Reflection of Lesson 3----Central Vowels and Revisions

Last week’s class made me crazy,, really crazy... I’m really satisfied with Thursday class, but not Tuesday one. I dare say that there’s one hard nut in each class. They two made me crazy... I really expect to get responds from Ss, but everyone did good job except that one, Every time, I asked her to pronounce the phonetic, she just dazed at me all the time without any answer... I didn’t want to be rude to her, especially to that kind of conceited person. So the policy to her is just like Beijing Government to French government. Let’s skip this. I’m really famous for my dauntless, persevering fight. So what I will do next week is to train them strictly. I gave them too much humour, and that’s quite enough, so no more humours, but strict methods. I won’t do anything stupid, but I’ll try to let them cooperate with me, if someone is out of my control, we’ll see. The main aim of my policy is to help them improve a lot, not just being so conceited as they are now. Nobody 何其多, if you don’t want to be an nobody, just follow my tips.

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