1. What kinds of systems are described in this case?

Identify and describe the business
processes each supports. Describe the inputs, processes, and outputs of these systems.

Ans. In this case, Domino’s uses TPS , pulse evolution and SCMs which helps to increase
customer satisfaction pulse is installed on two types of hardware first “thick-client” in which
all order (TPS) “pulse” are installed on pc’s and other is “thin-client” model that is network
with small clients pc’s/work stations.

Business process are Point of scale system captures purchases and payments data at a
physical location where goods and services are bought and sold using computers, automated
cash registers, scanners, or other digital devices. They are taking and customizing orders
using a touch-screen interface, maintaining sales figures, and compiling customer information

Ans. Pulse evolution and other systems helps Domino’s to improve its business performance

1. Cutting cost of pizza order” deliver.
2. Increasing customer satisfaction
3. Improved customer services
4. Their quality level
5. Reduced mistakes
6. improve information accuracy and current data are automatically updated.

2. How do these systems help Domino’s improve its business performance?
3. How did the online pizza ordering system improve the process of ordering a Domino’s
4. How effective are these systems in giving Domino’s a competitive edge? Explain your
Ans. Systems are effective in giving Domino’s a competitive edge as pizza tracker and the
simulated pizza features are more suitable than others. The system is easier to update and
more secure, Other companies, like Pizza Hut and Papa John, also have online ordering
capability, but lack the Pizza Tracker and the simulated pizza features that Domino’s has
successfully implemented.

Ans. According to the case online pizza ordering system improve the process of ordering as
1. Domino’s rolled out the pizza tracker system for ordering online pizza.
2. It allows customer to watch a stimulated photographic version of their pizza as they
customize its size, sauces and toppings.
3. Pizza Tracker displays a horizontal bar that tracks an order’s progress graphically.
4. Consumers can know anything about their orders
5. The image changes with each change a customer makes.
6. Then, once customers place an order, they are able to view its progress online with Pizza

5. What steps does Pizza Tracker display for the user? How does the Pizza Tracker improve the
customer experience?
Ans. Yes, the pizza tracker service influences me to order pizza from Domino’s instead of a
competing chain’s like pizza hut and papa john because before this service the domino’s pizza
delivery is worst and not on time. The domino’s pizza needs some changes and innovations
for develop the reputation of domino’s so domino’s introduced the pulse system and pizzas
tracker service these changing satisfy the customers .

Ans. There are basically 5 steps of pizza tracker or we can further classify it into 7 steps
display for the users are as follows.
1. Order place / making order
2. preparing
3. Baking /cooking
4. Boxing /Packing/quality check
5. Delivered /order complete/out for delivery

The Domino’s pizza tracker improve the customer experience according to me is they slice
above the rest steps . It makes ordering pizza interactive, fun and efficient- all with a
personal touch and most important this systems increase customer satisfaction .

6. Would the Pizza Tracker service influence you to order pizza from Domino’s instead of a
competing chain? Why or why not?
7. What improvement would you make to the order placement feature?
Ans. I would suggest to keep on more working on new systems specially CRMs ( Customer
relationship management systems) and make order placement as they want because
customer’s mind is just like a black box, so businesses need more information about their
likes and dislikes, needs and wants as fashions‘ and trends are changing so they compete with
their competitors.

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