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getti ng your voi ce heard

i n parl i ament
> Understanding parliament, government & Whitehall
> How MPs and Peers raise issues
> How to influence & lobby parliamentarians
> How to influence & lobby councillors & MEPs
> Understanding the legislative process
> Civil servants and political advisors
> Different lobbying approaches
> How lobbying can benefit your organisation
Course costs:
Company's £370 Social Enterprises / CICs £240
Charities 20+ employees £240 Charities 10-19 employees £200
Charities 0-9 employees £70 V4CE Members £60
All prices excl. VAT 10% discount for new V4CE members (under 3 months membership)
This one-day course provides a practi-
cal guide to how your organisation can
make its’ voice heard in the corridors of
power and get your political representa-
tives to raise issues in parliament... and
even change the law!
We will reveal the inner workings of
Westminster, Whitehall, town halls and
the European parliament, and learn the
tricks lobbyists use to get want they
Learners will discover the various ways
of getting your case heard, and how you
can interact with the decision-making
process and navigate your way through
the machinery of government and party
The day will
be varied but not
overloaded, with lots of
activities and supplemented
by the provision of course ma-
The course is taught
by PTTLs-accredited trainers
with experience as councillors
and political advisors who
have worked in the Westmin-
ster village and for political