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Behind the Scenes Look at Making a KingsIsle CGI Commerical

Behind the Scenes Look at Making a KingsIsle CGI Commerical

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Learn about the effects and rendering used in making a KingsIsle commercial! Enjoy our online magic game now!
Learn about the effects and rendering used in making a KingsIsle commercial! Enjoy our online magic game now!

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Published by: KingsIsle Wizard 101 on Aug 04, 2014
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Behind the Scenes Look at Making a KingsIsle CGI

We have a treat for you today! Fred Howard, Vice President of Marketing,
is a huge part of bringing the Wizard11 and Pirate11 !V co""ercia#s to
#ife$ He%s taken so"e ti"e to share a behind the scenes #ook at "aking a
co""ercia# in today%s part & of a two'part b#og series$
Have you ever wondered how we create our Wizard101 and Pirate101 commercials? I’m going to do a two-part blog
series on the maing o! our commercials in what I hope is an entertaining loo behind the scenes" In this !irst post# I will
tal about the maing o! one o! our all $%I &$omputer-%enerated Imagery' commercials" (or the second post# I’ll go
behind the sets !or the live action shoot we had !or our recent Wizard101 tournaments commercial" We also wored to
put together a video that wals through the process" )n*oy +'
,imilar to when we create new content !or our games# our commercials !irst start with a story" -asically# .What are we
trying to convey or message with the /0 spot?1 It is more challenging than it may seem as there are only 20 seconds to
tell the story" It’s really more lie 34 seconds when we account !or the opening and closing logo se5uence" /his is a very
iterative process" We go !rom a high concept o! the message to a detailed script written out with descriptions o! the
scenes# character voice lines# 607 &6nnouncer 0oice 7ver 8 voice acting !or things lie the ),9- rating# our website# etc"'
and other necessary details needed to e:ecute maing the commercial"
7nce this is done# we wor with our concept artists to create story boards" /hese are still image drawings that show
detail !or each step in the commercial" 6s with the script# this process goes through a lot o! iterations to ensure we have
the right loo and !eel in the commercial" With the completion o! the story boards# we move into the actual production"
/he !irst thing we have to do is build out all o! the characters# props &lie boats# e5uipment# etc"' and locations in very
high resolution" /his process starts with a bunch o! concept art and the in-game characters to drive the development"
7ur goal is to stay close to the actual game play loo but to tae it to the ne:t level given we have the output opportunity
o! High ;e!inition /0s"
/he !irst piece o! the characters being created is called a -rush <odel" /hese are grey scale characters built out with all
the details they will have in the !inal commercial" 7nce these are done# the characters are moved to te:turing and
shading" /his is where all o! the color and depth is added = things lie maing a leather vest loo .leather1"
6s the characters and props are getting built out# we actually are creating the .set1 in the $%I world by placing all o! the
cameras# characters and assets" 7nce the set is built out !ar enough we start to capture !ootage with the cameras &even
though the characters and assets are not done yet'" /his is called an 6nimatic" <any times an animatic is done with *ust
storyboards# but we !eel it is a much better process to actually use camera moves in 2;" We have to mae sure that what
was envisioned in the script and storyboards actually loos good when it is in 2; with the camera motion" /his process
also goes through much iteration as we mae tweas to the camera moves# the camera cuts# and !ine tune all o! the
/he scene is then !ully animated with all o! the characters and movements" It sounds simple# but this is a lengthy process
and di!!icult to really convey the emotions we are woring to get across" 7nce this is all done# we move to adding all o!
the e!!ects" /his really brings the commercial .alive1"
It sounds lie we should be done> but there are a !ew critical pieces that come toward the end o! the commercial’s
creation" /he !irst is the soundtrac" We have all o! the music !or our commercials scored speci!ically !or that spot"
?sually we have an idea o! the mood@sound that we want !or the spot early on in the process# but until we loc in timing
o! movements and camera angles it is not possible to get a !inished piece" We also have our sound team put down the
soundtrac 8 meaning all o! the sound e!!ects you hear in the commercial !rom cannons to wind to characters grunting
&side note# I actually helped mae some o! the .grunt1 sounds that are in the Pirate101 commercial +''" /he sound
portion also consists o! recording the voice over and announcer voice over" Aou might be surprised that each line gets
read sometimes 40 or B0 times &or more' until we get the one that we thin really captures what we want"
7nce all this is put together# it gets !inalized and shipped o!! to the various /0 channels !or your viewing pleasure" +' 7ne
o! the things I thin is really interesting is how much detail goes into a $%I commercial lie this" ,tu!! gets built that you
barely see &and sometimes don’t see at all in the !inished product' but that we have to get the little details right to
ensure a high 5uality commercial" I thin the video here showcases a little o! that" )n*oy"

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