2014 Trojan Pride Marching Band

Supporters wear

Front of shirt Back of shirt Window sticker
Hooded Sweatshirt Tee Shirt Window Sticker
S!"# $2%&00 S!"# $1%&00 '(' $)&00
2"!*" $*2&00 2"!*" $21&00

Phone nu,.er-------------------------------------------------
St/0e S M # "# 2" *" 1t/ Price
+a,e and 4nstru,ent to appear on .ack
5eturn to Mikki Wue00ing or Shaunna Hoe0
B/ 3ugust 167 2014
8ontact Mikki Wue00ing 9 ,ikkiwue00ing9/ahoo&co, with an/ :uestions
We wi00 .e a;ai0a.0e after .and practices to co00ect orders
300 proceeds are 100< donated to the TBHS .and

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