or1i:nocking - t pa,st two vreeKs we nave bee:n e cl

canvassing the,~apanui area.and have "8CGl've.d- a- [!.00?1

• - • .L ~ ~, response

om local reSlGents, as well as i it very rewa~d

and stimulating ourselves,

need a lot more oo le to. partICipate' in: t·his actI\dtyso

reach as many as possible, so here's your chance:

Saturday 12th A et '10 a. m , - at 36 Ranfurly St

(Back flat)


Talkfj :

Various ople have pn ttending the Liberal Study classes at some ,of the high schools in Ohch, giving t~lks on Oomalco

foreign o ontrol, ~n general, as vvell as showing slide S taken

o rt the Resistance H.lde" .. kids seem 'very i:r,terested

iastic ab the je~t. Also, twope e went out to

Lincoln Oollege and spoke to the EC'ology Ae t i.o'n group there.

a f'Le t It ha s been. of the t:r?ue Jute orne of Derek Distribution of t w i.L].

clthat we print a leaflet informing pe

of the satellite station, and the

!scase arising from the Mt John demo.

leaflet d be Timaru and sibly

be a one clay outing. The date has been


2 th April - brlCl"c1iries at Resistance Bks

s of P. Y,IVL are

devising. a street play on Comalco and the

s w Lrrt.e-r-. If one is interested .i n

as on rilla stre e t the a t r-e ring:

:i.nevi table p ower c icipating or has J Young - 893234

'), os the Ride:

If anyone has black and white print s of the Re sistanceRide ,

ease ing them 8.101'1g to the next meeting or post c opie s

o Ohc ~ as they a:-CE; nee for printing articles.

so, could tho,se e who have filled their petit ion

forms 'with signatures J)lease send them toO.A.:B'.O.I.N.Z. (

C/- sj_stqnce Bo If you r e qu i.r-e any mo re then there


l:>" Signature Collecting in the S

If anyone is ke en on SGr~lng a table in the Square during

lunchbreaks or Fri d ay nights 9 or at 'IV Brighton on SatJ.rdays 5

wi thpeti tion.s , literature on 0 orna l.c 0, ForeigT~ 0 ontrol ~ etc,

thel13,ll the gear is available at ~171 England St 1 • 893-234.

This has proved to be a successful way of reaching people and talking to them. The response has been good on occasions when

s .ac t Lv il.y has been done. .

7 . }l'inanc es :

n Wilkes ana Perth Sthave paid the money owing,plus an unexpected~p100 entry in the bank. We are still waiting for .t he deposit pa i d at Moeraki .Mo to r Oanrp to come in before the

accounts can be finalised and a f'inancial report be given.

':Ehis was the title of an article in the Chc h "Press", 1.4.75.

It stated that 3 groups of companies had applied for gove r-nmerrt I:ights to p l unde r the liVest Coast beech forests.



company is made up of a consortium of ~irms, being Hardwo')d I.ndustries 1Jevelopment Ltd, in turn mCide 'of tV-IO big international groupings.

U . .B~B, - one of No Z' s biggest manuf'ac t ur-e r s of packaging materials, c ar-pe t.s , carpet y ar-n , builcling materials,

firs.t t.


al1d the

(These 2,-.2.

the ct

;?vY1I1011nce din .J-l{'Ugu .. ~st .i s a cOTIlpl-.et-el IT' osal WEts anncunc edby the

Products (S Reginal Smythe)

completely N 2. owned, ve u a be 1 ieve .

d. tion

( transnort I, partly owne d

("""1'. .'- I ,

~. (-'-Y>,=>""'sn + \

\ l' ~ C~n F or Co ) •

.i.mbe r and nri.L'Le r

/ , .. -

l e~"tlle ana clot


man) ,

8, 9.

1 S aVID mu'l t Lnat.Lona L,

and sia)."

~o 01 large Japanese indust-

-sne oclmitomo and Oji

T~ 8.1e 011 fore st fLr-m ~~B~a;igent


ower savings and has on the use of power.

a1 sav p

up vast Quantit s

These ro iOITS are

easfunds, by being able ~o cut for use in generating N.2. IS che est

power 6urselves

off Comalco t syear

Ze r s because the Co ok

and with South Island capacity to c ar-ryjany more power.

refo be to iricrease the capacity

to e Q

would Strait Cetble electric i ty doe 8

One of demands

the Cook Stra:Lt c

calls from the campaign of

has either c"


be mounted call electricity~hat knocking" approac

up po

e Le c tr-Lc ) and

t are to be met bya C.A.F.C.I.N.Z. restrietionsuntil Comalco

,,+ ''1D'TOOmen"t r" e'n" Ci0',)t-l'a"t",ri 1\

...' r v ,-- .... r.::o~.- v ' ......... a .L \~. 5 '- V-I.....' \.J. '!I Ii.

to t he government IS c ampa.i.gn. 1

ple"t 0 continue the amo urrt 01'

Ir swill be through door-

o local shopkeepers "" donati8ns and to

.i.nd ow s , oac he s toI'ower Boards

cit se 018 ..

j-tem on March , that the government

had mining of NIt Davy coal by a

Ja"Qanese C aka , nrovoked a press statement from

C. A. F. C c 1. • Z. c ompl':j,inine; about sue h a waste of N ~ Z IS

r-e s o.rr-c e s . !-ioweve .' it turned out that the HZBC had made a

stake and' decision:::m Davy has not yet been

· .3

reached,'aitl:1oughit seems that all that remains are thEl formalities. The government cannot fault the mining methods, technical details, etc, but is waiting for an environmental impact report and the final de c is ion is exuected. wi thin·.the nex,tfElw weeks. ~,,, ... .....

It was decide~i0try and arrange for speakers to go to union meetings of the workers who will be handling the c6al - miners, railwaymen,. watersiders and seamen,tQ attempt to getsnpp'ort . for olir po i.rrt o£ view.

C.A.E'.C.I.N.Z. ha,sprepared a policy statement on Mt Davy coal and its poss ible use s within l'IJ. Z. It is printed. below .inthe

fO::rpof press statement given the 1 oc a.l newspapers recently.

PRESS STATEME]\l'T: .. 1l,PRIL 11, ·1972 .. ~


Ina s t.ar.emen t today 9 the Ci:nnpEdgn' Against Foreign, Control

in New Zealal1.d (C~A.F.C.,I. N. Z.J criticised the prciposalsto sell MtDavy.coal to a .fa parieae dominated c.onsortium f'o.r- 8:x;port to apatl'~; rrJhe statement said:

The Government is showing a pit if'ul lack of fore sight and planning forf:utllT€ gen,erations of Ne\LZealanders, in its quick buck scheme to sell lVIt Davy coal toJapan,.Jf New Zet:ilt:indJs natural'resoU'::rcescannot be economically used at present, they should c onseryed until thEty are neededbyfuture'[geheratlons.

The N8::w . Zealand government is making a 'fatal mistake in allowing .i.r-r-e p.Lac e ab'La natural :resourc.es to be squande:r;edby the hungry Japane'se steel industries which are at present tryiIlg· ~eS,JleT~. 0tely tp me.et a;w.or1d sf.lortage of steel.

'r'he sc herne is a blatant ~xarnple of f~re {gl1. control of Ne w Zealand!s natural resour6~~. C.A.~.C.I.N.Z. warns that we will end UD in the same dilemma which faces the Australian government'with its N.li.R.A. agreement with Japapunder,which the Jqpane seareattempting t(')'obtain owne r sh i p and control of Australia's ur-an Lum and C oaldeposi ts . (See! Japan wants part 'ownership 1 ~ The 'Pre ss ,March 26 197,5 e )

Possible Uses in New Zealand:

The Government has said that it will not make a decision on exporting Mt Davy coal to Japan until it was,satisj:'ied that it

would not be required for us~ in New Zeal~nd~- .

C.~"-.F.C.I.N.Z. would lilee to know what research has b e en vd one int 0 use.8 of ]\Irt Davy c OEd and the' findings of any such re s~arbh.

(~ontinued 'on Page 4)

The oal ould e used in a low tempera

e distillation

t to pro-

duce mot

fuels and

stuffs It could also be used to make disinfe

An AUBt~alian oil


ject has developed a low


of coal oil


coal could be uecdto pr

talltirgical coke: at


at of New Zealand's metallurgical coke is

edo According to

e s e n t indi'cations are' that


(p.l03) , the



not provide a substantial econom-

attractive market in the near future.

s e are go

to NJs.i'\'; onvert

coal into metal-

and use it to smelt South ,Au.stralian

ore. By

coal 1

Governmerit is thy

. away l~ew Zealand I s chances of

self-sufficient in the

, J- •

pr-ouuc c i.ori

of steel",


in New


o oaL entirely au i.t ab Le for gas making is available:

also stated

it contained the on Ly significant source a

for the manufacture of metallurgical coke .. The

e Paper

Coal 0 hese possible uses (p
.i; Mt and Dobson coal are the only
from coal is to be continu.ed in the 1 ,.-y .C

1 p.l03, p.122) and states

suitable reserves if gas mak-

/,FC also wqnders whether any research has been done .i.n t o theposs-


high-grade Ht DavycoB.l with lower grade coals for

~se in a oal-fired powe~ station.

ee White Paper P4



J_ the scheme does go ahead ~ CAFC 1HZ

pr-e ss reports

quoting Tokyo sources , state the presence

22.6 million tons of coal at Mt Davy. The Government , and West Co-

~~ Resources Ltd I the consortium hoping to

the coal I say there

7 5 million tonnes$ Is the consortium hiding anything?

)The consotium is less than 51% New Zealand owned ? as re~uire"i Clover1",ment policy iN" Z. Forest Products has approximately 25% of its

shares owned overseas. fEis brings the total foreign ownership of the

on.sor-t.Lum to

the Ataka Corporation of Japan owning 50%. Has the

Government backed down on its stand On foreign ownership of NeW Zea-

::~"nd i 8 natural resources?


, over.,,~.~)

3)Will the price being paid for the coal be made public?

4) Who will pay for the housing of the workers at the mine? Will it be R state Advances loan, with the company receiving the reat, as we believe is happening with Comalco?

5) Will the coal being railed from Mt Davy to Lyttelton be given


a rail freight subsidy by the New ZElland government?

6) Who will provide the 85 special waggons and nine locomotives stated by the consortium to be required by the Railways Department for the transport of coal from Rewanui to Lyttelton? Will this equipment be imported from Japan as similar Railway equipment has been in the past?

7) Port extensions at Lyttelton costing at least $4million will be necessary according to the Harbour Board's general manager, Mr J.A. McPhail (See 'Government expected to export Coast coal', Christchurch Press, March 22,1975.) Who will meet this cost?

8) Will New Zealand seamen and ships be used to send the coal to Japan?

Finally, CAFCINZ would like to see a clear policy statement on the future of the Mt Davy coalfield by all political parties. The National Party,in particular, appears to be o~nfused over the issue, as Mr L.C. Schultz, Opposition spokesman on minihg and mineral resources, has described the Government's scheme as 'reckless and irresponsible' (see 'Coast coal for Japan is reckless and irresponsible - National', Greymouth Evening Star, March 27, 1975). Thiscontr~~ts strongly with the gra~ting of mining rights

to the consortium by Mr Shelton, the l Minister of Mines in the

then National government, in 1971 (see the Christchurch Press, April 5, 1975).