Writing task 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task
Write about the following topic:
“It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents for instance
for sport or music and others are not! "owever it is sometimes claimed that any child
can be taught to become a good sports person or musician
#iscuss both of these views and give your own opinion!
$ive reasons for your answer and include any relevant e%amples from your own
knowledge or e%perience!
Write at least 2&0 words!
We are born with all sorts of gifts and one of the gifts is talent! 'ome persons have a
bigger inclination for design arts sports music etc! than other people! (ut that doesn)t
mean a person who has talent for art or music can)t become a very good sport person!
*he education the knowledge and the e%tra hours spend to improve your skills are
the key!
I believe that in our days the schools treat all the students e+ually and give them a
chance to reach their ideal in life! *his is a very good thing because a person who
doesn)t have the proper skills to become a sport person can now hope that his dream is
possible! In order to succeed he must be very hard,working! -s one famous .omanian
writer said “/ percent talent and 00 percent work1
When I was in school I had a better inclination for music! 2or me was easy to
interpret the songs and to use my imagination in compositions! (ut some of my
colleagues who didn)t have that kind of talent still obtained good results! 3n many
occasions I thought this not possible! -nd now I understand why: because they worked
very hard and they wanted with all their heart this thing to become reality!
I personally agree with both statements! Is true that some children are born with
wonderful gifts! *his talent guides the persons to a specific kind of 4ob and makes things
easy for them! -t the same time a person who doesn)t have this gift could become a sport
person a musician or anything else by working very hard!
5y personal opinion is that any person can have good results in any discipline but
the a person with the gift will be better than one without it

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