University of SIAS Pronunciation Clinic Programme----RP course 2009 Conductor: William S

Lesson plan to Diphthongs I

1) 2) Tell the truth Tell the Ss what I expect to get from their cooperation Etiquette How to make this course go on smoothly, the basic points, I’ll introduce some tips based on the royal protocol.

Pronunciation Clinic
1) Give the brief introduction of Diphthongs to the Ss. How many diphthongs in English, what the law of diphthongs are. 2) Today’s task Show what we’re gonna learn tonight, only two of the 8 diphthongs. /eI/ and /əu/ 3) Using blackborad Write the two diphthongs on the blackborad, explain how to pronounce them correctly, draw the picture of tongue positon. 4) Give the Handouts Give the handouts to the Ss, which contains words criminations, tell the differences.

Practices on pronunciation
1) 2) Read the handouts Ask the Ss to read the handouts for a few minutes, then I’ll check one by one Present the speech I’ve given Each student will present his/her own speech on the stage with answering the question. During the presentation, I’ll listen to them and find some pronunciation mistakes they made.

Optional work
1) 2) Evaluate the speech of everyone. I may tell them something about the speech, or how to write a logical speech. Group work The groups will discuss different topics. And I’ll tell them the pronunciation mistakes they made when they were talking.

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