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Handley Middle Schools School PD Plans for 2014-15

Year Two - Theory into Practice
We are preparing our teachers to prepare our students for a world where
learning is just in time and memorizing facts is obsolete!

Expected standards for lessons and learning in 2014-2015.
Lesson standard - With high quality planning, teachers will be able to take any
set of CCRS or 21st Century standards and write a lesson plan that creates a
collaborative setting for self directed learning thats driven by technology. All
plans will include an assessment timeline. The kind of format the lesson plans
take is up to the teachers and their principal. To help teachers identify the parts
of a high quality lesson plan, they should review items on the Transforming Your
Classroom Checklist and 5 Types of Assessment.
Learning Standard - Student centered learning can be heard and seen on the
student side of the classroom. Often teachers will be hard to find in the
classroom as they support and direct the lesson. Look over the rubric, Expected
Student Behaviors, for a more explicit way to gauge the learning standard.

Handley Middle School Lesson Plans for 2014-15

All HMS teachers will use the website to record their
lesson plans. All teachers will be required to use the same tabs inside
the Planbook. This configuration of the Planbook includes all the
components of Transforming Your Classroom Checklist. All parts of
the lesson plan should be completed. Other important points:
Alabama CCRS needs to be fully written in Planbook! has a drop down menu to select the CCRS
standards for the appropriate lesson.
All lesson plans will be accessible by the Principal and Central
Office (CO). The principal and CO administrators will have an
administrative account in so that they may access
each teachers lesson plans. It can be accessed using a laptop
computer or using the Planbook app on an iPad. Administrators
will have the ability to submit comments on the teachers lesson
plans if needed.
Lesson plans will be checked on a bi-weekly schedule based on
grade level by the principal to see that they meet the Lesson
Standard for the year.

Handley Middle Schools Supporting Systems for Next Year

1) Blogging
In order to provide a virtual support community at HMS, the principal
has created a blog ( ) for all the staff
to use. Next year:
The principal will post a question to the blog once a week.
Teachers will be required to log into the blog each week and
comment on the principal's post.
Teachers should read the posts each week because they may
contain lesson tips or requests for help on a lesson that teachers
are developing. Teachers will be required to comment on at
least two responses.
Once per trimester, teachers will be required to link to the blog a
best practice video.

2) Best Practice Video Library
The second support system for HMS is teachers recording parts of
their 21st century lessons that really work, ie. community building, set
up the essential question, construction knowledge, setting up groups,
etc. The videos will not be more that five to ten minutes.
This is how it should work:
Teachers will do one video per trimester. All the videos will be
uploaded to a searchable HMS video library where other
teachers can find help on different aspects of 21st century
No video should be more than ten minutes. It will focus entirely
on students not the teacher. It will record one part of one lesson
not the whole lesson.
Setting up to video will be coordinated through the library.
After teacher uploads the video, they will post a link in the
reflective blog for that week.

3) Vertical Planning Support
As part of the transition to CCRS standards, each of the central office
administrators has agreed to work with one core subject area all year
long. They will be providing feedback and acting as a conduit for ideas.
Social Studies - Mr. Marcum
English - Dr. Hendon
Math - Dr. Crouse
Science - Mrs. Hodges
To provide feedback, each administrator will do a fifteen minute visit
twice each trimester. Before coming, we will review your lesson plan
for that lesson. During the visit, we will take a brief video of its effect on
the students. We will send you the video after our visit along with some

4) One on One support in 2014-2015
We recognize that a few teachers still struggle with both the technology
and the basic underpinning of 21st century teaching. In order to
address this issue, Dr. Crouse, Mrs. Fordham, and others experienced
in both will provide one or more all day sessions on topics or skill. We
will also provide lessons requested by a teacher or groups of teachers.
All these lessons will be done during school hours while a substitute
covers the class.

5) Professional Development Schedule Next Year
Next years PD Dates
August 6 Roanoke PD (Wed.)
August 7 Roanoke PD (Thurs.)
September 15 Student Day/ Roanoke PD (Mon.)
October 13 Parenting Day/ Roanoke PD (Mon.)
November 10 Roanoke PD (Mon.)
December 8 Student Day/ Roanoke PD (Mon.)
January 5 Roanoke PD/ Workday (Mon.)
February 16 Student Day/ Roanoke PD (Mon.)
March 16 Student Day/ Roanoke PD (Mon.)
April 20 Student Day/ Roanoke PD (Mon.)

Teacher and Student Schedules on PD Days.
There are three full PD days, August 6th, 7th, and November 10th.
Your facilitators will provide you with a schedule of events for those

Half day student and PD days: Each school will run an alternate bell
schedule where the "30 minutes required release times" occurs in the
morning and teachers will eat lunch with the students. The students will
leave after lunch at 12:00. "Others" (option E)- will cover after school
duties starting at 11:30. The cohort meetings will be scheduled from
11:30 to 3:30. How long each lesson lasts will be at the discretion of
facilitators, but no session will be more than four hours.

6) Option E 2014-2015

These non-core teachers follow the EducateAlabama process. Using
EducateAlabama, teachers will identify standards to work on during the
year and create a PLP for each. Mr. Foster will be all the coaches
primary evaluator. Other staff members that are not included as core
teachers will be assigned their building principal as their primary
During the PD days or half days, all Option E teachers will work on
their EducateAlabama PD plan. A week before each PD day, they will
submit to their primary evaluator a plan that outlines what they will
work on and where. The work for that day will be submitted as
supporting evidence in EducateAlabama. Their primary evaluator will
comment within a week of the evidence being submitted.