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Honors Geometry
Katelyn Whitener

Course Description:
Honors Geometry is designed to develop spatial concepts and insight into the
relationships between plane figures such as points, lines, polygons, and circles.
Algebraic principles, including the use of coordinates, are applied to geometric problems.
Measurement of two and three-dimensional figures will be explored. To appreciate the
power of logic as a tool for understanding the world around you, the concept of proof is a
substantial focus of the course. Technology will be used throughout the course as an
instructional tool. Because development of precise mathematical language is stressed,
reading and problem solving are emphasized throughout.

Classroom Rules:
As I believe every student should be given opportunity to do his/her best, I have
developed a policy that will help to provide the best possible environment for learning in
this classroom. The following rules will be in effect in my classroom at all times:
1. Come to class prepared with the appropriate material needed.
2. Respect all school, personal, and others property.
3. Be ready to begin class when the tardy bell rings.
4. Do your very best!

In addition to these rules I would like to mentions just a few other items. Each
teacher will have a hall pass for their classroom. Students are not allowed to leave the
classroom without the pass, except for emergency purposes. Also, if you are caught
cheating on an assignment you will receive a zero on that assignment. This class will
operate under the guidelines set forth by the administration and the school board
regarding discipline, attendance, dress code, and cell phone policy.

This year I am going to be doing an individual attendance incentive for my
classroom. Each semester there are two nine-weeks grading periods. If students miss no
more than one day, each nine-week, then they will have the opportunity to add 5 extra
bonus points to the assignment of their choice. Also, at the conclusion of each semester,
there will be a different incentive for each student that has missed no more than three
days for the entire semester.
Note: In order to receive each incentive you must have an excused absence, or
better know as a blue note.

Grading Policy:
Your grade in this class will represent your achievement on daily work,
worksheets, quizzes, test, projects, and a notebook. Your grades will be based on the
average of all your graded work for a nine-week period.
Your notebook will be kept for all material leading up to a chapter test. The
notebook will have our vocabulary words for each section, which I advise to keep the
whole year, followed by your notes, daily work, quizzes, and test.
A midterm will be sent home each nine-week grading period to allow you to see
how you are doing in a class before you are given your final nine-week grade. I try to
give back graded assignments less than a week of when they were completed so you can
know at any time how your son or daughter is doing in my class simply by asking to see
these papers. Also we will be using a grading program called Edupoint. Information on
this program will be provided at a later date.

Note: If a student has to be absent for any reason, THE STUDENT is responsible to
speak with me and retrieve their missed work. They will have only the number of days
missed to make up each assignment. For example, if you are absent on Monday, you
retrieve your work on Tuesday, and turned in to me on Wednesday.

State-Mandated Components:
Each of the following requirements must be met to earn the honors title.
To explore the culture, values, and history of mathematics through various reports
on present and past mathematicians and scientists.
To allow students to teach concepts to their peers, thus allowing for extensive
opportunities for problem solving experiences through imagination, critical
analysis, and application.
To apply the course curriculum to relevant or real-world situations in a controlled
field environment such as attending Math and Science Day at Six Flags over
Georgia or Dollywood.
To require students to keep a writing portfolio that will demonstrate their abilities
for writing in a variety of modes, purposes, and styles.
To integrate graphing calculators (when needed), computers, word processors,
internet, and other technology as appropriate to facilitate learning, research, and
Open-ended investigations in which the student selects the questions and designs
the research.

You will need the following items for this class:

Calculator (does not have to be a graphing calculator). I do have several
available for in-class use; however, a student may want their own to use
outside of the classroom, but is NOT required.
The following will be supplied by the school, but you are welcome to bring your own:

Course Syllabus:
This course if required for any student who is seeking an academic path diploma.
Topic in Geometry and Technical Geometry include the following:
Tools of Geometry
Reasoning and Proof
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Congruent Triangles
Relationships within Triangles
Polygons and Quadrilaterals
Right Triangles and Trigonometry
Surface Area and Volume

Throughout this course, the students are going to be completing task that relate to
each topic above. Tasks are going to be different assignments relating the topics we are
discussing to life outside of the classroom. These tasks may require the students to do
work outside of the classroom and I encourage each parent/guardian to get involved in
the activity.

Contact Information:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. Also, please
see my website if you have any other questions. There are several websites on there to
provide extra practice outside of the classroom.

School phone # (423)-263-5541 Voicemail box: #434

Planning time: ___4th Period_________________

E-mail account:

Website address:

Textbook Information:
This year we are using the Pearson/Prentice Hall Geometry and Technical
Geometry textbook. Each student will be assigned a book at the beginning of the year
which they will be returned when the course is completed. Students will be able to
access the textbook and resources online at I will take a day to
walk each class through the steps of accessing this website.