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Dear Supporter,; ..

As Wfi!approach th~ end of' arlotllet' year Caf'ci~:ls

able to look back on its bate! work and Efeestil:lf'Urthe<t' progress beiogJDllc;t.ein.,i;t;s a:i.m to re.se.arch ,e;xppse',andc;t.ev.elOJ). the struggle agains t' :ror~ig-nnionopoI1 eSELnQ. th ~i;r:;al1.i;e.O;peratirig' ,l.n N. fl.

Both the Cor,nalpp, ,§i,M:t It, Davy Col11pE\ign~ have P4i.c;t. d,iv.:f.dend.tiin tlU.EJ respect (seel.terri~ 4. &8). HoweY'er .• nextye~ pr,omis,e,s. even

more .ha,1"d work:,pa;rti.cuiarly ill' thestruggl;o'a:ga.infit . the deve10ping milita.ry dolt};i,n.flhce of', N •. Z.Qy ;the Uni.teci States. as t:b.e arm,s race. with tbe ot~r sunerp,ower 8:o~~ierates. .Buf ;first :of'all comes Xmas and Caf~ill2i t~ea this opportunity tori.sh you ,all the. greetlllgs ortha' season, a .h·appy .andsaf'e holiday perioc;t.and to

see you in the New Year refreslled anew., aIld ready to.carry on in

the struggle. '


1 • Foreign Control. And Nuc1ear Power. 2. How Multinatonals View The World. :3. .The LaboUft>arty And The N.F. z,

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5.. Report On Rus s.Lan Conference. 6.. Current Events.

7. Mt .. Davy.

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Some time ago, Terry Goodhal1 of Campaign for Non-Nuclear Futures came and spoke to CAFCINZ at an interest meeting about the above topic. We apologise for not printing a summary of his very informative and even entertaining talk earlier. HoweTer. at this late stage, it seems more useful to CAFCINZ members to publish t4e following exert from "The Politics of Nuclear Power" a long article published in Australia by Arena Publications. by Alan Roberts. (This article will shortly be available from Resistanc~ Bookshop, Christchurch). Much of the factual content of the qUQte below is what Terry gave in his talk, although the politics may differ somewhat, it is slightly abridged.

The Energ¥ Company's Gamble

There are few industries, even today, as heavily monopolised as the nuclear industry. When one says 'pressurised water reactor'. one says Westinghouse; and 'boiling water reactor' likewise means General Electric. And these two types, built by the two giants directly or through subsidiaries and licensing agents throughout the capitalist world, account for over 85 per cent of the nuclear-component industry.

The powerful pressure of these multinational corporations exerts i tsalf even on those countries possessing theirroWn proven reactor designs. (The examples of' Britain., and more

pal;'ticu;t.ar1y, France, 8.rIe .gi ven .... .)' "

In another direction., a still vaster oligopo1istic strl1cture is shaping up, .asthe leaSing oil comparties, complete . their transf'ormati.on i.nto what' hasbeenaco~ately described as

!energy companies'. A1readyin19711.theoilgiatl~s were respona.ib1.e f'or the m:tlling of' some 4.0 per cent of'u •. S. ur-anf.umj their aquisition Of', coalreservesgua~anteed their:future dominance in the indusi;ry .' (one oil.,'c()mpany alone, ~,Hun1bl~ - was the nation's second largest coal' owner) •. In the nuc1(',)ar field, Gu1d 011 (with thet.bird .largest assets - ah'out$9 bil1ion -

of any oil company) had set up Gulf' Genera1 At ornt c , '

This latter company threatens Britain's lead in gas-co01ed reactors, and already in 1972 thElre was "consternation in the nuclear industry" as a consequence,accoroing to one writer. Gulf' promises delivery of' bigh-temperaturegas reacto:t's (an advanced design) around 1980.

But if' this represents competition with the domina4t lightwater American reactors, is similar consternation apparent among the ruling giants? Hardly; the chairman of' Gulf' General Atomic, E. Prockett, happens to sit on the Board of Westinghouse also.

A thrust towards monopolisation is built into the nuc1ear . project. A single plant of' today1s typical size - a thousand megawatts of' electrical power - costs upwards of' half' a billion dollars, and sma11er units are neither readi1y available nor cal1ed f'or in quantity_ Companies with a~sets not rwming

into the bi1li.ons can hardly hope :for a sizeab1e share of' such

a market, nor risk the investments needed to establish themselves&

....... For the larger giantss nuclear power spells centralisation, size, growth.. The prospect bef'ore them is an intoxicating one: the power industry swollen to a size unheard of', its relative weight in the economy enhanced several times over, and all o:f it within the grasp of' one or two amicably-coexisting combines •••

Jj ~ •• " oi"Ut$d.·· '_R tld. __ •

.,. ttl" -Cd" · ~ •.•• l_ ~ty'··~._ .se.,.,..'

to 11 •.. til. ""., h _ 'OOttftt~ t~l.evel, :

or di t( .. " •• _ ",,_ B8C1) '.,,., - •. ~) •

...... j ~ .. -i._~P:t ... a,.~~ Plfif\ll~, .. ' ...

UI'4' ..• ~~~ i~ ..... ~'~~ ... ~ .~. ~" ~> . ttl. i" ..•...•••

~i,.m41' ~~.~~,.-.*~: ,'It. ~)"' .. r..: .. ~ .

•• ~. Q.~ ; .......... ~._ . .,.pt.~ •.......

• tn.ot.ao,.. .....• . . ' .•........ '.; .~ '....... . ...................•......•..........• '.. . •..•..•

; (~ •. ~.~ ; .. ~.- 't~ .. ;;; . ...,.-

~:.~ ;-_·~".t.,~.~, ... ·~ .. ~~~,.·.· ...

" ... ~.- ~.~* ..• ~,~ ... ;~~ •. ,,t;;"~~~~

.... t_.~· .. ; ... ~.~ .. ~I~Q .. t~.1",." -. ~;~ ...

.... ,. ,Q).~ ;,~ •• 1,.~.:.~ .. ~.« ~;~.It " ' .

==r:-_"f!.:~=:r~==·~tj~--·· .. ~t~.,.t

•••. '._ .. ~~.·:£.f~····.t_~""'ou.·U f11 1 ...

~ .. tl~.,.t~?~) •. >.' ' . . '. ...~}

~,~ .. o ..... l.._~~.->ll.co.itt. ~ .. ~ .

... Utt1e_ • "'til '1l._*'C4~,:p~~c~en~9.t.(~'f.fc .

tb.... re.C)1-c.a ••• x.tead, 'the pr.t~$ ofene:lm" f'i'omtiiier.. .. y. ~o~". '$. ......-u1~ ··'or. ..•. _.~;l<t8t'~ ~'1 .. o~(liJe ot'···aa.~ ... "fI:1~ ~ ... _· ... Wftet,.····o~·'~~pr~e1:ngr6$o*e~B ia.dd;·

..... _feat. ;W:tl.O •• ~·i$:t1i.r'coa'trol.;orr~qtd}~thefJ~ ....

__ t~loct-. '1.'IIU~~ •• 'H1'IOt. _*'_se11"···an4:i.aa. t!7i;


_~fIbC tlUt .. ~ot " •• "'1 ..... 1'._81:"17 Prtc~j.:l.tt. _W •• ~t .. f". .... ..,t·de~V!tb'Q!soht.e<lJ~ or ,reaoto .. ·~ture. : __ " .. ' tUld.·.··m<lN ~ ". tha e!l&~gyoG~" Moo_.ti~.~''' •... · .... ··.bOHlJa1;:&.'Yel»1:i~.q ",:fill •

.... 0_........0'1' .UOtftott., pa6ft\ttOlt 1'811& .... inm'"3tU3tq'1.,. . ...... l'.eoa.th1 •. ·....o .... lt~ou' be~"'milgn, 1;heVariovso:ria11U7 nata .~lO 1.,..'" .. a!t"'IIaIt.Y.,.emt"~ agOg as tne o:tl.

• ....-t ......... : Oft. ,.to .tie "'6t_()~ o~l·t()f ura!dum# uto

.... ~.I_;~""''' aIkl - ~~f)txb41~..tIl!*~;e!.lftml

.,-rJ.l:l. 0'-. tiUl~'''.d"_tors l11$:!r 1p~lue_.

Vl.ll .. _ to tul'lft ..... trerleot • .,'tme>r.sUlt ... 0"


compet:l:tJ.!fTe t'orces. 'and not: the· .• al3.,*:ire$:o~·. c.o~fJf't' •. 9tive.~sf,J~., .. , but simpl¥.:the interests of' tl;tei·~ O~'7 n~.~$t"~:"~MDS:l~nt inve$tme~',ud p~o:r:! t.

':"Thh~;t .. ~t .' tlf~,·.nuOltJa.l- t~~#tty~ .~5·.f~,~'~::~:t .krio~'f'f1!- .. /

advance 1;"1; th~ dice Will b~ lo8.ciedi.n:lts':r&vQur. :Ai1.d;ev~~+· if :i. t8·1...;· t'ums: une:,t~Qtedl,y· .bad .... al'1d,. ·t:l,rJ.e ... :ta~le.: rt.Ul~).~Q.~t it bees s.ptly ,tbere rema;Ln.1i! a.~therH~ d.~o;J.siver:~~pur.~ec~'

it can'" a ....• o.J'4. ... ld,th. *he~e~.g.;t; •.•• '.'_ ,.,

·'ebBs'· .' :·~t~j t'" ca~l~' " .. Jl.~&~." . th'ti"~W'~r~ ~du$:trY'{ .~,t~ilv@lt·, . ~,

needs it~ .:cc.titinuou:s·' '.: ·eab1e~i~ion.·~ .. XfeventlU;JJ·:1

s~1er"'p$dat,Q~' l.;tke· .. ~ckhee .•• ·<!}OJ~~()r •. ·.~~.~~an···il~~I!~· on sympa: tiC'inte;rventiDn "b.,. ~e "st_tJ) ·tn.tt~ir 'AQ~;:p;f'n~~,?

what. e;J)eyo~~e .·ppwe~: qrf:t~~;·~rgy .Co~Y:l.. ;. ..'~

Intf~~d'~itUeleiar';'pover' ·hd~i~ft'.re:~dY···:beite{rttedcru'clal':t:y .;~om

s tate.upjo,rt.,an.Q:Jll();Crc QmY;i.pifJ;l;~l,>;1.iU o~ .;J.,e.yi,sl:l.~Qn ~.~.,:'cll and."'11l~G~~,prnenie.·~#J,.~ .:~su;tt,si"~~,'PQ~~~'~P.S'i.S~~Y ·.:take.' over. ''C ~~tb~;j.~tMt:·parQGl~~!~;Md,~ .... ~ .. ; p;~eJli' d~U. -ie,:oed; ..

by the.U~~. gov~~q'ti.·.pl.~t::tJ· .~~.~ .~~ ... ::l!he~,e~!tJ.~!0 h()U.SE't ..\n.;E!"~ee.etor,ff. :requ1.:r~,:fUe1:tbatha.~ passed throug11-

t1:B:$ '~tJ!.v~g~B-be1!'8 ••... ··.·~?1th~f"r:·;sut?C~iJ~; ~1~'~e'ira'tth~f >., .u~ In·lt'os.1I·m~asb¥~·'.to·'Hlf ~~ftotk:f~¥i;f\'N' '. ' ... b.e"'~

a~1 ·.~lr:.~.t· . ::·~ts " 1Ji/ 'It.. fJ.... 'ea:t~tt 'j~~t:e'''~u~J~~t'fi d!i' .. a:H.YarrD~

which ~s''(J:tot-'vk ~IDni:bttbed: ·~:.tr'f:coinp:et:t1:8r~i, .... ;.1: I; ;.; ·······,,·~ytieft'\: '. ', :~;~.'?

4" " <·,t,,,:;, :t:''':'?;;Lf ~1 ;:-7~· f

rmaIl and nu.t,p.aging ,di.reetor of' Bri t~ t s . .lnrt~Lt\.;;--m~~ ,,·t'.<~ce 'Or1 dr~" ',(

ftt:""''d\t~ '" .... ;)~"by .~~~n:tdrU1yt p6~t'V!b8.l~bd*!t1e· " v» -,t~;. naf.d'.,,. "'Cbfir't1,;:S~.i 'itbt6l1Wlfp:tfeJj:!'tuoft <~lfe'(:

enti ehm . m0its"~6r-<t1l'~' W"'t:'.rii;"dr:rd"~'Jt\4co~~ ?·'to.~l;,t

o.leM r''tHef:'b \S:~f's" ih.itfte~~_'itry·';ftb~;pre~a£li!,e.

~r~~~·W8fi~e:ti'rl~mnfirit/1!S"cflf.';6Ut:~1fti~41f;:fif; ~o~d:~8f' .£'.f"!tfle:''!J1f ',1';;11<': industry had to butld;'riew:tic:f:ffiiJfi.'_d';'~if:G tl:h':~'dJ';8t ::f.b· pro~"o;' it~~~o~e~;;i,st~~';:i~P.~~~~1? . .ts...~fI~~d,i:\:s~4 QA;Y;,,~~~

use ot'old plant that was pa:ld' tor as part ot' ~;~~;,:we~~)~",.l'j.;1"iJ; programme; ,enrichment p1an,ts are .. suppl1ed With subsidised electrici.ty

aud .~"';:I1!i1l\j6 cfiarglJi·T(h";£eie~cf.r·mlf;tle\?e:t~~~rit i;'~L·tW:ffom

• New Sdfedt't'st I' ·'jiirle'26· '1'91'5: P71'6" "~: : ri<.{. };~ f".~ t;~ '.J..5;J •

?t~"::Z;",ii,~f ;?~f?'\~,(;" <,~- 'J: ,,,,,, s.: ;"_,, ~", , .,,,; " , "'_; ~'~,-. ':',',_: -_. .: '.-1"

~;..~:iW4.·;thsueh marksof':raYou~:al:~e~lr!aQq~;~d,;r'~h~ "_f8,$.JJl!:t",;:;.;:l li tt1@f¥tl:l;a:" ; the .EnergyCom~anYQ.f;~HtQ.;t;~f;.- .. :~e~.rl~ ~~!tn' ~·~j;·j9f!fli:ron.t~ i.an '~nemY' .. whom .(ty~p;".,~h~r:~!f4~,ejJilNS~(~ t~fla¥~,;;."4~,4 :, .: H!~~~ AS"lKe;;I~l-t;;..~eC\).,,1.at~r.:,~1.3.~ ~»~~n.~e4t;~~!t' •• ~.lfi:;;);

MtJ1"TINJ\.TI(jNi..LS VERSUS THE PEOP~E. . '. ..... .,

J;"_,, ,,;; ,t:,. -. "~-,','--<:;,-l',_:--,l.- :i\.: L;, _J}<;c,n_;~>,' "4~,",._",, _,,\-,_¥-;-,'*'i;:~;-:'--<,,~:t '~: c: " t/'~~'-' :\"~"",.;,;_j,,¢,t--:,;~~:.:',ff"'i;::~S- ,;2,':r:

W~~MtU",;:;of .. themu1t.i.nata~n,al.q:qm~~., ~m~.~toc~112ll;r"tbfV they bene#i ..... thepeo'le Q:f' t~e·;.CO,:1;mt~~e~ t4~·tQ~~~,S;~.~:'f . suggest .. il:f.at.tl.leeQIIJpan1es~~ng -. 4e1t~~o~~1..,empl~~Bi .~. ,r': tprosperii~r" .... to those co~t~~~fI. l'b.'YL~t~t·'.~O~;i'A:'ol~· a~l'~it th:.i:,!,;wa{l .their soJ.,e pqrp~Be. ~t.:t;4ct./t;;he f9~~e~.~·'{:i.~w~;. the cotmti;!#-eS sQle1y f'rom th e~e1(Poj.J.li~:; o:t;.}~OW % !§lfilSY t1:t~J"C;j;lrt

to get.· •• pQd prpf"it Qut of' .::rt.4~s .: !J~t,_~t~J!:·i~:f't ~h~~ J~'f;~<. the most I?fUtaldietato~Mp~~{~werl'!t'ls~~~H!;;,ls.j'f~~~.,9f..;,. prot'i tat. .i"~~... A v~zy qlear <.~,~e,;)~~t)W~ :f!~n~4,1itp, 11<." -. . re~~nt;l"l'" ~p.;"i.tqr.mrn;H:l,Qof~~ElP..:A~.e&'t'9ytjl,·(rtl\ll~i9.t;lo.,~.() .. N. Z. InsUl!ance Co. Ltd. described some of i.ts o'V'erS9as acti.vities in ~ts Annua1 Report. It has *nterests in: Australia, U.K., Namf:l:t.bia (South-West Mrica). Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), ~

HongKong ,;~!ruione.iaf Ma1aysia, Philippines, Singapore, and' '

Thailand.' Particularly interesting are comments made about

the interna1 situations in some of these countri.es:

HongKong Indonesia. Ma1aysia, PbiUppines, SiIl.&'apore, and Tha:l.l.an41' Part:i.cul.a.r1y interesting are comments made about the i.n,t~~al: s,1.tuari.ons· !.nsoma of ··these cou.."lt."ies:

Argenti~: 'During 1975 terrorism arid inflatior;t reach~~

" proportions in Argentina. , However, W:1"i;b t,he recient cha,oge .in GovernJtl~nt. we areh.o.~ful.t~t:.:-Phe efforts nOltl'i?e1I1g ma?e~o ~c.ity the cQl.U).try. and ,~~uce in,:fl.at.ion wil.l. .. Be . successful. sf_n(,le Argentiita is b$.sica.11.y a ricncountryap.d witlisouq.d a~nistration, i. ts economy sb,oUld 4Uick1Y. reco;v-aX'.. .

Our groupi s '. nOW tbe second l.a.rgest ~oreign

:i.AsUl:'.er 1.n Ar~e,ntina ••••• • .• ..... ./

(The 'recent change of c;.oVernrnent.I was o;f'P91U'se

the military coup in March. Its method of' 'pacifying the country and redueing inf1ationt .:lsde'ftlbed

J.ri 'Socia1ist ,Action' of October 8, whJ.ch '~ays that the new. govenunenthas 'enbe.rked .ona sys~~ma;tic eampaignto destroy a11 'opposition to it5'FU1o~ Directe(jpr1JQarily att~de union militan:tsand political activ:.t.sts, thisoa~paignhe.scatl¢lt up

even the mtl.destcri.tics of 'the reg:t.me.' )i' ,

Phi1ipine~ : t Insurgen~y' in the south renuu.ns·tltePni1tpines. majorinte~nal.prollem. In.f'lai.t~on was btg':)'Ught to. below .5~ .J.n .. the;yearip.tlde~ rey~ewtli1~l.t!l.t.the prese~t . Gove.rnment liasseCqx'ed stable domeS.tic

c.ond1ti.ons! .•... .• ......• .: ". .' .. . •...

('the • stab1edomest;1c cOI1d1tion.s r have .. b~~n, ~secured.tb;ydec1aring .~tia~ .1aliT we.th Viirtua.ll.y a11 reD1tdt'4i~civil r;igllts1:'1i thdra.WlJ.. ) '.

Singapo~~ ItA. rea.l.is.tic attitude tol.abotU'ma.tter$- waf'. a

.. signif'icant teatureof' its policy. ."~

(ThiS irea1istic attiudef.referred to is. p~sumablY tl:l.e suppress:1"on .of' effective Trade Union afl'tfivities. Foreign-owne.d industri .. es. are guaranteed wa,f;! 'holidays I-i. e.t .the Government lIlI1kes sure that

wages i.nthose industries are ke,pt down- for an

initial period.) {

All this .shows cl.earl.y tbatthit3mul.ti.llatlonal.. anywty, J1.1clges govenunentsby how .. well they cprotect.it.s.p;a:'e:fits- Af.1't by lipw well they. protect the. wel.fare of thepeollle of the cp»ntry~'

It is on1YA Shor.t, and logical tst"ep.1'ro.~such at.ti~llilesto the company posit':i.ve.1.¥ acting »oUtica11y .te make sure that ' t:f'riendlY'governmerits ~e in pewei' where i:C; has interests .~

as ITT did inCh1.~e.. '

And it al.so shows that N. Z. companies are no better than any etber. ntare .. ud,i.J1g the. wor:ld J



Mr Howling and .the Labour Par~y are t~ay .givj.~ .•• , tl1e impressi,on that they were a1ways strongly pushing:f'er a South Pacific f'Tuc1ear Free Zene, and that they bave- oonsis~~nt1Y oppoaed visits to. N.Z. by nucl.ear powered warships. r:

"We favoUr and fought for a nucl.ear weapons-f'ree zonee'i.n the South PacificO Mr Rowling in parliament 25/6/76.


W:l'he~e was no deal. ... the policy then as it is now, is:

no nue1ea.r wa,rghips, no nucloa.r ships in any condi ttons •••

you C8A put" a rlg :",,1;"cn;ld i; .,.. if' they are nuc1.aa:%'-powered

they wi1.1,' be n'~,0:1";la:~'a;:''''1..!.Hln Mrl~owling - a"ddresse.d to a.n

Auokland ~eminar 24!i{/76• .

Th1s is what he .sa.ys fox- public oon8'WDpt~on, ,but the truth.

both then and now is ~:f'r~rent. .

Nucl"oa..t' Pree.Zone


The ii:dJa ,9t~~~uthl!tl~fi¢ . nuel.ee;~frii';:t:9J).e (N.l\.~'Z. J was Labour l'<t:rie)"l·.()~b~.~()r~. t~.$yb~Cl~e. ~~~.Gt?;ve~e,nt". After

the .1972·~~edti011:,andaE;4 th.e La;p()llrGov:~~n.t~.tt\rtEK1 eampaigntug against FrenC!lt,n\lcl~~ttlst $;i.n l';heP~>e1.f'i:c, aeveral peop1e .. 'W~~te(tt?,the.'GoY~X'11nlent ·t\sk;i,~£'b2:';det-at.ls, about' their proposa.J. r'~or aN.F.Z. Th~ P9licy h8.~~.l~~'"Sbec;l.q.va.gt1e,and no rep1.iosw.~rel\eceJ.ved:t1lat.tIll:ldec:tt '£ttiyeleartl;r'. rLt1 .1975 the A.merica,ns<l>'ega.n to ,put on t11e press\tt'e

!f"'_ , : ... ' ... ;' ,", ",.. ';' '- ,"",.,1

. ., ~

WilJ.iam.R~Ql~m~!lt;s.JPlf.,tbe. V.S..DeputySecr.,ta.ry tor Defense met .l~'Ro~~1n!.lll::r'oh,!andput .N.Z.'WlderstrollgpreBsure to change:f.1:f'~:N"F'.,!z;C),prQPosa1sandto drop ·.the . ban on nucl.ear

wars hi. 1;)8. \: . Acco.rdingtoi:rle1ai:bl..ere poX'tsW'e have received , Clements 1(al~ed1;nto llowl.ing;' s'ot'fJie&1nWel.l.:f.ngton .and staJ'ted tel.ling htm 'Wllattbe Y~S •• ~anted:and just.we. t N •.. Z..wa~ going to have tQ; do..IWwlJ,.n.glast'h±sctemperatth:l.s approach, .E4l~

for tlle.~j~t,1tne ...• th~,.Am~X'i9atl.s '. d;t~1t .. ~·.t •. anl"lller~. ." .. :

Then inA 'l.p~ tlle12:Z'~LNZTJ'$ .. y,g_unc:f.l;meeti~ iIlWashin*'ton,

where Mr. t-;: , er:r~J?:r~s~J:l~~c1, ~.,z..~.(:)rpl:'~.~h.emeeting. Mr.

Rowl.:f.ngs<,dtbQ.t.thEJGovt ••. "l1adpretty- !It:t',o~ ;;v,+.~'WS.u on th~ N.F. Z.ini'fspite ot" V.$ •. opli'o~tt10n. But .. $.:t;t~~sJ:).esaid= We will lili~<1.t1()t .qI:Ll y:, t~~s~~ath)1' .bl.t~ .... ~lso"th.ec():-Qpera t1 o~ or the .. fo.m~ri,q~!l.II ..... th:~r<>.re· .1W'j),' ..••.•. ~.~ .• get .: ~ ..•. l\r.f .z.

'Just"ji'l1at ·t~~¥lUl.t.~~'~~i ,Pe'~Xl~l~n~l.a'ter •. Betwe~Jl late Apri~ 8I1.d th~ begi.1Uif.ng or the eleot.ionoampa.tgn.the· .

U.S. took:po;t~tb.eX' a.otionwith N.Z •. overtheN'.F'_ z. becaU~e. as was la~f)r revealed. •. ''Ohe Labour Govt. ha4' bCJ'w&dto . the American press.~."iiBut qq:ring th~ e1eotioncampaLgt1,. ,'M%' . ROl4T11ng began agai..nto·ta.lk.,atJQut aSouthPac~fi:cFreeot'Nuclell\;I' Weapons,

and he va. q~cJdyrebuke<i tor .it. Ataer1ean.mt1~f~ci.ls expressedi~the.1.r f!concernu totb:e M. Z.ch:t.e:fof'Dei'eU(H, Staff'

;:::::e NI:tdS:~::t::Y~!l~:e::: :~V::~~:::::~e::~!~·

agreedpoVc:y.and. to1ghi.tni,t. ~s "unw:l.se to tes.t theANZU~ trea.ty .,in.":f;h:ts manner"., ...•. (quot.ti;tton.8 JJ.gb,tly ~:r~phra8e~) .

Ili8.!\' effort ,to embarr.a.ss .. -the Le.b9ur ~rty. }l\l:ldoon pUbUsh~ 'the note ;lnMa.rch 1 .~~6, .. and.ther~llyaociden.talr revealed~bourts oomplete se110tJ.tovertlt~ ." .N.f.,Z. 'l"1:.\eCQllCept wbichWas''0~;reed to by-the·U.S .·'~8 as f.o1lq}tf:?

(a):r:~Jcwoti1d inolude .initially only the te~i:torta.l. wat~rB of *outh Paci.fic oountr1.es (i.e. 12 mi.~es ott the

. . C~fU't onlyl), .

(b):r:tF Would only be extended to the.bt.gh S$fJ.S (1.e.wh~r& ntfU'l.Y a11 or the nucl.earships a.reJ) w.ith the agref,?-

m~p.totth& nticl.~ar powers ( It) . .. . .

(c)A~ no time woQ1d nu()}.~~edve,s~l,s be proh:f.bite4-

ffo(>.m J:'8.ssin&, th:r;ougb: t.Ae !l;on~(e;v,erynuclear (Elh1.p .

. coU}.d s~y it Wfl,Sonly_passing tbrough!) .


1'hu8 thelAbour:PUt~ss 1(",1'.2. wQ"atetal.1'_ud - l.tamcun,1;.,d to not~ .1l1O ... ·tbe,n a. ban on n,uc:J,.eal::' warsb1pSin N. Z. watiens (more ab!l1l;ctlli~~n'a $ina.,) Now0t1<1er-'Che'Atnertcaas w8rim .• t

wO%Tiedftbou~ .L8J:)Q~rPOl.i.CY .e~c&pt f <.>r- theel.ecti0118 ' .. ~J:'1 ., Labour pol.itJ:clbs. b.W:1.tota1k &!>Out ."eal. nucl.ear fTee 2lo.ne in ord&,ft4;ofool.thevoter,:J;·


............... d~_t,." " .: ,_"~':_,;c':''' __ '"(+,,,,,: .... ,.. ,'_'." "'",' , ',' ',_ .:~

Nuel.ea wez'ia:~'b1.pewere~%,$t.be.nnedf'~m ·N .. Z. in ~~ember

&971,v n Mr liol:yoake requtred. .that thetr~~' •. 'eh01.Ud.a.cc.P' "some r,aponsibility" ~'the caSe of .·Q.n8:cCi<lebt~ .bet'ore·ille~ warshipi~ wou.1dbeal1:ow-e9.i.nto .N,'.Z.> .On '~tf1De,cetDber'l f}74" s the U.S. pal,ed':alawwh:1c1!~e:tEl.nc1f@ tOPI'Q.vitl.$- r,or the U.S.

to completel:,. pay tb.ecoB1;.,ote.n;y:,.qc~dent tbutN.'Z.now.~d a Labout:,Govt. busyj;~ns to ~t9PF'.re~ch.te8t:tn.g'. .... '. ,.'

, Mr,' ROwUng.wa~ .'V:i...ttedby.! Wi.1:l1eiUJP •. ·CJ..elllent$ In.r. ~~ Marchl~F51!.a8~s,cJ'lbed.a1)ove.,..,. :tn Apti.].tlle,1J.S. ..)J.ador met1rli.tfi t~Prime:Mtntster'to tell; b,im ab<>uttbetteW triA i ... tyll law. FFomtnattime ()n, .. th~.,.,,,Q-C) ... t •. isS!f:JfJ;a8e~esrqf·.ta't;tm_tSc ,,11 indt, eating thD.tit wap. t$(i ,to dr()Pth~ :!'&n,. on ttt~w~;b.1'ps • April 1.5 ut\ne;w'; 22li.clcoul.9-be •. cOruJid4;U:·~. ~I the "GOv~~nt

in ·'V;iewo.f ~he.;Amer~(la.nCo~t"es •• ~()n.a:l ~cc~pt'~ce 0'£ 1iabiM.tYlntheevfitlltoi' &c(d.d~nt8 "on nucl~at' .... powe.redship$ fa -.Mr ·RQvl.t.tJg .. at"pre,.,scpnterenee.

May 21 1( ••• The Uni,.;ted. St.t~.s.·has .... de.p~d~·to .... ac,cellt.bso1ute liability for any~e ~cllJJli~t occUl:'1nl;l ." .... fo:re1.gnPQrt.ip,yol.vtnertne nu¢1.e~rrea.cto:r()f' a :Un1t~d

States V'~8h'lp. . .. ' .......•...•... ' ...•....... . .. '

Thisfepresents! new a tee an.d. shou1d.tt b~.:to.l.1oWe<1 lSy .a_pecific; reqM&~t .• f:rom~he .' unt.teCl.state~ . 60.."..t.~ There ""u1<1 be a·c~e:fu1 txaminat:tonof tlJe :fu11 :tPlRlic!;t;ions ~oNew ZeUand. ••• ·ft"'1.ett.ertQJ<...l.is tar Ta:yl.or f'rom'.M:1rt1ster' 01' DefenceW.A.fro.se:t;. " ... "

JUne 4- UBecause of' Ne", Zeal.andtscommittment to A~N.Z.If.S.

tb.1s Gover!'t..men:ticatl;f1ot issue a by on nu,P1ea.r-pqwered war"hiRs visitine: '!'Sew, Zea1and P2rts~ t - _. Rawling July 10 Mr Row1i.n.g was reported on the x-adio as $ayine- 1;hat the Gov;t .• wasreppnsideri~ its ban on visits .. ;~'f~/,;;

nuc1ear~powe~ war$h1p$..... .' .. ' .'. .

Nov. 29 Mr. Rowl1ng said that becausei£ the U. 5. aecl.s~~n

.J, -.' ", ._' : _'-_,'" ",.'r

to a.ccept llabili ty in the ease of' an acciden:t,Jt'he

Govt. woUl:Cl~view its decision to ban .. nucle~, '

warsb:lps :from :New Zeal.and ports. '. .... .

During the t:lme tha~ these statements were cond.ng 'ou~, the Govt. was alSo issuing other statements to the ef':tect that'the ban was ~til.L on •. S;i.nce ~our l.qst. theel.e.etion. theyh8.ve

i a.ued even.S trong-.er .s ta.t~ments tothise:ff'ec t, (:rore:aunp19,

the one attbebegi.~116;of this art1cl.e). but if' 'we 1000

careful1Y wef'ind.: , ' .

Marcb25 1976, 1tav"4jRo!!:J4!¥s.s atatethat the ..... r~t~··~~.eio;;;:;;;-·ilIIi!!l.~i-c-. ;;;;,ii,...o ..... n;;:;,;. ;:;.n:' .... u-c;;;o1~e;;.·ar"'?' -. '"l"wO:::;·· .... ar~s.:;b:f .... ·; .... ····"""S~~~~~

remai.ne~ctl.l;af i.t .. wasnow r.«. ~ tf ... e :pre,ss, 2

'SO' thedupUcl~ycoJ:ltiJ:l1;le~. Reeentl.yMul.do()n haS beep.

pubU.sbingot'ftci.a. ... doctUnel},ts wh1.ch slied even .more l.ight';·on Labour •.. tr:lcks. Mul.doon reacl doctunents .. lnPa.rl.iament to·i.n<lleate acc0r<.U.ngto "ThePreseU., titat at theJ9,75 A.N.Z~\f.S •... -: conference, Mr. Fa~lkn,er had ;i..JDp.uedt~t· ''Labour he.t1: ,to .tick

t,o its poM9Z tben. but a decision p.11owiea visits r.t by


YeS e .,


.9J!.e.-t~~!;tteo'i8' guartlitteed' contlnu~W5power 9;ven if' the rest of' tb,.,c.ollntrtis 8uf:te~ng P9we';routs. 1)0 youatJNe ldth

tlds sitlU1t:.io~ ., "

j4 115

Eeonol'li:1c conoec ti. on' w.i.th Comalco Yes.t1.3

No 14


No connection


'7 82

50 96

.A1tb.L);ugl1tOO·DlU~b, . ~,igb,t: .Shoti1d not6e put on these r,.u1ts becau8e.~ the eircum,st~c$$in 'W'hi.Ch.~ti~ywere obtain.ed, J,-t is pretty. elearthat whenpeo.pl.e know.the··1'act-s about. Cotna1.c<t',

a biglll6\.Jo#t,. .are0PJX>s~d'tq tlle.Present agJ:'eed1ent.And :W$ must re~Jnb$r'lun .. ~~thfJtt:ItiVercar~J.li:s .. nlePlace youwou.'.\.4

expect Comal~o tol1av.;. thentajorl.ty'iof;i:t$.~~~i .•.. , .

An'slnterestll){f;,p&~t(.)f'the re8Ul.ts.1Jlth~e ~tf~~nce,! .•

in 0" " be Vw'een thOSe . eon meted .• :1nsome. waY·nth the .' 8Ql~je:r and th9ff., wit~,no cotU1e,~.t+on., "On tllequesti.onof'r'tne . che~, power, tl1e f'o~rgrouPlJeem. to be. ev~nmoreopposed toCqJllo1eo than tW:~l ... tter •.. Theque~ti.ol1 Qf' continuous 'powereshowed' however t~~. th.~." t~t:'St g%"oup _~e heavl1yaffeoted 1)y,.Coma1cQ'$


propaganda - many m~re. of .t~a grOll' befiev~? Coma:l.~o,;~!loYid have cont1.nuous power, .. ' trum in. the ~ieC()1:1d··gi-otip~-· (tn,:rE\ct-~:, "'X Coma.1co can. tak~ powercU.ts .... a11. theY',n~di.~-prtorw~l"tdrig' ':,' to give. them. ttDle . to shut. down some\of,tb.e) -, St,ne1f;ing l?pt,s.-':_:,"; Slfcha ."a~.~ .. ~ :for e:x8Jl1p1e, eot;:(d.bave' been giy~n't6,f' tbe:";'" "

'Fes en t powet-Sl1ortage).. ',:l ' ',

Coma1eo Rene(ottations

The C()~lco deal is P~fJeQ.tl.y bEdng rel'lE~gotiate4.

'CAFCINZ ha~11~tl.e :fal.th t:l1~t any ~ai.impr()vem~\:1~,Wi-11@.E?t.lr just a t()l(:en p~qe increase. Howe'\l'f;)r', it appes';rs' ·tb1lt 'I$,Ome hard bargaining is goi.ng on. It al.so appears i;ha'tC)om~l.oo

is mounting a big campaign to get its propaganda·printed1.r:t. newspapers around the country.. We woul.d verymuchapp::-"t!td .. ate it i:fpeople outside Christchur(}hcoul.d send us clippings of'aIlY artioles they see on Cmnalco, so that we can get a good picture 'of' whati'sgoi.ng 011. If )"0'9 rem~mberany ~:t"j;l,o:le printed since the beginnil1-g of', Septe;mt>eJ:', but Can f t f,j,n<i tl;le old new~~pe.r,please wr.L~e and let us. l(tlowabout it "'it.

all helps, "

Final..ly. nQwta a ve.ry goodt,f_me toge.tout e.iu:opost(';)):'s which expos~CoTJl$l.co. We-'ye incl~ed oneppster1i:lth t;pj.s, newsletteJ;'jkPlease p~'j:ltupsomewllere1 I!;U1.d i:f ·YQu CM .. put more up somewhere, please write in.'

M!poonBooks Now. AYJN.l8-b1.e, ' i' .• ii. -r. •

Mapooncwas an A.bor~g1.na1c0l1lttl.1Jl1.i.ty hearW~ign '. itl

Northern· Queeil.Sland.;In ·1955, ConsoJ..i.dat.ed Unr: <iiscovere<:\ bauxil.e.beneath the land' of the ... MaPoonpeop1e.'!rom'baux_tte profitsco~.;be'ttla.de. ·so Coma.lco. (tl1ecompa.nYf'0:r'~f::l ' ... ~'ft:l;"~Qt those pr~f'l.t"il)tb.e"Queensl.and Govt.and the .. 10calchir('(~11bQ:g~I>t pressurin.g~;:·,lt9opl.e to leave.. ~ome wouldn't ,gO, '. B 8 ,t1.zMalZlY' in 196, •.... the p&iU.ce. moved.f.n, burned the settlement t6 . th~ ground and drove the people out. The Mapoon people receivE~d, f'z-om Comalico $300,0,00 to pay-for the shi:fti.nt.. For the

bauxite :frQ:Ill which tens ·of'mill.f.ons of dollars are now made ev-ery y,,*~, the' people receive nothing ..

No,,'- in 1976, the Map06n peop1e are :fighting for the right t(> return tothe:tr homes ,and as part of: that fight, their story, the story of' the Weipa bawd.1e,<and the stbX"Y of the rapacious d3mpanies, Comalco and A1caa,is !t6ldin three books, They are:

Book one "The Mapoon Story by the MapoomPeople $'1.25

two "The ~.fap06n story Aocordi ngto the l:nvadersfl.~r' ,25 three "The CapeYodt AltlJl1inium Compa.iu..es and the

Native Peoplesu $2.25

CAFCINZ bas a limited- supply of' these available, but can obtain mo:t"e.Tll~Y a:t"eve~<good,in t'~~.tComalcois knowp, to be very worried th~t they may get .. publicised in N.Z. as well as in Australia.. ~oh'elp spread them around! The proceeds in part go to hel.pingthe. f'ight of' the Me.poon people to ge.t their land back from Comal¢o.

Comalco Workers WalkOut

A smal1 newS it'em in,,, "The Pressl• 23/11/76 states that on the previous day 2'!5b .pot-rbom workers 'walked of'f' the job the previous day.. The reason was d.:isatfsfactionwi th pay ad work conditions recently ,agreed between the Engineers Uriion

and the Company. .

This protest is a very encouraging development, as the unf, ons covertng Comalco t $ workers have a hi story f'o selling


ou1; em. tlla ._".._ •.. SHaUll. Of! the • ...,.. 1I0IUt ...... or

a strike in ~'fi1.UDtniUID ~l.ter (beeaus~ of tb, al._~um freedng in. tIle pots) f th'iwo;.rlcers shoul.d hav~ very stro1'ltf . bargaining .. pc)'wer .wi thth. ~·~mpCU1Y.. But when·i?t}le smelter..,u l open.ed in 1971 If . the four wUons involved aU signed.~ement~ to tbe ef't'ect that they wou1d do all. in bir pOwer to prevent the workers going on strike, thus trying to gtpeariyth:l.8 wea;pon" The rece4t1q'alkout showa hOm!)v~r that the men ~ve broken thro~h th~ obstruction of'. thettt1.ion bureaucracy to

take direct 'action in an effort to. ma.:Lntain their conditions

As we have sud before, CA,FC:INZ $upports .. efforts by the

Colllaloo workers to def&nd ·theirlirlng standards and working

cond:l. tiona.. .

........ 0, ••••• ., ••

The tol~o~ reportwas1'i~ed by the CAFCINZ ~pre8- eiltativeon his return from thereoent eon:ference in . NAmODt{A u .. s .. s. R~ on flProblems of Co-operation in the Pacif':l.e Ocean Basin" •. A snmmary of' the CAFC:tNZ paper on Fish1ng

in. N. Z. Waters aJ?peare(j iathe last Wat ohdog " 0lU' d.,leg"te also bad a . paper· on the proposed Nuc1ear Free Zone in the

South Pacific '. a summary of"wh:f.ch will ap~ar In a later


pAFpINZ· ijX!)I)'l'B'.U:RR~S:q..,

In A~st tt4s ,.~a:t' I.represe,nted CAFCINZ atQQ11t"_ ... "... ' in Japan and the Soviet lJni.qn.

~Japan L joined 15oi;b.erf9re.igndelega1;;e~l.u14att.a4ed the ,1.t. ~versa.ry of .. the bomi>ing of' Iliros~lD8.and~a.ga.,a1d..

TlifLconf'erence .organ.i~ed by:t;heJaPatl' OOngreltsl\ga1n"t A &: H Bombs tOQk. the f9.1'tIl pi' . 8 t:I'a~el:.tng x-oad SAOW wttl1 _",s meet:l.ngsa,nd demonsi;rations/in several '(lities ·tU1we moved. down the country. On out' way to ad(:uDonstration ill the ctty of Sueabo (the,po:I':t. wh~JJe theJapaJ;leseG;ovtots tl."Yin« .tc) keep the ill. ·f'8ted nuclear powe~~bip the.Huts.u). ,Our

bu" was surround~dbY.4bout 200 clghtwing 6:x:tremeets .in

trucks f'lyin,g atheJapan.!luI8 fle.g,pl.a.ying thein'lperial. lUWJ.:lc and ealU~ for the ,",upPQrt of' the emperer. We were "protected" by riotp.ol,.ice.

'!be sincerity of' the Hiroshima day ceremony waa uad~" by the Japane.ePr1me Minister tal.ki.ngabout a.id'£or the ..

• to1ld.c bombing b:l.ctims.. Th1.said is al.waystdkedabout but n""r forth comillg. As a result the thousands of' bomb eut1"erers l.i ve in Bub-standard hospt tal.s, 4toa small %"oom ti'th pl.aster peeling off the wal.1s. '!'hese has pi ta1s rely total.l.y on donations.

From theworldof unaduJ.terated capit~sm - saturation advert~s1ng, 8 lane streets orambed with the 1atest CAr$, the l.and where people don't real1y matter, I $tepped :J.nto

a country With very 1ittle in the way or aff'1uent tri~ncs where peopl.e do matter ( as l.ong as they follow the correot

line). .'.

After co~usion over visas and tickets a~'~okyo I :t"~yarri ved in Xhabarousk - the cap! tal. ot: the S'-ef

Far E ... t.Xstoodat the. customs counter watChing two ~.P'Y clrealted men gaze at the pile of papers in my old docton bU. Nothing Uke theus'qal w61J. dressed Japanese tourist •. 01\e or *hem f'ound a pamphlet on the ANZUS treaty whi.ch ha.d.a IIketeh of sIB As.t ~ wi th tanks~and fighter planea drawn on it. An


int'.:tr~~or .. :t.rtChed.'."A <lUestJ.on:t6r /y~u , .... '.~~?{"" ·.~ .. fl~l thea~ ...• R8~.'(.t:tt'~. ~ .. ··,ret :tn;t.~~.t~J:ia1/ .;etn;tt1~~.Qf yl)~ ··'~C~~90.~bl.ems o~"~-o~ratton ..•• ~ .t~e/.~! oc.a.n~~.,t(); wW:Ch I an. a del.~gat.·.,X ~pU.ea;··~~ ....• races ... ()~.t •• 011. o~er. ~en XfJbowed the i.n~.~'rfl:t the co.es~!ldenoe between Moscow and ChCh, .~~()~~t)at;

bectt.~',~oncern .and a.noth,r· .tntel'preto.r _s ca.1J.:EwJ.1n... '

Guet;l~JYj'N~ more ques t10#1$,"8 a.reveryso~ abO~~. t~(J .• · mis~.~t~~. Sftas;the •. local. 'to.p.dog J.nthe.yo~ co~,1;S.(~O~9Il101. )arr:f.Yed 1/2hr l.ater and f:ttOlJl thertij~lt.

it was ~·l:lep1..t1lccar~1:t~.tQlent. .....• .... ......'

I llad arrived 2 daYS4;ta.rl.Y'.$(.t;had time, to >do some~.,?Old.ng aro1fld~ft. myo~.ltrtJ,1eti.P1e theotn,er. 60 odd, f'orie~ delega:f.i,~~~~v~ ... 1;ravel.l.e~s¢tseas&. (di~~nterr) h~ .. i cau~t tii?~ t1:1 ~' .. ~ l: s~nt' da)'1s in hosl'i~a.l.~' Fr;c,tti .' .. '. hospi ta~ onto the t~$ib~r:f.an ra:J.l.way atlddownto·· Nakb.~

thif!J,:f.f!II'1:he .•. ,9()~e~~a.l. 'POl't .ot' .. ··.theSoV±et .. '. Far .. East •

. '1.'ll~~~e~~ee . wa,sppenElQ>t.he .. aextevening an:dbu~~~~~$

underwaY~:Jl;~::foi.l.l()W'i.ngIllo~~.,) . .' . , . .»~ "

~oae~ delegate' we~e~Y,:froml;Atf.n~m~:t"f;~~, countr •. ' .. ·,,) .. p' .. ~.A...~ct }~~PM.i>.Onl,y.a·£.ew gave. set 'spe~cl1~~"'§i • on :f.s.~qi~.'Wbf9ji:t'e,lt.\Pedtq.J;J;Aeir own e.eti~~;J;tes •. A ··JIla.j()~ty of' pe.r1;~.piblAA~.sp~EJed the. JJSS~ . cmd:foundtime toexpl.eJ.U

how un~~;rop.e~t:f.~eCl:}.:i..n,a1u:ul.been. .

Angfher50 delegates came :from. Moscow and the Far Eat1; resear~ centre •.. Each .day a pol1tieai .. sc:f.entist type. from' Mosoow ~puJ.d sum up the days dJ.scuss:Lonand keep the conf'erence on the~PITe(:tlille •

.A~pres-entativeof' the Demoera.tic·YouthFrop_t in·N.Z. tol.d th~\oon1'erence tllat the l.eadersh o:tTaiwan, South~¢rea and Chi..o.fl. had .. a l.ot 1'11 common, and rece:i. ved a bigrotm.d Qf' appl.au8~':f{)r·it ..

La~·flrtha.tday When I spo.lce about the need :for a Nuo~ef1r Free Pacific and que8t:i.oned the USSR' 8 lack 01' support., use o:f the paci:f:i.e for missile testing and lack of'support for the Latin American Nuclear Free Zone the enthusiasm seemed

to have died away.

The conf~rence. la$tedfca'5daysdurlng .wW.ch 3 m~n :i.ssues were discussed .1. Inte:r-natiollal Youth a.rW. StudQIlt Cooperation .tn the. 13as1n o:f. thePaci,:fic Oc.ean and proepec.ts for 1 ts pevelopement. 2 •. Tile r01e of" the young peop:le :i.n protecting.8.ll.drattona1l.yueingPfJlci:fic ocean resources.

,. Yout~' and"heexteneion of detente. in the paci1'ic.

Fr~ip. these. topie8 outl.i.nedcame a series. o:f hai1

Bre~et.,. e:~,:L,cvnsiderabl.e condemnat:i.on of' China and. the.V .. S .A.

Th~;f tri.pgave me a :first hand insight :i.nto the :wor),dngs of a ce~.ured - "democra.t:f.o sqe:i.al.ist state", icedWi.ththe

d:lscrea~i;charm of' the. KGB. .... . . . .•. . .•. '. . ... >

Fiv;e da.ys of'worosend war erys did l.:i.ttleto#ardS .~ace and coopera.tion .in the pac:i.:fie Basin. These c?rtf'.erences,a.rf) interest;i.ng in so f"ar as" the country and peopl.e but .the .. PQ1i.ti.C$

are a gOpd distance f'rom reaI.ity. .

ACTnrlTY , .. LN _ _..;;.;CH_RI=ST ..... _CH_;;,.;U_R .... C __ H

On~reason this newsletter is so l.ong' &nd ha.s. taken so

long to:~getoutis that we haee been extremely bqSY ;t.p Cb. Ch

wi th ACTION aga:Lnst :f"oreigncontrol.. We have hel.ped with demonstrations against the nucl.ear warships Truxton and Longbeach, and initiated two small.er actions aga:i.nstU.S. cnntrol.


We l...t'l.et;e4 tile Open Day at; De., ~H. heft at ~.~ ~t'" ou* *_ aidoUtary ~t1..0.0tt_b"". '. P.,..W.", _U~ _~tt''' .•. ~;- •. ·;_;_.i/.u. ~ .-*! ..

__ ·~'.~ •• Aii.;~OutOPSI4~I!..~"~~

Ito a t.· ~ ....•..•.... · .•.•...•...•. 1 l~ .•....• :. i ;.~H~I .. _ "" .•. ' '. " "..j~...... .., :,.,.. > .............•..................•. ~h...... ..t .....•.. p. .. · •. ·.·· .. ,· .•.• ~1f

ft. ... HI/ •.•. " ..•.• 1·· •• < R.8...jd"U..~iCO atftl.: ';Ifor" f'\l11.41.,~~.· .

of' /~.,~"~!~o. _.".... "ITo't •• t tt:· b,.. "'fen< W.i.~k.!i' ""'I"tt'

have .' ,~,~,"dl..).·' . -. .: ,.' . ' .• ' ..... ':

w:e~Ii3 •• ~:pj._.tt.djheope_q.o1: ttile··. u;> s.~I)l'mt\t~o~

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~.:. <1,mo,tUJ~t.t.()nff.aga1as ~the2nu(.)learIJJ:d.PtlwtJ.t>e .. "'1..1. 8U~ri~~.?~t , •• $h,(;).r-'t;.~t~,) .. d·Played.·a.80Od ptQ't .•• tn. t.ll.·· .... N8t~on~.o~$J.1;ton to ~lle;t.riajl~~(W~~fll(Ct OUJ;'ha.t8.{(J~~ he~1t'(J ...•. ~eJPa~ticentp:rotefiJts •· •.• ·.;l;.ti. •• ,Au.()kl;~d) •••. ••....... . . '.' ...••. '.".. .... .,' •••••••.•.•..•••....• '

•. We ~ •. i; ..•• ~ •... "~y .•. foZ'HO~.fI1otion~b.Oc~dat\()t~J"~~ .. • hj.j.,;~P.Ql.;(tm4. th~Dexto~d.WEJ11eouae'foL~:t .• 1t~.~). .' . Clu:1..tcl\~ll, now. has. a. JO"t CP~~ ..• Qll.~l.e~ .. II~.,. .....

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". \. <~~Pllfrb 1:9~&l.1 .boutt"O~j.fJ!10~t .. Pl~r1llc;rt1.~ it iSP~i~EJ .• tnWSt ••. ACT ·toCHANGE··th1~$., .......• ~··.'lt •.•. ~t ·~et· .. ,

more-.n,d more of' our f'ri.ndsan.dwork:ma:te,.to~t. .

,3.\ . ...••. ,

A.TtEN'r~ON·S!! CH ,,~UPPQmRS~

On saturday December 11th at 1 .00pID the.s.(!~~~~Y of' t~EJU"S.,NaYl"'tq.l.l .bea:r:rtv:J.ng at .Ch.-.ch fdrport ••.. · .. The purp.<>,e otfb.~ ~.~:;l.:t:J.s.toAl1'1speot thef'acl1i1:1es .~l. tll. li8.%"ewpp4.p.a.@~& 't;hf,;)Mt3obn Sate:U.te 'n"acldng 5t(:\t10n.. CAFCINZ 'is o~$:1ng •. demons t.ration at . ~b.e . a;lrport and fA ~~l.outs4de tbe White Heron Lodge :for the duration of' thevi.l;Iit •.



Aceo~ng .to .. Wes t Cou.tReso~ees Ltd., ~. aJ.eaked repOrt ··tr()m thegovertlltl$nt , . tile . Mt qavy .. coal~xport sqheme has .bCitttnpoatp0m.:td inde:f;n:i.tely" .. The schemoy you will remember, :.f.nyolved eXllort:.f.ng 7 .. .5 ,mil1iontonn~s 9£'a 22 .. , mil.UontOIU\&z-ssource, t.o .. Japl:Ul to~ steel.~M (and . l.eav:i.ng .theZ:~£ft .. to W~$te)... ~ew:L~nG~t1dlt1f.t.ri:et.tng.wu to be contrql.ledby the Ja"panesf!Ataka oorporat;l.onwlUeh

:1 t8el1'. ~t\a beenrun.tl.:.f..tl.g' into .. f',1.11.fU10ial. d:J...f1'.tc~ t1es"

The report,s state thatnegot,iatJ.ons aJ'~ ".contJ.nu:tng. on a 10wker:ba.~i s"'"

Three reasons are given :for the postponement ,,' F1rstl.y,

a lOwe.);' .. 1'ore~~'ted demal'Ui :foX' ootq.,psC oal..in.;f apant sa teel. indust~y. ..~~ •• f'acttllflt the c~ndi.'P:J..0.991' ~apa.ri.J seteel. :i.ndustrr· sho\i.1.d d7'termine. thet'a.t.e .. of., New Ze$l.and ' a resources :f.:nMcates Just who was oalllng the 't~$onlhe . project ..

Seoondly" Australian cold.~ emu. has . b.&oome more attract! va since the conaery~tivego'\'"$rnmen.t. '.1ia8 elected tbere:coal.exlWrtlevies havebeenp~s~d out. Inothar words., tb.enewAust~.an gOV&rru.n.etlt is even nora rll..'U.ng to a-.l.l.out .1.t&. C01~,:tryf s re~~es than tbe·. Fev.l.OQ8 one.

...... 13-

TbJ.s .is andindi.catj,on that prot •• te 1.n New Zealand by ord!nary·Ne. Zealanders have been8uce ... ftU. in f'orcj.n.g t~e New Zeal;,nd,ovemmen-& to t,.. a more sensible a.tt1.tu.4,e. ~.

Ao4' th1rdl.y;, • "Mt Davy involves greater t.~brdcal. d1.fftculrties and unlcn.owns tban other. projects Wb1chth.

Ja.panesee. loold.ng at". '1'b;I.s could ref'er to the fact t-...t tbe minitlS' 'Would bave to be deep underground, com~dto theopenpast . Austr.1:1.an Dd.nes, butttU.e .6s den:l.e~b,.West.

~:::o!it~:?,e~s L!d;u~:t!~ f!; !S n:::~b!;:~~r n::i=~a1

'Whi.ch CQ~ld include I the Japanese not agreeing on wl;l:.lch pcprt

to expo!~ the c.oa1. through (Greymouth, Lyttelton, and. •.

T:lmaru,:,;aaong others, were all vy.1ng fo.,:' the contract); .. ~. the gov41punent ins:l.st:1n.g on eurther pr()ving of' the depo$i~. tbe gov~pn.rnent .insi eting .on les8 coal being wasted" or, mpst interes~~nglY" the fear of'protests - apparentlyabsenttu inAust~ia .;.. if the scheme went ahead.

Hofif,.ver" we must stay on our guard. The situation .. has cbanfJ'ed f'rotn one .where the scheme seemed almost a certa..iJ:1;~r, to the present, in a mere 6 - 9 months. It could ~'Verse i tsel:f . just as quickly.


CAFCINZ has a fa.irly large mailing Ust among wh:f.ch some peqplearemempf).rs a.p.4sp~not. R!-:ently we bave.t>ef)p. sending ,ne'W'slettel"s to everyone on the ma:I.~4ng 1i.,~t.~<.~'91; due to theeg~t..,we1d.ll.,n,otc,.~e able tocatl'Y'/on. dq~ng/!t~s. So what ,.,e~~~+i,~E~ do:.l.t1g f'romnow on iSi:~~n~ . ~~f~~.~tte~!I to membf;!l;.rsre~1Yt· and, to "everyone else,i..,~arlY.··· People who are not members will receive newsletter., per1t odice.l1y wllen. we-..1.11 put.Ol.lt s~cial news~e~ters t6·g~t. everyone tlptodate .: As we,ll fhenever something important

00 mes up, we will send newsle:eters to everyone on the mailing

. list •. So if you haven't yet joined as a member and you want to receive the newsletter··regula.r1y, send us in $2. OQ . along with your name and address. We encourage everyone

to do this - just fill in the :form over· ..

Sub renel!!tls are· Due!

Aotually they were due in August, but :It was a big job to, work out how much Sub renewals would be :for everyone, a.tad we've only just :finished it. The CAFCINS :financial year' runs from July to July. So if for example you paid yo. . $2.00 sub in January, we bave counted $1.00 o:f this·to~~ the 1976-77 year. We have done th;Ls calculation for ..... e:r;y member. and if'yotl .have a1ready joined CAFCIm: you wi1l . find over the amount you owe if' you w.i;9h to renew your au!> for this year. Subs and donations arfit financial. lif'eblood of' CAFCINZ - thanks everyone f'or your past support, and please keep it upl


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