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Listening Comprehension

(A) Some people are camping on the mountain.
(B) Some animals are going up the hill.
(C) Horses are grazing in the field.
(D) They are riding a horse.
1. The mules have saddles.
2. One of the men is carrying a backpack.
_ 2_
(A) She is raiding the bank.
(B) She is lighting the candle.
(C) She is riding a motorcycle.
(D) She is writing on a board.
1. The woman is making a presentation.
2. She is using a projector.
(A) Some men are stretching their arms.
(B) Some men have their arms crossed.
(C) Some men are marching in order.
(D) Some men are taking pictures.
1. Two men are wearing shorts.
2. The men are turned towards one another.
_4_ I
gp i (A) The flight is about to depart.
(B) The decision is still in the air.
(C) People are boarding the plane.
(D) Airplanes are parked next to each other.
1. Some luggage is being loaded.
2. The planes are connected to the gate.
164 New TOEIC Practice Test 2
pK*-, \ 4 h H B
(B) People have just finished their meal.
(C) People are being served.
(D) People are feeding each other.
1. People are sittii
2. They are facing
ig across from each other.
I in different directions.
U a j 3 : \
| ^*jj
i i i
(A) Men are opening the door.
(S) Mon are going toward th building. - ' ..- ; v-
(C) Men are fixing the building.
(D) Men are comirg out of the building.
1. Two men are heading for the door.
2. A vehicle is parked In front of the building.
k *
(A) The toilet is not occupied.
(B) The floor is fully covered by a carpet.
(D) The decoration i& being installed.
H H P H H 1There is a rug c
2. There are some
>nthe floor.
) cushions on thsofas.
(B) Children prefer sweets.
E H Children pretend to be adults.
1 (D) Children are previewing the movie.
1. Children are standing near each other.
2. One person is reaching for something.
listening Section 165 I
Test 2|Part 1
(A) People are holding bottles.
j (B) People are going to ride a bicycle.
I j fiaS (C) People are all standing up.
1. There is a fence behind the people.
2. They are sitting outside.
(B) They are swimming in the water.
(C) Each person has an umbrella.
(D) The wave is very rough.
1. Some people are standing near the dock.
2. The water is calm.
166 New TOEIC Practice Test 2

Listening Comprehension
J LL When will they announce the winners?
(A) Under the stage.
(B) After the presidents speech.
(C) The woman on the right.
Q: Where did you find that mask?
A: Under the stage.
Q: Which one is Sandra Bauman?
A: The woman on the right.
15 Why didnt you call me before you came?
(A) 1thought you knew I was coming.
(B) I tripped over a wire.
(C) I was in the telephone booth.
Q: What caused you to fall down?
A: I tripped over a wire.
Q: Where were you at the time of the
A: I was in the telephone booth.
12. Do you have any seating preferences?
(A) I dont like to fly.
(B) Put me somewhere spacious.
(C) Party of four, please.
Other :
Q : Why are you driving to Florida?
A: I dont like to fly.
Q: How many people, sir?
A: Party of four, please.
16. What should I say when I meet the director?
(A) He directed a tot of movies.
(B) In a cafe.
(C) Anything you want.
Q: What is Tim Sheldon famous for?
A: He directed a lot of movies.
Q: Where did you decide to hold the
A: In a cafe.
Should we tip the taxi driver?
(A) Since he helped us with our
luggage, we should.
(B) He was driving a new car.
(C) We took one from the train station.
Q: Why didnt you recognize him when he
passed by you?
A: He was driving a new car.
Q: Where did you catch a city bus?
A: We took one from the train station.
U jW ho gave you that straw hat?
HU (A) Because its a sunny day.
(B) My aunt wears one just like it.
(C) I bought it myself.
Q: Why do you want to eat outside?
A: Because its a sunny day.
Q: Have you ever seen a shawl like this
A: My aunt wears one just like it.
12 Is the stew almost ready?
(A) Yes, but we have to let it simmer
for a few minutes first.
(B) Of course! My mother is the best cook
I know.
(C) Well, this restaurant has a great
Q: Do you enjoy all her dishes?
A: Of course! My mother is the best cook I
Q: How is the food at this place?
A: Well, this restaurant has a great
13. Michael Dorris wrote that book, didnt he?
(A) How did you know?
(B) He is a librarian.
(C) The typewriter wasnt invented yet.
Q: What does Mr. Brown do for a living?
A: He is a librarian.
Q: Why was the constitution written by
A: The typewriter wasnt invented yet.
Listening Section 167
Test 2 Par t 2
19 Where did you stay over the holidays?
S i (A) I was with my old col l ege
(B) During Christmas and New Years.
(C) I ate a lot of great food.
Q: Do you get any vacation time?
A: During Christmas and New Years.
Q: How was the party last night?
A: I ate a lot of great food.
23 What is required to rent an apartment in this
sFij building?
SB (A) It has four floors.
(B) No, lets take the elevator.
(C) You j ust need to be abl e to pay the
deposi t fee.
Q: How many different levels does the
building have?
A: It has four floors.
Q: Do you want to take the stairs?
A: No, lets take the elevator.
20 Should there be more state regulated
gg programs in schools?
(A) But my son doesnt study enough.
(B) Yes, I thi nk its sorel y needed.
(C) I pay my taxes every year.
Q: You shouldnt keep your boy in the house
all the time.
A: But my son doesnt study enough.
Q: Why do you think you're an upstanding
A: I pay my taxes every year.
2 4 1 Who can we ask for assistance with these
GS boxes?
(A) I just moved in last week.
(B) How about that man in the office?
(C) She asked me for help first.
Q: Are you new to the neighborhood?
A: I just moved in last week.
Q: Why are you helping her when there is a
customer right in front of you?
A: She asked me for help first.
21 How long do you plan to stay with your
gg company?
SB (A) Three years ago.
(B) My boss went away for a few weeks.
(C) Just a short while.
Q: When was your last medical check-up?
A: Three years ago.
Q: You seem so relaxed at work these days.
A: My boss went away for a few weeks.
25 Didnt the weather report say it will rain
B today?
S3 (A) Not without my umbrella.
(B) Yes, but not until this evening.
(C) It was on television.
Q: Are you leaving for the banquet now?
A: Not without my umbrella.
Q: Where did you watch the game?
A: It was on television.
22 Isnt the social worker coming by later?
E l (A) No, she was helpful.
(B) Yes, but not unti l tomorrow
(C) Yes, she is working on his case.
Q: The psychologist wasnt bad, was she?
A: No, she was helpful.
Q: Will Maria defend that Colombian
A: Yes, she is working on his case.
26j Pardon, I think you dropped your
*2) handkerchief back there.
SB (A) Oh, I di dnt even reali ze.
(B) Thank you, but Im full.
(C) I was so surprised that I fell down.
Q: Would you like a second helping?
A: Thank you, but Im full.
Q: Were you shocked when you saw my
A: I was so surprised that I fell down.
168 New TOEIC Practice Test 2
27 This desk is awfully messy, isnt it?
@8 (A) I just needed to borrow a stapler.
(B) Yes, but its al ways like this.
(C) Professor Wheeler assigned it to us.
Q: Why did you come into my office?
A: I just needed to borrow a stapler.
Q: Why are you reading that article?
A: Professor Wheeler assigned it to us.
31 Why dont we take a stroll on the beach?
(A) Sure, I love the feeling of sand
between my toes.
(B) Well, I didn't bring my bathing suit.
(C) Its only 6miles from our hotel.
Q: Why dont you want to hang around the
A: Well, I didnt bring my bathing suit.
Q: Is the amusement park far away?
A: Its only 6 miles from our hotel.
28 Why didnt you warn me about the pothole?
S3 (A) We are in a dangerous neighborhood.
(B) Should I call the police?
(C) I didnt see it, either.
32 When is Geena expecting her first baby?
(A) Shes already picked out the name.
(B) Shes hoping for a girl.
(C) Any day now.
Q: Is there a reason why youre so nervous?
A: We are in a dangerous neighborhood.
Q: I think I heard something just now.
A: Should I call the police?
Q: How can you tell that shes excited about
the new addition?
A: Shes already picked out the name.
Q: What kind of assistant does J ane want?
A: Shes hoping for a girl.
29 Where do you want this light installed?
H (A) Ri ght in the center.
(B) Yes, the ceiling is too low.
(C) Here is a flashlight.
Q: Dont you feel claustrophobic in this room?
A: Yes, the ceiling is too low.
Q: Can you bring something to help in the
A: Here is a flashlight.
30 The woman pulled all the weeds out of our
j ** garden for us.
S I (A) Well, the flowers will be blooming
(B) Please mow the grass as well.
(C) That was real ly nice of her.
Q: Why do you think your allergies will get
worse over the next week?
A: Well, the flowers will be blooming soon.
Q: Is there anything else you would like me
to do, Mrs. Shaffer?
A: Please mow the grass as well.
33|Woul d you like a hat or sunglasses to block
(53 the glare of the sun?
(A) Yes, standing in a cool, shaded area
sounds good.
(B) Its okay, I brought along a
(C) I always sweat in intense heat.
Q: Why dont we go stand by that tree?
A: Yes, standing in a cool, shaded area
sounds good.
Q: Did you know you have sweat stains all
over your shirt?
A: I always sweat in intense heat.
34 |Dnnt you think we should wait till the order is
@@ processed?
^ (A) Only a couple of days.
(B) No, the sooner we call them, the
(C) Call the customer service desk.
Q: How long will Betsy stay in the hospital?
A: Only a couple of days.
Q: What should I do if the machine
A: Call the customer sen/ice desk.
Listening Section 1691
Test 2 Part 2
35 Will the film take long to develop?
SB (A) No, it ll be ready in an hour.
(B) It grows quite quickly.
(C) Well, its only 2 inches right now.
Q: Does it take long for the plant to sprout?
A: It grows quite quickly.
Q: How much snow has fallen outside?
A: Well, its only 2 inches right now.
38 How will you get in contact with your old
gg nanny?
S i (A) We lost touch over the years.
(B) Last time I saw her, I was in grade
(C) She left us her address.
Q: What happened between you and Ted?
A: We lost touch over the years.
Q: I havent seen Elmira in a long while.
A: Last time I saw her, I was in grade
36 Why hasnt the leaky faucet been fixed yet?
H I (A) The handyman hasnt come by.
' * ^ (B) The water is spilling everywhere.
(C) Yes, its a severe problem.
Q: Why did you tell me to watch out?
A: The water is spilling everywhere.
Q There hasnt been enough money to help
the needy in this state.
A: Yes, its a severe problem.
39 Why are there so many cars out at this time?
133 (A) I was late for the meeting.
(B) Because of poor time management.
(C) The lanes are merging up ahead.
Q: Why do you look so guilty?
A: I was late for the meeting.
Q: Why didnt you send the parcels before
closing time?
A: Because of poor time management.
M a M B W M j B H i
37 When will the basketball game be on? 40
SB (A) Tomorrow morning. S3
(B) I will be with some kids from the
neighborhood this afternoon.
(C) Its the first game of the winter
Q: What are you going to do instead of
attending the conference?
A: 1will be with some kids from the
neighborhood this afternoon.
Q: Is there any reason why youre glued to
the television like that?
A: Its the first game of the winter season.
Did your trainer start you on a new diet
(A) Yes and hes convinced Ill
succeed this time.
(B) I gained ten pounds last week.
(C) I had to pay the gym registration fee
Q: Youve been looking robust lately.
A: I gained ten pounds last week.
Q: What happened when you told them you
lost your gym card?
A: I had to pay the gym registration fee
170 New TOEIC Practice Test 2
Part 3 j
Listening Comprehension
Questions 41-43 refer to the following
M: Hello, I amcalling about a new bike I
fSE ordered fromyour company last
week. It arrived the day before
yesterday, but I think it was damaged
during shipping.
W: I amsorry to hear that, sir. Would you
mind explaining to me what kind of
bike it is and exactly what the
M: Its a 21-speed Hyper-Glide mountain
bike. I was riding it this morning but
the gears dont change very easily. I
think they might be stuck.
W: Sir, all our products have a 1-year
warranty, so if you give me your
name, telephone number and address I
can send a repairman to fix the
41 Why is the man calling?
(A) To complain about the poor
(B) To talk about the late delivery.
(C) To order a new part for his bike.
(D) To give feedback about the wrong
42 What is the problem with the bike?
(A) The model number is wrong.
(B) It was stolen in the mountains.
(C) Some parts dont work properly.
(D) The company delivered a used one.
43 How will the woman solve the mans
(A) Replace the bike with a new one.
(B) Mail him some free coupons.
(C) Meet with the client in person.
(D) Send a serviceperson.
Questions 44-46 refer to the following
W: Doctor, have you been able to
determine what the problemis with
my sons health? Is it anything
ser ious?
M: Well I certainly hope not, but we
wont be able to know anything for
sure until we receive the results of his
tests back fromthe laboratory.
W: How long do you think that will take?
I amworried about our little boy.
M: 1telephoned the lab and asked them to
try and process the tests as fast as they
can. They said we would know the
outcome by Friday morning at the
44 Where does the man work?
(A) In a laboratory.
(B) In a fitness center.
(C) in a hospital.
(D) In a university.
45 What is the woman worried about?
(A) If her son fails his final exam.
(B) If her son is not healthy.
(C) If her son is late for school.
(D) If her son cannot run as fast as
46 Why did the man call the laboratory?
(A) To introduce the woman.
(B) To book a lab tour.
(C) To have a meeting on Friday.
(D) To ask them to accelerate the work.
Ustening Section 171
Test2iPart 3
(gj M: Sara, I want to thank you for all the
55 hard work you did to complete the
Parkinsons project by the deadline.
Everyone knows about all the extra
hours you put in.
W: It was nothing, sir. I just feel really
glad that the project had such a
profitable outcome for the company.
Everybody on my team made an
important contribution.
M: That goes without saying, however I
really believe you deserve the credit.
So in appreciation I am raising your
salary by ten percent.
W: Oh my god, this is so unexpected. It
wouldnt have been possible without
the other team members. I hope we can
find some way to reward them, too.
Questions 47-49 refer to the following
47 Why does the man thank the woman?
(A) She completed the sales goal.
(B) She cured his Parkinsons disease.
(C) She fi ni shed an important project
on time.
(D) She cleaned the office after work.
48 Who was involved in the project?
(A) The members of the womans
(B) The man and woman alone.
(C) Mr. Parkinson and the woman.
(D) The human resources team.
49 How will the woman be rewarded?
(A) She will get a pay raise.
(B) Paid vacation will be provided.
(C) The man will buy the woman dinner.
(D) She will be promoted.
Questions 50-52 refer to the following 50
HI W: J ason, did you hear the terrible news?
I B Mrs. Baker, the woman who lives
down the street, suddenly died
yesterday. I saw the ambulance take
her away but it was too late.
M: She was such a kind old woman. Do
you know how it happened, Scarlet?
W: Yes, I heard from her son, Paul. It
seems that she had been suffering
from heart disease and had
experienced as many as four previous
heart attacks. This last one proved to
be too much for her.
M: I just cant believe that she is gone.
Do you know if anyone has said when 5=
the funeral will be?
What are the speakers talking about?
(A) A neighbors car accident.
(B) A neighbors address.
(C) A neighbors death.
(D) A neighbors son.
Who told the woman about the news?
(B) Mrs. Baker.
(C) Scarlet.
(D) Paul.
What was Mrs. Bakers problem?
(A) She hated attending funerals.
(B) She didnt have any children.
(C) She was suffering from an illness.
(D) She wasnt experienced enough.
172 New TOEIC Practice Test 2
53 M: Excuse me, Mrs. Robinson but your
iH dog has been coming over to my
house every morning for the last week
and chewing up my newspaper.
W: I just cant believe that he would do
such a terrible thing. Do you have any
proof to back up what you say?
. M: Well, take a look at all the shredded
newspaper on my front lawn. And
look, he even left his squeaky toy
there among the tom up newspaper.
W: Oh my goodness, so it is. I am very
sorry about all of this, Mr. Mason. I
will keep our dog roped up in the
mornings. Please let me know if it
happens again.
Questions 53-55 refer to the following
53 Why is the man talking to the woman?
(A) To teil her that her dog is
bothersome to him.
(B) To ask her to take care of his dog.
(C) To advertise in the daily newspaper.
(D) To help the woman with her yard work.
54 What is the man suggesting for proof?
(A) Some chewing gum.
(B) A picture.
(C) A leash.
(D) Some tom paper.
55 What is the woman going to do in the future?
(A) She wont talk to the man again.
(B) She will send the dog somewhere.
(C) She wont let the dog go out in the
(D) She will buy the man newspapers.
Questions 56-58 refer to the following 55
S3 W: Good afternoon sir, this is Sara. I am
525 your local representative fromthe
You-Never-Know Insurance
Corporation of America. Might I have
a few minutes of your time?
M: Well, I suppose that would be all right, gy
Sara. What can I do for you? I have
never heard of your company before.
W: Well, we are a new company, sir. I am
just calling to let you know about our
exciting new policies designed for
people just like you. Would you like
to hear about them?
M: No, I dont think I would. I am not 58
particularly interested in listening to
the sales pitches of telemarketers.
Please do not ever call this number
What field is the woman working in?
(A) Insurance.
(B) Clothing.
(C) Watches.
(D) Fruits.
Why is the woman phoning the man?
(A) To tell him the bill is in arrears.
(B) To promote the company.
(C) To sell a designers clothes.
(D) To confirm a reservation.
What can be inferred about the man?
(A) He is annoyed by the woman.
(B) He is interested in advertising work.
(C) He has several insurance policies
(D) He was thinking of changing his
Listening Section 1731
Test 2Part 3
i s M: Hello, here are your breakfast orders.
Here is the French toast with Quebec
maple syrup and Canadian bacon. Will
there be anything else?
W: Wait a minute! This is not what we
ordered at all. Please take it back to the
M: I am deeply sorry. There must have
been a mistake in the kitchen. Would
you mind telling me your orders again?
W : Fine, I wanted a fruit salad, strawberry
yogurt and orange juice. My husband
ordered pancakes, two slices of ham
and a strong cup of coffee. Please get it
right this time.
Questions 59-61 refer to the following
59 What is the mans job?
(A) A chef.
(B) A butcher.
(C) A server.
(D) A baker.
60 Why does the woman refuse the food?
(A) Because the plate is dirty.
(B) Because it is the wrong food.
(C) Because they are in a hurry.
(D) Because the waiter is rude.
61 What will the man do next?
(A) Tell the kitchen to remake their
(B) Look for a new career.
(C) Make some French toast.
(D) Wash the dishes thoroughly.
Questions 62-64 refer to the following
I B W: Excuse me, there seems to have been
SH a mistake with my gas bill. It says that
I owe $204.50 this month. How is that
possible? My husband and I both
work during the day time and we only
use gas for heating at night.
M: That does seem like quite a lot. Could
you please tell me your name and
account number? I will check the
W: My name is Lisa Meyers. My account
number is 6789102-3245123.
M: I am very sorry Mrs. Meyers, you are
right. An error appears to have
occurred when the statement was
mailed out to you this month. Your
actual total for November comes to
62 How often is the gas bill issued?
(A) Every week.
(B) Every month.
(C) Every three months.
(D) Every six months
63 What problem is the woman talking about?
(A) The TV lacked some of the parts.
(B) The teller stole some money.
(C) There was a mistake in the
(D) The postal service is very late.
64 How much does the woman have to pay?
(A) $20.40.
(B) $67.89.
(C) $123.00.
(D) $204.50.
| l 7 4 New TOEIC Practice Test 2
J 53 M: Good morning this is CKWB Radio
SB FM and we are pleased to tell you that
you can be the proud owner of a 1953
Austin Healy car if you can answer
just one question.
Questions 65-67 refer to the following
W: This comes as such a shock to me. I
cant believe that you have actually
called me. OK, I am ready, what is
your question?
M: Maam, the question is: How many,
ships did Christopher Columbus sail
with as he went to the New World in
W: Ah, but thats an easy question. I can
still, remember the answer from
eleinentary school. The answer is
three, isnt it?
65 Who is the man?
(A) A car salesman.
(B) A captain.
(C) A radio announcer.
(D) A school teacher.
66 What can the woman get for the right
(A) A cassette player.
(B) An automobi le.
(C) A storybook.
(D) A cruise ticket.
67 According to the woman, how many ships
did Christopher Columbus sail with?
(A) 3.
(B) 92.
(C) 1492.
(D) 1953.
Questions 68-70 refer to the following
@8 W: Good evening, we have been
receiving complaints from your
neighbors that you have been making
all sorts of noise that is keeping them
up all night long.
M: But officer, 1dont know what you
mean. I mean sure, we do play our
music a little loudly sometimes but
nothing so severe that it would
warrant everybody calling the police 1
on us.
W: Well, if we receive any more
complaints we will be forced to fine
you and then you will have to take it
up in court. So if I were you, I would
be well advised to keep the volume
M: Yes officer, 1understand.
m m
68 What are the mans neighbors accusing
him of?
(A) His garbage outside the building.
(B) The vol ume of the music he pl ays.
(C) His careless driving.
(D) The disgusting smell coming from
his house.
69 Who did the neighbors send the complaints to?
(A) The man.
(B) The landlord.
(C) The police.
(D) The court.
70 What will happen if the mans actions
arent changed?
(A) The neighbors will argue with the
(B) His parents will apologize to the
(C) His roommate will play the same
(D) He will be charged a penalty.
9ms&k ' Us urn wem Iffll
Listening Section T 75I
Listening Comprehension
Questions 71-73 refer to the following
fjgg Attention all passengers, an important
announcement will follow. There has been a
wreck in the subway tunnel. We do not yet
know the extent of the damage or the number
of victims. However, this will in effect cancel
all further trains for the rest of the day. We
must ask all passengers to calmly and quietly
walk from the subway platform towards exits
1through 5. Subway attendants will assist
passengers transfer to buses that will take
you to your original destination. Please
refrain from going towards exits 6 to 10 as
they are being used by emergency personnel
to set up rescue operations. Thank you.
71 What is the announcement about?
(A) Renovation of a platform.
(B) An accident in a tunnel.
(C) Train delays.
(D) Closure of some exits.
72 What are the passengers expected to do?
(A) Use other means of transportation.
(B) Wait until the next announcement.
(C) Board the subway immediately.
(D) Assist the emergency personnel.
73 Who is most likely to use the exits 6 to 10?
(A) Subway attendants.
(B) Elderly passengers.
(C) News reporters.
(D) Rescue workers.
Questions 74-76 refer to the following notice.
g Residents of Robinson Street are advised to
take notice that this week teams from the
city of Vernons engineering department
will be conducting work in your
neighborhood. As you know due to the
recent infestation of termites, many of the
wooden poles the citys electrical wires run
along have rotted, posing great danger to
pedestrians walking by on the sidewalk and
cars on the road. Therefore the city council
has decided to order the replacement of all
the wooden poles with concrete ones.
Resident should take note that electricity
will not be available on Tuesday the 15th to
Friday the 18th from 1p.m. to 3 p.m. daily.
Work crews will work as fast as they can to
minimize the inconvenience. We appreciate
your patience.
74 Who is the notice intended for?
(A) Electrical engineers.
(B) Renovation workers.
(C) Inhabitants of the area.
(C) City councilors.
75 What did the city council decide?
(A) To disinfect the area.
(B) To change the wooden pol es.
(C) To rebuild a road.
(D) To elect a new mayor.
76 What inconvenience will the residents
experience this week?
(A) They have to help remove the poles.
(B) They have to take a detour.
(C) They have to stay inside the house.
(D) They cant use el ectri ci ty for a
period of time.
I 176 New TOEIC Practice Test 2
g* Becoming a good conversationalist is much
simpler than most of you realize. You must
remember that most people simply want the
chance to be heard by other people. This
strong desire often overrides their desire to
want to listen to what others have to say.
So th trick to become a good
conversationalist is to actually listen to
others. If you spend more time trying to
encourage your partner to talk and sincerely
listen to what they have to say, they will then
eventually become more interested in what
you have to say because you showed an
interest in them.
Now lets watch a video clip of Mr. Gerald
and his sons conversation. Then please
present your ideas about the best way that he
can persuade his son not to eat at his desk.
Questions 77-79 refer to the following talk.
77 What is the purpose of this talk?
(A) To explain how to be a good
(B) To give tips for being a funny speaker.
(C) To emphasize the importance of
speaking clearly.
(D) To advise on avoiding questions.
78 What does the speaker suggest to be a
successful conversationalist?
(A) Speak simply and slowly.
(B) Speak on an interesting topic.
(C) Listen to the other persons voice.
(D) Try to relax.
79 What will the group do next?
(A) Talk to Mr. Gerald about his son.
(B) Learn some funny jokes.
(C) Have a meeting over lunch.
(D) Discuss a visual aid.
Questions 80-82 refer to the telephone
S i Hi, Lisa. This is Mrs. Martins over on 21
Sussex Drive. I m sorry to ask you this on
such short notice, but we really have no one
else to turn to. My husband, Luther has a
fundraising banquet that we both absolutely
must attend tonight in Toronto and the other
babysitter we had arranged for tonight
cancelled on us at the last moment. It would
really be very embarrassing for both of us if
we couldnt make it tonight. I f you could
come by the house at around 5 p.m. tonight,
we would really appreciate it. Also because
we are asking you on such short notice, we
would be happy to pay you double the
hourly rate. How does 1'4dollars an hour
sound? If we run late tonight you are
welcome to sleep here or Luther will drive
you home after we get home. Please give us
a call when you get in, thanks.
80 Where does the speaker have to go tonight?
(A) To Sussex Drive.
- (B) To an alumni meeting.
(C) To an obstetrician.
(D) To a charity event.
81 Why did the Speaker telephone Lisa?
(A) To request that she drive them to the
(B) To persuade her to give funds.
(C) To ask her to take care of her
(D) To invite her to the dinner.
82 How much does Lisa usually get paid per
(A) $7.
(B) $14.
(C) $21.
(D) $40.
Ustening Section 17 7 I
(53 Attention all American Airlines flight 459
passengers, w would like to take this time
before taking off to review some of the
emergency procedures of this aifcraft. In the
eveftt of an actual emergency, the lights along
the aisles will light up and guide you towards
the nearest emergency exit. Those sitting next
to an emergency exit are required to assist in
the evacuation of the aircraft. I f the amount of
air in the aircraft suddenly falls, oxygert
masks, will automatically drop from the
compartments above your head. Please secure
the mask to your face first before assisting the
people around you. In addition, all
passengers seat cushions can be easily
removed from the seats and can be used as
personal floatation devices. Please observe
these procedures.
Test 2 Part 4
Questions 83-85 refer to the following
83 Where are these instructions being
(A) On a bus.
(B) On a train.
(C) On a plane.
(D) On a ship.
84 What should the passengers do first when
the oxygen mask falls down?
(A) Put a mask on their face.
(B) Assist children in putting them on.
(C) Wipe inside the mask with the tissues
(D) Leave them aside until the
85 What can passengers seat cushions be
transformed into?
(A) A sleeping bed.
(B) A parachute.
(C) Something to help you float on
(D) A first-aid kit.
Questions 86-88 refer to the following
gg- Attention K-Mart shbppers, Weare pleased
to announce that today is the first day of our
weeklong sale to commemorate the fiftieth
anniversary since the opening of the first
branch of K-Mart. Each day this week, we
will be offering unmatchable discounts on a
large numbers of different items from all
comers of the store for regular customers
and an additional 20% price reduction for
our VIP customer cardholders as well. Today
you can save as much as 30% on mens
underwear, and 50% on baby clothes! Please
check our flyer to see exactly Where else you
will be able to find great savings today. Tf
you have any questions please be sure to ask
one of our sales representatives who will be
eager to answer all your questions and assist
you in any way. Once again, thank you for
shopping at K-Mart.
86 What is the purpose of this announcement?
(A) To inform people about a missing
(B) To talk about a special discount
(C) To let the employees know about a
company party.
(D) To notify that the shop will close for
87 How old is the business?
(A) 5 years old.
(B) 20 years old.
(C) 30 years old.
(D) 50 years old.
88 Which items can be purchased at half price?
(A) Key holders.
(B) Toys.
(C) Baby wear.
(D) Mens wear.
I 178 New TOEIG Practice Test 2
I Good afternoon, as vice president of sales at
Marvins department store I would like you
to all know how pleased I am to be
conducting this seminar on how to treat our
customers. What I hope to accomplish here
today is to give you the information and skills
you need to effectively deal with the people
who walk through our doors. The first thing
you have to remember is that your job is to
make them feel comfortable shopping in our
store, almost everything else is secondary
because if they are comfortable we will have
no difficulty selling themthings they actually
want to buy. This is the most important thing
to keep in mind.
Questions 89-91 refer to the following talk.
89 Who is the speaker?
(A) An account.
(B) An executive.
(C) A salesperson.
(D) A shopper.
90 What is the topic of the seminar?
(A) How to make an improvement in
(B) How to be good managers.
(C) How to conduct a conference.
(D) How to behave towards
91 According to the presenter, what is the most
important thing in sales?
(A) Pushing the customers to buy.
(B) Remembering the customers names.
(C) Making the customers feel at ease.
(D) Providing the customers with
abundant information.
Questions 92-94 refer to the following
(SB Santas Anonymous is an independent
charity that fries to help needy families in
New York have a happy holiday during the
Christmas season. It is important for those
of us more fortunate to remember the less
well-off at this most festive of seasons, arid
that giving, not receiving, is the most
important thing to be thinking about at this
time of year. Santas Anonymous collects
toys, clothes and canned foods that we make
into baskets and distribute to those most in
need just before Christmas day. Many
families depend on organizations such as
ours to help them get through the season so
we ask that the public opens its purse strings
and hearts and make a donation to a worthy
cause such as this.
92 In what season is this announcement being
(A) Spring.
(B) Summer.
(C) Fall.
(D) Winter.
93 On what date will they distribute the items?
(A) December 24th.
(B) December 25th.
(C) December 26th.
(D) December 31st.
94 Why is this announcement being made?
(A) To motivate people to give their
(B) To promote a department store.
(C) To advertise new products.
(D) To remind people of the season.
UsteningSection 179 I
95 What is being advertised? ,
(A) Telephone.
(B) Home furniture.
(C) A matching service for singles.
(D) Stereo.
96 For whom is this advertisement intended?
(A) Home owners.
(B) Newly married couples.
(C) Unmarried people.
(D) Computer users.
97 What is the speaker saying about their
(A) The members will be reviewed
before being allowed to join.
(B) A physical must be taken to use the
(C) Orily people with a bachelors degree
can be members.
(D) No membership fee is needed.
Questions 98-100 refer to the following 93
fH A recent study by the Center for Driving
Safety concluded that approximately 45
percent of all car accidents caused by
drinking and driving occur around this
holiday season. Most of these are the result
of festive merry-making at office parties or a
general tendency to take more time to drink
with friends and family to celebrate the
biggest holiday and bid the old year out. The
consequences for society, however, are
disastrous1as these moments of carelessness
lead to deaths in families. Though many
motorists complain about the inconvenience
of frequent road checks, we have been able to
determine that these measures have had a
considerable effect on lowering the deaths
related to alcohol. The city of Kingston for
example has announced that last year they 100
reported only one death from drinking and
driving over Christmas when the average for
the past 10 years has run at about 40.
Test 2 Part 4
When do accidents caused by drunk driving
occur the most?
(A) In May.
(B) In July.
(C) In September.
(D) In December.
What does the speaker say about the
frequent road checks?
(A) They should be avoided on Sundays.
(B) They were allowed under law as of
last year.
(C) They were very effective for
lowering the death rate.
(D) They did not work as well as
According to the report, how many people
died from drunk driving in Kingston last
(A) 1.
(B) 10.
(C) 40.
(D) 45.
Questions 95-97 refer to the following
gjg Are you tired of sitting at home Saturday
nights wondering what you are doing with
your life? Are you tired of looking at all those
happy couples and thinking, Why not me?
Do you ever wonder why you havent got that
right person for you or they havent found
you? Well now you ho lohger have to
question yourself like that. Instead you can
just call Love Line. Love Line is the
service that reach out into the
community and explore their options in a way
they never could have before. All singles in
our service undergo thorough screening
before being allowed to. contact others so you
dont have to worry about meeting losers or
all those embarrassing stereotypes that are
usually associated with using a dating
180 New TOEIC Practice Test 2