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po Box 2258, Christchurch. Registered at Wellington Po as A

po Box 2258, Christchurch. Registered at Wellington Po as A

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l:ampaign Against Foreign Control in New

AUG\IST 198 ()



Scc')nd Aluminium ~3rnoltero



Bullor Coal~ Action


Buller Coal

How Nul t Ln at i

What C;\Ii'CINZ St and s .F'or


CAIfCIlTZ Givec, Ihrrnnl' Help in h i s C o Agninst +ho Drndge

10 11

N orth·-Enst Christchurch Ene;r;:.;y GrlIT!

Shed IL;tic(;


1 c)


10. Labour 'mel F'oroi,gn Control


11. Austrnlla: Striking Similaritios




Subsrrriptions are now ¢3.00

This is the; first rise since 1975 whon the sub wns rnisod t ¢2.00.

Sil!e;e 't h orr pnstac;u h as gOYl.O up about 300% and print c o s t e h av o

risen. If you can add a donntLon , h oweve r sma Ll , t o your s ub duo , ~--

"'lOll will h o I p to aSS1Jrn +h c orrt Lnuod s t anda rd of' 'f1rJatchdoe~f1 arid

CAFCINZ nctivities.

For rOYl.own1Sf sub

don2ti')l1S us o form'··Dl'l




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05' •
(t 1.


-- '-'-<'~-~.-' .. ----.',-""""""'.,.,- ... -."'.""'''''''', . .,~ .. -''*~~--~--,,.,~...;-~

Evurybody is fp!nili;",]' t!ith fashion R'fZ be CRA 9 And particul rly misbe snivpcis about the

Sm e I t cr-s Lt d ,


Bi1)liC'11 lib

sit 5 v-{oll, in liko

Cornal o o bogl1t nus. [va hl'vo soma br-Lo f wl'Jo'\rJ ZCCllctndH illuminiti.Fl


en thoy ,,,rC3 t

s of both Cornnlco nnct

CJnzinc Hiot Ln to of .A u s t r a'l La Ltd (CR1;) hss t okon:mt t"J1lffshn'o cxplor~'tin}:l licenc()9 c;)vcring 402 aquar-e kil:-';JGtros· off the ~~ost C')[\st.

Its subsirlinrY9 CRII, E"J:1')luratiul1 .Pty. Lttl9 plCU1S to usc 8. clrode;o,~moul1ted grab

ay s t cm , 1" for gold lrJQ,shod out t SOil. byOonst rivers. CHA has 21s()

,c:mplied f'or- 6 prosY)Cetirlis liconces over 20,000 hoct::.res of' tho Tnnngahua district 9 and hew o,lroady b oon C(l'nntocl cxnl or at Lon lj.COHCOS ,'''far ::lrcas

Otago and tl:"c Cor-omcndo l , Its ongat4'od in a "iide ae ar-ch for Hlirtoralso Aren't

;fGU r-o l i.ov ed to SOG tlH,t it dOOSll't just Lov o 'us few our cho.ap electricity?

Anothor, more porsonn.11 link bctweoh qrul and tho Coast - repr,:'s the n01r1 Amcr-Lc an ownur s of the K,miori g()ld. clroclgo itt G:r.'oymouih is on o

J osoph rPnl bo't 9 vihose 32 y e ar-s of dredge mining experience Lno Lud.e being in charge of tho two lo.rgoGt tin mining dror1I.':Gs in Knle.ysio. fer H'rZ-C01\fZINC 0

The d.addy of thomall is Rio T.int Zinc (H-'j'Z) 0 , Highlights; from the annual report of ·the ohairman (;3ir Mark Irurnol') WGl'O Pl'il1t ed in ;"1 ;full page nclvortisement in the "Guard.i~'.n!l (30/5/80~9 sent to us by [in J1'l1g1ish l'o11(1.o1'. The it t Lo says. it al.Ls "If 0.l1y mining houcs is going to d o woll ~ Vire will

t oo'", There was a r oc o.rd profit of £150 mi11ion~ n t in mine in Cornwt.lll bas 1)00n r-e opencd , Hi.) l.Pint6Rhociosin. bocornes Rio Tint') Zim'bablifo9 and its

bU$inoss as uS1wL Ooma.Lc o is upr;rnding its Bell Be,,y aluminium smo'l tor in

Tasmania (po morrs Lon of N,Z) 9' a Cry;ypor scheme is boing:expc:tnded in British Cc.Lumbd a , Tlwre is [' hugo copper schemo unclor1j-.J8.Y in Paname., Explor(-1tion for diamonds in Austro.lin pr-oc o od.e 0,t pac c , RTZ'iS Amorican subsidiary has slitherod out of' :1 massive 8.:J."1ti-trust suit broughiylny tho US G')vol'nmel'lt9 and to pr-ovcrrt such an occur-rence ngain9 tIle Briti.al1 \Jc)iTOr11r:1ont has obligingly pas sod the Pr-o t oc t Lon o f rrl'nd.ing Lrrt'cr'orrt s Actlrlhich sh ou.Ld Ii inoidont 1:i.l1Y9 furthor r-o i.nf or-c c H'l'Z's position in tho UKI! 0

Tho report clGi;ail:~ developmont at the) ur-an i.urn m i ne "'.t Rossing? in

Namibia. "JIo\ITcvor9tho sarno l1'/onrisomo and unf'oundod attacks hr:"re .00011 mad.o

on our- oporations tlH:ll'o". The report d ef'ends RTZ' s presenoe in Nornibia9

illogn.l1y occupied by South Africa. The report is full of pious politionl gonornlj.sn.tions about. Southern 1\frica~.Hll1Z hop()s f'o r an elected? indopondont (~nd intornntionally r-ec ogni s cd Nnmibinn gGvornrnent9 for instnnco.. It is investing money in Z.in'bo.bvte as an ao-[; of f a i t11. °In the s i.nc er-i.t y of th~ew

r:::overnm. Qut" 0 Th.G1 sbouT. arrr(";WHuc 0tpf thJsd. mul t iltd; iema1" bI ooclsuokoI' is

, ,. SCC1il.OU.q on mutln:cF1.oua b HI.. no Tli~.r . Ir~Q;rlcl J.' .Fcvv HQUlcJ, ;

roiloctoo. 1.IJ. t nc report. S Ill1l'l,l,,(:L1Sputo linat 1,l1.() d+fJeapllllC anu oon"Crols

oxor-c i aed by privato cmtorprise ar-o far strict or :-;:ncl t1ghtor9 giving far grenter value for money and a fn.r higher Leve l of 11,CHd t h creation .000.

But to make progross9 th~re m.ust be a willing-noss on both sides·t c oopcr-at o n1:1(1 tllOse r~quiring help should bewar-o of Lo ok Lng gift hor-s e s in the m otrt h , or dOn1nl:lcUng as (if ri{'7ht t ,freo t r-ansf'o r of tochnolog;y, 1;;)"ho1'o odUct,ii'mal

s t and ar-d s ar-e not fgr enough advanc od to contribute to t hc development of tJlat

-Geclmology 0." II No further comment is c aI l ed foro

The s ame Enlish r-o ado r h aa s orrt us d e t af Ls of tho nm'! RffZ ch a i.rrnon , Sir

Antony r.rl:lke~ duo to t81w up his noat in m i.d- 19810 He is chairman of Bar-c Lay s

B'ank , a membe.r of tho Trilo:teral C%1missio119 a diroct or 0f rl£orcht"mts 'Trust

and Royal Insuranco( tho largest non-lifo insul'once company in Br:i:trlin) 9 a "\fico-prosident of 'blle Institut o of Banker-s and British Banker-s Association9

and wns 1977-78 prc<s:i.dont of the Errt o rnrrt Lone.I !I;[onotrry Oonf'ancnco , From

1974-78 ho vms both deputy chrri rm an and. ch as.rman of t'ho Comniitto8 of London

Clearing Banke r-s , He was chairman of Ba.rclays Bank International 1972-79,

(as woll as origintcl chnirmr'Il of tho 1980 British Olympic kOPo[l,l). j\nothor

director of Bar-c l.ays Ini;ornn,i;iorwl is Sidney Spirop a director of' l.\1J.1Zy

Anglo-American an@ Do Boors. t~of r o sur-e Sir Anthcmy is runply qualified t)

UPhold tho stnl1dnrd s w o I vu como t:) expcc t from tho mu.l tinat iona1 ovc ry on e

Loves h at o ,



---- .. _ .... _ .... ------;:"".

Last month HO r-oc o Lv od anonymouaLy a copyjrd: tho Flctchor/AlusuisGo/CSR proposal to e s't cb Li sh 11 3009000 ton POl' yon:r n.l um Lrrl um smelter in tho South

La I and, Copios 1.,01'0 also sont to tho "Ott\go Daily Timos" and to tho Conlit-.

ion for Opon Governmont, both of whom T,lUblisho(l the docuI!lontg Plotchors

have sinco c onf'Lrmcd tho document as genuine. Tho Co Po O. G. cstimr'..tod trw.t if tho Govornmont nccGpirod. tho pr()1)nsn19 it would cost tho r:m tn.xpnyGr ovor ¢500 million in subsidios to tho cOhsortium.

The Villa.inl'H


\tJho makes up tho oonacr-t Lum? 5~ is Fletcher Holdings Ltd9 25% Alus-

uiSSG (through thoir subs i d i.ar-y , Swiss Aluminium Austr[l,lia Ltd)? and 25% Gove Alumina Ltd (which is own ed 51%1 by C3119 the Coloni0.1 Sugar !\'ofinin'~7

Company). Flotchors is n NZ company having p ar-t Lcu I ar-l.y c l os o relationships

with the Government. It grow rioh building ,Stctc hOllses for the first Labour Governmont ~ during World Hal' II Sir J ames Flotclwr was I'.ppoint od

Commissionor. of Works. Sinco tho W(1.r9 Flotchors, in partnership "rith tho

GovornmGnt, ost t:tblishod UZ Stool n.l'lc\ T<"oslTlcmPulp and Pnpe r (tho 1 at JIi O!' having to bo propped up rocently with a. ~20 rnillion Governmont grant) 0

Flotohora:; are cur r-ont Ly engagerl in ,j'Jint vonturoswi th B. P. (Bri trdn) 9

Akzo (Ibllnild) and Sovrybflot (USSR)" :Pho company was a sub-c orrt r-ac t or-

for tho ~qanapouri Powo r ech erne and vt h o Dl uff e.Lum-i.n i urn smo I tor. Its annu al, sales are about ~600 million.

Alusuisse is one 'Jf tho six aluminium c ornpan t ca controlling the \!'Jestorn

world's a Lum Ln Iurn industry. Without it Fletcher's woul.d h;WG diff·iculty'

obtaining lioth raltl maiicrinl and tochnolo6Yg and might not be. nblo to s e l.L

tho aluminium pr-oduc od , So in f'no t AlusuisSG will have much more Lnf'Luenc o

wi thin tho consortium than its 25'%) shur e would incHcato. Its annual aal e s

are about ~3000 million. (For comparisoll~ tho Rio Tinto Zinc corporation

h,;'\,s a ¢5000 mUlion turnover, and Exxon, the i'lorld's largost c ompany , hns ~609000i million).

aSH, with salos of about ¢1000 in filion, is ilustr21ia' s fourth Inr':;,cst

company. It alms tho NZ Sugar Go. wh i ch monopolises HZ's suc:nr sUliplY9

and has tho not ivo assist anc o of tho Gc}vornr!lont in lTIC'.intaining its rrronopo Ly (by supprossing tho dovelopmont of 2'. sugar boet industry in HZ). CSH owns @ove Aluminn in partnership with a number of large and (nominally) . .1Ci.~t'~linn o ompan Le a - Lneur-anc e , b[U1king'1 o t c , CSR is Hself owned by suoh o ompan i oa , Tho Gave bauxito/nlumina projoct on Australia's northern coast is ownod

30% by Gavo Alumina and. 70% by Alusuisse.

Well, that is tho c cnaor-t fumj now for tho Ero;posaL

Tho rn.w mai;cri<ll for the smelt er,. ttlumil11'l (alu.mini'urr: o::ddo, c"bl;:ainod by purifying tho n a'tur-al.Ly-coccur-Ing oro 9 bauxito) j will o ome from Gavo.

1i ttle is said abcut marketing the aluminium pr-cduo od oxo ept th~>t the NZ market could absorb only a tiny portion of it.' Tho' l1luminium will have to be exported implying 11 fair mensure of control by Alus1itisse. Tho proposal includes plans for a 100,000 tons per year shoot casting plant and [1. 2°7000 tons pe r year cBsting p'l arrt aimod at aut omot t vo voomponen t a, I{c;wevar, a

r-cc on t G')vG!'mn()nt pz-on ounc cment that c r assombly sh ru Ld r b e o l os ed d own ~1T::mld (3.],:rpo;'.r to sabot,"[.';e this pr()p()~lQlo

Up to St II (200,000 tons )81' yonI') alv;ut 950 jobs vIiI;!. be orcC'tcc'

for ~650 milliJll investment (Janunr;y 1980 do l Lar-s }, To this must be added

the c oa+s of building tho T)owc;r stati':J:tlS ~. about ~800 million. 'rho 0:rc\l1eJ

tot:l1 wo r-ks (Jut at about ¢L5 millicm per jc)b. In rea11ty? capit8.1

stink in tho project' i8 no lon'for ava l Lab l e for:)th,Jr Lnvo s trnon t whioh

this c as o wou l.d al.morrt cortainl~i have to 1)0 in more labour-intcnnivG projocts. In other word.s, investment in hie,hly or,pite.l-intonsiv8 al.um Inaum smelters l1eoGGs8.rily results in fQ"~ICJr })'bs t h an if a.l t cr-n at i ve Lnvoe tm orrt wore choacn ,

'Ilhe smelter vtoul(l ultim[itoly require 540 ffiO{:;tl'l'W.tts - aOGlliJ.lly more effioiunt than C('.maloo~ who w,lul<l r-equ i r-o 600 mC88.v1[),tts for tpo same pr-oduc t-.

ion. Cornnloo built .C1. ch e ap smelter vJhich us ed more pOT!lGr boc aus o thoy 1-'101'0

given such choep eloctricity.

540 megRlrJQtts S1.tppliod corrt i.nuous Ly to Plotohers/CSR/llJ.usuisse [UTIO\mtf

to 2C1/a of NZ's pr-cacrrt -t()-Gal eloctricity,o:oneratio119 ovor 25% of tot7'.l present

hydro goneration. Combined ~dth Cc>malcD's. oxppndod smoltcr9 nearly on o half

of NZ's r-encwabLo elootricity r-csour-cos will be tukon from its owners? tho

NZ people 9 and Bold r:tt below cost to forcign.-domiM1.t 0(1 al\.mlinium c ornpan Loe ,

If ;1 privntoindividunl cont omp'La't cd such a dc a'I , h o or ah o wou Ld be consid.Gr~

ed, t\ cz-Im i.nal.s t,yhcm tho Govurl1!;1ont aOOS 1t9 its 08.1100 "prc)grclss"o

Flotchors9 on b oh a.Lf of the c on sor-t i um h avo naked f·lr a base eloctricity prico of L8 c on ts pOT' unit (ahout one hal.f tll pr-ea on't d.omo s't i c ;r1"1to) for ..

42i{ ye ar-s , r,phe nr-Lc o may be Lnc r'e as od at the spmirato as j.nf1l;ltinn~ If

tho ooueor-t ium 2.nnc'Ul1CGG an intention tb bu i Ld tho shoot casting plant, tl::l.o

pr-Lc o f'al Ls to L6 c orrt s par unit. If this p Lan t is built? 1118 'lZE;p mus t

(locluSt. fr')mits,crle,rr?;(~ .. on c h aLf' of __ ~~;tO, vrofit9. of tl1.q, i)~-011~JQhr:rl- tO,a min~U£19h~r~rl-!..'+ C-(:...l1ts.-;,-~~-"rs~·-f;;-c~;di1)1;-:-tl;:;'~;:.:;() profi te-tho con-.

aor-t i.um mn.k8c, '1 tho mono wo will b.avc to subsidise: it" It is purfcctly

obvd.oua why tho Camalco cbal an ... c; rneny othur large ('\ s liJl -Jih t.h o Gov()rnm(mt

a:t~Q kopt aoc r-crt - they d.on' t w2.utNuw Zc,"11n.ndors to kn ow tho truth about

them. It i8 nryching but lOGnlL:lOd o or-r-up t i on , 1 Li.a od rObbery _. and

thoro's more t folla0.

Tho consortium clacr;cs .i t ao Lf as a lIZ, commm;ylfoligil.llo fpr oxport

incontivGs ncc()r(1in,~ t') tho rn.tos of current Bchedulcf)li. ThcSG export

Lnoonb'i ve s are tho sr)rt tb.'1t ;)1101r'[ 'llo.G!lw.n and Forest Products to m ako profits of ~30 million pOl' yo,')!' and pay no ttQI: - or oven r-oc e i vc annual, pa.;yrnent;~

from tih; Ln Land Rovonuo Dept. Fu rt ho r , -tho o ons or-t i um cxpocrt a furthor

'subsidios for buildinft tho snrc l tel' in otn.go or SouthlnncL Nico to know

just wh o bon ef i t a from the; 35% of our Lno omas the Govornwont takes from us in taxes.

The CJi'OG has junt pub Li.sh od 8J1 ~1n."lYf.dH IJf tbo S').-cn.l1cd "electrioity

surplus"< Basically it just d e s not ox i.at , Thorn is ;1 tcmpor"ry aur-nl.us

...,f gener:lting o apao L ty in the 2Iorth. Island in tho c al, and nil burning plants. If the smoltor is built 9 ilrrthin 10 yonrs lvct,dll be burning coal and oil at

a cost of 2.5 t 3.8 cents POl' un l t , and soIlinG it to tho consortium P,-G 1.4 cents.

Obviously rtny GovD!'l1ment try t'l the life of po'plc would

pass a lm'l a'l um i.n.Lum smc I tors in NZ. Tho Gov;,rmnont is c on-.

aide ring the Fletchor doal it has defondGd a similnI' doal with Comalco.

Thoro is only on oonclusion. Govornmont is not interestod in tho

wolfare of tho po op.l o , It is Lrrt or-o s t od in the wo l f'ar c of c ompan Le s such as Flotchors? Com a.Lc o , Ch a.l l.ongo Corp. etc. So it is no USG alins to tho logic and g!,d aon s c o f a thLwinc: Govurnmont - thoy arc n()t interest od

in such matt e r-s , }Jo muat Ln s t cad appo aI to the logic ann gr)od sons of the

pooplc, to win allios and enforcG policies, plans, developments which impravG our lives? rrcthcr +han doerndc thorn ~, as is h appcrri.ng at thCJ momcn t ,

Sinc this art Lc l.ewue wri tt on, th Govornmcmt h,,[.:: announced aCI"OoiIl<mt

with Fletchers on Q powor price for tho smelter. Tho prico is, naturally,

a e ec.r-o t , but tho nOHS media e a.i d it "!rIPS 1.5 c errt s per unit. iYIr Hugn

Flctchor s o om od Very p Lo as cd with tho d.e ad» - h o oou'l dn+t stop from LTlnning

in front of the T",-T camo r-as , Tho Goverrmlcn't anriounc od at tho aam e time th!1t

tho Clutha hydro schome would be aco o-l cr-at ed , [iJ'horo is the sD-co.110d,

surplus if J;Y)WGr ach emos h av o to be acc o.l or at od?

Tho Sn.vo Arnmoen,} Cnmpnig'li have announc cd thoy will fight t8 st')P tho

smelter being o s t ab lLah cd , C1LF'CIJ\fZ \1i11 IJC) doin{::; tho s amo ,

o G 0 C! r1 0 0- 0 0- ceo Q 0- 0. " c o c- '.' 0 <.~ 0 0 0 ('1 0 i) "" e 0 e 0 eo" (/

BULLil]R 001;L

NOli Zo a.l and c oa'l ~ liko 211 o th c r rent! r os our-o es wo ht1VO 9 is up for gra1)s

and it 880ms tho Govo r-nmen t. La only -t 00 h anpy to export it. Carofully arid

insidiously thE, Governmont has boon c orrd l t i on Lng Nev.! Zealanders to accept the massive sell-out of' coal Hi-ch ropen:tod roports of tho loss<$,s suffored in tho coal mining industry; (Star, 15.9.79).

ir,panoso shipping in-torosis have b ocn goaring up for n massive export

of cool since o:rly, Inst "0[',1'. Tho Pr-cs s , 22070797 roportod "Japan's

biggost shipping lino I-J'J:K, prOIY!SOS to or-do.r a 699700 tonne c ar-r-i or for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries!!

Tho Soorcd.-1.rY of Enor{;y? Bill Pcd;ol, nrm ounc ed tho \lCon,l Plan" in wh Loh

is p l anncd 19583900qtcmn"w of COCcI for oxpr.r t by 1990. In t hl s "coal

expor t p.I an" or "enorgy soll·--cu.til is al s o corrt rd:ned .- "That 100,000 to!'mes

of Bullor co a.I be exported n.nnuallyo The r-rvt o of OXD0rt to be Lnc r ene ed to

1509000 'torme s in 1984 arid 200,000 tnnnos [\lmu811y in 1987" (S~nr9 14oll.79).

Unf'or-t un at e Ly tho Loo a'l, miners union ::mpv)rts this movo - sooing any

Impr-ovcmorrt in a doliborc,toly run-c101rJl1 industry as f1 good movo , And the

Governmont is buying Loc a.L support for the s chome by offerinf!: a port at e i, thor Point }:51izaboth (Grc;ymouth) or Cape l'i'ouh1ind (V.JCfjtPOrt) O~S a c ar-r-o t , The schemo is so idiotic 1?ih.ol'l ono roalis08 thDt moot of tho pro,fit from tlh) 8(,,,10

of coal will go into buying oilD And it will, no doubt, foll~w that tho

nGxt multinationals to buy int our oo~l will bo tho oil c0mp~nioB.

Tho Buller c orrt r-nc t is to to tho giant Mitsubishi and IHtsui

multinntioll<1.ls 1409000 tonn os of Bullor o o a'l 'bnt"\rJOcl1 now and March? 1981 nt

~58o 50 a t!)nnoo And it is no s co r-o t -i;hnt HoltI Z()(Jl~nrl coal is gottillg doarer

to buy ev on on thu rJcst CODSt. N Zc al and c on surn or-s nrc sufforing so thrlt

fat rnu I 't Lnrvt i.on a'l.s can get f'att cr-, c of Bu l Lc r o o a.l, per-

tonno is ~80.00.

Tho Govurnment t S '1)2,1'-[; is a e i.n Le to r 'me 1tIhen (mo c one i.d o ns how skilfully it has a.l Lowed chi.:' cor.I industry t dctoriorat 9 pub Lf.ehcd roportG about

Los see in 0 mininG'? and s imu I t'l.lloU1J.sly eel IN'ith O"V e as mul i;i·-"

nnt Lonn.l s t Nen, Zeal c oa'l ,

One Cl\li'CIi,fZ t S vCI~-:1

of l1ostland.' s Nit Dmly c·,,";l otbor things wo

first c was

to J(VJ2.l'l? whon it 1iITC\S first wdl1'''nttc))1Cled public m

tho proposed export raised back in 1975~ and picketod

Trades Hall t demand action

t:hc UIli;JnG 0

Our .'1Otio11. en tho c o al f'r-orrb hn.f3 boon larc'oly vIn,it end s e o since thonG

Ht J)rwy h as an 9 off s1',ca? .and still hasn't got off tho

ground (or r:,thor~ out of the grouncl) 0 Ettrlj.er this Ye CAj'i1QINZ members

undertook moves within tho C2.ni;orbury br-arich of tho Nn.tion:;.l Union of l1td,.lwaYTIlGl1 to try to h avo .<:: un i on 1:)[111 pu-b on such c oaL oh om o a , with mt D2VY

specifically in mind. Tho subsequent stoT)V!ork Hl(Jcting h as bcon out Lf.ncd

I· .....

in an oarli<.3r wfeJD,tch(loCH" Suffico it·t S[w tho NUR z-ce o l.vod t hnnd l o all

2.11d any co ,ll e

HOWGvor9 the Buller c 1 o af.I ct ac c '

abcu t the soh tV-:Lth tt'.c

rosolved on n, t1rJo-hendod pi 6pposition, and pickot the mont to b an tho scheme.

tho .Nit Drnry on.e , The

oxp La.i.n.s all t11n.t no ods to 00 known

schor~o announced D; feti,!; acc onrp'lri ~ CAFCINZ

ac tLon , FirElt 9 t pub'l i.o Ly proclcdm our

1 it. Socond, to ask tho union mbvo-

TiJo \Irote t tho r-o l.evarrb port ,[1111ons9 but r-ec o Lv ed no rosponso oxc cpt

0- po r-a on n.I apTn~oo.ch f r om tho 1IVntorsidors' Thoy~quito rO<'j,sonablY9

d i dn ' -c soc j,lhy thoy should be singler'!. out'v'lhile o+hur unions wore working

tho schcme , andsaiC!m.l~v 1},ct (Erected by the "IOL. 1"10 wrote

to +ho Cnnt;)r'tn~ry District Trn.clos C)unci19 fnr [I.bC:ll'} arid suppor-t for

0. pickot. Thoir replY?>'ihils1; never icning tho wo rd s nbrm")r ffpick¢tll?

wa.f3 0)1.0 It r-oad s Ln l'~ U·YOU,I" Le tt o r tho Buller 008,1

of Juno 19.

The Trades

was d i scuae ed tJ.t the Council io prooessed in NZ and .i t s "p)y),dtiol1o At ty, clir~:)ct Lvo t111icll 1dill 1:)\)

n at ur-a.L rOHourccs tlu\t have not bo en 9 'Jritt.cl1 to the FOL advirJing them of

it tho FOL for pol

CAHDINZ lH'otc directly ·b·) the POL? ling out ,\Thy tho eoh.cmo eh ou Ld

bo stDppad and tho coal could be used in NZo On July 28, tho FOL

replicd to CAFGINZ rind enclosed n. copy of its letter t the Tr;"ldcs Council

on 1,ho sub j ect , 11'1101"01 acc't Lon the, Lo+h o r to us rC2ds~ "You will

n o'tc from tJ.Vi.t Le t t or- (10009 +o tho Trp{ll'::-: Ccunc i L) thpt tho mat t o.r IE'.S

boon roforred to our rosenrcb office for incorporAtion in a broadorSc:cial and economic s-trnie[5'Y U!.[l,t ies 1)()ing devol in cC)1].jnnc-bicml'li th the PHIL We ar o m i.nd fu.L of the potential destructive n.rt ur-o of this quostion if

1'D.iBOcl in Lso l rrt ion t tho "rider quostion of pr(Jtoc·t for etnploymont 9 etc.

Accordingly our d eo La Lon is n o t lnt cmel od to di ver-t 'chis Ls suc and t no

ao t Lon ell it as i-h is 2; s.i.no or c and genuino 2"t-[; cmpt to have the at tor seen in tho corrt oxb of the ,·ddol.' economic 2Yu'1 social !n~olJl()ms that tho tr;:';c"1e

union movement is f'ac ed Hi t h at t !lO presont point in t Lmo , I am c cr-t ainly

grat e f'ul for tho informn't i th8t you L"8'vo f'lri,,::·rdocl t us and. c an ns'mre you of tho on-going supp.,r·[; of tho H'OL for tho gOHorr!l principles yf your

ao t lv i t i cs , \ole will ,):fr o ou r-s o be pub L'i.c i ty t tho quo s t Lon ofwicing

s but y ou vIill r o ad.i Ly ;'g:rc thn:t this is only one rJHpcct" Evon

if the price "ms higher -el'eUl for which co a'l was Beld in nz it, 1ri'Julcln It

materi('11l;y tho DrLlciolo of t npproach th~.t is being sought 00 oH

Tho Lo't t cr to tho Tr['.cJ.c)fl Counc l I is much t h ;ji'ffiO - it says Lm.n cdLat o action <".0 r-cquos t od wou l d Cn,USC a 11m or upho.av a.l, amongst tho un I ons thCffi-' s o Lvoa'", it ackkn.owl, th::-(; i-[;s d oc i s i.on if) 8, "str:.11i:ng of the m ab t or-" 9 [mel is almost apolC)r~Dt:tc .. ' it Y0U m ay very t1811 fool that this [1::·-[;tor is not sat i sf c t o ry to tho views of your Council? howcvor , that is the rS[I,lity of

tt,c pr-o s crrt s i.t unt Lcn 9 •• 11 It is not lll"fiundcd hOltJcvcr thn,t. tho resolution

ahou Ld be tl(() medium for 2,1 Hi th yrm,r pru1Josnl in a bur-o auo r at Lo wn.y

wh i.ch will BOU no ac t t on ti'.ken on 'thir> mntiJor in tho futuro". It 0..180

e t at cs t h at "thc; Inst Hntionn.l Council further endorsed opposition to tho c on't r o I of HZ I G r-csour-o os by foreign intorosts 0 •• II

v(hilo 't h i.s is c1iscl)nrr.cing in 'lib.fit n o b an is irn')osca and tho mrrt t or- is pasaod o'l s owh or-o for f'ur-th o r c orie Ld cn''ti')rl9 it is oncC)urn.ging th.:l,t tho high-~ es1 level of the union movomont is soriously considoring tho mattor,ondorsos its [,;onoro'1 pr-Lnc Lpl es , won+ t settle m or e Ly for,' Iig00d\! prioo for tho Goal (unliko the Lnhour Pctrty) and npCJlo[;if:lcs for arry impr08S.iIlion of buckpaasIng, Tho f'ac t that tho mattor Harm't r-o j ec t cd DUt of h and is Onoollrllc:ing in itself.


These lett ors wuro roccivud nft 81' tho piokot. CAFCINZ dttly rn ao.e its

pr'onounc cmorrt s on thosubj oo ts and tho 1).').1)8r8 duly buried thern on the racing pb,gC8. Tho r-ad i o s tat tons gavo it battor tl,,!o[':,-i:;mont. fis tho matter hadn't been raisod in 1tl1[atchdogil and as tho who l o coal issuo had Le.i.n dormant for yoars? '\vo c i.rcu.l.ar i sod our Christchurch m emb e r-ah Lp calling a special meoting to briof them on tho sub j oc t 0 Tho fact tho.t our hfost. Co aat chnirmOJ:l9 Potor No amo , mun agcd to at t ond, but only tirJO of our Loc al momb or-s did (oxclwHng commd ttoo mcmber-s ) i.e an inclicntion of how muchtvorkis no to mobilhlG

OUr' local raombe r-shd no NonothGloscl:it l'ITaS ['~ VJortl1\'J'hHe mootinr;9 with aovcr-al

non-member-s c orrt r-Lbu't ing expor-t infortnai ion.

Tho picket itsalf t'ITas hold em the p·,ftcrnoon of Sunday? July 27. The

ship had. arrived thnt morninc: and at art cd loading tmmodi at ely. It was the

Sunda Careor? owned by Jcrpanese intorusts9 crcwoc1 by Hong Kong Ch Lnos o nnd

FiJ,ipinos9 and rogisiorecl in Pan am a , Loo a l agonts'V{oro A •• G1'lthroy \3hipT")ing

IJtcl~ on o of tho bu:::dnosses of former ChrirrtchuI'ch rnayor9 Ron Guthroy.

Tho South Ls l and b]!'anch of tho ScnJrlc)l1s t Union had previously d cc Lar-od its gono r-a'L support for CAII'CINZ ~" n Your orgnnisctt ion already has the [sonora1 support of this Uni on in respect to the exposure of tho involvO[;]ont of multi~

nationalsopo)'.'at inc; tN'i thin NZ •• nil 'I'h o S.G(UIlGl1 have thoir own axo to grind

over this c o a I bua i.n c as ,- ;,t is tho sumo D,S tho meat trndo vii th Irc:1.H? narno.l y no wor-k for HZ s comcn , So they oppos o thc coal expor-t 9 but if it has to go on a short-torm b~lSis? they want j obs out of it •

. Thoir union soc ret ary 9 Terry Stuo..rt 9 had. snirl h o wou Ld r-ound. Up a fGW of

his member-s to join tho picket. Go it 1Ims ~I!ith ccns i.dc r ab'l.e as t onishmont

that we f'ound, o(1,rlonds elf S02J110n and thoir f'am Ll.Lc s raring to TI1any of

thGm Wero rmly too keen to stop the trucks loa','1ing the c o a.l on to tho convoyor bolt (mainly th,) truokies woro c ont r-ac t oz-s for the likes of 1\lorth

Canterbury Transport). Howovor? t-l() c onf'Lncd ()ursolvomT to a protost pickot9

and a !I1i'roh to "tho ship, \"h(;ro T rry stuart and ~~urrny Horton of CllJl'CHJ'Z went aboard and told the c apt a.in ",hat it "TO,S all abou t , Ho was suitn.bly 11.onplu8(30(19 but was warnod thnt furtlwr invol vomcrrt of his ship could load to protest and Lndus t r-LeL go-nona

lUI in 8-11? about 90 poopl took pnrt, an oxc e l.Lorrt turn out for 1', oo l d

Sunciay af't o rnoon in a r-omo t o of Lyt t e l t on , Torry stuart, MUrl"D.y Horton

Mel Pot or HODIno apoke , Tho medi,n c ouI dn ' t igrlOro an event of this siz,,}

and gavo it prominent ccv.erngoo 'I'h o f'Lr-s t ~5?000 ton1'108 of Bu.Ll o r coal

ar o on route to Jcman. Throe more of the snI!1G size ar-e duo by Mn.roh9 to

comploto the trial shipments (140~ 000 i; onncs is one ho l Luva trid).

CllFCnrz will oppose all O:fjthCn1D {;fo ar o clooply grdeful for tho mngn Lf'f.c orrt

turnout of s e amon (th(}y out-orumbcr-ed our m omb o r-a by rnor-o than 2 to 1) 9 and


bolipvo our twa-prongod movomont on tho spot is aDposition t this Gchomo.

d.i r-c ot ac t i on putt tho union

Tho public in n01!J DlrJPcro of [jtrong

One v.JG cll'rify - ,'Ie 11n70 no 1n~(;UmontfJ with the

Bu.llor minors ~ r''''ihJ~;,Yil](Jn or nnYCllO 61:30 Lnvo l vud in vnrk:ing

(including t.h oae trllck-dri vcr'o ) • Our o,r:;luncnt is fo.irly nnd ly with

tho GovurUii!Ont for s e l I off H~~ 1[3 rCBCUrCGS.

One of tho f ac t or-e c cnt r-i.but Lng to co l Laps o

It pr'Jt oct odil d omoa't io inducrcricf.j is fro', up

as demandod by the oversee)s f'Ln ano Lor-s t o i,vhom mz is

of Maagiol 0nd other importrostrictions, S)· much in d ob t ,

A recent report by <;1, Gov,;rnmunt nppo i.n t cd Industries Dovollpmont

Commission (me) has r-ocornmondod a furthnr up of import c orrt r-o La ,

Endus t r i as such as the ~r}Qll("n9 9lothini?:9 foo "b-rcnr9 e t o , s t rmd to t a

thumping. Tll.c Ld.e a is thr.t indu8tries sl1:mld be Itintornntionally o ornpob i tivell

or viC\vith choRper imports. Hcrvwvor,this 1;.lG(1US fncing oompetitLm from

moz-o advano od technology? proc<lwtion f'rom nlnnts.)f much groRJiJorscalo9 and

from euba i a b enc e Labour- ar-cas , Also COVOrmrl(mts oVUrSC(1fl, subsidise exports

from t}lCJir busin0sr'lcs jlist as tho I\fZ Gwornlncnt do o s , 11'01' oxmnple9 it is

understooD. thn.t the J\nstralial1 Gc;vul'nH1ol1t pays 75%) of o o.dvortis COShl

In.~. for promot ccrtc\in AU8tr[l,l,i,~n

I-b is 1:1.1so (11:.80 that tlw outfits that hnv o 1(:;11.1; so much: m oncy to

.HZ (such us tho Ho:elcl. 11nnk9 TMli',otco) 8.ro tioii to hHJustri8.1 tncmo'pollos

lPlhiCh v,rant II £'1:'00 entry")f their s into c.ount r-Les euch CtS NZo long

o,$thosQ fina.nciers h avo such a grip ovor thooconomy ana. Governmont (and thoro is no siC:l1 of it los,soni'ng) 9 thcm W() c an oxpcct more of tho s arnc ~ with tho at t end.ant un omp Loymcn't, IrJC1i;() r-oduct i.ons , nttr.cks on lvulfnro anrl

t s? ot c.

Two big pr-opoe od proj s involving f'o r-e i gn copitc·l hrwe . r-cc crrt Ly Do;m

clroppod. in their orrt f'o.rm s , Both tiTorc cmor{j"y intensive inrluGtrios to

be; bas ed Ln t.J.10 S(nrt}~ Es l erid , N'icJecl Sn1cl to'rs Lt d has ::;i "V en lIP prop'osals

for a nickel smolter in the Nolan osea nce to Minister of Trade ~nd

Inf.lustt7.f (NIr .Adn.ms-~Schncir1or) c, Th(, an tm.s to rl ow Cal en nickel

an to NZ for smelt 9 us cheap eloctricity. Strong lC0~1 oDposition hm

developoct to tho propoG219 1 on onv Lr-onmorrt a.I grounds 9 nnd. a citizens

c omrn l t tco W2,S formGd to fic,;ht tlL Y)rojoc'G.

llnel CnrllOrundum Co a siliconcarl)ido plCHt tho gia;nt Kenn cc o't t C or-ab l o enC()Ul"'~lgen(;)n'b and economic gr(mnds (return is belioved that c

of the USb has decided n o t to pr-oc o od vfi t11. pInna for

noar Il1v(;rG("tr/~ill. Carborundum (2. $lthsicUA.ry of

Corpcrtdior:) said it 1'111.8 boon ,2;ivon IIvory. c ona.id-.

hol from tho Government". Howcver9 on puroly

on invostment) thoorojoct has bo on dro'opocl~ It o os t of constructioil the cost of fr.eight

to of'f sh or-o xnerkc:d; 9 mor-e tb.ml (i.e., cheap eleotricity).

While we c an be n'l o as od tk'.t thoso particult\r projects have; be.en clrop})ocl9

wo viOul,cl point (JUt thAt t11080 ant c ompan i ce vii11 ',)Ht o.on s i de r-ab Le prossure

on the Government (\'111ioh "rill bo uIH"Jilling) to"r')virlo even more attr;1ct-·

ive c ond.i t j ons for Lnv os tm He: 08.11. oxp ec t bicccr o Loo t ri.c L'by conc cae i ons

for the rilul tin[ltionals~ tax incentivos and rGbC'~tos9 and tho shutting

out of ,my oppnsi tinn.




28~ June 1980) c crrbai.ncd em ('rtiel orrt Lt Led

ilShonlcl Ci\li'CINZ Go Irati mal?l!.

SC·SSiOH tho question of shou Ld uotablish CAF'CIN~: to m ako C1IIWH,;ZI -a 18c110. It ooncludod by f,rint Em uprlnt eel chart or"

whother our exist

branchos or kindrod

truly nat i body to cnnfront a ned,

for r-e ad ore r rCSpCH1S0'S 9 1'1. .... ;'1 nr-om i s ed

Firstly we t} 0

objects, writton sGvoral

our firu"!; d.cc Lar-at Lon of "ims and It ot ill h oLd s t ru -t<)day.

vJhat dOGS CAFCINZ stancl for?

fin independont N01rJ ZC:.'.l,mc1 1)oli'tical solf~ru1ianoo9 u s i n.r

[Jr..sod on i Los of cconomd c , military and IS resourcos for tho benofit of tho NZ

po·)pl09 and refusin.g in'TOlvomc.nt in t:) s o I f .... 8crving military and oo on ora Lo

trOD,tics of lYie; foro o onrrt r-Lo s , V.Jt; oppos o foroig11 c on t r-o l , irrospootivC)

of 1fJb.nt country it :LnvolvG.B9 with no exceptions" O'ppcs;i tionto the, exp Lo.i t-

at Lon of Notv Zonlr'.ndi spooplo [mel r-osourc ca by foroign c orapan i cs , and to any fordgn rnilitnr;y ao t i v i.z Lcs in Now ZonlancL Anyono who suppor-t s thoso aims !TIny bo a mombc.r of CJiFCnrZo

What Cl\,lj'CINZ dOGB 11()i:; sunpor-h

~, __ ,~~_,_"~"*_".,,,~,~ __ ._ .• _, .• ,._,,,_~~.,,~,.~,";;;;J,_~,'''"'""'

Whilo opposing fc)r,,;i{~n contro19 C/\Feutz eleos nTt flupport replaconwnt

of foroi[;11 rtlonoj!olios 1"Ji th loa on080 NZ monopolies r'-IO col1abor:1tinc~

vr:f"l;h f)r;c';'ign compc~hio8 Ln tho eXploitut Lon thoir own oountry- their only

loyalty is to profitst

CAFCINZ is 11.)1; r!'.cist 0 It d.ooa riot OPP()SO the'poon10 of foroig'n o()l1nt-

rios1 but tho forcigrl e s l;hic·h"-;;:ro ox p Lo i til1gNoi,YZoalanr1.ors. AniJ;:'1

of c our-s e , CA~lCIHZ d oo s lDt sun:p,):d o ompnn i ce cxp Lo i, t other c ourrt r-Lea ,

or NZ militn,ry F1ctivi tios in:thor ooun t rvi s ,

1)" CMrCINZ is e. prot.)st {';rouP9 an oducrrt Lona l gr"Jup and a pr.".igrossivo

c;r()up. We a.;;finQ our-s o Lvoa a8 a "pl"'groflsivc nrrt ionrd Lsfi" body - we i;tlko

thu vii31r,point of 'Iwrl<;ing poop.l o in t'ifo tutnlly rrpposo trw rO["C'Gl mnr-y

cloment in NZ society vlhc) have at t cd t u sur-p l1oXLol1n.lism fer their own

. ond.s - tho ends ·:)f CJ:'(J at c r pri vat 0 Tlrofi tEl 0

2) 0 No be I l ovo in 1118.SG bas od d l r-oc t [',ction? not in lobbying9 petitions9

subm.Lus i one., rolying on C3XT)Or'ts9 et c , Ho bo l Lcvc r-e a.I chango will CODlO only

by fully informinG and convincing ordinr.ry pcopl e

3). CAF'CINZ f3 not advoc:~to 0. altc,rnative to tl10 oxisting

sys-comg ~fO are un i tod in v.rhe:t VIC arc: ac;ains-G rG.thor t han what 1f,fO ar-e for. This is procisely boc eue o \iW aro not and indeed will 1nt be a political partYe ;'4e will no't c ourrt onanco the ,')rganisatinn boines us od to nr-omo t o a particular pariiy li'10 3

4).. Llo1rJGver? wo recog.lliso th."'o-(; our geXtl involve leavinG all

military pao t s , c Lcs i ng all foro milHD.ry instel1nti()tls, and repass s

tho ae s o t s of mu L't Lnrrt Lonal.s , returning the Lat t cr t trw NZ pe op l o , On

specific Ls suos 1r.fO may pr-opoa o specific a.lt o I' 11 n-(; 1V08 9 o , go "Clo$O Down GOhlnlcd' 0

5). Ne oppoe o forcitSl1 corrt r-c l boc aue it is hr.rmf'uL to tll intcrodts of

tho 1m pe.op'Le , Tho secking of profits is t.hc on Ly concern of muL tinationr.ls

investing in NZ. To g::\in profits "dll Lo an em govcrnlllCnts9 cluvnstato

Ute onvironmont? oorrupt the ne'ws h1CCU8 OXic!' (bstrrw civil libortJos" We

oppose all forms and ;<,,11 m3T)()ctG of fo r-o o ont r-o l , We usc sil'lG'10 Lasucs

as oxnmr Lcc ,


6) Q

and inovlt'bl boc auo we ar-o dithin OtioD9 activc].y nnti.·c2.pitnli8t iDvolvo f control,

j·L'lisr1 ( J3-u t 9 b: C auao of

c ont r-cL) is n 1


.cc aus

of intcrcstt

9 G.P.FCILl'Z (lofillCS it [i If C~B arrt i~-irl1p<'}rial ist 1,)11i

1I1110[C 0 aot iv i t toe (.'If IJZ c:'!,pl t :''llistfJ

.g. joint ventures).

v.i ows


Tho above ch2.t"t;r is' f'Lcx i.b l n,s G. Qliclclino9 not a rigid sot ofruloH.

It 1'Tao ne;l'cnr1 upon [!.ftc)}~ and l:Lvuly (H~,;ct:u3:';ion? and rcpr0fJ(mts our

oxpcr-i onc n.ftor s cvc r=L Hork in f i.o l d , vJo fool ~t HJ n.1'O istid

rcYl(l h o Lpf'u'L wh i ch t It crXL b:) adapt cd t Lee c i.r-oum- ..

s t anc os , but it mus t not b o f'undnmorrt a.l.Ly oompr-omi.sod , We Son l t C,f:j a

flexible guiclolino for [~rlY Cldi'GIITZ br-anch :)1'

Bonring 0.11 tho in mind? we would like all our readors (outside tho

Chr-Ls't chur-ch nron) -bo ~~n:S~jcr tho follo;"dng qu ost ions and s ond us thoir

replios. rlOD.8 t 8,1' off and rU1;urn tho soc ion Cl\'H _. (or USiJ [1,

copy of BOinO) "00 Would you, ,'1;S an i;Ldivinut,.1, -coko tho il:lHic\tivG in fwtt

yeur axe'· ft CAli'CIN?, branoh or kind roo. body? Yes!N o,

up in

dup l j.c ato 1) •

2) •

1rJould yn1.1 boc onic en <J,c-G sotnp by

jnombor if such a branoh or1)ody .<3'(},8 Yes/No,

3). Do yot, acc opf the att ached chart or tlS a c,ruidolino fOr such n

br-anch or body? Yos/No

If' you [I,ccopt.

1'1; ac

a.l L tho chnrt or, p l Q,\SQ spocify ~'lhbt you Clan! t

1vo ar o l1ropc,rcd t

~J.~J.:'~~~~t=~~:" g


wny pon si bl


It is well Oval' n yenr [1,~O inco Eilly stow;jrt corrtactod me to nsk if I

wou l.d wl~He a f'cw letters to tho o.r)O~lt tho Kanieri (gold) Dredge and

what it was doin{s to PD.SSfnOi'O (husbuld) and his fOlnily's In.:nd. Pnaamor-o

had. been 1121ni)10 tOfJtr)P the droclgo from ant his land as all minorL'ls bolong to "tho Crown and the CrmTn 1h tho Shgp~1 of tho Govern:)r Ge!lor'l and Muldoon cloclD.rod, th", land, open for minirtg in 1976 thus 0.18.0 declnrin{c that

it wn,s itl the nnti:mal iJrbcrest fur Pm::;smoI'o's Land t be m Ir.ed hy Ar~OIL (i;ustrr.11h:'11 Mining and on Lnduut r-f.cs Limit ) t, l:.rholly owned SUbsidiary of Brierly Invostmonts Lt(L? a Now Ze: ... Land monopoly ,(,,1 th int erests in evorything

from Nev·! Zoo.land Pu Lp i.n g r,Iills Lt d to fYJCl process cloctricnl , and

the Kaniori drcclt';Cl. In fact 9 the list of c o s under Brierly In.vostm,mts

is as i;wprOEwive" as c,ny mu I tirw.t ional., ThllJ3 PnnsEloro h ad n. formic1r'1.blo opponent lvith t r-omondous political and oconomic lover::'{1;o. To top this

insult tho Govcr:nnwnii undo r pressuro b'Jth f'r-om the LcJy)ur Party and tho

grmtod a C;old aub s i.dy , ILn1cvor, I do not kno"(,"1 tho full

c1oi;nils h o r o , Th()prcvic)Us whon L"')onr 11,01'0 in office thoy eel

tho . ~4759000 t f i.n ano o -the's move to Passmoro' s Land ..


I did not think letters to th p::;.per Iv-oulel b auf'f'Lc.i on't DS tho o ard s wore s t ack od it ;',c·.instll Pnsomor-o and he had nlrc):).dy apcrrt thrlUsr'xlQ.s of dollars in Lewyers' fOGS :111(1. {':ot nowhorc. 'Jthcr 2XOS. togrincl DDd fooling that tho rJost Coc,st wr.s J.itoral1y up for r;Tr.bs by mu L't Lnrrt Lono Ls , with our coal ~ timbor and 9 r dooiuud that th,) best H8.y to holp Paeemor-o wr'.s to form n local branch of C;1FCINZ and nlso ask P:r-ssmoI'o and his f"milS to join. In turn for CAFCIIJZ support othor Lasuos w()ulc'L 1"'.lso be puhlishcd9 for cxnmplo9

M.tDnvy 00[11 and 00:),1 exports to Jnprtl'1. (Guess "iIIO supports tho Kaniot'i

drodgo in the TnrnmHknu ri VOl"? - tho Groymou th Br-anch of tho Gh amb e r- of C omm-.

orco). ): h ad a lot of learninG to do hO'[ilevor for tho d.roclgo issue was

vory c omp Lox nnr) whilst it romr:inoc o omnl ox th(} clrodgo company could. got RvW,y wi tll disrog3r(1ill{:7 tho terms of tho mining Li c one o rogarding prevention

of erosion and rcstorcdion of land. Duo to the; fQot th2ct thodrGdgo wns

a lnrgo' employer of people in Kumar-a and the publicity o0mpaign of tho drodge m any 100r.1 bod i cs ro!::ardod Passmore as 1'1. nu'i annc e r'm' did nDt oven reply to some of his oorresponclcllCG over the orosion caused by tIN c1roclr-;o.

HG~lCe my first tnsk i-\TaS to prosont a olO;;a1ima[,;e to the public aJlrlhoro wo embar-ked on a 'publioi ty o8.mpai{!,11 keeping the droclgcI iSSUG .. if not (lD"ily~

cortninly woekly in tho nev~s1Yoth raclio Mel pnpcr , .At first b:Jth modi?,

ignoro(l us. But We quoted tho mining li0011C() eonditicms f'ud po i.rrt ed to tho

destruotion of tho dredgo [l.skingany body ~~h() cloutJtod what we BRid to look for

themselves. .A wottk link in thq!ohain we disooverod 0,180 1rJI1,S thoWestlml.d

Co,tohmont Boarel. who had be on qppointocl in tho mining L'i o cnc o to police tho oonditions. ~1/0 mad c it hot for thom PHd .thon things bogn.n to b appcn , Ho also wrote to th,,; County C{)unbils i:r)'v(>1vod. as the TarQ,'11nk~tll is the houndary betweon tho Groy C()Unty and the l:fostL\l1,cl ClJUnty. v~o w:aoto to tho Ministor of nUnes, loen1 mps n.nd n:ny]vIPs likely to b c hclpful?B'I.l.oh as Mr Sho·[l.roro

As timo progressocl mora and more pco pl c 1Jog<in t o BOO thc.l issues and toke sidOSWG {~['.inoc'l_ mor-e support from g1'oup8811011 0.13 tho ]'odor"lt od l.rr'rmlll:'S and onvirol1!Uentol ac't Lon groups. '1'1'10 j.\'Iinistar of nUn cs u.ctually apokc to

Ptts smoz-o and. o~oknowloc1ged that h o had o. cas o , At 'Ql'csont Possmol:'o is l1ogotinting with the droclg'o company ever com oenaat Lon, but for ntlcns:t

fifty years to c omo tho tmcpayorkl of New Zot\,land. Nill be alarming up tho

moss caused 1jY erosion of Land and dredgo ttlilings nrid l;vhd hnve v;TO g:tinocl? Rcoorrt Ly the Kn.niori Gold. Drol]go wns sold to Symcon No,rine Cornoration9 R wholly ownod US giill1t thnt plans to o~Icrr.to 5 drudgos em thc) Grey Ri.vcr-,

H()wovcr~ there is Q ,\t (hnl mo;r.o r-o a.l ronist anc e to th.o high-hondoc'L

rrppr-o'ach ofmultinati::mDls ,2nd ocoplc ,\1',; stt'l~ting: to toke a ct i.on in tho

~oy Vn.llon hcln.tccl t it iso


Tho bat t I o gnos on .... 5 fnmilios ano still paying 75% of their powor

ac.o oun.t e and waiting for t ho lie7hts to out. (Since writing this tho

c:x:l'YeQt 00. ac tri-on of tho KED hru$ hit t.hr-co of thoso f,"milios) o Wo' vo now boon in act i on fJX' OVGr 15 months :for Jnnn;y of uqlth() group hRS boc omo

pr\rt of our- way f)~ lifo. Its imnort"nt to X'scnlloci:;a1ways what tho group

is on about tend what our brrs e is 0

QUI' conoorn ;',8 it wns initially is fell' f'am i Ld es 9 for tho li'lUS of orc1.~

inary po opLe , \rIo ar o nir{nX'o thnt this o onc o rri is not prosont in tho minds

of tho cJ oed s i on mak cr-s , Con+Lnua.l, prico risosaro orippling tho. qUlllity of

:family lifo. The ErlCri!~y Group is 8,11 1\ttempt to hnl t. this erosion. A

point whero fomilics wo:ce propo.ro.d to s t and up and say ENOUGH. A¢udivic1uals

~o oou ldn It have (lone it. .As n group with tho support of' others both

inside and otrt ai.d e the Ener!sy Gr-ou.p we f'ound a now strength - th~our"J~e

to carry out our Gospel o omm i tm ont ,

Tho mrl.in th1'UEJt of tho grup at tb<is tim i to c orrt Inuo t invcHti; .. "t

tho r08S0ns f01' the unjust eloctricity prio icy, and to continue t

try t OXp1SC thof3 C"!U.SGr~ 0

Two elf the G:roup hnpponil1t;s t h i.e mon+h hrwo boon tho sarceinr': of the f i.Lm "Controlling IN-t;orostll r.coompan i cd by a proGontrdicm on the NZ

situc.ticm'9 tnking pr\rt in "', "ClOSO~UD" TV dOCU"iOnti1.l~y on e Loo t r-Lc l ty

(mel foreicn invostinon to


"Industry in Ot,tGo ~ EnrDloymorlt9 EnOl'{;Y9 Bo'::nvJndcSf Al.um Ln i.urn nnd

AlturnativGc". Pub.l Lanod by 8~Lve Ar,~~moan[\., Ccmpaign. 245 Mor::w

P'l nc o , Dun od i.n , 19Bo. Pr Lc c 01.00. 23 pn.cos. Portr~'tos9


This booklot touch()f3 on the obj oc t i vcs of Cf,li'CnrZ-mcl as such is rrwrth

a notice. It roprofJcnts OU3 of the of'f'or-t s made by tho 88.vO ArnmOtlllfl

C01np:>..i,gfl to pr-o t cc t Otago (:>..nc1. hopefully Oam aru and Timnru) from the ost-

nolislirTwnt of ."n :>..1 um Lnd.um smo L t cr. The open i ng pages summarise tho

industrircl strategy and tho cnor-gy str0togy for Now Zo a I nnd as outlined by thc) HZ P'Lann Ln g Council r'.ntl the Wi inistry of T'.t'norgy (NZ Govornomnt). Of particul,'r r-e l ovanc c 't o "vhtchc1og" is :>.. summar-y of the costs and boncf'd t s to NZ of -the GVersoCl-S owned 1',11(1 controlled n.1umillium smoltor 2,-C Tiwni Point9 Bluff. Costs to the JlTZ public aro shown by thG st"'tistics

to be hL:;h c omrinr-od to othol' i:ndustrios. Bonofi ts -through Gmploymmb.t

opportullitio8, 100;'1 lJoc1y f i nanc cs , ur-ban pI "nd do~mstr()0ffi industri,'"),l

procossing ere shown to bo nogligibl •

'I'h e book l o t thon U8()8:-:\, study 1);y P. V211 NOGscb) 9 II Aluminium SmeltinG in NZ (1980)H t() c as.t s".:l:'ious doubt on New ZcaLWld's su.i t nb i.Lt t y as a

smc l t cr- si t o , Tho fin:ll p::',rt of tho bo ok Lc't thcn don.ls with nl te rnrrtd.vo

Lnduat r-Les for Ot :"(p. In this acc t i.on Cj\FCHTZ finds diD::t{;r,wi,onivJi th tho booklet 1I1hich SCOU1S t() ror;nrd export oz-Lon't ed growth (e:xaopt 1'.)1' the expor-t of l~)c[1,llyproduced ahuninium) as hi:;-hly doc Lr cnb l.o , Nc;vortho1.oss CAFGILSZ suppor-t or-a Huul,} find usnful dntrc in tho s oc t Lon s on [tluminiurn em e L ting to clOmC'llf3trnto thn.t thu NZ,llS Tiwed Point smc l.t cr- ~'nulr] nut ox i st vdth ,'0.11 its

unh appy c onacqucnc ca vdth011-G -!;ho Lrrt or-f'cr-enc o of «'vorscC1.S mu Lt i.nrrt i orrds

and their c .i.vo pl1iticn,1 trends in their h omo bt1.3o gmtcrnmonts9

plus 'thoi1' quisling c:y)per,:~:tL:m in Sl1CC08[3ivQ HZ GnvorllFlGntf-l.

:B'or s a l e s t'!v::1iln.rJl f'r-om CAF'CINZo

1). "Industry in (It'lgoH? S,'"V() Arruno[ffin Cnm'-)(1ign9 ~l.OO.

2). Snve Arr:mo'1nn P')stors9 ¢L50 o ach ,


Rocorrt s tvt omorrt s by prom i ncrrt Lo,bcmr Po.rty apokosmon dOGorve

oritic'll comm orrt , n(rhc St".r" (1505.80) ropJrtud Bob r,riz,~r(l as so.yinc:

this p,t the Lnbour+ Par-t y Conferenco - "On ttlC us o of South Ls Land po1t<Jor~ ]\fIr Ti2;o.rd said 1109 n.l t.h ough this "JaG not ,11oc(]ss(1rily tho p[',rty's view9

f'rrvour-od ".l1 expans i.on of the Clm:--.lc fl!i1CJ1-tor c.t BluffH• "Tho who..rf and

sto!'':go f'ac i L! tics ar c thoru9 (111 tho auppor-t facili tios 011(1 t h c

pOl-lGr Li n o to tho slTIoltur ar-o thero9i1 no Gcdd,. "Its tho quickost vny of USil1{t,t () p')wcr PJ1c1. thoro is He) doubt a surplus is avo.lln,blo ooooil l!l?or oxomp lo , if ,Y'JU [\1"0 l)ldng Cl,t tho expnns i on of tho lJ:1hli'i Point a.Lum i.ni.um


",,' .J.

sme l ter, I pr-caume it t·lill be IJU the bnsis of Tihat is thuro nO\\fo Far

oxpens i on , Comale Gould 8r1'r'nr;:') its f'Ln.anc 'lnd l40uld just a ad

price f)1' tho p)1,,,c'r and tho Lab ou r" •• 0 11\;[,:; ar-o 1 at (lownstroam

industry :1.nd on o ~)f the thinr;;s ide 1tviuld ""'11t9 fnr' aXC'llTI1) 1 0 9 "lith th ulu.miniUlT;

smel t or is an und cr-t mo.r o nss :of tho aluminium l-Ji thin NZ".

"Tho 8i; :'.1'11 said of him "Un L


1rdng9 ho tn1.cos no dO:J,IDatic stand o'v'rsoas invustmnnt in energy

aevcl'Jpmont but ho koo}Js a WilCY eye on it" 0 If thit~ npolor;ia for CO[:1(\lc')

and uncritical ac o errtanc o of the fabled flsurplus is koo'Oing n 1r!ary oy

on it9 then h o n;)ods as s ca , Bu t w)}.'s iE to C

III:£1ho Pross\! (18,6080) r-an J, h.o adLjno HNZ Hoguircs For", InvcDbnnn"l;il.

It quoted, Rogc)r D01.l{;lan as :3 IlIi' we do n-rt h avo foreign invc;s-cmcmt 01' ovcr-ecas 'Dorr\wing fly Govcrnment 9 wo 1ivill h nv o t 'J r rd.s o ,,11 our invustmnnt

c[)Pitnl at home e 0" By [>,llowing fiJroign c onrpan i o s 'tn w)I'k in NZ 1IIf8 nrc in

aomo Ln s t nnc oa ing ace cas to ~ochnol()gy 0110 uW.rkots wh i ch vrouJ,d

lrllse be don i od to us 0 a a Poroign Lnvoetmorrt Cloro i;l:w,l1 1J1:tid for i tsolf by

tho exports it oarn od , the jo1)8 it cr')2-cod (.l}1C" tho im'ports it snv od us f'r om having to buy." a if foroi[';n compan t cs :)1'0 'oxp lo l tin,\ their cus tomor-s or

r-cc e i.vo 0xpCJ11sivG Governnwrt"1; sube i.di.ee , t:rlon whatw() need arc bottor p)licios to d c.n.l tvith a.l I cnmpanius on th080 matters, and n)t special trOE\tmunt for

forcignu:'Ei 0.. But in p:r[wtico furoic;,:n-Ol-Tnod compan ies have 8. better

inv()stmont r(}corcl in NZ tharl d.omorrtLc ;mosil 00. His {;oucre,l lino vms that

for(;i&,'l1 Lnvoe tmerrt is nOQ{)ssury for our hL;h st<'.ueJarc1 of livin;::? arrd his only SU{':GGw\;od r of'o rm WAS thrt thoCkrvorlFOOrrG nllt a 1t:r'onlisticH 111'iooon our' rosourcOl'J. Liko Tizarc19 h o has no ()bjoctiunto tb.() fCloll-out of NZ as long as. ",volt cou I d get [I . pr-Lo o for it. Eo roe.listie pricing would

pare d.own foroii~n invcstmcmto rAuldoon or aome of our mor-o notpblo r:<ross

hacks couLdn t t h avo don o 8 l:;otter LlllOltV' job for tho mu.l t Ln at Lon al s ,

Tho c onnoc t Lon between Tizard and Doug l as is n1r)J:'O them co i.nc Ldon't aL,

"Th,) Strer" (28.6080)9 ing D'JUglC'f3! dismiss1119 said thisg IIIndopond.-

eno o was c l adraod IJyNr J)ouglC',S wh.on he m an.o twC) roc: spccchc)s ,'Thieh among

thin{r;s s poko: of th(; n000 f:)r foroign inVCHJtmcmt and. .c ornpo t.i t Lon in milder

terms th~n US11nl for t: Lab our- Op}),,)Gition lVIP. l~vidEmco h as como to h to

Lnd Lo at o thnt the !~'crm of such em Ldo is cv i d orrt t c P. c on s Ldo.r-abLo 0

in a pnoor Hritton by Nlr Tiznrdmid c t.ncu.Irrt od to po l i cy o ounc i.L ntomborD9

inchtc1il1(; Mr D~')ugln.G9 prior' to tho July 9 prlicy oounc i I mud;ing. Out Li no

proposo.ls for oncrgy policy and tb() rlocisi"'ns wh i.ch vvould need to be t

is tho rmbjoct <If cornpl'ohc)Dsivo lY'.por 000 Whn.t pI")gr?JmnU ()f ovo r-s oas borrovdng: is a Labour- Govornment pr-onar-od to f'ac o irlJrCler t d ovo'l op this progrnl!lniO 000 Thcso sn.vin{;,s 1rJill be availcblo t sorvicG the; Lo ana but a Labour' GOV(lrnmont Ttif()Ulrl fitill to raiso tho Loana , Easing ori ticism of ovcr-s e as invostmDnt J.S :)11 obv i.ouu Imul Lcr-ti.on" 0 SG thnt I s th.c [~nmco

MOSiClrs 'I'izar4" and Dougles nrc both fJrm.or Q2binot Niinisters 1i,Fly)

both al so b on unc cr-omon i.ous Ly dumped by Howl in'~. I:Jould thc-,t they had be en

firod for their position on f<)rClie;'n investment. IiI such luck. liTho 3to.rH

(2,.10.,9) quct e s H')l-Jlin{7 ns 8Sy th'lt finny agrconcnt that if) pr opo r-Ly

ontorod in unclertll nIlos timcIllust stnndiJ• R1l'lling h as roitcr-

8,ted this rnlicy the r-ocorrt flurry of Land s;:!lo;:i t') f()r8ignors~

that i09 Lnboul' won ' t rtllow f'.ny" but i;hoso in ox is t onc o must s tand, By

logic~tl prot")!,osSiOIl thrlrc:i')rc if EuldGon h2S sold the entire ctJUntry to

Saudi Aral)i::ms as a f cour-e c 1);,/ tho time H.:r,.rling got:':! h i s turn to \'!Ienr

the funny hr'.t 7 t as w o l I j r)hs as o addi cs 0

The sorry t"lo of l\l\fZUS is aly'th'jr c··· the Darty confct'cmco says

a+Labour- Govermncnt ·t-rill wi thclr8:(,v fro!, l t f) pc1.rlirunentarians? led by dinosaurs liko NUck C'mnollyy sew Y1 auch lY>licy isbinc1:m thorn"

14 .•

Compar-e ihis lcssncss vIi th the Avstrn.linl1 Labour Party V'Thich has

Hpromisocl t br-enk tho p010JUr f for-o oil mu I tinDti ina l s durilli~ th.c first .Y0r1T of Ln:b(;ur Y'c;-Gurnin ... ··.· t n f'fLc c" ilrn,..., , s·t '"Ir" 30 6 0"0) .A'1C1 +1', .i s

. \ '.1. .cL '-" J..- •• ' 9 . 0' J 0 ",.I. J. u _ 0

from n rnx'iy In Bill , vlhe; hr~s n,S much chnrismct ",n HO'dling.

The qUGGi ion ari[!cs 9 \vh'} tho onco rnd futUro is nins penr, i"iL'dnly qu i.bb l

cd:; tack I, ab our?


Simpl - thoy arc, as over,

8.S a l,rh010 ;)11 foro c on t r-o l

ho ing CAFCIi.JZ

,pon the door fnr 1,:<18 f'ound od

.bout th. s i z o of the dcorman r s tip fnr

:)lJ.r f 11 i';U()stf.jil o It r,r2.S YW c o i.nc i donc o that


1 ".f) i; L

)ur Govc)rnelTInnt.

NlofJSrs Tizi'.rd. and D Llfi nrc om aaou l u tLis work po l Lcy oven further.

Al thlUgh nr-c currently on t1::,:,G I'9tr1cy ar-c still inflw:ntil\l, '1'iZ;lrd

as 011or[:.,"Y apok o srs an , Dr;uc;ln.s nSL1fhizzkicl ltJi th)ut Portfoli. But wh on

Rc)\·rlj.l1g he,s inovi t ab Ly boon st abbod in the b ack , they 1\1i11 bo ar-ound Ri?:nino

And thoyll vo s en t out unm i at "'konblc: s izn n.Ls to mu I iinatj.ona1 So Don't

wljrry~ GvnT,ything will be al I t

Hot to rlLontioTlnl Nnti:m2,H

-,-' -~-"'--"""""'~'''''-~'--'-'---'""",,,'",'

Just in sh ow vrG nrc imparti2.1? we will o}COCJso somo contrcrdicti)ns runcmg

'l'h oae H'ho Arc B')rn 11\) Ru l.o (cJr at Lorist v\lih o l cc t irms). Goorge Fergu.son

has tho thQ.nkloss job of 1Joi11.2: tL\na1 cnnd Ld.rrt e for Hostlanct tT1roo timos.

In the Fi tzgurald CDS he bohavcd r:r.; O]).G would oxrioc t a covornmont ;"I.l1pointoc

t tho lV! arginal LondG DO;"'.:r.d to boh avo , But l,vhon it comes to the Kttniori

Clrodgo9 he br-e aka party r-anks , Tho clrcdgo was r-ec orrt.Ly s01d by }3rio:rly to

a o oup l.c of American c omnan i os 9 vJhich nr orap Ly 0.nnounoccJ iJi,g DIEms for

oxpans i on , Our Gd is a big,,,wic: -tho 1:'0,,1 Fc(joI'8.tod Il'nrrnors9 and

hJosth'.ncl Conservation and Dcv o Lopmorrt AfJ8()ciatiort9 and is 81s()· a Grey Vt',lley

fa~['rnor. Eo oppc s od B1'i(01'l;y! s p l ans to move the dro(lgo from the TnrmndGlU

to tho GroY9 and t')inlly (1)~)()S(;f3 tho .Am0)ric:-'ns'~)Luw to not I)uly 1iwrk tho

Kan i.cr-I dredge' but have up t:-; 5 ;3 on c (frey wi thin .5 yo"rs. He

r-eckons thoy'll "rc).p.OI! the C.)8St9 :',ncl their only intcrofJt is "to ;;old'

and they eLm't li?;ivo a d~'mn)Ut any+h 016011" (t~lfook()nd StpI'"? 5.7.80) 0

FccloY'ntccl li'n.rm(;rs havo Gout tclc{~:r('I,]S to thu Govcrnmutlt domnndinc; a rnoY'nt-

unt 11

\;vill ror.lZl,bili t t) t h

So ,J, top Tory 1,)(;,1.1 c ock i oa nrQ [' :f')roign-m-mod achcmo

in an ar-o a I,hich has nlwI'1;yn boon [1, L JUT a Ln ocuro 1:',11d",]: '.:Jro tho 1001"1 unions nr o n Ll, f,)]:, f3ChOm08 thr,t Lnvo.l vo ay s t cme.t Io a.l Ly ,1isfH"1ntling

tho CoC'\st and GhippinG it clsOv,rherc - r;olr1? c o aI , timi'i(;ro Ah9 the

oontrnrlic ions of cDPitn1ism!

ClJ.i'CINZ recently r-oc e Lvod a copy of a H)rking Prvpo r on tho 1Iustr"'t1iill1 Ec onomy , pub Li sh ed by Syclno;y! s '.Prnnsnatima1 C;opcrn.tivc9 l)rc;:l<.;ntocl ,\t the Endue t ry Pr-o j oc t s C'on f'e r-cnc e , hoLd :i.n Syc1noy in 1l.TlriL

'llhis pr.per on t s a concise and lucid NorviC1t1 of U, current s t at 0

of tb\::; vlforla' c ap i.t a'l i s t cc onorny ( and. nrt on.Ly tho cc(pitr-list on e - it

d o t n.i La China's rnOVGS t) attl';wt ign i:nv()stmcmt, putt it in Ctjm~

po t i tion "dth tho n o t or-Loua "Pr-o 'Pr,du Z,· .. mosH of)thur As i an govcrnmonts).

But its r::c,ctcEli; vrtlU8 for tho lITZ rC'i!c)cr is in its oxt cnc i.vo t'.u;·lysis of tho Austre.linn ooon orny , And tll s irn iLar-L tics j"ri th NZ ar-o strilcinr-:. Itf/shot through \dth drc8ri1;y fnmiLLnr Hords such r's "r:ltionalisntion" ~

"restructuring"? "nc'"r tuchE)]. 9 :lextcndc(1 t hmr:::i"? ilc,c8Uc,lisatLm

of Labour-" 0 Net to mm:d;im th~j 10s8 cxo t i c 1r{!)rd.s like "unomp loymczrt " 9

"inf'lilti'm." 9 Ht'\xation", "pr",fit"9 o t c , Aue t r-el I r-epr-os s tho future

of HZ .~ un Loas It.TO r-vo i.d tILe n i t f'n.l Ls ;;nel ['.ku sur o th turn out d i.f'f'«

Grontly" bettoro

ou t its

d cc id.cd.Ly net

'I'h o shar o ,)f

s in +ho Gross

Dornost i c Pr:)(luot h aa f al Lon 201 U1"" cent in nne C:'r:) ret.1 NilGOS for male

WOrKOrfJ h avo f011un ~j\.5026 POl' .. JOule cline Docc.nbor 175. Eous o nr-Lc ca

in Syclncy h avo :: J1L] U;) 25··35%, in the li',st yocr (tho avcr-: Yl')W buin!,,;

¢JI62,OOO). Nntionn.l un omr.Loymont it;; .1']':',1" 6%, up tic Jvor 10% in S.llnc

[u': OCl.S. Po r these lrJi th dependent <:1'I()UGO and 2 ch.iLdr-on , o arn i n.; Lo sn t hnn

tl\ 179520 1'):\1 tax 11a:03 r i.s b:y~A8 .. 10 pnr He r.k , But n o't SI) for tho rich

pOiT)lo on ~A709 000 or menc pa pll:yl,bout ~lL~O loss tr1.X POl' \;<Jnck. And t: 1979 survey of pub l i,c c ompcn I s showod tlL,t 110% of ]:W(' pr"fi'c riGcs of rnn'c than 25%.

Of grcGtost Lrrto r-csrt to CJ~FClj'IZ member-s is its oll{ccllctlt rnrtorinl on

fnroi[;n invostmont in J\ustr:'1:1!l.7 whi ch h as c'.hw,;ys boon on n or scale

thGYl h.e r-o , Whp.t tho pripe r 8'1YS niJUUl; t})o Jilraser t.;ovotnmont ~\1')plics oqun l Iy to lIZ. lIrrhu Frnsor Government b.rcn boon doinf,'i t s utmost t attrnct foroie:n

c ap i t~11 t o Aus t r-a'l i r-; ~~u h avo s eon Govo nnmorrt ministors (;11 ovorsu;,s trips

oxtollinc th,u v Lr-t u e s of Aua tr-nLi.a , in tcrnts of f'nvour-ab l.c Lnvosrtrn cnt :lncont.Lvo s , a d ovo l opcd finn,Ylcinl sys t cm , and untold, m In or-o.I and cnorcs woalth" Bnck at home +hcs o aamc miniut',Tr3 ar-c do i.ng ov()rythin:; in tlJ()il' pc)'wcr t o

E13J.(O lIust rc:1 it'. n10Y'U nttrr10tivc f'o r the foreiGn invelltorg [:)I".ohing tho

un i ons , roduc:i.l1C~ 1'0<,'.1 8/0utt Gov,.JrnHlCm-t ()xpcmcUturo9 c omm i t t Lng

Inrr;,;o aurne of nub.Li.c 111G110:V to bu i Ld ) p::)wor s tat i ona ['Jld rtJ.ilways and

pcttsllo Scnmcl f'am L'l i ar-?

Compo,ny Lnoomo ,',blo)Vers r.s rr)so· f r om 2508~) in 1974-75 to 35.6%

in 1977-780 S) on o third of a l I Tlrclfi to mado in Auat r al La aro Tll1ynblo

oversco.s e In 1978~'9 forei;sn inVG~3tl,.cmt in Aua t r-nl i.a W"'.:": the highest in

hiot)rY9 [1:b elver ~J\3o 3 b i.Ll i on , rumitting rv~r '11;2.1 b i.Ll i on ')VcrnorJ.s in profits and dLv i d cnd s , 'I'h o F Lnvost-ncrrt H;wioVi D rejected on l.y o. 7~o of:w:;r 4400 1)rnrK)srls since A.:n'il9 1976? plU(fe r;pDrnrinc; 3444 formign. tC1J!;:onV()rs:Jf .Loc a'l bus i.ne s s ee (t ak o ')'j':r3 of" 'businessos 1!-li th 108[3 tJ1:'1,n

dr..,,> m i Ll i.on l',.., t,,·t~'l c'''''''l·''tq (l"'(l't 1'1(.,"'(1 'ly,V "1)"I"rn"''11) 'TnkC"()V'Q'T'f'{ c1on't

fl1L.w ' '.!.l.. J-L.,,;;'" C'd;)I'-<-I./ t.U """~ ..i--./.'" \,. ... -~u 1.;',,1. _iJ~.;." (I ";~''"'' "~-

c r-orrt o any j')bcJ9 in f ac t tboy uuu o.I InEl.n thorn dUG t) "rnti·)nnliGo.tionH•

The paper giV(5G n.par'Liculc'rly

whi ch 8.1 [30 11 s the f

('(~ D()ctn:rnl nnr!lysis ·)f 'c,hG ec on omy ,

i;n d.om.i nat Lon , One tl:w.t h;

pn.rticuln.rly no r-t i n on t 1; ]'iZ iG nrvt ur-r L I'GscurCU$ n.nd3norp;y" Aw:::t;rr\lia

is minornl ~i~h"- tho mu11inntionills nnd 1000.1 m0nopolioB ~Gwad it up

yo:].rs aGo. TNC\ .i.r-on ,)1'n pr:jucts ao c ourrt f'H' over half tho pr()ductinl1~

·throu o omp an Lcs mi.n o :.,11 the bnuxitc'i)l1C minos 60% of the cU':\1Jor~ and

joint vorrt ur-o OC3)V(Jl' 90% of tho 01'1.1(10 o i.l , 'I'ho wholo Lndue t ry

dom i.nrrt od by If c)ngl:!ITl'crr·tcs .~, :mIP9 [{oc·turn Mining (loc~c1)~ Ccmsolid[,'bccl Goldfields, eRA (British).

'I'h e fLn oI soo'tion CYJ.l hrw o b o on .rci·ttcm in HZ. Its on t ib Lod

"EnorGY Export.~rJ()cl Growth" 0 'I'ho r-o is to mr.jr)r oxpan s Lon in c:tluminium

emc l tin£; in l\ustrnlic9 invc)lvinG cxp ondI turo of ¢A4600 mi Ll ion (n)t

I nc Lud.Lna nowo r at at l one or 1" infr',st1'ncturo). It lrJil1 create 6000

jobs? at¢iq609000 en,ell, So I t s thu s ame sG.wy-,f co.pital-in'tonsivo,

onor0"J-intcll1sivc sch emcs , Alul11inimn forms by fttr the biC;:ost 8in',:18

componon t in 8. prejcctccl t')tnl invcmtmcnt ·)f ¢JH69300 million.

Tho rvt t r-ac t Lone of Austrc11L ... OTcobviouso EUr]p09 3",])[\119 and North

America ar e t ou.rhcn i.ng up em cnvironrn"nt ",1 ab and ar-d s for am o I tors. Aust~

r-aI Lan rcquirof[wnts['.Y<:; not 08 stricto 'I'he r-o ' s + nx Lnc en t i.vcs d /;lc('8,

ropr)rt<3rlly pl:dd no t ax bot'dunn 1964 nnd 1978. It mnd o n r-cc o.rd prr,fi t in

19799 yot paid. 110 tax hoco.uso)f its c::':pr.nr1icm pr"i,';r'-'mmoo st"to govcrll-

monts hewn 'boun C Ni til one an t sot tho n1C)st :;.ttr ... c t i vo terms


for sm o I torso f'h i s ,v-illLll rno r-o "Ccll:lD:ln;v t,v:7nS" auch C,S Gl[tdstOllO

ttwl1crc Hou s Comm.i aa ion h om oo '"~I,rc Lo ascd t C inn.loo as tIle h.o 't on arrt 9

wh-: th,JH sub-d.o t a thorn if) employ os in 'Jthcr i'JOrds9 no jol), no h ous o'", An omphasin:m s 1r.rill inc}(]c'8Cl imports" unocr-cut r"~l1ufneturGrs awl

fecrr;; e r-s bv at ron ,·t l"t en ill " 't h o y"'t r, • 'J") P,.,I'Y', (\;tT t'iO' rn,l'l:,r,,", o f .J' ,')b

• "H.~ ':" '~" ~:,,) J.' -.l..f~j. '-' .L ." \./9 ',_ . '-'_~ ~ '.~. v '_}.,~

skfllsroquirofL 'I'h is Lnc r-o ano s un omp.Loymerrt SOCL1-l d i.n l oc srt Lon , It

~~11 sounds C':Xlobvi'us ",Ttl.rning t l'TZ.

Tho pn.T)cr lists prc,'blorns f'ac Austrr,lirm 1rl:rlccrr> in the 80s.

Worth rono·ting for tll(Jir rolov"ncco t NZ~


rrdic a I chru'l{;ns in the lab:J:lr (l:ll'kc-e:;

dOfJ]<ill:j2il;::: end un omp l thronu;h tochn')l nl

["tte.oks on vnrJ<:ors thrriugh X'cPX'cssiv() ind1J8tri'~.1 lr\fm~

Lnc r-o as pOTlc,r and control fr)r l~'rgo foroie;n corl)orr1:1; ions

an foY'cign invcstrn:,mt Lnc r-o as o a s .

un ovon rcgion,:,1 and ind.ustris,J;tlovo10pncnts;

a c omrn i tmcm-e by tIl0 Fr~lJ3{.-(, gc)vcrnmont -to f'r-oc -erode 2-nd Lowc r prot oc t i on , nt tho ()Xr)ons() of dornc ss Lo industry ('diG. j olxq

tho d ove Lopmorrt Df Aus t r-a.l i a as 2. quar-ry "to tho Pnc i f i o ,

c omp Lern an t inc; t 0 incro Of3 Lndus t ri 2.1 Ls 1,'1; i 011 of 1\8i0..



~,--~----.,,,.,,".=. ~ -- .'~.

Roc orrt Ly CliFC1NZ come into contact vIi t h 81'1 ~)rg'nni::J<l:Gi:'Xl c al Lod

Center For Po I Ley RNlGnrch on{F,a'?;od in s-tru{;".lc age-cinst f)r~'ign c orrt ro l

in Tc o l and , Ono mnjor of'f'or-b is ngo.inst an Alasuis8 a.l um'l.nI um slilol-Gor

The CoP.R. 118.8 e on t us tho foll'l'dng I'o'Y)rt -- notoin narticular tho

r cf or-eno o to foroi[';n power-intensive in(:lJ~stry (Gmph8.siscd). Tho fact th,~t

9 Australia and Lc o l and G)v();rnmonts9 nn10ng o t ho r-s , C110 pursuinG Lderrt Lc a.l

po l i c Lcs is f-)0(1 for thnught. Just wh o is in corrtro I 1.)') thO:3C c()untric:s£.


This strui;r:lo C211. 1)0 t,,:,cocl to 19499 wh on n parli'lDcmtr;,ry majority

opt od for nclhuril1r; to NA'r09 [c':,:[tinst WiClCDPl'O opposition by tr~',dc un i on s ,

the Loft9 intolloctunls9 nrtir::ts9 o t o , 'I'ho opnositiun was Sf) r:t tlmt

thoro weco v i.o Lon t d i a't ur-banc oa in front tllu 'p.~,rli on arch 309

19499 tho d ay the) d.oc i s Lon vns t 'I'h o r-e is r1, Inns movcraorrt apcc i.f i c-, a LLy fiGhting for the r omovr.I of m3 bns cs rend exit from NiITO. This m ovo-.

m orrt wants Lc o l nnd to stew outside militn.r;y 1)1"08 and t ake t~, bon-al od

po s it Lon , "rith no mili tn.r;v bns cs in t h country. Iccl[,J~111 h?'s n o "'.rmy ·if

i CD ')vmo 'I'h m.rvomon t o aoh Y·j·'r orC;zU1isGs 80rio;;;)f ov errt s suoh as

mar-chos , rfl()ot 21F-', clODonstrid;ions. 'rho m ar-cho s 2rc vory popu.I nr- and

drnv.r t hous ande of nCO-DIe (the ,?opulntLm o f Lc o Land 18 on l y 2209000).H


"There is a c on s oriaus 3IHong Iecl r-s thnt it is r-eus t h nvo

f)ruigTl compan i cs invQk}t in the o oun-t r-y, The rnni n pos i t i on o f most

pr.:ctios i~ t.hrrt - Lc c'Land or-s (rnoanine; uaurd Ly the Guvormnunt) own over 50%

o f , tho equ i ty in j oint ventures 0 'I'h oa-o cn t botvlGcm of

tho joint v orrt ur-os ,

"On tho culturn~ frnnt, the nr:.tiona1 heritago? cu Lt ur-o

some of its Ll.S poop10 bocom

mindod. Thoro is

c;rocLul,,3' Whrytov()'t' .tho


SubscJ~illtions oro

t112t 011. 1

(Yos, YC)S9 yos- I know you itl sEtE:AM-,y HIP'CR'l1AHT ece },


"Watchdog-It relics on thif1 ::;Jubsoription for fllturo

()ditions. So plu IS ymr 8l11J" res soon

as T)Ossl bIG "

:;,1'(1",,11 (oX' big) 9 108 of CAtf1CINZ

arc furthor tho effort






" .o .0" ¢ 0,0 o 0', 0 0 0 G !'.J, 0, 00


Totnl onclosed




PHONElNlJrIJ3}BI1 if livin.:; ChriEitchttrch,

c on t ac t.ed fOr Cj\}l1CHfZ ?ccl;ivitics .0." 0 0 0 0 00 ".0000 Q.



c')ncornini~' tho

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