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Poway Unified School District

Special Education
Preschool Assessment Team


Contact the Special Education Preschool
Assessment Team Office at (858) 484-
8661, ext. 3740, and leave your name,
childs name, childs date of birth, address,
and phone number.

You will receive a letter scheduling a
screening date. Please bring your child to
this appointment.

On the day of the screening, the Special
Education Preschool Assessment Team will
assess your childs current language, articu-
lation, preacademic, fine, and gross motor


If difficulties are noted during the screen-
ing, a formal assessment will be recom-
mended in those areas of concern. Once the
assessment is completed, the Individual
Education Plan (IEP) Team will meet with
the parent to determine if the child qualifies
8707 Adobe Bluffs Dr.
San Diego, CA 92129
(858) 484-8661 extension 3740


If a student is found to be eligible for services
according to State established criteria, the Pre-
school Special Education I.E.P. team deter-
mines the most appropriate placement in the
least restrictive environment. The Special Edu-
cation Preschool I.E.P. team may be comprised
of the childs parents, preschool teacher,
speech-language pathologist, school psycholo-
gist, resource specialist, other appropriate spe-
cialists, and an administrator/designee. The
outcome of services and placement in a pro-
gram will be determined at this meeting. De-
tailed explanations of programs and locations
are located in this pamphlet.
About us

The Poway Special Education Preschool
Team is committed to locating, identifying,
and serving children with disabilities ages 3-5
in our community in order to prepare them for
successful transition to school.

The Poway Special Education Preschool
Team completes screenings weekly. The
outcome of the screening will determine the
need for further evaluation of skills in the
areas of speech and language, preacademics,
and psychoeducational.

A student may qualify for one of the
following programs when a primary disability
is identified through an evaluation and it is
determined to impact educational performance
and/or communication. Program options are
based on the childs current level of
performance and need in various areas.

Speech and Language
Speech and language services are provided at
Poway Unified School District Elementary
Schools to address delays in the areas of speech
and language development.

Resource Program
Resource services are provided at Adobe Bluffs
Elementary School to address needs in the area
of preacademics.

Special Day Class
Special Day classes are located at Highland
Ranch and Del Sur Elementary Schools to
address preacademics, social skills, speech and
language skills.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Class
ASD classes are located at Adobe Bluffs, Deer
Canyon, Garden Road, Park Village,
Pomerado, Sundance, and Turtleback
Elementary schools. These classes implement
methodologies proven to be successful with
students on the autism spectrum.
Team Members

Betty Miranda Office Assistant
(program information, screening, general info)
484-8661 ext. 3740

Geralyn Murray - Program Specialist
484-8661 ext. 3723

Monica Flores - Psychologist
484-8661 ext. 3719

Jackie Claeys - Resource Specialist
484-8661 ext. 3721

Linda Reeve - Autism Specialist
484-8661 ext. 3725

Deverae Irgens - SLP
484-8661 ext. 3713

Lea Conant - SLP
484-8661 ext. 3710

Marcia Thomas - SLP
484-8661 ext. 3718

Laura Momnie - SLP
484-8661 ext. 3705