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JUl\f}~ 19130




Edi torial



Briaf items



Roac t Lon s to Coma1co Docuruorrt s


GAFCINZ Opposos Now SU]JorpohTcr

q o

Report on CAFCINZ 1980 AGN

Should CAFCHJZ {::o National

Is }]'orDign Envos'tmorrt Worty, It'?


90 Progress Huport f:comNorthEast Ch r-Ls t ohur-oh Enorgy Group 13


11. NCtlT UoSo IUIHe.ry Lns t e.l.Lat Lon inrLZQ .~

Southern Hem i.s oh cr-o 'frnnsit Circlo


12 Q Obituary.- Ron McLu[m



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r-n ol C e:l~: oc urnon t

; and t r-:rc::'t

B-"lt ;)8 m o Fi t \'iri 11 b c: crYtT (l_.r o 9

this tim it will b wors.

f")C~UL~,H ic

01121 t :.l_t .i t s cx i.s tcuo history ifl c:bout to rep'

'Ph c G)V()r"{lm~:tlt h aa just (xp,msion of t r, Illuff ern 1 i;

appo ar-s r-o tn t t() an ot r nud orrt ir-o l v 1101,,] smo l.t cr-

at Timaru, Dunodin or Bluff. 08 nre prosontly bidding for the

second smelter - in ardor of like 8 tt arc Comnlco~

AluG;miDc····CSR--Plctch rs (:3W:i.f3C--.JJZ ... jj r[l.lir:.n) 9 R,.ync,ld:J j'/Je,t:':ls rind E;'1rtLn

lj.:1.riott (boUt Uf C:)wpanics) 0 quouc , and probably f'o r

the so~ci'.llcd electricity "S1.1rplu;c)" h, o Louur-ca of mllul-'c.::cs in Jc;p~',n (Tilh r-o

electricity ie gcncr~',tod f r-oru ;)il) 9 ,m.(l r\ cjl:tortago of pcvrr US.

Aluminium c ompnn i cs iU'C) ac our-i ng tIl ~;/orld for cho ap powc r and compliant

c:ovcrmncnt,3. Our c orn p lLarrt Gov'H'nrncnt ];,',iJ c r orrt od an o l oc t r-Loi ty aur-p l us

w i t h v i c i ous electricity pric ris El arid by Dd t h Cluthc:.


orrt ?dG:3pit o

no 1

t to do "D.

In 1\pri:t9 ot :'(';0

smeltcr which concludod do not agro with

Un i vor-s i ty lJI'Ofc)c8or pub l Lshcd :1 stud.Y second

tlw:i; it wDuld [)O an "caorLOmic d i s arrt cr" 0 lrJhilc we

in e tudy, it is c Lc ar-Ly .far's1itpuri,o:r to

o t ho r !lfj-'cucli()fJ1! \,rhich hav o prop(!.:;-ntoci thn gru~'.t 'bcJl]c:fits to N02. of pr-oduo cr- of euoh c:\\:;rvil nrlJfbhtsh ·.U) tho

o.Lum i.mi urn srn o I t cr s , 'I'h

N.Z. Institute of Economic

3009000 ton Loct r-Lci ty

pc}r cxc

from Profousor Noesokc!s study! the proposcd

smelt, l' ldill ccnsumo vono Iln.lf of: all NoZof s l'y(lro,smelting .~ ()n()hnJf~ ~ .~. . .'th\;'i; o1l2.1 -c o st of

million in 1 0 dollnrfJ.

, IF]}) tnt :Li'}, o s t

bo twc cn Engln.nd nnd I,'rC'.ncco

bd'" in N"o z.

uo od for



mo r-o ,

i<~: 150C)

r·, .


cl ·

srno l t or- and hydr-o powc r nl:'~:nt will bo about ].fl OV'I' ;X200c) for evc'r;;r po r-s on cost of a single-truck mu.l t inn.t il)n",1 s




If +h o S

smelt r is buiPU

It is difficult t kn0W .i.s to Lufo rm ;-:)~.f3 Elr.::Jl,Y po

first ~;tcp


on o of

should be C).ware 9 t o o ~ p r-cs orrt !lncw·-wavc11

Wo urge to do

thnt t111:3 pn.rtlcuJ2.r scl1···(lut is

o f f invc ut m ont.; i.Ourfu t nrc

Ls 'blceJ( ="" un l ceo itlC (10 E~

about :it 0

C (.\l!'CIIIJZ hew emo l t propoflr1.1

r-oo oiv od n C()py of t}:u F'lctcl}.::;r~l\lucuiC3s() •.. c~m alum i.nium

t o tbc: G,nrurnmunt 0 KC:3T Po i n t s .i ncLud o s

tbn c)loctricitypricwill bo n.bout L4 cunts/Lmit1 th f'rwour-od c; t i_~J Dunce] in 9 hut .£~,:.:~. Jlrnmorma

prc:sunrJ)l,',r t

of tl10 C n.pit 21 to qual1 for In ot h c r- c_)rds 9

b oc nus c of ()}J"\TiT·oru-nc_}J.1 ;:\1



r-s \,rill:mt up

for the smt 1'9 which would th inc t f~ (hThicb. ;,\)"0 Zo p o o p Lo ar o t 1)0 r()"blJc:d

tho a'l um i.n Lum (;xpc)rts

'7' " C omo C')

o " .. ! C, t, It L- 1-.) 0

"Tit1:. PI utchcr' s

c ouni vnnc o , i! will ti'UD

to FlUb;;



BRIEl,l ITillYlS

a}, 'I'h o Labour Pn.rty Conforence vo t od in f avour- of "d thdrO,wl from the

lloN.ZoD,S" pact, This is to bo c ommond.od , but unf'or-t un at o Ly <J, Lzib ou'r

Government is not bound by Conferonce deoisions. UndoubtodlY9 this will b

ano mora decision that will not be implomonted. Included in this

"VJatch_do,g" is an ar-t i.o I on a new U. So military installation peing builtin

fJierlborough. I'That policy doos the Labour P::crty have "11 this matter in

~iow of thoir Conferenco decision? •

b)" Tho Rio Tinto Zinc Corpor';,tion rocontly roportod. a pr o-ct ax annual

profit of ¢9Q4- m Ll Li.on , puttiI-;:g it in:to tho s am o Lo agu o as tho oil c ompan i o s , He 'I', Z. 9 on o of Comalco's par-on t c orapan i.oe , has 2" total value of about

~5 b'i Ll.Lcn , \i 0 don f t h av o figures for Gomal.c o t s obh o r vpar-on't 9

Kai acr- Aluminium? but thoy would. be about ¢lOO million profit on ¢l billion

c.ap.l t o L, Tho B'l uf'f sInoltor is own od half by- Ooma'I c o ana. hrvl f' by two 'lorY

Inr,'"o Japa.,1'1oso o cmpan i cs , Altogether thG~T probably c orrt r-o L groater

f'Ln ancd a'l r os our-o oe thfl.n do cs tho No Z. Gov(lrnrnont and? as tho "Oorna.l co paper-s" ahow , h avo groo:tor ihtorn[ttional Ln f'Luonc c ,

c) 0 ~ . arc Vlh;,t pay for this nowslettu/ and tho not Lnc ons id or-ab l e

oxponscgotting tho Comalco documents to tho nows modia (¢30 - ¢40). Just

like tho dabi oolloct ion agoncios)' li<JO s ond out 8(;VOr91 "final war-ni ng''

n o't Lo o a , but ovontually orio roally will be f'Ln el , So if you ar-c b oh i.nd ,

p Lo ae o catch up. As annual subs ... Jill soon be duo , you may bo Lucky and

Get both this yor:tr C'!.11d next yenr for tho price of on o ,

d) 0 Tho last l114atohd?~ on tte .:g~omnlco paJ.?,~':rs", c on't aj.ncd a lot of

r-o , Boc auao of "tho l::trge amount of worle 111'101 vod , we pr-epar-ed thorn

for the nows media and just pr Lrrt od offaxtrn c o pd os and e t ap Lod them

togothor to f'o rrn tho ~'Watcbt;iog". If you f'ound it hard to r-o nd , we suggost

rending oaoh document than tho c or-r-o apond 811Rlysis9 rD-ther t.han just reading straight through tho nOVlslcttoro

There arc s omo corrections which might h o l.p the und or s t and i.ngs

Document Nc 19 at tho top C.1rJ.iO.Tullcr:.:: CovJoO.Turnor


til inist or-s r£ildoon



EAR Bonnoville Powor

Authori ty

.. Minister "" r,i[uldoon ,., BPA ",·l\TZAS


Bonneville Power Administrnt ion

Dooumont No 2A9 e.t
Document, No 4, noar
J)ocument No 5? toxt
Analysis of 2A &. 2:89 tho top tho bottom







In o as o you were lookindrori t ~ wo d i.dn I t at t ompt n roproduction of Documorrt No 60 It is r'. fairlY largo ar-t i c Lc by CAFCINZ '\",hich • .,J1\.S printed in a student nowspapcr , "lith tho v.nrds "P'i Lo CAFCINZ" writt~n on. t ho tapo

Enclosod 1:Tith this "vh.tchdog" is a ch ar-b or the: own or-eh i p of the Bluff smolter (Lo. NZAS) wh i ch helps to sh ow the context of docuruorrt e , espocially numbors 2~ 394 and 59 nLL of wh i.oh involve r-o Lat Lon ah Lpe bot"loon the owning c ompan l cs ,

FinallY9 in this issue is an nr-t Lc I e on tho r-o act ion a to pub l 'i.c at i on

cf tho documorrt s , The rrt t omp't s by Muldoon to distort and confuse thoir

siGnific~co has in fact hel pod us to undor-st and t hrrt sig:rlificrmcoo



Ivluldoon at t aok s strrny.l

man? Como.Lc o oalls po l i c e ,

It was ovident r- Muldoon d i dn ' t like ,IS publishing oe r-t a i n internal

Com al.c o d ocurn cn t s , Ho lnshod out in hiscu.stomn,ry style] rather danGorous

if h o c onn oc t s, but ArC) c an roport no dnmC',[?:,oo In f'no t it appear-s th"'1;

dospite nIl his b l.ust cr-, h o r-o e.l Ly didn't ~'Ji',nt to taku us on <it nlH

lrh mailed tho first ihrcc d0C11',Hn:ts 1;Q hi.m , timod to ar-r i vo at tho

s nm o t imo as their »ub l i c at ion on Suriday , iI'lsy 110 His reaction was


".£1 Lortd of ••• IY~

In "Tho Pross'~ he called: us "fmlOtics" and s ad d thoro was no r-o aaon to go to tho U"S.:1,nd discuss tho Dm{Ur price ncgotiatir;ns in d()trdl~ as

they had a l r-e ady been d.isoussed t--li +h Comnleo in No Zo "[;lhd rubbishl YrJo

nover BRid that detailod d i acuaedons had takon place. What, we did say?

based on tho Comalco dooumcrrt a 2fl. and 2B? was that it'iuldoon had disCUSSGd tho Comalco "problemil loJith the lio S. Secretary of EnergY9 Jamos Sohlesingor? and th;::t Lat cr= t h e U.So Governmont h and ed a irascript to Comn.l o o ,

Not i.c e that !l(luldoon ovad cs a simple '\yesll or final! to the main question

whot:ttOr such ialks had actually t8kcnplace. He must know whether or not

t.h ey did. Ho didn't dony i"ty wh wou l d be the most d ev as t a't Lng reply he

oou I d give us. Thoreforo, the answer is "y e s" 9 trw Coma' documents arc

nut.hont Lc , tho quotes thoy contain from tho lVluld:)on-Schlosinger meoting aro aocurnte9ancl the U.SoGovcrn.ment did. pass c onf'Ldorrt i a'l information to

Como.lco. 'I'hanks for letting us ronow9gr fJiuldoon"

On TV and in th(', tlChris-Gchuroh Staril? he E,ngrily r-o j oo t cd claims "as

'"" load of nonsense" thst Comalco first learned. of the revisod prico it pays

for e l oc t r-Lc i ty from a top U , S.Govornmcmt officialo This is 2,nother cunning

BlnnoeUVer ~ s ot t up a f'a.l.s o allagc.,iiorly irnpJ.yirl'g it C[JIDC f'r-om CllFGI1:JZ"F,Tl(1

them rubbishing it. The analysis of Docum orrt s 2]:, and 2B pub ed in tho

last _!!1'1atchdott . is v,hai we actually s a.i.d _. -tho,t Tenalysis is oxac t Ly tho same

as t he str"tomcmi handed to tho 1101'[S m odi a also s en t to MuldooYl.

Nowhoro in it d i.d we say n:nyi;hing even faintly rosem-blingIVluldoon's lIsi;raN"

al1cgfltiono Obviously he is quito omb ar-r-nas od if he h ae to rosort to t r-i cks

like thC',t in an f£'ort to discrecUt us.

lYlr Holl211d LibcllGd?~

Docum orrt 1 sews t hat in r,'!ay~ 1976~ a Com a.l c o report was c'lulivcrod to tho pr-i vat o sGcrotary of tho thon lVIinistor of Eno r-gy Rcs our-c es , EL8.1i', Holland? for'ro-typing on of'f Lc i a.l Cabinct paper sto.tionory.

NIr Wluld):m told +h o "Christbhl1roh St8.r" e

I think th2.t is .dofGu1l2.t"lry. I think it is dcf8m:"\t ory of Wir

Ho l l and , lrJhpt h appcn s about it, is n(")-[; for me to say at trns

stngo. I think you can suc the point t hat (1 Ministor of t},,1

Crovm dolibort.toly deccives his c o l Lo aguc s (sic). That to mo , is a dofat11atory st at omorrt (sio),,"

In f'ac t vJC don't kn ow whothr,r NOflsrs Holland arid Gordon tr:ieCl to

dco e Lvo their oo11eo,guos9 so we nov c r said. thct they d Ld , Howovo r-,

bcc aus e vw bolioved then arid even more s o now t h.vt tho "Comn'l co papers" ar o both nuthcmtic and n.ccur::>.tc9 \'iC can't h o Lp but w()nd)r ab ou t c cr-t a'i n things:;


why lIHcS tho Comr.Lo o report to be r:>-typod on .")fficial Cabinet paper stn.tiorlcry?

why l"n'..s the report \'l-ritton in such [\ ,vny th2t it do o s not identify its author? (In fac't , in our' op i.rrt on , a o aaun.l

r-o ad cr-, un awar-o of its au thcr-sh i.p , wou l o nrrt ur-n l Ly as sum e it ~ncl boon ~rrJ'JG+0~ ~v tln~ -tS ~ W D )

! ... L:. ,_ ~.l., V' ~ V ,..,J. ... ~,J;_; "'''.d, '.; 0 lie , (I

why lIms Con c.l c o told the report would Wlt '00 roforrod to tho N.Z.E.D. for commont?

why was rill' Holland tn be Lns t ruo t od to presont th(: report to Cabinot wh on i tv10.8 not him but IVIr Gurdon Wh0 had talkod to tho Comalco roproscntntivcs?

(Tho Comalco report and c ov o r-Lng Lo tt cr , [mel tho cna'Lys i s wo g,:wo to

tho nows m od i.a, ar-o ccmtn.inccl in tho provious ."l"l[1.tchd~). By the wnY9

wo ha~G yot to hoar f'r-om anyon o t s ao l Lo i tor-s (1tJhich~ of c our s e , gives a strong indication as to tho r:J1S"(ATDrS to tho questi'ms). - Muldoon Attempts. an JiJr8,SUreg

And now to Ducwnont 3u How did Muldoon handle th['t one? Very

clcvorlyl Ad opting a trick of Ri chard NiJu)n' s 9 ho modo 8, six wook period

in 1977 disappear from h Ls t o r'y]

Document 3 rovealspartof Comalco's r-o ao t Lon to a IL Z.Govornmont throat to legislate a c ompu.l sor-y s et t Lomorrt in tho j)Oi'ITor prico t21k89 if n.groorllont was not r-oaohcd soon. t'li thin Po fow days they had ocrrt Lo t t or-s to their paront compan i os in Bri arid the U. S. nsking for Govornment action agctinst N.Z. .A similar Lo t t or- wont to Comnl o ' s Japanose subsidiary? and they wroto to the Aus't r-a'l i an Pr-imo Hinistor? ]\ill' Fr8ser, presumably with tho s am o request.

In liTho Pross":m tfiay 12" 1980, Muldoon dcrri cd tho N.Z. Gr)vernmcnt had

boon "loanod"on. Amplify·ing the; next day? h o said Comclco h ad d.e Layod

mak Lng a decision on the fclr;,napouri pJ'dor price in 1977.

"l,~o gGt t:)\oJ'8.rds tho end o f tho Parl1.omontary session and tho;y

woro hanging on umd hanging on , Evory month ttc;:1t thoy d e Lziy ed

was a mat t o r of millions of d o Ll nr s to the NoZ. tr~payGI'" 0 Cornalaow(ls told by tho Gi)VOrnmont t ha t it had until +ho h"U60 1'080 to agr-o o t o n, pr i.c o , and Ti.rrUJ W[i.rned th"t if it h ad not s ot t Lod

tho m at t c.r Par-Li araorrt would logislr~to to orrt ab l Lah n "fair pr-Lc o" 0 " At that s t egG thoy c\c;rocclil•

Tho first t,,,C) parngra'phs ar-c t r-uo, Up until Oc tobo r , 19'7'79 formal

nogotin.tions had boon in :::)1')[,;1'088 fo r a yoar? informeJ_:mos oven Inngoro And 2.t a saving of over ¢1?0009000 po r morrbh , tho smelter c ompan i e s wore quito willing~ to k e cp tc1.lking! So f ar , 80 9 and po r-f'oc't Ly cor-r-oct , ]'iII' Wluldocm. Thon thqiUroat to legislate; wr;.s Ls sucd on October 309 1977 - pay up or irlo'll f'or-c o you to , "At th'-t str'.go they n.groeclH 9 srdd J.1r Muld>:mo

But Bottloment was not roachod until Decembor 13, ovor six woeks later.

Muldoon has o Lam in at od tho who I e period wh on al I the nc'tion took place ( talk about ro-wri t ing hist ory~ )

As blr Muldoon tolls tho st')ry) he isS1:wcl a thrcn.t arid Comalco surrona.orc(L

This is n ot t r-uo , Gomnlco rospo11doc1 imffiodi:1.tcly by wo.lking out of

t't' .... 1.)~""·1-~ 't o t.r r'. k.",·J_ ao t i.on (tboir .1moJ'Tor waB former PoriL.

noga 18 lons, p~8.a~11~__. ~ ,

Jack MarshalH) 9 anclby sooking ac t i.on JlL 2. by Britain, J2P[l,Yl,

Australia o..nd tho U.S.


next haB nevor been rovoa1

and C'\/(JY.:. t.h o


.~_" Coma.I o o l~as t pe~Jr t.imos

low. Earli 9 tho Government was

Cornalco offering t os. So did tho Government c or did

C)HiEtlco! S par+y on tlJe l1';i' the sottlomcmt Lnd i o a.t o the

:)PI)OS it c?

D)cumont 21\ shows they U.S.

Ho ro i[; Cll1,th(;r r-e on Nov ombor- 149 19779 tho Hl\ustralian Financial Revic'i"n published a Lo t t or f'rom f\.ustrr\lLJn P, lVL lj'r("!,scr} to'lL S-:Prcsicrm;::r~--' -->

, crj.t~a;inG :M:uldoon' s fish diplomacy against Jr;,p&YJo Tho Lc t t e r had

bo(m \IJTitten in l\ 197'7" but r-c Lo aaod t c tho Hfl.FoR." about 10 days

aft o r Come.I c o wrolio to }i'; .. , and it cortainly h:::J:'clMulclooYl jtlmping up and downo Tho connoation to tho powor prico talks is t ad, but docs 0xistg

0.,) tJ1G srneltor is 501) In]?nneSG D1:vncd)

b) ill 19779 J'1pan vJaS strungly rOflisting Muldoon's and for

c) t ho J;1.~!'allGSeSrf101tc;1~ c ompan i as woro .push lrig for Lnc r erxs ed

access in return f'o r only a small powc r pric e Lnc r-e as e s

d.) Wlulci'Jon was rying to b.lackma.i.I J?pan by b nnn i ng thoil' fishing s (,,,rhild inviting in tLe Russians)9 .uid by act -t

on. tho Ernel tcr-,

So was it m c o Lnc Lrl enc o li':cascr's lotter vJC,S Leaked to the

~_~lhf~ n'c that lfIll,.-],'!; sort of aotion ll1ig'llt ()c;mfllco h[\V() had in mind?

Mr v'J.AoP()olo9 11.os02.['oh D'i r-cc'tor- of the NoZoBankoX's iISV)cip,tion9 has apok on

UlJ in defence of CI)UlJ,lco s ovoraI times in 'U1'.J Las t dccrvico He h as als o

1-wrkccl for the ]\J Zo Ins-Li 't ut o of Econnmic R08Gr',t'ch which ,Jri tt on many

r-cpor-te pu.r-por-t to show IF'oat bcnc f it s to iL Zo from. tho Bluff smo lt cr,

Bill Po o Lo , i;:l 19709 wh on ho h ad acc e se to ouf'Ldcrrt Ln'I Come-loo Dw.terial and. vvo,e iII C Lo e e c cnt act 'v'Jit11 C oma l o o ~ s aid_g

"'1'110 c ap it a.l Lmmo r s od in t ho

Get tb.o JT10SS


J..,_ ..... , 0',

Hc denios he wns

loaned on, But if that is truo5

19'77? Pe r-h.ape IiI] is hidinC: GornoUd

to distort the evonts of

DO vcry intcrost





Cornalc!)! s rn an in N'oZ!". 7 J1G:-:;,y>.d~ 'of 't h e nCnrCi[tlco papers" say much of it ~;"j't,~~j ltC)1:)\Ti')"Lu:31:;r r-ubb l sh" () I-lis s oo ond

h i s

firttt r-o ao t fon 1r'l2.S to

reaction was to call in tho police.

I]}he next d:1~f St'crHg HI have no ::'.dca >v.ho:t

tl1.c:[~O pe op Le hz-vo rt.xHl 2.. G r=:ic1 en\} if I18COSrLr(7,ry? we can

fo l.Low thing,:) r.p" 0 f tho IE'cpers as a serious t or-, Lttto'9 he tn:l,d "Tho !II don+ t },'oal know what it is t.'.11

abou t yo+" 0 to 1'1::1.:3 tr'.mblo findin.g throe? d.ocumcns o run

all the C)-tllcr'L~ ill 11iE; f i Le s , But no t Lc onc o 11(J! c1 + imo to soc

copios of the d.ocumGn-:s ?luickl;r dr::Jppod 2c3J.y claim Etc.t whr.t "'C) s a i.d \''''.8 r-ubb i sh ,

Tho n cxt we hoard W8.S D. r-adi o rC:t)nrt thre 1 at or tht't tho pol ice

had invest ed and found no o r ime h committed" Very interostiw:;!

Trle c an inform our rUQclers th"ttho thorough police invostignti::m did not ,_

. 1 ~l . t .... [lxnr" T'C'P . . .• ._- uc G a.n orVJ.owlng", V 111' II'!:!J raombcr , :)r trYlng to d.l sc ovor- what documents

wo hold. If tho d ocurn orrt s 1!JC) h av o Were ;Jrigiru:tls9 D, charge of theft could

be Inid.

So why not pursue tho [latter? Nlr Bonnett was quit 0 omb ar-r aas od by tho

publication of -the documents and h don e Hl1 Iro can to d arapon n ews med i a

interest in thorn. A police invustiC;2,tion only I:tI'OlWCS more interost. 809

it must be drol')porl. Nevortheless, we o an assure t,lr Bennett that ,'J};latever

his influence with the police:'·.nc1 the 110WS media? he will n o t be ab l e to stop us from, an over widor d Ls t r Lbu t Lon of tho documents "mel their c on t en ts ,

He hope evontuolly tlvd most of No Zo will know of thc; tricks his o ompany pulled in 19770

And A Word on tho Nows Media:

One word is r.I L th"t is noc cs s ar-ys gutless. r~ul(bon made blatant

distortions and they clidn't;1:>ick it up. Bennett c Lammed up p,ncl they didn't

persist. In the Case of tho TY 1 with Govornment enc(JurC'-{:;oment 9 they Lat ch ed

onto tho idea +h at the documents Hmayhave2jJ. innocent oxp I an 2.t i on" Q In

itself tho iden. is r Ld i cu.Lo'us, out oven if it is aooepted? tho TV didn't o ar-o to notioe that "maybe Lrin oc on t " implies tho possibi~ity "may not 00 Lnnoosrrt "

aswo I L, J.~s we said alrovo 9 iCSUtloss yesmen (end women) 0

What sums everything up? Muldoon showed. 1J.Jhnt a trick;y- opornt or hC'is ~

but looking closely iNG can s e e in his contortions confirmation not only of tho authorrt Lcd t y (which Tt1Te already knew) but of the accuracy of t h o

"Csmalco papers" 0 • Come.Lc o c Lamm ed up in emb ar rus sm errt , an(; the nows media

showod again tho gutless wond cr-s ~TO D.hir,.ys kn ow they VJOro. If lrJntorg.ato

had happened in N.Z., Nixon would still be President.

Q 0 o u' 0 o 0 Q (J CI 0 0- ~, 0 0' 0 '0 c e 'J o 0 0 0 C (l- C e Q' 0

Tho f i.n al dre.ft of the booklot onforoigll investment (focussing on the

Fedoral Republic of Gormany) has boon compl ct ed , It now h as to be typo-sot,

laid out arid rtrint-ud,~,

ltJe 1100(1 Lo an s and c1.ow-cti:Jnsj $Jvoralhundrcd moru dollnrs needed.

Up until n ow thore has boon no oh ar-g o f'o r In.bour9 t.h at is, it has boon

researched, writtol1 nnc1 typed for nothing. 'Things got expensivo from now

on , Commercial typosetting chargos a'l on o 0..rc ~7 per hour , Not that

money hasn't a.Lr-e ady boon spont - over ~60 h2.8 gone on photocopying costs to supply copies to all contrib~tors, so thnt a finnldraft could bo thrashod out at several meetingso

Loans will be rUi'Jaicl .::8 s oon as passi ble aft or t h o booklet goes on

s a l e , Donations ar-c w o Lc ome , Semel any money to CJ\:fi'CnJZ~ specifying

that it is for tho bo ok l e't , cmd specifying ~!h()thc;r it is a Lo an or

don at Lon ,

I~ 10

opposes tho Chinos miGsilo test in tho Pacific. It is

not a dumping for tt:

Poople's Republic ~f ChinQ France as Gov cr-nrnorrt s thctt Xl(\S no rif;lrt tfJ 't8St miss its own borders.

toys of any nation. tnbly tho

has joined th U.S., Soviet Uni ,Britain nnd

have cynicaL'l y abused tho Pacific ar-e a., Ch i.n a

o s :)r o onduo t any m i Lft ar-y ac t i.v i.t d c s ou t s ido

As if this was n o t d i s+ur-bj nr- ov i d onc of Chirw's push tobecolUo

the world's third superpower? there il") a mat t cr closer tJ in l\T,Z.

Follmving tb.G r-oc orrt State visit)f Vicc.>~Pr()mior Li" thoro Wt,S Lnf'o rrnod ncwapape r apccu.Lrrt Lon ( 00 go 9 the "Pr-oaa" 9 22/15/80)' th2>t the PRC w<:"s int crested in D. joint vcn tur-e to o s t nb I Lah a pulp [mel pap~r mill in ILZo to supply

the Chinese mar-kct , 'rho PRe vwuld up ~200]'i[ilti)n to build. a p l an t to

produco 200,000 tonnos p.o..

CAFCINZ totally OppOSGS exist pubp 0.1'1(1 papc r joint vcnturos9 that

is 9 the C ar-t or-Panpacific lrfhirinnkc one (Japanese)8.ncl the ltJinst one-S,lIT!sung

Karioiono (South Korean). We OppOSG tho proposed Nelson pulp mill joint

venture involving CSH and s (Australi.'l)? and thG proposed Marsdon

Point on e involving Forest Pr~)l'luctf:J and T,)kai (J2,pnn)o ifJe OpOOSO fishing

joint ventures such as the "v!ToscrmundG" (lrlnst Germn.llY) or thr)s() involving

Flotchors9 Snnfc)rc1s rend Amalg2m::rtC!d Fislwrios (SDvi(at Union). To sum UP9

W'G opposo 2i,11 "j.Jin.t ven t ur cs" 0 TJl.~Y ~,imply m e rm NaZio big bus i.n e se m akc s

it e as Le r f:)1' foreign govornll1en-ts and mul·t "tionals to rip off' NoZo 9

whilst rn ak i.n g a quick buck f')r :i trc10lf 0

CAB'CINZ has al1rrays s a.i.d thnt it T,>T)uld pub l Lo Ly srorrt r-o L involving Ch i na, whon [end if it ar-o s c-, It h ns ONG allegiance to no f'oz-c i gn Powo r-, Our c1J.legiancc is

c) rl.ny foreign

arid 'IlO hav e., :,\jo

to tho N.Z. peDple.


sago is 01 0:1' ~~ mu l t iID10t i0110.13



9 n/5/80.

Minutes f'rou 1979 AGlVIo

F ial Report.

Election of affie 1'8:

Chair - Bill Rosenburg

Secrot T\ry Hurrny Hort on

'I'r-o asur-or- .- John 10e

d.) RQ;)')rt f'r-ou Chc\irporu

\oJhon I look b ack a+ the 12 mon t he si nc o +ho Las t LGWI~ and p0SC the

qu e stion , what has C;\}<'CTNZ d.onc , i;hd an sw e r Ul,.U3t -bo, -~ not much , 'I'ho r o has been 2, positive doar-t h of the ArJorictlll bnrldi()~.; pas s throu{;h Hprouoorl and

Lyt tel ton thD,t have pr)viciG(l us pr-of'o s si.on e.I est o r s with our raison

d ' o t r-o in, the) pDcs'L S'J1C Mwric2,nshn'vo been to') busy prc;D8.ring f'or a rov,l

HaX' to send us :lUr arinu a.L rruo Lcr.r- subm ar-i.n o , The only visit of note vEtS

tlwt of Mc:lcJD1 li'rc;sor) h e r-o t) br-Le f Huldoon on flf'gll'lllist an e.t Noah s 0

C.i\l\'CINZ p Iay ed :JH't in tho subs cquerrt

So in terms of pickctG1 demos) etc CAFCINZ's h i s t o ry is litt.cru" jJ.rith pickets

fishing bonts to U.S. Cancras cn. Thero was

An(]. c, trllDg to.

s:Jf cvor:fthing from f o r-e i gn JDe such picket in the lost

v G ~'r <" n (1 it '1 r C) q C r't t h (') ,',~, t ), GIVi •

Ch;~~b;;'of C ~;mm:;rc(; (it-; ';i~' no+ hel


mnnthly mcot

() beoau s o

)f th

f 1'

It was Dc one r, but is lr~toJ~o

rctt1tuttc thc'.t 1'11 como to

Ci,_FCINZ l,yCLS nvol vcd in nlP,j or d orn o in Christchurch in the Las t ycnr

n::mwly rtt tho Nat ;JnTl Pnrty C cnfcrol1cc c1t tho Town Hal I in J'u l y , Once 'lg,'1in

this erew 'Jut of :;, sug{\csti.:m from Laa t yoe,r's AGJlL ClD'CD.fZ, Ln i t Lat cd tho

,,,h,)10 thing nrid was instrument in s ct t up tIIO broad united fr-orrt Group t o

organiso it9 nam o Ly the Poople's Corlitirmo Cni'CINZ p I ayod its p[~rt in GIl

tho necessary ",ork? Dogo pub l i.c tt y , m oney , pickets? tJlC ext r-emo l y successful

and very rn iLi t arrt dcrno , For the r-ccor-d , CAIi'CnrZ is L)()king",ft.jr tho last

%50 or so)f Poople's Co,\Jition m on oy , to be hold in trust f!Jr f'u t ur-o such united front work.

TJ e oth':,r r:1C1j or pr-o j oc t Gj\RCHrz HC:\S and is invol vcd in is tho book l of

on f o r-o I gn corrt r-o I , foc],tss primarily on the TpJest Germcm ec onom i c pen e-.

t t . ']" ~ ml . .L ,), t' .' t 't . I, • Lv'i . t f

r ati on a.n }·JoLJo L1lsA."noJ.lor uni 0 ,£;1' on pr-oj acu , a.nvo. va ng 8.. Varle"y 0

groups ["no. Lnd i.v i duu'l s • .As it s t an ds , it is 2. set toxt with resenrch of.e,

high s tand ar'd , giving c ompr chcns coverage of 1;'. difficult s i t ua't i.on ,

Narn o'Ly , West Gormany is nvt yet errt r-enohed into N.Zo 9 S wo aim to stop somethi,ng (at tho mo s t ) ()r oxpla in it (nt +h s least) bof or o it h app en s ,

An edited version w i.t h rnas s appoal lS an iden yot to bo put into action.

So both m aj or- projects Ln i t i c t cd by CAFCINZ in tb.o l"st year wero

united front Dues. 12. siD;n both of strength and worJcness. A strength

b ecairs e it broadens c orrt ac t s 9 and enc our ngos unity of pur'pos o among n

d i vo r-s i t y of gr'mps. 1\ wod<:noss boc nuao it shows Cj,F'CINZ is to(Jsmo,ll to

do it e.I one ,

Cl\FCINZ has C()l1til'lUO,l -to pr-oduc o its n:.;wslettor9 "lrJatchc1og'1 ~ more and

rno r-e rogularlY'iVer tho Last yenro Its rU:5o('rch sec ond

t riDno9chw in no sm a'l I me aaur-o to th extensive fil s and. contacts we have built up over tho YO:1rs. Every WGokUOI" indivic'!ucls c)r groups subscribo to "V-h.tchCtoe". \"10 r-cc e Ive rG{011nr reguosts for inforrnrtion and speaking Lnv it ati on s 't o ach.oo l s , vru-s i t y, plus the odd :opp1'o<;.c11 by tho modLa f'o.r an i.l1torvicw.

C1\IDC'IJ.-JZ 11r1.s bu i.Lt up r-o l at

isniions in countries as diverse ,U3 Brito.ins l~mGrico.9

with Kindred o1'gr:nl1u.stralin and Iceland.

'I'h i s work is~ howcvc r, r.I I l::,rgoly un s by the vast mnjori ty of

po op l e , IIWo.tchcloC;" only h as a o Lr-ou Lrvt ion in the hundreds, although vJidely

sc~\ttorocl c·.r:mndthc wh o l e country, Tho ac t c cr-o is half rc dozen

pe o p'lo , ho.a ao t u e.Ll y shrunk in the Ydc'r. The membership in

Christohurch, lot alone the rest of N.Z., is lo.rgely uninvolvedo This i.s

not surprising, ::W ['0 much of the vTJrk is rout inc 9 and requires an o.p1;i tude;

f o r- r-e ao ar-ch (and bl boring r-c so ar-ch o:t +h r.t }, vve hnv o compiled [1

1")c:"11 phono-·trcu9 but its on I been us cd onc o t date.

A side issue; on tbiJ quec t i on of m embor-ah i p, Und o r my ruthless

M.ulclOOhist npTH' We h avo pu_rc.;o{] tho mo.iling list of unf' i.nanc La.I po op'l e ,

The ¢2 sub has not rison ai noo !lHntchd first ajJ[i:)n.rod over 5 yenrs ago~

¢2 is Q minimal Ql1l1u'11 o on t r-Lbtrt Lon to any Dr!:~::"nis(~tj_mo All costs of

pr-oduc Lng lI~fatchdog!l rison? from post,'{So t p aper , liJowil1 continuo

to tnko un f i n anc ia I members off the; m;'iilinC .Li s t ,

However, Qe nead more peopl actively helping at the committeo level, to lighton the c on s i.d or-nb Lo lT~d ')il the shoulders of these rir)ing o,11 tho

Nork. This is n o t rn open Lnv i t rrt i on 'h'G reserve the rig'ht of 2,clmissi:m

and vd th good rens ~)n., In the 1n.;"[; f01,<1" months 9 hrrvo f'ound on o of our most ac t i.vo committee rn omb 1'S9 from 1976-,179 r02.p')O<", as .~ po l Lccman ,

The grdDBtest b o o s t t

is Ln 1)1.1 I""; own .hand.s 0 'I'h G

woul~ liko t s

membership is nction however, l~st 12 mGnt~s hove been 1

ios f.o r the year ah c

nnd so the romody

on tcctiOllo I

Some nro minor -

t11:-:t Cljl~CINZ shou Ld pursuo tho nows ncross. A sound proposal hns boon

d a i Ly paper-s 0 v>J c must oxpand bcy:rnd

n, not vice versa, to its message

c t HVv(',tchelue;" material int tho

me r-c l.y i;c,lking t o our-s o l ves ,

Some prioriti S wou l d involve rnr1.j,:)r ch angcs in Cf3CIHZ. Ono tlF't I

l'l)':mlc' like t sou opened up for d i scuas ion Ls thet VIC bec omo ,:1 truly n at Lon o.I

org:'J.'lisnti(m~ IF,t simply tc Ch r-Le t ohur-ch-rb as ed on o , Tho problem of foroign

control h as b oo orn o GO l::'crgo tlvlt it c\lm.'st clcmnnds it 0 Ei tIt r tho e s t ab Li.ah-

mont of str2.ight out CI\FCINZ br;',nchos or like--minded groups (c\s exist ing

'memborship around the o oun t r-y form ing n Fogict',l 1):".8i8), 'I'h or-o ar-o s t i nc t

cUsnclv,\ntn.c;oso. Do l:-H, helve r\ h ond office in 'JJol1ington or- Hhorevor9 with

nttonri.::mt bur-e aucr-acy , More irnportm.:tly9 f'or-c i gn c on t r-o I is n many fncoto(1

problema Branches could be cf3tnblished t11",t pushed tlwir own bur-r-ows or to promote their own po l i.t Lc a.l Li n c , This is whr'.t happcnod to tho short-·livod t"lollingi;»n CI;li'GINZo Br-nnoh e s could be ost;.."olishcr1 nothing olso

but t o stop Arn,bs owninG Lnnd , So thoro rTO d cf Ln i.t e cbngors7 bu t it is a

subject th~t should bo opened up for disoussion.

That is an e s s en't La.Ll.y internal rldministrn.tivo DattCI'o Tho final par-t

of my report is ltrhat wo should dJ;; wh cr-o ar-o we going. It is h andy to kn:)vl

wharo we'vo 'b e.on , CAFCIIJZ grcH'I)' cmtof tho v ar Lou s ad hoc bod i.os <]rgc~nising

domos ngtdnst UoS. Lne t n'l Lat Lons , S)WG stc,rtGd on an rmti-·brc;sos themeo

'I'h e wh o'I e mil it nry aspocthas boon nogloct cel 10..1; ely. Cf\FCINZ sprung Lrrt o

life with the Resistance Rid89 wh i ch centred on row)ureo cxpLo i t.a'b i cn by mu.Lt Ln at a ona.l s , It had str')nr; onv i.r-onmcn t r-L ')vGrtoJ.1cs. That has b00n loft behind. t10 st~trtod off' c onc on tr-o.t on ::;n bus i ncas, ]rIo hcve evolved ihtn sGoing the quisling 1'01 of N~Z. business - henco tho Chrmber

of Commerce; l'Jibli:et 0 ~'lo 11t'VG cvo l vee. into an anti.,.c:,pitolist res wcll'U'l

an t i-imperial :fBi' body ,

We ar o not a political part Yo Our mombcr-sh i.p cmbr-ao e s [l diversity of

viows. S09 our ovo Lu t ion is in terms of t"rhn-l; ;VC C'Tu'''.c;2inst, not wh at li,O

ar-e f'o r , In th~,t senso ,,,re:; dontt hrrvo ,'"\ p:llicyo I'm sure Com al oo vJuuld.

qu ako in th8i'r 1Y)ots the) number- of t Lrn o s ,vOl v c discussed ~~hGthGr to nntionalise thorn or close them down~ come iha rovolution!

11e noucl n thume t come out of this GWi 0 rEhe r e ')f minut :')s')f

P2f3t .Amris r-ovo a.l s , f)r oXZm1'Dl 9 thnt we wero tJ r'.,ser,rch the drug

oomp an i.oa , 'Nothing h as bocn eLmo 0 In the p2.St9 wolve often l)OGYl scrr:"tch-

ing t find thingfJ to justify ou r ex i st anc 0 ITot n ow, '1111e Govc:rnment, mu.Lt Lnrrt Lon al.s and their local nOriJ have provided us ,'Ji th our thorne; -tho sell-out ~f N.Z.

Ono d o o sn t t h av o t be an exper-t to see l'lhn.tls ing on in 1I1.Z" Like

overy other o ap i t "list o oun+r-y , tho econuay is nncL(;r,;)inG tho w')rst c o l.Laps

since the 30' s De pr-e as Lon , Unorap l oyrnerrt 9 Lnf'Lat ion , tho migrn.tion off tho

popu.Lat Lon , o t c , .: a.I L of those ar-o symp-toms:d' nncc:momy in crisis.

Locn.I NoZ. ClJlpitD,lism hels Seen t r-omend oua gr')wth in m onopo l Los such t.S

Ihthnns9 Ch a.l Lcngo , l\'lotchcrs. It is 1 nl for L'vc r-L big bus Ln oas to

"'elign i t so l f pr-o f'Lt ab Ly "Ii t h ov on 1:1U::incfJs - t.h c mul tin:<,

Thus He got n joint von t u r-e a" 0

HaZo is rich in Gn'3rg~y- and r-e s cs , The Government f'oe t the,

illusion of pr-oupo r i ty thr")u(~h s e l I them t rnu I tinnti:malL. ~Jo 2.rc

o orif r-orrt cd with ,"1. numb or' of Com""lco s it u at Lon s , This must b~ our fight in

tho 'next ye ar , The diverse no,ture:)±' f »r-o i gn cmtrol h~\s 9 Ln roccnt m on hh s

beon narrowod clown to this. We're back ta resource dc~lotion, but with n

much clenrer undorst~ndinE of what it is nIl about.

lL is still the m:!st glaring ox:'mplcJf n. mu I tinnti'H1r\1 rip ')ff" 'rho r-o l e as o of its documcnt e this G.ft o.r-n oon .i s part of our c orrt fight

11'!i t:t¥ it" ide must wo rk wi t h ')thcr gr-oups such ,LS thoso ')PPOS tho A r-am onnr-

smelt or. QUI' oDPosition to that9 inCidentally, is economic, with onviron-

mental c;Jllsi(jY;rn·tirms only 'cf ito ]rIo must w:)rk with 10c",1 groups

such as tho North-Y~:'st EnGr,;y Gr-oup , who hav e rerclisod .thcct the Govurnment haa cro.,,,ted t: surplus of ch e ap eloctricity for mul tirwtLmr,ls by dcliborC',tly

mak it t00 expon s i vc for the N. ]l,,, peo p l e , On the specific Levo l , we

should do em updr.t od v cr-s i on o f th i.mmonscl3r successful Coma Lc o comic.

lrl (,) should')rgo.nise prot o st trips t() ad sit os of thGSC onergy"-int en s Lv e

major projects. Ironicnlly, for q Christchurch-based group, none of them

ar-o in Contorburyo The 1)(JOklGt is our m r es ear-ch c on t'r-Lbu tLon for 2

wh i Lo , VJe need [.',cticm orid plenty of' it. And whilst our th,Jmu is

oc onorn i.c , wo must a WtC',tchful oYO')l1 militn,ry dovel:mmcnts. ~~e BElY

this overy M1M?but tho fr'.ct is, 1rJ(J ('TO o l os cr to 1t10.r th;;,n for ~, long time.

N.Z. is und . .rgoing 0. Now IvniTG f'or-o c ont r-o l , New Hnve is an

o.pprr)pri:::>,t G t e rrn _. tho)thcr word f')r i tis punk" The t:l.rgct has dofined .i t s o Lf , Obv ious l.y , thosc onorgy-br.Gccl projects ar-cnt tl::.c 8C>W:0 m::mifestat Lon of it? but they are tho latest? tho bigGest 'rmd the most visible.

i',lo ['.1'0 fnr from a'l ono in this fight .- look at tho 'lory wid.o oppr)Siti')n to the Iht:i.:m2.1 Dove l opmcrrt BilL The unions ar-o pitching into the battle' ag[dnst the mul t Lnrrt Lorml.a - they! vo rer.lisocl thG cl3.ngcirs to N. Z~ wo rko r-s , Even tho Lr,bour P.",rty . is rumoured to be p l nnn i ng to contest n ox t yenr's election on the t h em o IIN01rJ Zenlh.l1d f0r New ZE;nlandcrs".

CAFCINZ has ,"" vitr.l role ill this.Public J!1clucntion is not so bns i.c

t od ay, EvcI'YDne ).;:n·::n11'8 Hh:::t .'J. mu l tinntinnc,l is. 'vvo 112ve to pass on our

firm c onvj cti on thn,t, tho proper bnsi8 for Opp;)sition is ec onorn i.c , not

environmentt19 no t South Ls Lrmd Bcpnratism9 n o t r,'O,cism9 e t c , Cl\l,1CINZ

stq:nds for prc_)grcssivc n a't i onal Lem , not locnl bOSSGS gdting D. bigger ah ar-o of the 1tlhuthe:r' "th;,t pie onanrrt cs f'r-om Hollington or WD.shington. He st arid noil for "NOlI'! Zoaln,nd for NClj\T ZCJc.lJncJors''' 9 but "Now Zealnnd for tho

Now Zea l nnd Poople", 'rhol'c is 2.'vitr1.1 d i f'f'o r-ono o ,

To sum up. C~\FCINZ n ood.e more ac t i iTO rilomborsJ but WC CC'J1 ovo r-c omo

th:!t by workini.!; wi th.::d;hH'gronps. TtJc shou.l d discuss hooc\l11ing a n at Lonc.l

orgr:.uis[1.tLm9 but ns il]() Dr()soni renlit;y is thn.t l~O aro firmly domiciled

in the South? 1IJG sh:>uIdby our sc Ivce eLne'!. \ "ttn,ok theso pr-opos od enorgy-bn.sod South Ls l and pr-o joc t.s , :"nd cr'JJ1centrntoon our old enemy?

GomnlcCl9 CeS th4.1"JOrst ex amp l 0 Obv'i ous l y , if we did. become a truly

n at i cmrLl orgnniBDti:)n9 tho focus vT,,"ytlld? crJr n oc ossity 1 shift 0

Por-e i gn con t r-o l , :18 a sub j oo t 9 11:-:s well [mel truly como of ctgc9 and

has come with (' venr;crn1oe in NoZ, Tnd ced , it throo.tcns our who l e futuro"

So \flO ore E:mgf'':~Gd in 8.lnry importC\rlt battle. Lo t ' s :sot on Nith ito

6)0 ]iscmjsbn~

Soo item hOC1dcd_ IfSh~ml(l ~l"PGINZ BE! Nr·ti~m:::,ll! to sec; nct ion p'l anncd to

r-o a l.'i s o CAFCINZ 8.8 [i, nrrt ivna.l orgrm:is'J,ti(me It 'Irs strongly f'e I t thf't

impetus must o omo f'r-om nihor c orrt r-o s Q

A sug'ostLm \-In,s mnd o t.h at Cfili'CINZ org::miso trips to ,J,rer$ in South1an~1

whero thG~o arc nlnns to (,st ~' jGint-veuturcs with mul tino.ticmnlso It

,'r~s cl.ecidecl that' tho best p ln .. c e to s t rir-t wn.s Dun cd.Ln q,nd the s~wo i1 r-om o an a

C,;n1nrcirClle GJ\1;'CIHZ will c on t ac t the C;)mmittec :' .. nd rn ako suggostiil:lS for a

mo()tin~/scminnr to be hold t o Dunedin rmc.l actively sU1)portcdby CAF'CIJ\iZ

members" lrJoc]{onc} or ,)vornight trips s the) mis t scnsiblo vIC1y t o ar-ry

'Jut thus pLnns ,

Gr:;up rwtivi ty in Christchurch npt)r)pri~.t C oco as i H10


th iJ AGlvj 0

f) Other interested grrmps in Christchurch wore invited

HW)I·cscntn.tiv8B f'r-orn Gluth J\cti'n ,:-',nd Crm s pok e bricfl;yo



C om :':'1.1 C Ij 'ClJSnC!lt;::;

press c~nfGrence.

sco ar-t Lc l.e in this "lrh"tchd

At the AGM it WetS i d cd t open up f'T discussi1n the quest Lon ·)f whether Gllf;'CINZ shmld b ao om o Q nn,ti,noJ,)rg'-mlsn.t),m e'S)pp~)8Gd t n

Christchurch-bnsocl:mc. N'J firm d.oc i s.i on 'dO.S mnd.o on the ac t ue.I questim~

mly th["t it shoul d bQ r-nl s cd f'or diecuas i en. ~~~:J..:::"tch(l(;(~H is tho obv i.ou s

p l ao o t,-) (1·) S''J.

The advant'V!,Gs'Jf ;cc no,ti';YlQl ()rgr\l1ist1thm nr-o s()lf~()vidont. Tho iSSUG

of foreign oorrt r-o l is Q nE~ti >11:-,1 Jl1C9 ,'-'J,ln!C"Yi3 112,8 lJC;Jn9 and shcu.l.d be, rjpp:lsod on a nnti'mal bas i s , Do s p i t c be OhrisiQhurch-bc\seri9 CJiFCINZ h ao oJ.W[tys striven t 112VG a natimal pcrs'}(Jci;ivc9 (met this .i e reflected in tho n at i on .. >'lido. c i.r-cu l o.t of "lvatchcL.Jg'; etc, Thero ar e obv i.oue phys i.c a'l, limit::ltLms ab ou t a Christchuroh grrJUp s)mothing"l)'ut r:c pulp mil1 at Marsdon

Po i.n t , for ex arnp Lo ,

The clisadvnntnI;cs r:.TC (significant and c an ' t 'b o ignoro(Io Do we sot up

(1 h e ad if'f Lc o , with cl,ttond.c\nt bur-e auc r-acy? IV(:)ro imtllri;o..utlY9' thoro is the

gonornl qu oa t Lon 'If p)lic;y - 1I<11mt C,b.FCIlJZ is f o r- 'lnc1 agr'.inst 0 It is no secret th'C,t tho pr ob vd -ththc turmer hTellingtln br nnoh lIms their usi.rig

the name t,) push a particular po1itic2.l line tb wcw nit ours? rmel, attemptinG

to foist it m tho (lrg:misati'tl 2$ 2. 1/vh1o.

mind must

Bearing in mind the prGS In the subject. But we

1) c od 0


Ce,DS9 -tllLl GJ\RCINZ oomm l t t e c has [',nJpon ,'1,~:rc(J(l thnt it is an imp)l"t mchh[\t


There arc two WE:.yS of oponing up such n. s cu ss i 'no Pirstly 9 we o ou Ld

send an cr r-ound the o ount r-y .. - in ethel' wGrds 9 t () f'r-om

Ohrri s t chu rch , 'I'h i s iG un arrt Ls f'nct or-y , (~1 it oouLd o. if n ec e sa ary ,

Socond.lY9 the:'.; initiative slJuld c rm o f'r-om po')pl ."'.lrcady livin(:: in onoh n1'011.

So 'I'm fo I t the 1 nl br'.sis on wh t bu i Ld any n~1.t i'i1v'l 1)x1y "nu1d b

the cx.i.s t ing subscribcH's'!±' 11 9 ltlTh(J erl' ev en I y d.i.s tr i but GtJ, c\r')und thc)

wh o l.c coun t r-y , both in cities o .urrt ry GTe 80 Sly r-a i s this quo s ti.on

with H\rJ:,tchc~n or-a lS n f:irsi; et cp ,

i) HC'L(~'rS meW no t CC11WtC subeo r-Lrrt Lon

with membership o f , rtnd ,'l,grcc,ncnt vritr19 CI\FCINZ aim[:! [',nd objects.

ii) HC;llclct's m:w alt'()2dy he ao t i vo in

e)thor orgrmis2.tinns and subac r-Lbo

t oth<.;'r n owe Lo't t cr-e .

"l'l') r."vnn Lf' ",n ·l·YI·(l·;'Tl·rl,,'~.l r""·"·("'"'"'''

J... J:!.J-'. ''J' ,', 'f- M _" •• ~, ....... , V \.... •. v", ,_ _" ~ ._.'G J. .L};:)

thuy iTJ',y rl')t kn·')w h 'w t coni 'let other

(in this c as e , ,~(j w-ulrl prov i d [\. L'i s t },

int o r as t od in act t in;:; up n. brccnch 9 1tttJntchd0g" subscribers :in the ,""rUt

If there aI'\) [llro,''(Jy yuur "ron? wo l I n.nd,(lo

is th~t wo spcoi'J.lisc t

]r[c (i·mlt insist t},:,t'ny

its t: ()rgrnis,'ti Do

sati1!lB clei\ling vii i;h f'lrc:ign c cn t r o I in

Tho 2,<1v;,nt of s o tt up C.1\l~CINZ nrrt Lmwiclc

subject it is nrt justmc p,':rt)f " Lcy ,

IJr'-'ncl1CG o n.I I thGmsc:lv8s Cj\PCIJ\tZ9 as l"ug n.s

~LZ" is currently 130 ovurwholmecl by rrru.ltin{ltionD,ls9 by tho

l'LZ, G)vcrnrncnt (lYlcJ business, This issue :::effects a.I L I,fo1fT ZO{llcmdors.

neGrl t fi t it:m IltLtimr:;l 1)1'8i80' CfIF'CINZ [i,lrc:n.d;y bas D.

r o l at orrah i p w l th;rGf'nis"tins r',round tho c oun t ry , \rIo

kn ow if »rr rCcelJoY's 1,llr".nt t s o t up CI,.B'CINZ itself em " trul,Y

w wrm,t t

So we ask a.I I dafinito opinions tho n ox't 11 Hat

_..;,__~ ._w

'JUr r00durs to o on s i dor- the qu e s t Lon and any on o h av i ng

,n it to writs -to us. bio will ropo~t the rssponSG in

twith I'm updat cd CI\F'CINZ ch ar t o r ,



Fnrei{SD inVGstnEnt - thnmly mlS1:I)'Cr to N3w Zer'.lt'.nd' s (or Australi~\.f s?

or D)uth Koren' s9,r 000) pr-ob l cme , S;l,Y the poop l e wh)wn it, -, and administer it. Nevertheless, tho hond uf the Canzinc Riotint mining group, Sir Hoderick Cnrnegio, sa i d recently t h at Australimls w)U]:cl pny dearly fr)r relying too hOCl,vily 'In f'or-o i gn Lnvos tmcn.t 0 •

"Peop l c don't rG2.lise tho o os t ,

If y'JU

tW) chllrrs in 1979 frim

ovc r se as , tlns:")"mc,rs WOXlt a d o l Lnr- '1 yenr f'r om 1990 onwards, f,rcvc;r.

"That's p, very high pr Lc o 0.0 in ')olitioal terms it 00121 not seem <J.

h i gh price because they s o the t wo dollnrs com in tJcl.ay, bu t in 10 or

11 YCOTS n dollar T.1 ycnr out is an enorm ous price t DQY" 0

(Frnm the H.~\uckl"mcl Stm:" 9 March 4, 19[JOg thrillIts to the r e ad e r INhe sent the] clippini~

Comalo:) Hiotinto ~ 45% own o r of Come Loo - is 6[3.210 f!lreign own ed , Need WG sr~ more?

ell a 0 0 0' C 0 CI o 0 I) 0 o Q o Q 0 C Q 0 o 0 0 0 I) 0 !) 0 0 0<


-~--. -.,..-'- ~ .------,--_.

At present tb3 grnup has errt o r-ed rl, more quiet and "reflective Lc"

pe r i od , Tho prvs t fifteen months hC'170 boen n, time. of Gcn1";in11;-\1 prosflurc9

and ac t iv i ty so we fuel +h.rt this rof18ct~,vc period is mc a t importrrnto It

will also us the ehnnco to s~udy nnd map out strategies for tho futuro.

The Minister")f c orn to Ch:rL~tchurch and met "rith the group on

the morning )f April 24, a meet of onso foel and spirit whore

familius sh ar-od with Mr Blrch thoir e:i{pcrionccs !)f Ii vingb1Clny? in 1980.

It took a 10t )f c 2nd f:'llnilics ac t cd with comp l o t o hon o s t y and

c1ig'nity. vie achieved in pr-o s'ent Lng MrBirch with the f~'cts of' v~hnt it is

like to live und o r t];.c nroEc(mtpolicio8 :)f this (i')vGrnmont and gC'V8 many

r-o aaon s elf vThy fam i.Li.c a formed the gr.Jup. If Mr Blrell rend his Govornment

corrt Lnue wi t h such polioi s , and vwbelicve thuy have overy in t'enti()n o f

doinG S09 they nn" c ann o't to uncwar e nf tho foo t s, those policies ar e

on thelivGs f tho frmily of N.Z.

One of tho many p)sitiv() foolings t/C)!EU f'r-om this onc ourrt e r , 1"e be l i ove ,

WrlS thnt the Birch meotinG hns not become the of tho groupls

notions. Tho success )f tho grDup has been in tho individunl growth 0f

m ombo r s , both spiritually anrl s oc i a'l Ly , f'am i.L'i o s .i rrt cr-act wi th

o ach other lv-hich in turn h o.s cr()nicd n. s cne o o f bcl")Ylgingo We know n")w

thnt if this Benso of bel wns not crantod, if each pursnnls worth

wcc,s not ackn ow L and one 'mr the w-u l d have burnt i.isolf

"ut Inng

Asbhe gr()up hus gr'),·m ~vo hav o become m')rc c onv.i nc od t.h at our claim

"75%)f our- rotrcil elect city accoun t ropros ts a f::dr and ju s t pr-Lo o" is

correct 0 The r-e l evant Ion 9 ov o r t GC)'iTCJrnment 9 w;u1d n o t only

have met tho opcrnting c ost s o f tho p')wor syst om but vnulcl have a Ll.owod su f'fLo i en t dovo10T)lYl(mt to meet th noods)f tho poop I 0

Only 8, fClN ~yor'rs a,;;n f'am L'l Los auf'f'o r-od p~1tIUr cut s "'nd we wore asked to make vo Lun't ar-y srwinc;s9 the now pricing po l.Lcy them mn.(!c thGse s av i ngs

mandrrt or-y , For doingJur bit tho f cm i Ly of New .Zon.Lanrl h as rc,koived a s Lap

in t 1). (3 f ao o ::w tho surplus gcnorpvt cr.paci tY9 c r-oa't od by our cu t b acka , is

now being sold t Jvorso~s transnationals at a ~rioe wo bolieve is loss

thnn th",i; ,,<)l1i011 was b inc: charged t us bo f'or-o our cut backs noc oas ary ,

Bcc au s e of the oo on orn I c d lr-ec t i.on this c oun t r-y is t;'~king at present it has bocome vitally important to our group's thrustthn.t we Le ru-n mo r-o abou t

who is aot uo.I Ly to bcnofi t from such nc l Lc Lc s , as we have found out

it is oGrt~dnly not t be theN.Z. Steps ar-e under way

to gain this knowledgo.

As a group we know we w i l I 0 mt inue this 'b at t Le, Many of us howe

Lo arrrt th("l,t aspcnple 9 grow)s elf pe op I.e 9 VIO nut on l.y h.ave tho power to fight Lnju s't i e o s , whenevor nnd whoro'Tor ,we meet them? w~ have Cl responsibility.

u.s. VrSITOHg

According to n small Cnmmander-in-Chief)f tho N.Z. from June 2 - 4.

item in ,nNw Pross" 9 llcJmirp,l Robort Long 9 United. States Forcos inthc Pr:cific9"'isitcKl Ho 'WTtS to mocij ~~r Tnl1nys9 Mr 'I'homa on and the


Defence Staff.

No doub't 110 informed: these people of tho U. S. IS Lat e s t l'equiralllents

from the NoZ. ar-orn.ed f o r c ca , He may a'l s o hav e merrt Lorrod au.i t ab I.e UoS.

military equiprilent 'I1Thi0h ccmlcl 'bopurchQscd for the purpose 0 The whole

hist'~)ry, Ln at i on This is riskint!:

to U e S. r-cqu i r omcn t s - K')reQ9 Viotnow and 9 by pr-oxy, x4c':laysillc

the true 111 nning :if the ANZUS trer,ty. Cnn anyone imngine the D, S.

i t8 own destruction to "serve" N. Z,



AUo S. NCW[l,l pro j ec t under imp1Emrunt:::.ti)n.

Tho inertir\l nnvigcrtioll and missile guidrmco sY,ltems ar-o bccom

so ac cur-at e thr·t the w)-bb1e of' the earth's mds 11"'.8 n)w become a significnnt

s.rur-o o of error. Tho U. SoNC1.VY is huilding em ~)bscrv::,.t()ry to meG.Bure this

W')bblo yin Harl borouG~',

Introductioyu At tho 1')cginning of JjU[{Ust9 19779 the newspp>pors

ann ouno ed thrd +wo s i. t o s in the South Island were bo cmsiderod for the instr'.llatitm of an 18 cm.Nnvr1l O1Js'::;rvat'1ry telosc()1:)og M.t J')hn9 beside Lnko Tekr,pu - 1rJhero the U, S. Navy :"l'cer:dy has a Bak ar--Nunn o ame r a , a part of North American Air DefensG Commrmd (NOHAL) ~ nncltho Black Birch rn.ngc)

in Mar1bor(JUgh, 11n astr'Jl1Dl1lical p()sitioning9)r ge;)cletic progr0,mm,G Nrw

duo t CummQIlOC in Or abou t 1980? accnrdinc to the Minister of' J:i'oruign

Affairs (B.Talboys). The public rolations blurp~ with its defensive

romri:ks alJout th\..~ r-e su.I tf3 bCoinr pub l i c Ly ::\vn.ilnb1c9 t'h.C porrtu Lat ed improvemont in navigC1.t i -'n f ac i I it Lo s 9 bnth civil and mil i t.rcry 9 1',,11 s S)

much like f3imilC1.r armourto t e in 1968 conc cr-n i ng -the pr')T)Osecl OVIEGi\

s t vt i cn tlF'.t it sGumed w')rth m further enquiries t d o t o'rm Ln.e the

true pur-pos o ,

lni t ially, of c our-s o 9 tll SO wore fruit Le s s C"8 might hnv o been oxpect od 9

h owevo r , r'1,S tho m',nthspc'f3flCd m~TG was 1 r'Tncd. A party of U, Sa officials

visitod tho University;f Crurt or-bu ry in April o f thr:t v o ar , It is

suppos od th:-:tt their rcqllCJst for fc,cilitios ret IvTt John wc,s dcc L'l.n od ,

dUS1')i te, tho dosira »f sif t ho c;tcd'f t'J acqu i r-o the Eot of buildings which ItT'mId be r-c l t nqu.i sh od elt tho c onc Lus Lcn v.f the Uo So progrc,mme in tho

19908. Tho univcrsity had got its fingers rcthor badly burnt in connoxion

with tho Sntellit Trackine Station in the carly 19708. In tho July of _

1978 [1, f'ur-t h e r an nounc em errt in the papers c on f Lr-m ed Black B'i.r-ch , Wlr:.rlb;;roup:h9 as the ch-vs on s i t c , morrt ion irig tho Gum .)f ~500?0009 0, c ommonc omcnf d:-r1.,te

in mid-19809 snyinr: th,-t tll8 I)quipmont 'd:mlc] compr-i.s e mainly [1 trcmsit

telosc:)pC9 and roiteratirl{; tho apo I q_uoted ,"'!Jovo. In p, more recent

ann ounc emorrt nt tho end ,)f} Janunry thiG Y02,r (19'80) tho n ews pap ar-s gCWG rlot".ils of tho Nnvy's p l aris strting t.h at these 'l-JOru "pr!Jtty well 2clvo.ncoc1H nYJIl attributing the 110 So presence t tho intervention of Dr M. Lowis :)f en,rior Obs cr-vrrtor-y , lrlollingtcm9 who h ad inturostocl thorn in the ar-ea

Q.,v[;',ilc,ble on l\IIt A1 tirnnrl·)ch in the B'l ack Birch rrengc. (Access is f'r om

the r-oad up the AHatore Hiver just n cr-t h elf ..'3edclon).

The funot ions of the v ar-Lou s N, Z.G'1Vornmont (lojJ8Ttmonts .Ln prone.ring thc) site \-Jere doscribf?H19 such :18 roe/'ing by the f>100.N'.9 tenure

by tho Lands and SurvoY9 etc. It was nmusing'9 but s omowhrrt PG,thctic9 to

1'0 tho wh i tow[1,shing comments c ono er-n i.n.; the allcgc:cl invosti,~i"ti:ms of tho

nut.ur e of the nr')joot nne', th as sur-anc oe to thGPublic that there would be no call for the s(,rt of pr-o t cs t s whioh had takon p l ac o rrt NIt John, since this W[\S 8, quito innocent pr')grl'unmoo By implicr1,ti'm SQffiGOnO must have c:mcluctocL s'onai.b l y, 2t lastJ thid tho Satollito 'I'r ackor- was no t I IfJhat

is to be c ono Lud ad then abou t thl) ro,:'\l n at.ur-o an:' nUrD)SOS o f this

f'ai r-Ly cos t Ly an' lengthy progrc',mmo9 and why .h as N'oZ.bGon s e.Loc t ed for

tho d oub t f'u I honour '-if hos t it?

Qu.istirjl1S Arisir)['g Prior t" C'll1sl(ioring those it is 'il'Jrth 1')ringing

to tll;-;;-G.hlic attonti;nlrj,CG mo r'e thio/f:cct wh hr.s boon kn:mnsinco tho

latter clays of tho OMIWA affair. Tho llinnsf:Lold amendment 9 mado in tho

e ar Ly 1970~J 1 Gffc;otivoly nr cvcn't s tho Gl'mocl f'ircenJf the U, 8. f rorn support inG any r08<)o.1'oh and ctGveL,pmcnt prngrnmmo8 wh i ch (1') not hDVO a

dLr-oc t ?nd. cl oar-Ly clemonstrr'ble mili -t£'.ry applicn'Gi(m. (Thisw~"s a kick-

bnck f'r-orn the hr'-IJPY c1o.ys:l deeD,clo prcnricmslYl>rhen tb.o U, So Nr:vy J~irfnc~o

woro spundinG lr~vishly on 1',11 sorts of T!r')grammos 1,fhich m t r-emo t e l y

a.s s Ls t them to rocnpture the pr-ost Los t to the lJ.SoS.1L over tho

launching of the first ,!';rti:ficial s rrt e l L'i t in 1957) 0 'I'h e now law h aa

Le ad to t, policy of duplicity in '~7hich·t U"S.Go'IJornrnc:nt agencies prOT)OTO

pnrallel sets of spocific~tions for military researches tn be carried out in un r-a i tics 'mr1 oompar-ab l « instituti:ms9 on o of wh appottI'S

o cmpar-rrt i.voLy Lnnoc orrt Li s t; n.ll of tho b cn e f Lt s and civilian 2,pplic~, otiol1s9 \'\T11i10 thesGcond9 for Do p t , of Ilofc;nsc9 summnr-i.c ca the r on.l

m i L'i t ar-y pur-po s ce ,

Whnt then is tt true militnry purpose ()f this nrojoot? What is its

c Lass i.ffi.c vt l on in torms)f its irnrncc1irrto signific!mcc to us? Is it nuc Lcrrr

to,rgota'\'Jlo boc nus o it is r: dir-ce t par-t of 0, militn.ry ()purc1,ti'}],l'9 ('\,s fer Gxnmplo9 tho Br,knr-]\funn CnJilCI'n is an intocral part of NORt\D? Is it D,

first class tnrr~:ct b oo au s e ,)f direct s t r-rrt og i.c impnrt:'.nc()9 or a s ocond clRss:mo bOC2U~O')f a tn,ctic1'1l)r p aes i vc funoti:m?)r prot:);'1,1J1y not

t 2b109 e t c? vHth the infnrmntion pr-e aerrt Ly av:~i12\blG9 it is only

fr>,1r to 90y t hrrt it ,1 ('OS nrt ;:.ppenr t 'b o ~~ i;hro["t t .ur- immed.iat 0

1iJolf:cLrc; in -t11G sense o f c1rn..'\tIJing [\ m :i.BG'il,e at t such as tIle' orrmG/".

st",ti')n IA;)ulcl h nvo don o , s i n c e j_t·".'f'. n,)t:)rc1vicio d i r-e c t Ly to the

float ~f bnllisi;ic missile cnrryine submnrinoB~ however, its nur~~S8 lS

UDCU(}st i~'nr',bly with imprJvinr; tho ac cu r acy 'if their mi s s l Lc

launches bYll'

'Fha Reuu i.r-cmorrt fur ilci;r'lll »m i c al, Obs TV(tti'HlSg In or-er to precis t[U'got i1 "br11iisticn7.;:rsT:r-~-=-th"t iS9~)nG nJt aubj cct t o further

in--fl ic;ht {';uidr\nca - it is ncccss8,ry t:) kn ow n.ccur'lt tho posit Lon f'r-om

wh cr-e it if') f i.r-cd r-o Lat Lvo t the p)siti"D elf ttl t '1.'0 ach Lcvo

this the? '>Ttll h as vto b IT! [,OCU1':-,t ol y 9 ,U1'0 this is <:Lchiovcd 1JY mC<:Lsur-

tllC lJcnrinrr; ~T{t(1 h o nbovo 'the ho r i zon fr-orn t: Pl~o-~cl1~)SCrl sot of

points of n selected group of stnrs. To nIl ion1 purpos s tho

posi tiJns,f th(.: st r s do nut a.L + cr , . 'I'h i.e 08D 1)0 ach i evcd 1Aii th !Ill".xirnum

accur-acy by s e tt up 2. sua t nb l tclesc!)pe n f'Lxcd 1;(; (rel ~Jng 8;

m or-i.di on line) 9 lett tho r')tr,:ti:m or,rtb cr'rry tho s t ars pas s

tho telcscopo! s c r os s w i.r-es and r-oc tho times of I!trr'.nsitH 0 \'\Iho11.

the clock is sufficiently accur;,t th.cSG mu'surcmonts nl s o '",nother

o I aas nf inf'Jrmp.ti<mg thoy c:l1.-)w tho V-F)bbJ.'li1r} rotc .):1' s I i.n of the; C).rth's

ernst r-e Lrvt i vc to the p(')l[,r nx.i s vt be ermined. 'I'h o s iI'IT') f'1,ctors

h av o to .be tnJ,cGn Ln to nccount whon the f5yroscipes the incrtin.l ,(r,uic;,'nco

system of tho bollistic missiles arc pro for tho Tho

ultimate limits of accuracy o~ inertiol 0 systoms depend upon tho

m~nitude :)f ths gr~\Vit,:tionrl,l no is e Jf tho o"',rth (1S it 81'in8 on i.ts ax i.s ,

OPEllNi1ION SOUiI1HJ>;nrr HEJVlISFHEHJ:'i CEWLE w i TI bo u.s cd to hC31p e t o rrn Ln o thiso

Lt is n ec o s sar-y to make this int c l er-r s ol:JSuI'vntLms r1,r not

required. from tho obsoI'vn.tnry sot up bore 0 timo 8. m i es i Lo is

ftrod9 and so in ihis sonS8 thu thing is Doithor a stratoGic nor re tooticnl mili t [try t (\.rgci; \I but it is used to suppLy the '\J«.8 ic inform"t Lon on the

mapping of tho world in this region whioh will be stored used if

m ias i I s r,ro firor1 f'r-om h c r o abnu't s ,

'rho pr:>jcct W["S fr)rmcrly s i t uat cd t'.t Ell Loono Lt o in, tho .1'lrgonti:Do

Hopublicj not it is lLZols turn" JyglmtOcl at the gl'lbo will show tho.t 6it88

in the Southern Hem isnhoI'c f'r-om ',)hieh it is nossi 1)1 t m e the upper

and lower t rane i t s of tho ~)()l..1th()rn c Lr-curnpoLnr- s t ar-s limit

3trnt(;l;ic Implic::-ti)l:1f.lf: GlenrlY9 this TJrn(;rC'xnmc iG designed tC) assi(Et

the "Countor F')rce,'str:::·:r;;;W-in 10')hio11 i?lCrc:i'\S ., accur-acy and sophistication

if tho guid;:-:.nco makes it possible t tdee out tho uT'positim' S nuc Le ar-

missilos in a first strike. Th~B dcstobilises tho policy f dotorrODco

inherent in the mutually assured ~G8truction which assumos tho accuracy of tho suOmi.\1:ine-l:lOrn mis8:1.188 is on.Ly rmfflcfucnt fo r use ct/';8.inst cities and

, lr\rgo industrirc.l .'lrcr~soH(;nco it must t t clost::.bilisD the pro, en t "b:-'1.1rmcCl ()f "i;,::rc)rll:cw' wi Ll, oY!c)Ura.~,3 the Do 0 m.i Li t r-r-y rmth::)rit}.os to

o')],18idor th,') '.d' , firwt. st r-Lk o , It m ay ~·'18c fri;,;hton t h -'so of the

U. S. So H or Chi.nn lnt ' b cf they 1)f3 thoir 1)r08':;(1t po s L time

.Conclusi.onz This pr-o j cct li ttl b cnc f i t t'l N, Ze from p r-ac t i.c a.I

viewpoint 9 sinco current Lon t ochn Lqu es ~'TC mo r-o +hrm t c: oven

without further rofinOfllunt. In hJst it N.Z. indic tos its suppart for

pro ant Do S. m iL'i tccr:r po l Lci o s Hhich ~'.r() quito rent thetio t o tho Ld.e a 'Jf a

nuc Lo ar free zon e , wh i ch it s')mctim,;s ends to suppor-t ,


CJn~CIIJZ notes with {(re:d tho')f Ron McLean, lcnc10r of the

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New Zealand's futuro.


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