Are you a secondary student from the Kinglake area? Do you need a quiet place to do your homework?

Would you like some help from a free tutor? Then drop into the homework program at either of these locations:

Where: Kinglake West—Mechanics Hall (Wednesdays) Where: Kinglake—Library (Mondays) Time: 4.00pm to 6.00pm during the school terms
Tutoring available in the areas of Math, Science and English This free service is provided by Kildonan UnitingCare
For more information call Kildonan’s Youth Services on (03) 8401 0100 or email
Proudly supported by SHARE Community Appeal, The Rotary Club of Templestowe and Rotary District 9810 Bushfire Relief Appeal

Kildonan Child and Family Services ABN 11 805 856 055

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