HOW TO UPDATE YOUR FELIX TOOL WITH SHEREE’S STRINGS Here are the steps to update the qjcn

data base. It takes just a few minutes to do so with some simple "copy and paste" applications: 1. Open the word document attachment with the updated strings 2. Go to the desktop or to your start button. 3. Click on "My Computer" 4. Click on "Local Disk (c:) 5. Click on "qjcn" folder 6. Click on "jcn_db.txt" icon 7. When the document page opens, scroll down to the bottom of the text and create a new blank line 8. Go to the word document with the updated strings listed 9. Drag the cursor over all strings 10. Press and hold the "control" key and then press the "C" key (control - copy) 11. Go to the beginning of the blank line entry on the qjcn data base page and click the cursor 12. Press and hold the "control" key and then press the "V" key (control - paste) 13. All strings will then appear on the data base page. 14. Finally, "file - save" the data base. 15. The qjcn program will need to be re-run in order to use the new data base listings. Note: It took me longer to write down these steps than it did to actually upload the data base. Tom