Letter from a mother, regarding her son Damian Clairmont – Abu Talha.

Dear son of someone else’s mother,

I received your letter in regards to your recollections of my son, Damian – Abu
Talha. You spoke highly of him as an intelligent and caring individual. Of course,
I raised him. Many times by myself while having to manage the other children and
aspects in my family. While you may recollect of him based on the very short time
you knew him, I gave birth to him. I watched him learn to walk, to fall, to grow up
… normal things that mothers do with their children.

Speaking of mothers, I understand that your own mother is in grief over your
leaving. After this whole experience with my son, the subject of Islam was now
forcefully brought into my life. I reached out to find answers to what Islam had to
say about all this. I cannot quote verses and traditions that you can but I know
some basic rules and the first one is: “do not even make them feel the need to say
Uff!” I also know that the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) did not permit Jihad if
the parents were still alive or without their permission, Muslim or not. I am at a
loss to understand how you have come to violate this most basic aspect of Islam.
Can you imagine what you have done to your own Muslim mother, never mind
what it has done to this non-Muslim mother?

I cannot even begin to know the brutalities of the Syrian regime and the very real
oppression that my son wanted to fight against. I raised him to care about those
things. But he had just begun his Muslim life. There was no obligation on him
directly, to have to go and fight for a group who has made war with the very
Syrians they claimed to have gone to protect. Does Islam not say to live, to have
families, to build and not destroy? Good Muslims in Canada who have helped me
understand Islam, have made realize that I am less angry with you, as I am in pain
knowing that your own mother feels these same concerns about you right now. If
there is anything I can convince you of, it’s to think about the rights of the mothers
you will have to answer for.

Christianne Boudreau

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