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According to MahaVastu there are 16 Vastu zones in every building.

Each of them governs

different aspects of your life. Out of them, North-West (NW) zone is primarily responsible for
getting support from Financial Institutions. If there is a toilet in NW zone, you will feel there
is nobody supporting your cause. Similarly, if there is green colour which is creating a
imbalance of five elements, then your support system will not be stable and will face
continuous problems. To ensure a healthy financial support system, you must ensure the
zone is clean of anti-elements and activities. Ideally, you can place a sculpture of a pair of
white horses which symbolises financial support. This MahaVastu Remedy will draw
necessary support for your business from people, banks and other financial institutions in
the hour of need.

Next is the zone of money and opportunities, North. If North zone has pantry or red or pink
colours in your office, you will face problems in payment recovery. You will also not receive
new orders which form the back bone of finance for small and medium enterprises. Similar
situation happens when there is blue colour in South-East zone. In a scientific research
conducted on over four thousand successful Vastu case studies, it has been found that
placing some green plants gives miraculous results to relieve such situations.
Similarly, if you have waste products (especially, metals) lying in East direction in your office
or factory, you will face problems with government departments and influential persons
which will not be a good thing for your financial growth.

In addition to these, you also need to take care of certain zones which help to create trust,
vision, team, understanding and bonding, thus, supporting your financial vision for growth.
Once you have got your office space programmed with MahaVastu, you get secure and
fruitful financial flow in your business.

16 MahaVastu Zones

The 16 MahaVastu zones monitor every nook of our existence, acting as
blueprint for our well-being.

It is believed each and every emotion and thought that appears inside of us
is a result of the 16 MahaVastu zones (in your home) only.

These Maha Vastu zones have their roots traced back to the Vedic Vastu
Shastra and have been customized to suit the needs of todays architecture.

Each of the 16 MahaVastu zones has its own characteristics and effects. Each
zone is governed by its specific element. These zonal powers are either super
active or inactive, primarily because of the imbalance of Panchtattva (Five
Elements), thus affecting the lives of the people occupying that building.
With the help of accurate colors, metals, shapes, symbols and various other
techniques of MahaVastu, these zones can be balanced and governed to yield
the desired results in life.

Furthermore the kind of objects placed in a Zone affects your corresponding
emotion. If you have a bedroom in the Zone of Anxiety (East-South-East), you
will never feel relaxed in it; rather you might face constant disagreements
with your spouse. Similarly, your children get naturally inclined towards
their studies and do well academically if their study table is placed in the
zone of Education (West-South-West). Similarly, if a toilet is there in the
zone of gains (West), you do not get the expected results. Let us now take a
look at these MahaVastu zones and their influence.

North-East (NE)
This zone denotes wisdom, meditation and inspiration. This zone is ideal for

East of North-East (ENE)
It governs fun and refreshment of zeal in your life. It is the ideal zone for
a family lounge.

East (E)
The energy generated by east zone provides social connectivity. It is the
ideal zone for a drawing room.

East of South-East (ESE)
The balanced state of this zone imparts depth to your thought and gives you a
deeper understanding of lifes processes.

South-East (SE)
Also known as the fire zone, it is the zone of money.

South of South-East (SSE)
If in a building this zone is depressed, its occupants might find themselves
short of strength and confidence.

South (S)
This is the area of fame, recognition and social Reputation.

South of South-West (SSW)
The energy here, removes all that is waste and useless in your life. A lack
of this energy results in a surplus time, money and effort being wasted on
unimportant activities.

South-West (SW)
It is the zone of skill, marriage, family harmony, bond, stability in life
and relationships.

West of South-West (WSW)
The West of South-West is suitable for studies, of repeated practice or vidya
abhyaas, knowledge and education.

West (W)
The energy here ensures that no action or effort made by you goes waste.

West of North-West (WNW)
It is the zone of rodhan i.e. stress and depression.

North-West (NW)
The North-West Zone generates the energy that attracts supportive people for
any cause one seeks.

North of North-West (NNW)
This is the zone of attraction and sex, sensual enjoyment and sense of

North (N)
As North Zone represents monetary wealth, the energy here helps you to pursue
new opportunities to earn money.

North of North-East (NNE)
If this zone is disturbed, ones body resistance weakens, making them prone
to illnesses from which recovery is slow.

By K.Nagori

Lethargy means feeling lack of energy, drowsiness or tiredness. A lethargic person feels
sluggish, uninterested or inactive and may even refuse to get out of bed. Lethargy is a symptom
of a disturbed emotional state. It is a state wherein a person knows that she/he is being lethargic,
but is not able to help himself come out of that state.
What are the causes of lethargy? Is there one particular cause or is it a combination of many
reasons? As per MahaVastu, a few imbalanced zones at home or office create an environment
which is full of negative vibes that effect energy levels, state of mind as well as confidence of its
occupants. MahaVastu says that every emotion and thought that appears inside you is influenced
by the energy that is emitted through 16 different zones or the directions. Each of these 16 zones
is dominated by any one of the lifes core elements water, air, fire, earth, and space. These five
elements possess all the powers that, if positively channelized, can make your home a heaven,
while their imbalance can lead to various problems in life and lethargy is just one of them.
One of the major imbalances in the building that can cause lethargy is the location of the store
room. If a store room is created in East North East zone of the house, it will definitely cause
lethargy. The purpose of the store room is to accumulate various household articles that are
rarely used or need to be disposed. Store room represents the earth element. Earth gives you
whatever you have and aspire for in your life. Stability, balance, solidity, strength, infinite
patience and maturity in character are imbued by this element.
When earth element is imbalanced, it causes laziness, acute lethargy, and a feeling that all your
energy is exhausted. And this happens when a store room is created in the East North East zone,
an anti earth element zone. With store in this zone at home, the residents start fearing that they
might lose their settled jobs, start becoming lethargic and also begin to procrastinate and delay
important work. Whenever there is a moment of happiness, they feel detached and are unable to
enjoy life. If you too have a store in this zone and feel lethargic, you can easily get rid of that by
painting its walls in light green colour.
Another cause of lethargy, as found by MahaVastu, is the bedroom in South South-West (SSW).
The bedroom in this zone fires up the disposal activity and the vibrations of this activity dispose
of the energy of the residents sleeping in this bedroom. Similarly, bedroom located in the West
of North-West, which is the zone of depression and low moods as per MahaVastu, is another
main reason which brings mental lethargy. Person sleeping in this bedroom does not feel like
doing anything (primarily due to their past experiences). Memories of past do not let them start
afresh and they remain in the state of nothing doing.
However none of these faults are permanent and can be treated easily with MahaVastu remedies.
So, if you are fighting the lethargy in the house, you do not have to worry. No, you certainly do
not have to reconstruct the entire house or shift to another one. MahaVastu does not recommend
any demolition or reconstruction, but finds simple solutions that can negate the wrong effects
caused by Vastu faults.
For instance, to negate effects of store room or the bed room in the wrong direction, MahaVastu
practitioner may only recommend a change in the colour of walls, movement of a few objects or
addition of a few paintings or artefacts. For instance, in case of getting rid of lethargy, apart from
other solutions, one of the remedies include placement of an artificial deer or a statue of a deer
on the floor or on table in the West zone of the house.
MahaVastu says that deer in this zone emanates vibrations that fill its occupants with youthful
energy and they do not feel tired easily or become lethargic. Deers presence infuses vitality and
speed into any sluggish system. This MahaVastu remedy encourages people to work and perform
better, usually, beyond their expected capabilities.

MahaVastu Programming
Symbol s are the formul ator (sutradhar ) of the consci ous and the sub-consci ous mi nd. And man
has had thi s i nnate knowl edge from the very begi nni ng, ri ght wi th the creati on of the worl d.
Accordi ng to l i ngui sts, devel opment of l anguage has taken pl ace from symbol s onl y. Symbol s are
an i ntegral part of human l i fe and mi nd, even today.
The human sub-consci ous mi nd understands onl y the
l anguage of symbol s. The expansi on of the sub-consci ous mi nd i s i n two domai ns - fi rst the sub-
consci ous mi nd of a human bei ng and second the i nner space of a bui l di ng. The human mi nd
evol ves from the Space where he l i ves - the space i nsi de the bui l di ng. The phi l osophy of
MahaVastu bel i eves - Bhawna (emoti on and i ntenti on) i s the daughter of Bhavana (bui l di ng).
Emoti on and i ntenti on are the dri vi ng forces of your l i fe.
CPU Analogy
The anal ogy of computers serves best to understand the process of both the consci ous and sub-
consci ous mi nd. Consci ous mi nd i s the moni tor and sub-consci ous mi nd the CPU (Central
Processi ng Uni t). The CPU works accordi ng to the i nformati on regi stered on the moni tor. It does
not perform any anal ysi s on i ts own. The l anguage of CPU i s al together of a di fferent type. Ni nety -
fi ve percent of regul ar computer users do not know that l anguage; though, i t i s used for
programmi ng of computers. A computer program i s l i ke a set of i nstructi ons, wri tten i n that
parti cul ar l anguage. Si mi l arl y, the consci ous mi nd gathers i nformati on through the fi ve senses
(Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue, Ski n), vi sual s through the eyes i n form of pai nti ngs and col ours, sounds
i n the form of musi c or noi se through the ears and touch from textures through ski n. Di fferent
obj ects i n the external worl d create the compl ex l anguage for the sub-consci ous mi nd. Informati on
pi cked unknowi ngl y by the sub-consci ous mi nd creates the l i fe you l i ve. Understandi ng of thi s
l anguage and usi ng i t to mani fest the l i fe you desi re i s the basi s of MahaVastu Programmi ng.
Symbols ' Speak' to us
When pl aced i n a bui l di ng, a symbol represents somethi ng - i t says somethi ng to our sub-
consci ous mi nd, whi ch then begi ns to act accordi ngl y. Thi s acti vates the natural Earth energi es to
generate a speci fi c effect towards the ful fi l l ment of our desi res - once these energi es sense our
desi res, they program our sub-consci ous mi nd accordi ngl y and thus set us movi ng towards the
achi evement of our goal s.
Thus by pl aci ng an appropri ate symbol i n the appropri ate MahaVastu Zone rel ated to our wi sh,
we can program our Space for i ts ful fi l l ment. For exampl e, for a l ovi ng rel ati onshi p wi th your
spouse, put a symbol of Love Bi rds i n the MahaVastu Zone of Rel ati onshi p. Your Space wi l l get to
know what you want and you and your spouse wi l l sub-consci ousl y start behavi ng i n a manner
conduci ve for a cordi al and l ovi ng rel ati onshi p between the two of you. Thus, hel pi ng us read i nto
the symbol i c messages from the Uni verse; and take the desi red steps to convey our wi shes to the
Uni verse through the use of symbol s and obj ects - i s what makes MahaVastu uni que.