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whc m i r.h't b e IT S

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LLl d lour &

nIt j:J c1 cr thnttrl( government hn s turned to foreign

f Ln an c icr-s to be1e1out One of the TJriccfJ of such

.'1:,:,;-·i +an o .i s the clurv3,tion of trLl' no s it Lo n of Vi!

Zo arid r~s a sour-c of cheap sk.i.L'l e d Labou r " 9 eai.d

( CfI rrc s Augu fit 9)

r(:frcfjhing to seo th. }".o .L, pub l L con c rning i t,g .l.f

thi.s issue ~ which Ls one; central to trLC' wo Lfa ro of working

e This ar-t i c'l e will giv(. r), few o xamp.le s an d t s of

rc)ign oontrol.of wh i ch reign f i nan o i.o r-s 2,rc ::-"[1 inrport;:-:,()t

c t i.ng New o.,lcmd. Plcc',sc rc:member though tha.t

not :<il and! s problems arc: cau so d by f'o r-oLgn control-

r're c:"Lu8ud by the o co norn ic system - but qua.l.Ly most

p cm s cunno t be; 80 d without t.ak ing on the: iSE:lU of f'o re f.gn



----~-". .....

, i,

vfn;y do reign fLnnn c i e r-s - nri:v::1tebankr:; 1 ··c:.ncl Ln s tt tu t i.on a

1ike the Wc'rld. Bank arid thf.') Intcrn;cltion2tl MCinet'--try Fund (IMIn

- want Ch.8 Labou r ,18 Me Knox rpo i nts (Jut?

Any privc',.tely owned comp[;lnywr1,ntf' cho lc:bour: t ho.t .i s o no of

the ruler] of c ui tC:.Ll8m. _Privr),tc bnnk s .i.n cr'c n.s Lng.l.y :-;ct fJ

t s r these cornpant o s , (Phif3Wilf3 never made clearer th:ln

in the: v.is it in lV[nrch +h.is y ,c"r of the grc1uTI of ji:[c;f3t rman

InduE3trinlists touri New a.larid looking for money-mn.}\:

( if Lnv; s tmorrt 11) o ppo rvt un i t [3;,> 'Among this gro11p' werc; not' o nl.y

top repre crrt at.i ves f Elh.ip'piing, rninLng 9 Dtc: 19 energy 9

,.."."',n·h·~-Yl/'.·"V'V';r r'~'<ll ';',l/'~-'V;; "Y"\l ",...,+ '·, ..... r:;! 1~{',~r)TY1~ n "; .... 01."r'" C"i 1---.1,·+- 0:':'11 c-v-,

l1.1.('-JVl-.L..J..I,l~.Lt.v, ~UC,L,J.., V'IC .. L. J.J_L;:~::.Gt_J t; ~ ,G1.1.U \...?v.LC.-dJI-L\ ...... --L!l.\.A"UO k".J f...JI..A... U ·".,~, ..... LU'-;

tOT) dire; o t o r-e hu.g() -p:r:ivclt,; brmk IVI .• lVI Q ViFJ.rburg -. Brinkmcm

rt Z 9 \,J. Gt: :rmany I s [3.jt\.il1,~3J;:rcm c Cprrfpe.ny, . p,:11 .ian CC .

su r an co ; Brml{ht1.u H .. Lar-rrp(;, 9 !;JTI.o thc~ r " l\Argt!1:' private bank ;

the third 1 st b in VV ~ rmany, Comrncrce Lt.d, which

hcw rrnde 1 leans. to No Z *;. arid Au s t r-a.l i an - r-o po an

Pincncu. Ccrp, wh i.ch is c1 so Ly rniany f 8 i1 corid

1 s t b ank 9 the: Dn;,c,dncr Barik ,

The I 1VI J~l 'JIl d t

r-t d Ln t or-n ct- in their

institutionEl lik the xac t l y tllC! S

11'10 d s



Thu and All p

in 1976 Mul cn wrot tn the IMF s

ast:Lng f others nlre: in GXC

these po Li c i ie; cJ ,-:.rlyL .. .vour big bu s i ne s s

For examp1 Muldoon a8ts;

vnriou s p .li cLos r loan" st working

"Tn cornb rI97~), the Government n.nnouncuc} stan t La.l.

incr,a&c;8 in cha D for 1 ct city, S rV100s,

and Eltal nnel tolccomrnunic'1ti n ;3 r-vi.c s , (me) rc)duotions

in m ~), .• , . Gave r-nmcn t f:JO sought

Duro 8 from p t co n eurnp tLo n by

eli s e incomes. Thu half yearly

crdor announced in Janu 1976 provi d

incroase averaging only 3. in compensation


fer E't rise;


in 1Jri c. in

se; conn

Now Mul on wIno doubt BALANCE OlP T hYtd.Gl\TS CRISIS




these fLnan c.i.e r s

t oon t ro I .ln

Usually thr()u,~~~11 a ba.lan cc of 1J(J,Y,ffil:"fltS c r i e i s 9 8,8 N V\f an d hfts

nnw. At such 2, time tnx: r-nn=nt h28 twp ha.s Lc VJ2.ys to step the

coun t rv gning bankr-up t , Ls t s that they

sim-plymay UC)t irrmort q ce r t a.i n 1 vel ( rt licensi11g)

i. e.they must USC? local rc:sourc s.·· This t:=dn.s em o.l ovmen t but rustricts the ab.i l ity elf fnr::;ii:Y"n manufacturers (2,nd local

Lmpo r-t.o r-s ) to profit :fr(!~ w a l and , It is thus opposed by the

rnu L t.Lna t Lona'Ls ,

The other choice is to borrow - and et the; Sc'JrlO timo s to o people-; buyi.ng imports by cutting their Lu com.: , This 1,"3 what the DIF and other financiers r.,;ccmmund and what the gov.'rnm:::,ntdonq.

why didnt it u s« inmort licensing, as we h!1VC a.i n ce tDe 30 i 81

and maintain employment? r several reasons 9 including the strfmgth

of foreign control in 1\16 already. But one important rind immedip,tc: reason is the "c LI crisis I of '1973., This was u ae d worldwide to

panic conn trys in to handing over ano t1ic,r pi,:; CI' the ir i nriopondence

by joining the InternEttirlna1 Enc:rgy Agency or the" OEeD. Vihile

supposedly' sha.r-i.rig oil and providing 1" ti cClUutrysovc;L'

the crisis thDro were conditions, includinR - no new import restrictions. This policy has be en a maj o:r cause of uriemp.Loyrncnt since then 2 un dc r- both Labour- and Nat i

). no oI of uncmp l d wo rkor-s , cuts in r-nm nt spending on

I·n( n-'ooproductive~ a~C'eas (like; he thJ e du c at Lon, so c i S')cu:city)

are the policys of the IIVIF and the O1~CJ) "cu ro ' e co norn i o prcblQms".

In fact they are aim at better business forb business-

as rioting in Egynt, mass enpa itien to restraints

in the UK, and tho fall of s In Portugal, all as a result

'A f· I··TI"·,F' ] • c h

.> 1\~ pO.l,iTf3, S._fJ'N.


A r-o L d 'obvious' way t o

is to CYDcrt more - the

at the: r-nmon t's

(> f vauntcd I

orrt e p r-o b.Lom ort Drive j •

In .rac+ NZs p r'o b'l.ern is not too w xpo r-t s , In aY's o nde d

lVH1rch 31 9 1978 arid March 31, 1979 we exported v o ry sub s t.an t i a'l Ly more than we imported. Our foreign debt prohlem came not from

I too fC'N exports I but too much foroign bt 9 many f o r-:

corup any s ~:(;nding the ir pt'7£'its DVU rSt;;lS and t o o many imrlorts. For th March 1979 year, for o xamp'l a , New Zc~')Jcmd xno r-t.ed

$581 million more than it. Lmpor t o d - but wc p d out an inc'Y'c;riib1c:: $655 i1110n in mcrc:ly interest on Lo an s plus E:2£!ts 't o nvers as companies.

So the; export d bu s ssnC'II and

v c: ~ s a dr~vc tc 'P"'W f'o r th·, the; Ln t e re s t cb.argc:s of frTe

0:[: 1'0 ro igll anc i rs to

But it ba[{ r:1. direct effect ir· New 6'. a.l.and 0 To OXp0rt, Now

We must compete st

ThEiiland and t he Philipp Japan, EurC'T)(' an d th, Ui3.

co d i tic'ns

mu t ti 't i.v.: in t I'nr>tionaJly.

l;.,bout' courvt r-v s 1 th KG yea,

e . And nst t.h: n:'lSEJ TH",;duction of

('roy ! pri vat oyc:"CS t TH; i


1.S con t i.nu


Ln er

-p -y.;c~ f:! suro 2.St_', d n S Sll. ~(,;;

bvLr-u s c

Thcr'c aTl; s of th.is (Chch Pre' sel )Mr C B Stan1NO Imu rt C0 rati n industrial action e •• should b,;

de and serviens',


~ on r-a l ill an ar~C y. ['. f t 1" tha.t" th rc 8 tY'i etc d t o I cal

C c t s of'

sunuly nf'

II: acldi tion 9 intcr~Gt in with inough for them to

hav.: an

cmnloyers ~roducinr for itoo low - tb

noyl'--'Y the i Y p ro duc t -

nu s h wag,,_,s as low as they can

have to have 80m one xDortin~ makes itpossibl C8"USC tbe buv c r is

Blaalrc:ady, vv Zca12.nd C:S arc low by world standards and

falling in r\;a1 ti:TInS. jIV sets arobc:ing exnorted to Dong Kong

New L',c aT1C'l mad, clothes arc arClud as a tY'rcat to Australian

manuf.ac tu rc r-s be cau ae of their lO'N-priccd Labo u r content.

t Po lI.ow thc oxamp l of' Prigidaire and take advantage of low

labour ooststo· .find a cheap way into Australian

T1ctrkf;'t f r-om the: ir p l an t in Au C'kJ_8,Ytd. '

was tnt advice; by Da-nit')lleHunebc'lle to those s t rman

bua.i.nc aemcn Eur-o po an otter. ShG mitzht

have adr!c;d - 1 and bCTIl;i"ttfro111 buvC! t ax incc~ntivcs' ~

~ .. ) ,


And this I n tr-o duoe s the ct .ro invo8tmC;Y1thai:l on s.

G':.~OUDi~ 1 ik:c the (;hambl:I's of Cornmc; r-eo 8 d the National Pa"'ty

wc l como fore iu,r(:'.stm:;nt as I ahsj'J(;-CI to our UT.'ohJ(:;l1']s of

cloveJ:opm{-~nt and-mplovmont. Freedom for tj_"18tio a l s to .i nv.c s t

is o nc of the no icys'· forced on this couvtry by thG IMF. .

But reign invc},~torfj will come to s country 0 ly .i f' +hov can

: .mo re money t han by nroducing tb-:> SAme r:ood s in say

South Kor;'a or the Pn.i Ll.I p.i.ne s and orti'flg f'r-orn thc;roo Or

G to tour ,-n>,yo,-nr ('PCl 0 Y' n'Jtu"'." a.L re SO-I) -('0::8 che an I '.r •

.. ',- ,"'" "--' ,"""" f:J~Y .~'"J . .)

-a.in fore


'o r-s

5.11 try




levc;l,: b,r wo r-Ld St8Xl{ 8~l~C:;S6

, ---

::Lake the. x2mp1c of' Phi.L'lip 8 rc I -To d groiivtr1 i

policy and foreign Lnvo a tmc t has been followed ( r f} dict2:tor-

ah i.p ) .• betwecn 1972 and 1978~roduction inCr(:aSl?d by 4tt ~& - but skilled e 11 by one-third. In 1976 \ivap;c;s for an unak i Tl e d

wo r-kc r ilvcrc ~11. 75 H day.

To su ccr-o d this attack )l11_U3t b: nrccc (jed by attac1z-s on our t'''adc uu.i on s; The; unions mu st b- made ineffective by inti~,jd'ltir'g thum

(as the r'ovCrnmcYit is t·--y to do now ) or by settup sto

statu -run unions.

A frighten first s T) if th.:i.s se con d d i re c t i.on has a' rco.r1y

aripe in the }<lish1Y1 In0U~-itr' ( ion CO·FC ) Bill introduced

into' par1.iamc1'}i; in ,July.,

un a union to covey th

cr") p ihiti3

r unio n 9 or t1r[

whol o (s [1.) o tn", "un Lo n '

'rhis 11 s' ts ( Ln c.l ud


o t.her union.

The immediate paid t

s\; is p'.~C:' t thc; W3tC""f'iJ 'tIo

em.n) from loadin~ nd u1'1o fi8hi

Y'.'" (1--.-·."t+r-Y'

. ....:':)i '- ~ \_" " "-



j C 1~


t VI r thLfl


1 D J, r: the rc, T'. reIn t f r (1) r in CT', .i r:wlv

-ocrntroll r of Labour mav

·V~ 1~j_, n du s t ry lJ.YJi.C:l1 l1l11 [j8 l .i n h,is n Ln ion , tho

tIn ••• will CLssiE)t trl(" stab].t or 11']81n Ci

o i du.s t r-La'l !'clf:.ti n in th f1 d'u s t rv . I

'lhis F!

f' the pTopor: d un i o n cl .'1. it is not to of its nl('mh'rs - it is to rnai n.t aLn

in r wo r-ds to ElUbjuV'cl.t,.: its rs

oonditions to inters ts of nrafits.

not l-soal N w Z aland

rman, r-o an and ;:[la11]':811 so

fiEjhcrm.cn but J' mul tination

.i ant EJ.

f Lshi n in tTY j,;') a p o r to the: way the o xnor t ciriVI p l.us

f'or-o inv(;stncnt 7 bo t h encou dill th Las t bu t., will lead:

Stutc-control1 d staG unions, strike s b arme d and lows in

export Lndu s t r-L. and f'a.lI livinp: a t anrlar-ds r or workir){; P oo l

arc Ln ev L't ab Le un1 fW the can s saT' (3 trOYI f'o u t .

The US biV business ill [;1 country turned into EI.S ! Thc: '",ountrv IJ busincss, but its not much

() 9' ! Por tune 1 9 de; Berlh d xno.r t ctenT for fo Corporation - a nico f'un to 1 i'Tn there:. ,

Sinrrapo "~G, - i rive etc, rs -

Is tlI.at

z alan

f'u tv rc too '!


It L3 now c I sr

e xpo r-t of NIt Davy co However this is only allowc d it f:l 'vvcq.

In its first "coal p.Lan" the p;ov(~rnment propos(-;S to be .

exporting 1,100,000 tonles of coal a ye by 1990. 500,000

tonne EOl of this would .b(,) from Mt Davy. But a further 200,000 tonnes per y e a r by 1987 vDuld be Buller coal exported for activated carbon manufacture or steel-works co ke . Ana

state Coal (now the Mines Division of the De p t of Energy) "will start a renewed suarchfor coal in thn Greymouth ar-o a by mid-1979, the first aim being to find 15 million to

20 Plillion tonnes of bituminous coal suitable for export.

If this search is successful 9 a new mine should be developed to go into production in 1986 and wo rk Ing up to an output

of 365,000 tonnes by 1990. This coal could be sold on the wor-l.d market for stE;el mak mg ".

In other wo.r-ds the.' government is not just inviting mnltinatLo na.Ls Dome; to dine on O1..~r coal ass ts - it is starting up

a New :0ealand Coal burgers Instant :l~nergy take away bar on the main road.

the gov(rnment is nrcnarcd to 21101,\, the if the company involved wan t s it.

the beginning if the government is

To see the scale of the proposed expDrts in context you should remember that coal consumption over the last +on years or so has been be two en 2 million and 2~ million tonnes pc'" ve ar .

In other words thu government is talking an out increasing

coal production by 50% for e xpor-t ,

The cri teria for the o xpo r-t s C1,Y''.; according to Mr Birc1:l, 9 Minister of Ene rgy 9 nwherc~ it is commo r-c i a'l.Lv viable, subject to safeguards over the rate' of exnloi tatton," (Prc;ss June 25th

1979. ) This is a far cry from trm rocommondation of t.hc

1974 vmitG P ron the Coal Industry in He,T,! a.Larid 9 riamo Lv

HT·h"'t no f' Lrm "-Y>"Y"fln.·g··;ffi'·'Ylt' bo ('-nt':'rpr1" Ln bo f'or th,,,pxnoY"t of"v

. a ," . , ~ .. ,j. (~''''''....i..-_ ',. :J \.::.~_._ \.'''-' .. \..... _, '1 ;t..J -, " \.'~ -. ~.. ",_ '-' -,.,./ tJ . ..J. .~-

coal unless rme and co n d.I tions are agrec:(I to which vIllI

o rcvd dc a minimum net benefit to Nell" Z(~ and related to the rcplacoDl(mt cost of tqc:; energy po t crrt t.a'l in ttl.u coal that is

exported. Purther5 any export price should subject to

e s ccd.at i.on to ae su re that thi~) benc;fi t is ma Ln t a i.ne d o ve r tim l'

In the light of the White Pa.per rccommCl1c1,ation, thc: governmEmtls coal export policy can be seen for what it is. Now i;ealand

is broke - tho goverDY'lC:nt is sl;lling off our assets at almost any price to buy time. TheiJhi to Paper rl'commendation has

if a:nything Lrrcre aa d i tF> rulcvanc w i.t.h the proof this

year that the; energy l!Orish.,il is a rrnanen t fC2ture to bE0

reckoned 'wi th.


One of our membc r a wrote to lwr local NLP., Mr Mclay ~

earlit::r this year, o pno ei.ng the lUt Davy Co a.I export pro'posal" Her let r was referred to the acting Minister of .E.'ncrgy

who defcmded the nroposal (iI1Nhilc: 1+ is true that thOrt: wf.Tl.

be financial gain for New Zee,land thic) is not the only reason H) on tV!O CO"lHltS: +hat the coal has 1)ronertic s which make it

V(~ ry val U(31'1 fo r stu 1 makillg 111) t H [;t the; samc time s v-: rely limits its u ao in N w Zealand"; and that the proj at will






If corm rei v Lab i Li

cr lt rili'''' £'0 r N cwZc and T! PlHy' TJT'OVC to

o ing the i

There Cl.re fat' 1 ~~~) clr:~'2t (; Lni t eh-

ni ouc e than 8 11 our that

v a.l Ld.l th:Ctt of But

C1U?CI1i:i~ lLstc(! a Y' n we j ct e d

to tho 8 j:n ~i9'75o of thc:.3c .i.n c l u s

ferro-silicon pro ction in Southland, lurgical co

gas (just as oil - from - co red7

gas - from -: co m b,~ on +ho th

She;ll - BP - Todd - Gc'-V,'T'Ylr1cnt con so r-t Lum up all of

Maul gas in 30 y an3 time), bl':::11 high su l phur

and other inferior eoa~s to mak thorn mor~ ro ily u8abl .

ther i3ueh pro~':;ets arc v.i ab l e c1ncncl more on politic

than cornrac r-c i a.L cons r,·,tions.

The run up to the Mt Davs scheme has now deteriorated to a bun fight between var-Lous commercial interests , squabbling over

the crumbs left by West a.s t Ref-30UrCeC5 Ltd and its Japannese

backe r-s .

The Lyttelton Harbour Board says :it is SIoJre it ill betl1e port for the project and has all the facilities ready to go at

short notice. It is ready f'o.r the Buller coal too e The Timaru

Harbour Board on the o t.he r hand has II de taile d plans ilfor

Coal handling f ao I I Lt i e s , Bct h IVE"stport and GreYTIlOuth have

their eyes on a deep-water port for the trade;

lilt seemed almost immoral tll.at the ports of Lyttel ton and 11ima}"u were Lighting for the Expo rt rights of West Coast r-e aou t-ce n

said the President of Greymouth Chambers Of Commerce (cHcR

Pre .5 .S 1 /8/ 79 ) •

~rhe Greyrnouth Chambe Of Cornrne r-ce appears to have rethought

.i t s attitude:':, from Ltfl'exT)loit a t all CfH3t8' s t an d of 1975.

"Years spent s t extracting the reElOUrCE? s of the West

Co t had produced lasting benenfi t to region!! they

de c i d 9 nAt Ie ty on

e x tr-ao t e d rc rc: tUr'YH3 d the dis tri ct

and YJerha'p[) u d a r-e se rve r T)("rt velopmcnt 9

e dhr ca t i ona.I Institute ~ and the J f!

de can agree with them ( 1'0 r on c o ; ) up to r-o , B1.1t the, 10 cal

president spoilt it by adding that

!! Induf1try had to be en co u d rcp:ion ~ the benefit

had to be mo re v+han ,ir! t S f30ffiCH( OBCH Press 1/i:-l/(9)

The st Co;:t.::-;t; busine E'·men want ir cut too! OAPCUJZ is not

against industry - from .i t. But vve: :Clrf; ntl

cxplc .it at Lon of na tiona1 aElSei;,31'1r pri v a t o gain.

As ~

is strong,. r th(~n

be; d,

.i s concern? eel

vcr tbc MtDavy Coal

in xnor t

rOIt:flcil ITru r.; t

Tb,(? n13~S f) 1

conference on July

by the Pcwul i

up cifically to

comprised IN ~the

Club, Coalition Against cwtive auppo r-t of tr-IC Cnn mod.e.l. of un i tc d and p lay e d ret Ie

I\I 1011al Pa.r tv ce s , It was org8T:dGf~d hoc united front group sot 1\ho Coa.I ition

9 University Frogressive

1;rOffiWGy r-s , vii th the

rtcs Council. It was a initi d the Coalition in it to its conclusion.

The rally in ea thed :"11'(; V<1S tcmd d hy seve r-a.l hun d r-e d

peop.l.e , Guest spc: s f:j C!J.mcron 9 f) Council chairman

and ]'UL xe cut Lve membc r - d his full su ppo r-t 9 p Lua

that of the s Council correctly pointed

out that change if; only brought about by mass action of the pl~o1)le. :l'herc; was an xt rome Ly good piece of theatre 9

accompanied by c i a.l Ly written r-t i.nen t songs.

The march through the city l.J\lrj,;:; particu12Lrly E;piri tc:d 9 wi t.h members of the 1)1) ic rCf3Ponciing well to the Lmpromp h, version

of "ComLng Hound. The tdountain 11 cg HII' you hete the mu l tinatiorH3,l:co'

c'l ap your han d s " INt~carriGd its own banne r-s - "Fo z-e Lgn

Control an s m"HjElp Labour; l'ight l\lultim'=ttionals and Dump

N.!~ .. Ylrpr,etfji! plus 'd r Lbu t.Lng hund.reds of its Le af'Le t e

exposing the qul.;:)ling role of N .Z. cap i. taJists, particularly

th(:) Chamber of Commer-c e (S('E) ul'::;1cwhu in this issue).

By the time thE' march r-e ache d TOWt] Hall it had ::rwel1ed to

at least 1000 opIc. d they ro not intimidated

by [11(; hUTI of T)01ic( or the ha.ntily co nt ru c t.e d steel

.8J1d wine bar-r.i cadc e (COf:'1t . rEite: 1$4-500.). Such was

the anger of the peop1 at thit; blatant provocation that the

ba.rric E~) l~~C~ t.o r-n out o f tllc und c1"11(1 1.:{f3 d. to· hu r-L +he

po l.Lce across tlw road. 'barrier even d up in the Avon ..

After further he avvhande dno s s :frOT:1 the police 9 a section of

th\L' crowd su rge d to the rear of thc' 1)uildin.g and smashed a

glD.::lS or. Thu 6 :3crf; cDlmed crowd by co r-r-o c t Ly

inting out major was the rals inside,

not the foot outside. Such was the people's anger

tha.t lvlulcloor: st d ieI", a,11 tcrnoon and evening? only

s cur ryLng out :c it VJL1E1 o ve r , h.i d i.ng Ln 8, 'pr18,lp"nx of

po Lf.ce , He wasn I t bold enough to make his uaua.L p rovo c a't i ve


Peo~le 80 they eIi It buy the gutless line of fighting

Bill Ho It go to the demo, vote Labour in Ch eh

Central Ln (the; gional Council of the Labour Farty,

the Labour ut.h Co un ciL tIle Un rsi ty Labour- Cll1h all

withdrew from Lt.Lon ) . That f:H:;rvil'c edict didn't

stop many good 9 honest Ilic!.bour p o p Le 'coming to 11 the Tories

where to s ti ck it.

CAPCINi:, is not 0 fi{:<,hting o rg ani s at to have C). 1 demonstration of 0

a.rch ['].11(1 G ducet t o n body - it Ls a § has been and is ri~htly proud

in thic, m LfLccn t mi1itant


The! rD.l1y an d

Trle rc Via::; Go

d an ce 9 wh i cn

thc:y 80 richly

VCl.riouD CO

EJ cUile

se s s (he

80if;n. It

5 committee rs took it u on

the ruling pclrty of to the multinationals.



j cted to the abuse

on r1


1 di ~j CUB 8 ion of the

l [30uth(;rly 9 so only

to pi t, reminding in sellout N.Z.

VIE \1\/

Groupi3 in Coalition were reprc;scnted lJY S1)oakcrs at the

dt';)'l1onstration 9 o lLow i.ng is an o dIt.e d vc r-s Lo n of wha t tbe


Vvho rules ew Zc;aland?

If you think its that collection ofbludgers and social parasi tOE)

behind the bars re - you're wrong.

If you think, like; Bill Itowling and tel> Labour Party 9 that Lt s:

Muldoon and h.i s drinking comp an Lon s at 11amys then thats why 9

like Bil1f:-?owl ing 9 you i 11 never ':ule Now a.l.an d , You might be)

Prime) Min:Lst ranG day 9 but you' 11 neve r ru l New a'l an d ,

The GovernmGnt i~3 said to t hc shin of' s t a te ,

But its the OWlle 0 a ship who s t i.na.t i.on . Its the

OV\iTIC3rS of that 8b1T) who r-uL N w

These p oplc- a

ati ITC; handful of privi.lc d .i nd.i v Ld ua'I 8 -

a~and. And thc;y !'~.rc the 0'])18 who

choose th;:; destination of lJ w a.l and ship of s • Their

fin destination ipro t, readhed throug~ tho route of cut j cut in w(::1:far;:: 9 h; ttl and ducation cuts 9

attacks on. u ns, attack on , attacks on our rights to




CAPCHTZ want a to »o i.rrt out a Lcu l ar-Ly no rful cction

the owno r s - thu rulcI':3 o f (That i the r3cctlon which I s

controllGd . 30 of 2' conomy is overs as

controll d.. f mos t important perts f ou r livcd arc

incrc cu.::ingly t.hern 9 banks? .i.n su r-anee ~ ight

forwarding~ cars, iI, tyre , fast foo s, rental cars,

and 80 on.

dhy is thii:) are usually giants have a b in collusion

pow~rful?Fir~tly_bc~au these co~panies

r-s at tl Lo na ! glFLnts - some: or these

N~ itself. The: oil cornnanieE

can Z's turc.

conclly b cau s local NZ cornpan

Br.itish bulLd 0:

not s but

have aig Amor.i can and

them like rman cagl s 9

rl .. 1

cun .

a you look at.

eDllnt s 1 China,

Chil , Iran a~d iea nowor and the will to

in i; T'vcn ti cr;

lJC3 arm d force fj Ln Cvb~, Dominican public,

tb multinationals havo the:

and 3U rsion st us.

if we cross m.

J..1 you think tllc-1t ]\JZ b as d r-u L C 1-'>(j of +h.i S c cun t rv

havs 011r br.·, c~ t: l-' rrt. -t .... ,~·, (''1"1. c.; 11.(.;~~ .. ' --tl

-!.A..,,- . ,-,1._, v .' .;...t_;~) v,,-)_ eJT}Cl wou l d ttt(;·-cc;.f~OJ-'C 0

foreign co n trol in , 1 d b

we lcorne it w.i th o p cn arm • 'I'hc!y

tyrc;s and minicomputers TO In

can grab of millJol1f3 he

as so t s ; co 0 nat:Lvc timb r .. "j--'

, " ,WelTO Tl

highest bid r.

wrong, On CCllt~:'ary they

love T)~n~ii-o t

1 -- ~- ,,~ cars ,Jru

r them. They love the share hawk i ns; off our natural

WeI' 9 ~ iron 9 - to thE?

So wo '.11 ke(,J) fight:LYY)t f: v i.c Loua {"()·'TOl"'n .. ¥.,(\(I.·.I"'.,-t 't-

] '} . + c " v v., ~ -. "," - anCl any e no rs

·_l.ce .t t., But ,3J3 1 we W2_~X. I·.t f·u··:·rt·l,'-., ~.~ . ~ .. "n."(l t t - t'

'. - '. ,'- ~ a-" r ack tl(J real

r'u Lc r-s of l'JZ.

Thee; P"rosichmt of the Pedcratt n of Labou r, lVlr Jirrl Knox. WAS

guoted in the Chcl1 Pl~ess (AUgtH:d 9) as SeWing tc)-'ln~;- PSA conference; (, in rcf(;rc-nc t o r'c!:nt rmti-wcrker legisl.c.!tion) i T'his coun t r v' s

e co nomy 1. f~ in !OJ de rate mess ~ an d .. it is clear a't the

government has turned to reign financiers to bale it out.

One of the c.r i ce s f'o r au ch 8[:sistanc(':; is tbe T):::'E:servatir'!Y] of ttl(;

pos Lt Lo n of wand as .'1 8011rc\' of cheap Labour , I

contents of a h~i0fing docum t

issued to mernbe r-e or st rrnan rtrade Mis ion that v i s i 1"1

Nc:,w. ay,td 89rli ~ in year. s docurn;mt, ma rke d i strictly

co nfLdorrt La'I 1 was Issued "by a ji1rcnch sinc?ss int"11tgence agency Hu~c:b U, 11'118 matti.' r 'iV3S raicii1men t on 16 hut W~)R ets were not brought nut.

This view I s bourne cut by ttl

quickly b rus hc d over and inny,<·t:::3nt For th0 BC; "'1h0 be I ow s ho u Ld DtcT'-p.tng uo c0unt

tt'L, any. dr'ubtf3 ~ ,t1'fe (;xtTaC~[') f'rnm. th~ ~ocument

IN .11.1 st why the V'l~Hnn by In r"lgn capi tFLJ_ lS

it w iLl mean I' t.he worJcihg TH:?nn1 of this

New Z aland 'probably s

labour force' in tho w- d.

'Pellow the. ( of FrigIdaire

low Jabour co to find a'cha

ma rkc t from the 1r oint

e t wh i = sk i.nne d and o du c atie d

whtch is tak1ng advantage l.YJtD to Au s t 8.8i':;'11


'AI though wo ga.-p Ln +ann

L \NO trlg if.)

g. TrlC1 c he

full ther~ 1s a curious

u l.d gtve an :=v),rant tll.cree .• I

1'h(:; document predicted rther do

interne- t bank:

because f assets w.i lL

'it is nearly certain make it tin e xpo rtc r ;

tractive tn wi thin t.wo 30cfoofbus

will bave cnrne to

(For ~! ... n oIe..+c~: Is) s'?e

in the budg~t and and ,g l)T~(.:~ sou ~cc f-c-orn

t mnvc: in n

ChCE1,1) ..- lJui1d,i11f?:S, .Land s rests- •• G

ttl.at N,c"N Z( and oil in uu an t i t Le s to

it 1 b 1'Ci;(i to (""1 :r- rrn.f.~ t~1at it

f (i rc 1 gn II t j f3 C! 1 n g R: e t r s c •..

w a.land h a lf Au s t r-a l i.a t s

1'0' J~::;;(~~) that it

valuation f 110

I I .

C (J /-\ L [>< 1-> /~\ I\J S I 0 f\/.

rsome ara now, it fa ion to convert energy

can tioD from amastia produced coal to sive

o r t e d o i L, r manv have b en er'latic']11y

closed and pro w, however; the wo d-

wi . cnerg:~ crir:,~[:, ve rnrnent to look 8,g:.8in·

at .1. ta POllCY. 11\he rc cently d 15 yea.T co a.I development

progrR.nne (mini stry o f .J:<:;m:;rgy) Lnc.l u s p r-o no s for thr:~

e xpan s i o n of cmYH)liea Hunt Lv Y' the dome s t i c rmar-kc t and

other an a i o n for rt (cw.· ~iJt Davy'). Heavy ernnhe.s i s

giV(2:D to xno r t 9 in art! a t a,II C02JtS to b an ce t're books

For'e i.gn i taJ if] l'Y.lCO'l1 d in to t things moving 9

(C:U3 Mt Davy ) .

The proposed xu sian of mining will create a rtage of

available miners which should tregthcn the bargaining poWer

r wager; and can .it i on s The TlY-'OSP ct o f reue'Nc::d m.i L'it aney

and j cent s ho rrt [1 the au t ho tt 13 who rOST)OnSe is

to hanh the: 'vvorker:,::~f:"o"L'c their strength s . In. the

past 9 when co a'l w;·~.s more ir:1Portant nou rc e of • IS' energy ~

the mine wo r-ke rs were a vc:ry 1)IIc11 organised ~ m i.Li, t an t 9 an d

leading section of N.2.'

If,!O rldng class.

This is no aubt why thB Mines t, have about attacking con d i t Lon a and paymc:ntcc1 of m i ne r-s in UK Waike.to COel,1 'l ds ,

In rc.:;sponso a au c c ssful 16 d trike of OD,,-;Yl c ast vIorb)"L'fl9

m i no r-e 9 and Ln rr) ,vva,~j lE-1UrJ (1 in aUrJf,,~ ~ t,ne fi~CE3t no ici8,}

e t r i.ke " -" de c(;l,cIu 8.

Our rulers want low paid lim

r8 to encourage foreign c3.Tlital


p rof' Lt s from


The Huntly miners have given notice that they won't all their own



Phe new on June 22 United ~5t(Jt(;f'1 -aullpli s

Vih~jn 0 i1 f31XP1'Jl arme d trO()T)S 9 dcstrO\IGr~3 '}

1 i nv ad« and v.i.o Lent.Lv

cornman ;-j hu

ATO 9 General Ror~ers, rev('Cll d

rCI,:' is set U1> the'

th~ continu ion of oil

other oil nroducin COUntries.

this force U~ of 110,000

P, ightcr aircraft bomb rs

continuation of thOR Gupnli s.

This brin~s ~

rna u than ever

th the U.S. Mili !lvisitc;;1!.

r 01' worl!'j 'WDT' "ven clos r. It ruako s it

to fight 8~ w alands alignment

and to \rif:;O rou [~l v OPTlo;::, U. .war:::,b.i n


and p.lant bad

of t 1'-1. rr,; po r1

of <'J,:.:'.

b n 2JU

comi boom in

cutivc( n for h l s

job - a multinational

) h Ini t 1" 0 J:~n ,:,;,,1' an c'l tv

i El tc 0 r 2 .i n an c t r.wo 0 S i. 11 j] .i t'I o d •

Go t ha.t's why wu had Uluthe, etc . force d on u ~'). J)Ld the surnl us COPle

bcfor: the, rbqueflts to xpan d or tr.k' c r way round? Is the

i",ovcrnnmt ju t .i ncorip. tent - or .i s it p Lanrri.n.: ( r thc; bo s se s ) ?


8,luminilAm. ,Cor:::;] fi

o ('

') - 0

• - n Q -. D, (J.. .. '" 0 ~ 8" • • 0 0 • x. . -. . "',.'- II flo () 1'1 II A', . oil' '" 0 • ,Q, _ " e - 0 co •

- 0 ' ~ -0 'un - 0

(~ ('


yJi i1:hUUg11 it 1'18(1 t(' l


of Commerc is t 11 on !.

t iF] br- c> ) J~

TYl\ on +h..

it is most impo~t~nt SlXDT>';rt1nv tti q"l] C'1:d;

» i twill ] cl o u t si d

5th f rtcrrrb 1", 3.



CJL,,, .1 ,'"?:,O r;:; /V\

])ear Sir,

I have rioted the contents of your rt i.c.l e regEj-I'cHng the Cham+e r-s .of Commerce in you:c- issue of July 1979. A number of v aLuab I.e

points are made in this article, on ell a couple of comnen t s

are pe rtiap s of value.

You re r to the campaign being conducted hy the "vell:i.ngton Uha,mber of Commerce regarcUng the industrial activities of'

the Bo-i.Le rmake t-s Union. In f ac t the threclt to begin a

publici ty c ampa i gn has been cEl.rrieo ou t 9 though it be en

of It ttle effectiveness ~ ccnn i.s t m prilT!arily of very small adve r-t i semont s r-e que s t i.ng further cl.onations in the:' news media. Certainly though the Chamber has been active in orchestratinp the c arrpaIgn against the Boilc='?rmakers Union in their struggle for r-e co i tion and for the rirrht to continue industrial activity.

I was pEl.I'ticul'JTly struck by your quo t from the Oanterbury Chamber Yr:-ef:ddent lvlr A.G. Williams ca.L'l Lng for Fl. further

runn i.ng do of trw rail 13. You note that 1180me of h is

members would be only too hapny to make the money from tho~e COffi'n]e_mentary s erv t ces ", In fact Ml" Wil1ia.m's own company 9 (he being closely connecte0 with T. -N. LJ would be in a

no s L +Lo n to [H:mefi t subs t.an t.La'l Lv from tt1OS8 changes. These type S of development· clearly Lndi cate tile role played lJy these aTJ}JFr!;:;nt "nub.l Lc interest" grOl.1T>~'3<

I recently had the intersstin exp~ricnce of being invited to Chamber of Commerce :sominars in both Dunedin and Christchurch to address them on the tOl}ic of nWhat 1;7.;.3 }lnT>loyee Heeds to Know". These seminars arc conve ne d as part of th(,;

Chambers' carnpa.ign to r-su corrpanI o to engage in a more

vigorous proDaganda. we.r th tbeir omployees. Oertainlv

they 1'8 not too happy with rn.y own proTlosi tion which W2U3

tbat tnc wo rko r-s ma i n intcrest~3 were in the develomltf.3llt of

a much mo rc militant an d Fictive unio n , b~ed up by rank: and fi1 barga.in.ing d ernand s for information from their employers

and. by no me an s re etE? d w.i tll trung for the bo ;:)s to exp l a Ln

how much money he h2)(J t 0 t heri in +hc ·nast year.

Iti,s certainly neCeC[58,r;r to tna.Lut.a.Ln a c.":J.rrrpaip:n agc3inst

gr.oup s su ch dE-) tlli::::: who Tiro j e ct them ve iJ [is bei.ng "ne u tral !I

while in fact they Eire Lnc r-e a.s i. taking on the role of

ing the mo s t ac tive noli ti cal coun try.

You r s fratfrnal1y Hob Camr)cll

Tndu strial0fficer 9 Cornb Ln e d Unions