Oracle HRMS Payroll

Indicative Data
What does Indicative data mean?
HRMS Indicative data is the basic information about a person and its
employment data, it is the data about the person
To summarize Indicative Data consist of
 !ersonal
 "mployment related
#elo$ are the lists of important tables and its usa%es that are used in HRMS !ayroll
 per_all_people_f -- This table stores person demo%raphic data
information for participants as $ell as dependents&
 per_all_assignments_f -- This table stores employment data for
employees, non'employees, and deemed participants&
 per_addresses -- This table stores address information for participants
and dependents&
 per_contact_relationships -- This table is used to create a relationship
from one person on !"R()**(!"+!*"(, to another person on
!"R()**(!"+!*"(,& This table stores information re%ardin% the nature
of the relationship& ,or e-ample, this table establishes that one person is
the child of another person& This table can be used to trac. contacts other
than dependents& ,or e-ample, an employee/s nei%hbor could be trac.ed
as the employee/s emer%ency contact& ,idelity plans to trac. only
dependent contacts&
 per_periods_of_service -- This table stores information related to an
employee/s period of employment&
 per_person_type_usages_f -- This table is used to trac. a person/s
classification or classifications& This table is used to indicate the
classification of the person from an HR perspective 0i&e&, "mployee,
Retiree, Survivin% Spouse, 1ontact, etc&2 and from a benefits perspective
0!articipant, Dependent, and3or #eneficiary2&
 ben_per_bnfts_bal_f -- This table stores numeric amounts for employees
that are used to calculate benefits costs and benefits eli%ibility&
4o$ you $ould have noticed that fe$ of the above mentioned tables are endin% $ith
5&&(,6 this is because there are the D)T" TR)17 tables&
8oin% further $e shall .no$ in detail $hat D)T" TR)17I48 Tables are&
Surya.anth 8unti 9 : ! a % e
The concept of Date Tracking is used to trac. the chan%es done every time on the data,
to do so $e have columns li.e "ffective(Start(Date and "ffective("nd(Date, usin% these
table and columns $e can .eep trac. of the records that are chan%ed in the past& )ll the
tables that end $ith (, are the date trac. tables&
When you attempt to modify a date'trac. sensitive data such as !erson Surname etc,
+racle HRMS prompts you for either a 1orrect Mode or ;pdate Mode&
Here is the flow how data is inserted in the above mentioned tables:
9& Mr Smith <oins a company
9& Record created in per_all_people_f&
=& Record created in per_person_type_usages_f $ith person(type set as
>& If address is %iven record is created in per_addresses&
?& )ssi%nment is created in per_all_assignments_f $ith assi%nment(type as
@"/ and primary fla% as A/
B& Record created in per_periods_of_service $ith the hire date
C& Record created in ben_per_bnfts_bal_f specifyin% the salary that he %ets&
=& Mr Smith %ets married
9& Marital status updated in per_all_people_f&
=& Record created in per_all_people_f for the dependent
>& Record created for dependent is per_person_type_usages_f $ith person
type set as Dependent
?& Records created in per_contact_relationships specifyin% the type of
>& Mr Smith %oes on a leave&
9& Record created in per_absence_attendances
=& )ssi%nment updated in per_all_assignments_f and benefits assi%nment
created in per_all_assignments_f&
Surya.anth 8unti = : ! a % e
?& Mr Smith leaves the company
9& "mployee assi%nment is updated in per_all_assignments_f $ith status as
=& #enefit assi%nment is created for 1+#R)
>& !erson type usa%e of "mployee is end dated and that of "-'"mployee is
?& Record is created in per_periods_of_service storin% the period for $hich
the person $as on this assi%nment&
Hope this document $ill %ive a better understandin% on +racle HRMS !ayroll&
Surya.anth 8unti > : ! a % e

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