentation. Hopefully this will pique interest.
Warmest Regards to all
Bufalo Bob Casale
Hyperlink to Forty Year Reunion Hicksville Class of 1965
Mike Sommer
Susan Germann Mongno
Jill Berlenbach Strawn
Deirdre MacAlpine
Kathleen Morand
Iris Richter Sluter
George Wink
Karen Corley

Stephen Murray

Michael Cain

Jim Von Hagen

Linda Turchiano
Theresa Ambrosino
Denise Burke
Ray Sans

Jill Brevick

Marie Evans
Christine Zandides Mace
My birthday is October 22, 1954.  I do
have some pictures on Facebook that you
can pull from for recent pictures. Here’s my
current profle picture. My mother, my
brother, Tom and me that was taken in
2011. Attached is a copy of my yearbook
Yes I am a new reader and did fnd out
about the newsletter on Facebook.  It is
wonderful to see things from my home
town.  Have been gone from there since
1974 when my Dad and I were transferred
to SC with Metropolitan Life.
Janet Paccione 1972
p.s. the photo to the right
is my brother’s grown up kids
Tommy and Sarah
and me in the middle.
Dear Classmates,
I spend a great deal of time scanning and downloading photos from various yearbooks for the
newsletter. Over the years, I've been able to accumulate yearbooks from the following years...
1951-1952-1953-1959-1960-1961-1962-1963-1964-1965 and 1966. Because I have these yearbooks,
I'm able to put a face to a name. However, we have classmates from 1936 through 2005 who are on
our mailing list. Thus, I'm looking for more yearbooks so I can scan more pictures that are clear and
quite legible. If anyone has an extra yearbook in the closet or if you want to contribute the one you
have to the Hicksville Newsletter, it would be very much appreciated. I'll even ofer to buy the year-
book from you and you will be reimbursed for any postage that is needed to complete the transaction.
I'll take anything from 1967 through 2013.
Let me know.
Bufalo Bob Casale
I just got home from a road trip with my wife. I left the yearbook on my desk, ready to be mailed, but of course, it
got left behind. Then, to add insult to injury as we left my son’s house in Asheville, NC, we routed via Modoc
campground, near Augusta. What do I see on my way out of town, a sign for Martinez GA………….go fgure.
Anyhow I will head to the post ofce today.
Not a big deal. Where do you live? And you were so close to Martinez. Go fgure.
Thanks again
Bufalo Bob
We live in Satellite Beach but go to Strom Thurmond and Lake Hartwell fairly often. Never looked up your address
on Google. I could have hand delivered I was that close.
I have 1968 and you are welcome to it, gratis. Let me know where you
would like it sent.
Mike Rozos
Thanks so much. It will give me a wider range of satisfying our
former classmates. Thanks again.
Bufalo Bob
Robert Casale
335 Patton Court
Martinez, GA 30907
Editor’s Note:
Joe Ingino, class of 1967, and
Bob Goldmacher, class of 1973, both have
changed their email address.
Anyone wanting to contact Joe or Bob,
please send a note to
and we will notify them.
Could you forward this to Art Pardo:
Barbara was the frst person to be kind to me when I moved here in ffth grade. We were friends then,
but somehow she got away from me in JHS and HS. I’m glad you were her friend.
Periodically I would go on the web to try to fnd her. Finally last year I found her through her sister in
law, also Barbara Przybyszewski, who lives in Florida. By then Barbara had already died, she died in
2003. Somehow through her sister in law I got to Barbara’s husband and then to Rita Web who was a
good friend to Barbara and visited her in the hospital a little before Barbara died. Barbara was married
to Ed Woolf and had two kids.
I don’t remember the Irene. I just remember her signing her name “Barbara P.”
Rita (Ranger Rita) can be reached through her web site, http://www.artb4food.com/barb.html , but I
fear she’s a little tired of all this new found from lost friends in Hicksville.
How did she do back in high school? Somehow I feel I let her down. As ffth graders we were close. I
should never have let that go.
Kim Allen
Thank you so much for forwarding the note from Kim. Happy 4th of July Weekend!
Art Pardo
A Loving Tribute to the Memories of Members of the Class of 1964:
Great tribute Bob.
The memories of
seeing them and
knowing them
brought tears in my
eyes. You truly are
our HHS Alumni
Leader. Thanks for
the memories
Pete Maiorino
This is a beautiful
tribute to the former
classmates of 1964.
You did a beautiful
Linda Mastrosanti
Nicely done!
Diane Cuti
Thank you for the
beautiful video. My
husband is a
graduate of 1964.
We are happy in our
retirement in
Susan Donner
Thanks Bob,
beautiful tribute.
Linda Rocco was in
my wedding party
49 years ago
Rosa Patterson
our readers respond:
Bob, Thanks for
sharing this link. It's
sad to see those who
have passed. It helps us
realize we won't live
forever.....Carpe Diem.
Looking forward to
seeing you at the
reunion in September.
Santo Carfora 1964
Great job. Bob.
Thanks for all you
do for those who
ever lived and went
to school in Hicks-
John Maniec
Very lovely!!!
Joan Komar
Langlois 1961
Hey BufBob...
This was very
touching. Please know
that your fellow HHS
appreciate all that you
do for us.
Art Pardo 1962
Dear Classmates
Click the below hyperlink or copy and paste to your browser. This is a short tribute
to those from the Class of 1964 who we know have passed. May they rest in peace.
love yah Bufalo Bob Casale
Hey, Bufalo Bob!
Thank you so much
for sharing that
Best Regards!
Mary Birosh
Johnson 1966
This was sad but
absolutely beautiful!
Wishing you good
Harri Molese 1956
Beautifully done!
Elizabeth Halper
McFall 1965
continued on next page
Beautifully done.  Congratulations.  You do know of course that
each class is going to know when you’ll do one for them. LOL
Pat Kelly Welles 1958
Hi Bob:
Nice job on the tribute. Could you make an adjustment and
change my cousin's name to Fred Frudden from Fred Volkert.
Volkert was his given frst name, but once he came to America in
1961, he was always known as Fred Frudden in high school and
Charlie Henningsen
Wow - so well done. Is there
any way to do class of 1962?
These folks were 2 years
behind me so I only knew a
couple but it was really so
classy and so well done.
Pat Appelman Levitin
I will begin work on an In Memoriam video for
your class. It will take some time as the list is
long and I need to do some research.
Love yah
Bufalo Bob
Hey Bobby
That was real nice…. But too many people have gone already. I was pretty surprised. I
would guess the military (Viet Nam) took many of the guys but the amount of
girls/women who are passed is astounding to me. Sadly, my dearest friend, Delores
Roman’s passing slipped in a crack. She died shortly… like only months, after the mega
Robbie commented to me that he saw her that night and they spoke etc, etc…. but then
months later, Nancy, Rob’s sister, saw her write up in the obituaries. My cousin Ann
Magenheimer saw the same listing. Cause of death was not listed but her passing was.
She has a daughter, Nancy who, last I heard, lived in Massapequa.
That said, it’s still a real nice thing to do, making the memory video for everyone to see. I
was sad to see Diane Maynard listed… it’s hard to imagine. We don’t see these people all
the time but you just fgure they are “having a life” somewhere. Eternity started so early
for them, and I just never considered the concept for people my own age. Dying is for old folks, right? Are we old? I
guess so or as old as we feel anyway. Yikes I better be careful what I say while dragging this oxygen around. Some
people have/had it allot worse than me. I/we need to remember that don’t we…
Thanks for all the work you put in for everyone xo The Pebble in your Shoe… me.
Susan McCotter 1963
We can’t change the wind but we can adjust our sails
United States Social Security Death Index
Name: Mark J. Rosenthal
Last Residence: Holbrook, New York
Born: 5 July 1946
Died: 26 September 2004
State (Year) SSN issued: New York (1962)
Residence (at time of death): Hicksville, New York
On a sad note, I wanted to let
you know that
Jayne Kelleher passed away
in 1969.
Joe Platt 1964
Dear HixNews,
Mark Rosenthal from the class of
1964 passed away in 2004. Please
add to the In Memoriam for that
Laurie Platt
What was your maiden name and
what year did you graduate?
Bufalo Bob Casale
Laurie Platt is my wife.  Her maiden
name is Popkin.  She graduated from
high school in 1964 (The Wheatley
School) and never attended school in
Hicksville. I hope this info clears things
up!  Best wishes.
Joe Platt 
Dear Bob,
I am saddened to tell you about the passing of Carole
Bianchi.  I enclose the note from her husband and a letter
that I wrote back to him and the family.  She was in the class
of 1960. If anyone is interested, I can be reached at
631-427-4048. tShe did come here for the reunion
and was so happy to see some of her old friends.
My Best
Carol Fullerton Miller 1961
Carfole Francis Bianchi Hubband passed away peacefully, with her husband at her side, in the early morning of June 24th. Carole was born on October 29, 1942
in Leeds, England, the youngest of three children. After her father passed, Carole immigrated with her mother, brother and sister to Hicksville, Long Island, NY,
when she was seven years old. Carole lived and worked in New York City throughout her early adult life, until moving to Florida to attend the University of
Florida in Gainesville. After receiving her undergraduate degree, Carole met Richard Thomas Hubbard. Ric and Carole married 10 months later, and were
married for nearly 40 years. Carole and Ric Traveled throughout the world together, living in Taiwan, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and throughout Mexico. After
the birth of their daughters, Carole and Ric settled in Cheney, Washington, where they lived for 30 years. Carole earned her Master of Science Degree in Speech
Pathology from Eastern Washington University in ‘87. Carole was an active member of the Cheney Community Church, contributing with AWANA and women’s
Bible study groups. She was an avid seamstress who enjoyed quilting and creating items for her three grandchildren. She and Ric enjoyed frequent travels
together throughout the world, but she was often happiest sipping a cup of tea in her garden in quiet meditation, or enjoying a good book. Carole was
preceded in death by her sister, Rita Bianchi. She is survivied by her husband of 39 years, Richard Hubbard; her eldest daughter and her husband, Heather and
Brian Wells of Carlsbad, CA; her youngest daughter and her husband, Bonnie and Hansen Rada of Boulder, CO; her two beloved grandsons, Jordan and Tystan
Wells; and her cherished granddaughter, Rooney Rada. Arrangements have been entrusted to Cheney Funeral Chapel, Cheney, WA.
A note to Joe Carfora:
I’m trying to get some of the unconfrmed names for the proposed Vietnam Memorial at the Junior
High using the HixNews master list to send out a plea for help. There are quite a few on our master
list with the same names as the unconfrmed. As I get answers, I will forward to you. I'm sending
emails and hope that we get good results.
Bufalo Bob
Antoinette Zasa Gentile Ginny Caliguri Frazer
Dear Bufalo Bob,
I'm answering for my wife,
Antoinette Zasa Gentile, since
she is not fond of computers!
The Joe Gentile on the uncon-
frmed list is not a relative.
Interestingly, my father's oldest
brother was also named Joseph
Gentile! Sorry we can't help.
Be well,
Richard Gentile
I’m sorry Bob,
I'm not related to the
Robert Frazer on the
unconfrmed list nor do I
know him.
Ginny Caliguri Frazer
Hi Bob,
I am not related to either of these
fellow DeLucas, Thomas or Richard.
I'm sorry I cannot assist you. Good
luck with fnding those on the
unconfrmed list.
Best Regards,
John DeLuca 1977
I did not serve during Viet Nam.
I was in the USAF from 1958-1960 and
the reserves till 1968.
Unfortunately or fortunately I don't
qualify for the Memorial.
Bob Edelstein 1957
Bob Dieterich is my husband of 53
years. Bob was in the Army Reserve
for 6 months of active duty
(November of 1958 to May of 1959)
and for 7 years inactive duty (May of
1959 to May of 1966).
Jane Schaefer Dieterich 1960
A note from Joe Carfora …Actually, Bob, because Edelstein was in the Reserves until 1968,
he does indeed qualify for the List.  Remember, we decided to include both Reserve and
National Guard members who served during the Vietnam Era some time ago.
Hi Bob,
I would love to be of help but I'm
not related to or know a Ramon
Hayden who is on the unconfrmed
list. I hope you’ll be able to fnd
somebody who does.  All is well
here and hope everything is good
with and you’re having a great
Take care
Dana Hayden
A note to Harold Kasten...
We have an unconfrmed list that has a name Joseph Kasten attached and we are needing
to know his branch of service, years served and a listing of the various duty stations where
he served. Are you, perhaps, related to Joseph? If so, please provide the needed
Hope you are well.
I have a cousin Joseph who died over 20 years ago.  I couldn't tell you what branch of
service he served in.  Sorry.
Harold Kasten 1958
We asked our readers:
“We have an unconfrmed list that has a name... attached and we are needing to know his branch of
service, years served and a listing of the various duty stations where he served. Are you, perhaps, related
to this person? If so, please provide the needed information.”
...and they responded
Hi Bob,
I'm not sure how Alfred Bruwer got on the list - he graduated from a high school in Ridgewood.  The spelling
of our last name is strange (Brewer is the norm) but that happened at Ellis Island back in the 1930's when
"Papa" came to the USA. Also... Al didn't serve in Vietnam but I do know he was in the Army stationed in the
US prior to my meeting and marrying his brother.
Hope this helps.
Elaine Boos Bruwer
Can you give me the years that Al was in the army? If he was serving between 1964 and 1975,
he would qualify for being included on the memorial.
Just remembered to ask my husband about his brother's service bit.  As far as we can put together, he was in
the service in the middle 50's as he was out by the time we were married in l958.  He would have graduated
from high school in l952 from Brooklyn Tech. Hope this helps.
A note to Lou DeStefano...
Your name is on our unconfrmed list.  We need to know your branch of service, years served
and a listing of the various duty stations where you served. Please provide the needed
information. Thanks
Here you go Bob:
US Army Military Police...1973-1975...Aberdeen Proving Grounds
Louis T DeStefano 1968
A note to Richie Kaleita
We have an unconfrmed name, Lawrence Kaleita. We need to know his branch of service,
years served and a listing of the various duty stations where he served.
Are you, perhaps, related to Lawrence?
Bob…Larry is my brother.  He was in the Army from 1956 to 1959.  He was in the signal corp.  He was
stationed in Packanack, New Jersey. I was in the Army from 1960 to 1963.  I was in the transportation corps at
Fort Dix, N.J.  Then went to Fort Knox, Kentucky.  The last two years in the 77th transportation company in
LaRochell, France. Hope this will help.
Richie Kaleita
A note to Bill Costello
We have an unconfrmed name, Dan Costello..
We need to know his branch of service, years
served and a listing of the
various duty stations
where he served. Are you,
perhaps, related to Dan?
Hi Bob,
Can’t be of any assistance. 
We are not related. Hope
everything is well with you.
How's the memorial coming
Richie Kaleita
A note to Sandy Notov Katz
from the Class of 1965, tasking if she was related to
Arthur Katz on the unconfrmed list.
Hi Bob,
Katz is my married name and I
don't remember any Katz's
from Hicksville. My husband
Stan went to Clarke and he
didn't have any family in the
island. Sorry I can't help but
keep doing the amazing job
you do! We are all grateful for
your service as well. Sandy
more responses...
We sent a note to Linda Kleiss asking if she was related to Barry Kleiss on the unconfrmed
list. Linda answered back...
Barry Kleiss was my brother.  He was in the Navy for 4 years, sometime in the late 50's, early 60's. I was a
child & don't remember much about time served or where he was stationed. I don't think he would be
considered part of the Vietnam era...he was probably discharged before 1964. If you would like to touch
base with his widow, I could check with her & get you her e mail. I am curious as to how you connected
with me. Linda 1967
We have you on the Google master list for the Hicksville Newsletter graduating in 1966. I was in the
class of 1961 and graduated with Barbara Kleiss. We found out that Barbara passed away while
working on one of our class reunions. Please check with your sister in law. If he was serving during
the Vietnam era, we would love to have him listed on the memorial. When did Barry pass??? Let me
a Note from Joe Carfora:
In case you haven't seen this before, it was sent to me by one of the Vets on our Con-
frmed List.  I get many emails like this and it's obvious the work we've done and still are
doing means a lot to everyone, especially those who are still with us and can tell us how
they feel. It takes several minutes but it is worth it!
This is a great video of our military guys who were held in North Vietnam prisons. 
I had never seen this before and I had no idea how these guys felt all these years about
Nixon.  Vietnam POWs - 40 years later. Click on the link below:
more responses...
We sent a note to Emmett Goodman, Class of 1956
Emmet, We are trying to verify military status for former Hicksville alumni. The reason is we are putting a memorial
at the old school that will house the names of all who served in the military during the Vietnam era. We have an
unconfrmed list that has your name attached and we are needing to know your branch of service, years served and
a listing of the various duty stations where you served. Please provide the needed information. Thanks.
Bufalo Bob Casale
Hello Bob,
To answer your question, in 1958 I joined the US Army Reserve. I wanted to go regular army, but the recruiter said there was
a long wait and they needed people for the reserves. My dad who was with me was all for it. I didn't care for the 8 year
commitment but that's what I did. Had my basic training at Fort Dix, New Jersey then was assigned to an artillery division
and spent most of my time there driving a truck or pulling an artillery gun. My second part of training was in Fort Chafee,
Arkansas. After that I spent some time in Fort Drum, upstate NY, near Watertown, and Cape Cod near Hyannis Port. Then
spent one weekend a month at the Hempstead Armory. I was still subject to be called for active duty, but that never 
In June 1960, I got married to Lorretta Calendar who was raised in Plainview. In April, 1961 we had our frst child. At that time,
my status changed (married with a child) so I guess that kept me out of Viet Nam. In 1966 I received an honorable discharge
and that was all there was. I don't know if this qualifes for your wall. You probably want active personal that went to 'Nam. I
have no regrets if this is the case. I suppose you could say I was very lucky I did not go. I lost some good friends who didn't
make it back and over the years I have worked with several veterans of that confict. They all were greatly afected to some
Also let me mention one person who was in the military at that time and who was one of my lifelong friends, Dave Baldwin,
who has now passed. Dave was in the Army Airborne and was classifed as a master jumper. He was stationed at several
diferent places in Europe, I cannot remember if he was in Viet Nam. He was also assigned to an armored division and drove
a tank!
I hope this helps and please let me know if you need anything else, and I look forward to seeing a picture of this memorial
when it is done.
Emmett (two t's) Goodman 1956
Emmett, Thanks for the response. The question I have is did you attend monthly drills and do active every year
through 1966? I would imagine if you were in the reserve for an 8 year stint that you did drills. Please let me know.
OK Bob…let’s see if I can remember...I did attend monthly drills for quite awhile after my active duty, probably a couple years,
maybe three, then I went once a year for active duty at Fort Drum in NY. 
Dang Bob!
Now ya went and done it....you know after 50 some odd years the old memory gets very murky! So I got the historian
Lorretta to dig out the metal box with all the old important papers from many, many years ago! After much shufing of stuf
I did not know we even had, much to my dismay,
I found that my memory is totally wrong! My time in service was from 1956 to 1964. All the other info is correct, Fort Dix NJ,
Fort Chafee Ark., Fort Drum NY, Camp Wellfeet Mass, and I did serve some active duty every year. In fact, in 1960, we found
a deferment of scheduled time for active duty that fell on my wedding day (June 5th) and was rescheduled to September of
that year. Too funny…had forgotten all about that!
That refreshes my recollection; hope that helps with what you are doing. If this info disqualifes
me, that's fne also. I will still look forward to seeing the completed project.
Good Luck
a Note from Joe Carfora:
Whew, Scientifc Proof.
What a relief to learn this!
Ever walk into a room with some purpose in mind,
only to completely forget what that purpose was?
Turns out, doors themselves are to blame for
these strange memory lapses.
Psychologists at the University of Notre Dame
have discovered that passing through a doorway
triggers what's known as an Event Boundary in
the mind, separating one set of thoughts and
memories from the next.
Your brain fles away the thoughts you had in the
previous room and prepares a
blank slate for the new locale.
Thank goodness for studies like
It's not our age, it's that damn
Kathy McDonald Corey 1960
Thanks to Ray Ricca from the
Class of 1962 for the following...
Marine stuns crowd at Party; he is not in
I had no idea there was a 2nd verse to the Star
Spangled Banner. I sure do now!!!
Watch this crowd. In the beginning when he
started to sing, they were not even aware he
was singing the national anthem.
Ray Ricca 1962

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