How to Shatter the Four Fat-Burning Barriers
How to Shatter the Four Fat-Burning
For man& people< losing weight an, keeping it o= isn>t :ust tough< it can
%e near impossi%le. )he constant set%acks an, painful &o-&o ,iets can
,amage a person>s self-con9,ence< social life< :o% performance an,
health< lea;ing one feeling like a total failure.
But accor,ing to 4r. Ste;en Sisskin, from Stan,for, !ni;ersit& an,
Ba&lor College of ?e,icine< the pro%lem ma& not %e &ou< it ma& %e four
speci9c hormones. 4r. Sisskin, o=ers tips on how to com%at the
pro%lem< as well as a new< research-%acke, supplement that claims to
melt fat awa&.
0. @ot 3nough A,iponectin
A,iponectin tells &our %o,& to %urn fat for fuel< %ut the more fat on
&our %o,&< the lower &our a,iponectin le;els. )o %reak the c&cle an,
kick start &our a,iponectin< take a high-quality magnesium
supplement or eat lots of see,s an, green< leaf& ;egeta%les.
.. Insulin Imbalance
A;erweight people often experience some le;el of insulin im%alance.
*hile this ,oesnBt necessaril& mean &ou>re a ,ia%etic< it is a ma:or
un,erl&ing cause of excess weight an, o%esit&. Howe;er< a recent
stu,& foun, that consuming
2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before a high-carb meal
signicantly reduces blood glucose levels!if you can stomach
6. "oo #uch $hrelin
(hrelin is the hunger hormone.
"he more you have in your system% the hungrier you
are and the more fat your body stores. &ew research
indicates that lac' of sleep increases ghrelin levels%
so get (-) hours of shuteye.
But skip the ca=eine an, energ& ,rinks< %ecause the resulting crash
slows &our meta%olism an, makes &ou feel hungr&< e;en when &ou>re
-. *ortisol +verload
*ortisol is necessary for a ght or ,ight situation% but
too much increases your cravings for sweets% stores
body fat% brea's down muscle tissue% and can cause
depression. -educing stress is the best solution C if
&ou can 9n, the time to ,o it in &our %us& sche,ule.

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