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'.no N at.Lona.l Par+y j i3

very fond of th2 word. Rob , Their motto has alim,ys been

.; ro led by tne knightly Eob (let' f:; call

f CC;UI'c,c;). CC11dnet also cont.ai ns

for ;\Ehburton ,I Postm,stcr·~Gc:'l(~ra1 >

and perraancrrt head of the ~'irinif3try of Silly



I,ittle Hob has no doub t s about the 1'010 he should in Gcvernment the ofri

C1~e(~T'. And. l:i.1I'J:~ ,9.1.1 of'f'Lc creeps" he believes hf.ms e.l.f' to be t.he answe r tc c, mu.:Lclcn! c; prayer. (jOG knows "Thy·, the; man has a.Ll. +,11(; char i sma of Pc dog tni'cL

Li tt.Le

Rob likes to sur-round h i.ms e.Lf bowi t.ched by Bo Tier-ek that he her filmmaker husband to

'with beautiful women. Not ago he

WAS pl'epru'ed t.c prepare legislation allowing sn'?,kc into He,.; Zealand to star in

thr,,1 r f:i.lm about Adam and Eve. lerhe,ps Fob hed /:!, T)art Li ned up [ciS the spare

rib? {I.nyvray the:· snake thought bett.er of it; the Dereks "rent elsewhere to make

8,'.01'S0 oper-a and Little Fob ,!las left '"ith no snake slatlon, no sn ake,

no 1\(1'3.111 and Bo, no film, and net many clues e1 tihe r,

UnCl!2tc=rred., Li.t+Le Rob next p.l.anned to hold the 1984 Miss Universe pagearrt in NZ. He invited the /:,-m,cric:~m orge,nisers here and went; into en orgy of public: breast··

about how much butter and meat we I d sell as a result. He got his

facts a little ~Hr(mg .i.n h i s errt.hus iasm ego by saying t.haf the shov vas watched

600 million pecp.l.e vTorld:vTide (there ar en I t that many TV setG~voYld-TITide),

he' dredged up Sir Michael Fuwler to rn.t:;e funds (Just when everyoneth<:lUght

\ d died and been reincarnated as a town hall). But the naugh ty producer bear-ds

wou.l dn 1 t cough up. Little Rob managed to st.lraul.at.e the private sector with

;.1";8,dy visions of scantily dressed women and [', quick buck" but ~ as 1)()2,1'd spcke sper son s a.i d , 1IIf' I merrt i one d El 381 vado r to you, the

that comes to mind is not that is hos't c d the s Urri ver-sc

~1 pr-o duc e r fi 1'8 t image: in tbe

'I'r ue ,

1ll0ne~'l " rrcduce vi

Pez-haps :tf Little Hob

S BG kec,l1 on some Lamb

f3elling our pr-Imary

such dub'i.ous means 'be could dre s s


v;hrt have MuldoC':l and Napo l.ean got in common ,




onLy humour' .i.n





F tncrecij

r-e La t

between the name of the report and

e antics of 'n illustrious

If1. ey' o f (Jl1St OIns is

lVlr A..Llcn

l ?)

108 of his portfali

job, the 8 e cannot be said for

6,000 to 7,000 llail

ilic,te} John I Young

to be· dis

three to four

or r e vfhos e ernp.Loyraont

p e r Lod , 1'.he




in April 1 gC3 ing the e ffe Corpora.tion.

s Carpal' tion under the premiE

e ffi. .i.ency

Such a move

long been predicted

1" Lon a L Un i on of


he s of the r cently enacted Land rced thrOll{:h p;~rliam(mt in the e,j,rly

'J. r-an s po r t JJereg11la,t ion i.l1?

'I Co

ob"nll Sulky" I\. irk. pos t tor the

morning and with the connivance of The effects of this Act establi

ild r..r

ication aT 0 Z; Land tranbport and the Ln oumben t, c oe t.s to the

t" xpayer a nd po t en t La.I profit; to pr i.va t cTprir::e concerns

thes profitable port iOD of b h.ElD and tr 1,nbport.

The Booz Allen report

o ti.v

rubb r c:3tampt)d and promoted the

itaole con

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'3 ted in most other uJtern count r i.e s , 'I'h o pera Ll.e'Ls with AW:3tralia

'f';TE: c.clrei.;,dy to our union f

recent attacks on Aust St


tudy of the ie s of

o busy in Austral

uround t.h Ls t




hew douth Wales n tw 300z All(0n


of the propo repliccli:,

resultiLg f r-orr;

e in Australj;:),


ce d 50

r-nme rrt

to them b e lr.g S


d t (rrL .i.n (; d j


conclusions 0 our off


the :1 t c1;:3 in

! report

had been cOEmius:icned

the different states had led to:

he hand

ov e-r to



s corrt inu

Dhu t

d own

t Lon s o


S 1"v

or reduce s rvice

to III Ln irnum G



fj or ction r


or .y cu" 1 11 our

to o.l.l.ow'' 9 Uor:portl for our

~3i j :.L' (I J'


In .S.W. I ~n int r t I to pldce th~t EU 1'018-

~o the unrs t'r ccntlv enacted in ficton. With obvious Gt~te

" (')'7 '['n1"',0 nt ,-, ',1'1')' Y'C'''':' J -t-h n 'l"I'",)c'V Ch ,'L' f ::' V 'C) cut ( our'

'''. \i ".,. L,_-, .Li_ ')...1) ) V"" '" ij u .......... ' .. ' i{', '-"',J J Ll, .d P,. L.. ,U. J \ ......

t rp:,rt) 9 l)(,vid bill (cx-LHm,b(T of ('cier 1'1 ran v

[, ok such action t he c one i.d ouLd ru"Lk public o piri i.cn ant

~dopted ttitude reasonable

quests for ne ct ~~G

or tELlk ,"i:) .Lon succre d

ci[-3:] on is t:r'ivec1 sL orv

pub Li.c i.

to do thjJ:i

e 9 but t1:H) public jre ove1' ceeded to

fi r s t e t go of h ~t cks will now no the; I ieton '11:::1,1 completely

od iel cl oubt b 'ij"f:; th,::t ed wi

kn own

rC'l _, w


,uul. t to


ity on hOI! the

1.,or.j,('; PI' cti of ' po i.t

/=-; a brcwury

ao Lut Lon HZ.;c,il po Li.c i.o from office.

t to prut (0)<.::11 bf only

9 or morc pro

Gvnn tho 1 tter is

't ruc't Lon of the pres

c .. lci!.Jould to b

trY9 1'cvu1'E),ll of ilnt;

prus nt Gavermd

18 the rete; of

:tIl. -b "c:rUD"

Bi)OZ 1'..11cn


ou Ld


e~r1 uc 110;<7,

~; 8 who J.


JIf n 1;, whil.e d3 it



other f.h .h ot

OU8 indebLcdne 8, t1"Nc"Y! Z


So Y·C;E1.-iJ on I rr;:




tirn 1 i ue ] wh






ducRtinn nf L p pI


ell" __ tr 1 b ot of T;

2 PI'

ti n of cDnc~ic lly V


(lCD ,b It r,

3 R

r o h nrJ pr

u r on t

L u


rn c;v

r -'.' J 1.1

.i m c


r CJTSO'S pre nt

rJLl 'ti n

:3n: j n i n~) r r: 0 1 vii t L

P c .i o




on it o r J:, r C>C!V lorn nt s d

i r cI Vi or 1 d c un i

n tor

ri. ti

rr .

9 P 0 r t 'jf t h r



1 Support f mav

wn r. v j Ten n t

P pI c~rtr 1 f th ir

CJ cJ t r

~, E[;uc,{t:LC)C

h Lin

b +

n L c: 1



1 r \,) r 1. P])1 . \Ai 0 r 1 d il j "

Fu th 1: (; mm t .

f hi.nk h t th r

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I' h ,
P Vi J\ , c u
t r f :J c- d U1 fu r i r







u i i.

C.: t

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vi n .j 1'[1 .i s irrepl:c

n in t r-r t (I 1

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1'1 ,', "J Y


i (! r

n th


(C t z


rev)' d)

v b cJ


o Curr,i


L • T'},







o uri I t, e Le c tr i cc p l an s t o

oil taDker~ to t Initial

t.anke r s /12

conne ct i.ng eVCT r188rd L


. ounds good.

autiful) dc;, f it, c.lJildren - (YU. t a 1. f)

Scl.yi thcr, built t h is one nd.e r t

1"7"1 j

p p

cur-r e li ':it.ij no

71,Ihile t he cornm it t e

mar l 7 ':rri t t.en out in 1957. Ji c s h to from t

or pro;j c t though the report sa tuers were no lard, grey end some blue ducks had

!I ( I ·::t" I' I ')C / )

~~ cj . _ ') c. ~) _ 0

So, who arc our f

nati park for-

t to qui ck buck

lling to

the COVE:; ') parad i.s tbere 1'(30, t

own down the w'3.L t '3. l'c::t'wrt c ornpLe.x on ~ . but morc; imp Doney is 1. bo 1 to the Southland scho

for - p or oil t.ank e .s ? are

schoolkids or American nrultinationals

carriers of t8r? 've alre get

o.fvvCJ our dwincll:l. na t i.ve bu ah,

b i net i ona Ls . Club d L droppcd~'l ("ueenf3

t bec.nu e of local opposition t~its plan for r ankt.on Arm. Oppo s it i.on 5.:'3 bad. for t; o or-pcr-a t

antly it t s t , and time is money. And

hav~ some more opposition. Donlt le;ve it all



o it came

l~y noriymou '3 \!!i ttl ong T eng 7 fac tit I [:3

For "1 f)(l ars l tiL ;3ymbuJiccled jtr:d.n I ,s

making 1t8 fortune initially in

p d a 1 role Hong Kong's

Jc'lrdine 1 d the

hie on lei in(;81;:7 Hong.

economic presence in

opium. Its 21'

r stricted politic

J at.hi e son announc e d it wa s

uitting Hong K safer of , a self-govern

iit18h colony. t said it could no longer st the uncertainty,

lionf_!;" I [J reintegnJ[;ion into Ch i.na in 1 Big bu.si,

pol ieal t ility in uietly go on pi1

very much Hong wei Ie now.

been very nL~e out of you.

tinati loyal to th e ry y're

italism's 1 t5 is to of it alone. or are those nee c

arily spent in ir country of origin eg Australian multinatiooal

P us d it; profits to buy American resources mUltinational Utah;

etc r ehall u eel it to buy a C ian pulp mill. Countries

d, nit ma t t r t-o t ["]'(,1·1'";1 rr.Jn~T'·l.J 0"11,- :'+'''''Y ".' c.' 'L p .. ' ,'..,' ]' .. ll-).'·',

•. .J "' .. ~,.> I) '. J .1 ..• j" f_,_ C ->-.L"'"'J -1.~ .:.-," . ...LJ ~.j\"/l,!,-t· ,'",,-,.). ':":A_ ~

Dod I" o r busu ne s s , 'I'he ir SJ_n.E~f).

a shock


C' '1/1

1--) I

T :pros c t J(,' ft on 1,v111 t S cr-v i c:,

rvator of For~sts min ill90Jhi CIL~ have not infr

81 Hill nc:"r

t vve; k 's It ct .. ing CI-U~ employ,:: confirmed ye t storic C:3it s on

into areas that are of int rest or this reason, welre now

the com 3 and we int

out r tor:.:;.tion work , H

B said an area balldo

had been of toric tercst

n ed of repair.

Forest Servia a1"cheo10 t hay ine:; tho Globe Hill ;:,\iicE; IDstiN(; Ii s Ll p=ups " had occurred::

\iII'here are tWoc!.reas d. d wh i'oh Iw-ould have pn:;ferred them to

cp from, but they 'v'wre not massive or deliberate; br ches ;."

rvjr Hooker s a i d tly~t scverD>1 sites on Globe Hill had be en :recorded

w.i t.h Historic P cos f]1rust ,l.ndForcst Service _policy vms to

prot ct these. ORA. IS prosp cting o por-at i.ons had ,»lre'oclY been modified ome part of their work pl~n declined he s

E:70s 19330

Ilace hct, but they have

IV1r (; 8,-lic1 tI

tter oommun aca t Lor; make an fort and

gold om

"{. toric

~ helicopt r nding of tho tr~lck -work wa.s Ln

oker, who spent two days inspect-

s id yost . that a c~upl6 of

HSinCl, the I:J.tc fifties c

but its never.my further t.han programr:ls 1,s now t th drilling nd.n i.ng , i t'v'lould be an op(;n-C'~;Jt o pc r ttl-it. it

2 look t the area

PI' os pe ct ing ta.ge. Ohi-i I s If it does eventuate into

- thEre's no sebret about

]Vjr Hooker

c i o t on would

t top levels in we top priority. In sit s of historic

ington the nat lut t

f1ItJe it vl::1S }'o:r'cst ~3crvicEj poli e i.gn.i f'Lcance 9 hi>

will for timber f


obe Lill

pro .r


:l:rrrd:lgC'Ill(-m t Ls the c ompa.ny ' (3 lie n o

CI-{j~ h it thc news I' ccn tly t ovo r-s ec~s

company to be declined pros ing licence by Planning Tri

The company pplicd to invest tL anothor area in

County, this t c in th Victoria u methods which included

ting, cxcavat f llirg Tribunal ir-

r..an 9 <Tuggc ShEJI>l)'lrd 9 ud .i.n hie; r company II

shOlm li ttl ccnc cr-n :nvirl::nment the propoDcd

PI' O~3 PC) C t ingfl and \! no

Commenti.ng on the qu tr Berg said in Hokit

~ inspector to c

!lIThe J:i'orc'Dt SerVice

t WEJ pro f cr- t.h«

!l'[' Globe Hill

ii tland

ct;}rg licE)ncc:; 9

. , J nt '

l"(; 1;-1c;,[3 _GI - to

complied I'd tho

i? 1" or:,' t s 1;. C t 9

t o OIl 0

o ~L> c a rrar: 'J'eUl(311t

~:l t b o

.;.,1-, LIlt

~;··U ~ t?

j-" I~ t') '1 /. 7,/PJI)'

\) 1,1, ,,:,_ ./"j r

Ll n t i,c

,i~ (:~ ox C () 1 ] !;ru glc: on. n t :1 d C; 0 U t +


---'-00<' 00---


p r-evi Dn:.':ly (; oc uucn.t ed

t.J n e s e Crl"L~r)


::;0 (I.U in

t in

in ,luutrnliclfl to

ovher foot, or

n of'f i.c i nl s h.-lVC .rc cu

,rino I crwoo l l.e n


o tJ.

lC ~mericon textile indL

'f'li:) en (1 Lcopno l.e , one d::Elt rlO::"f){,),

i nv o Lve r-"i {{l o t.a (f~()I~' ).

y cd L fl

ich at

i c orio ecnoc in.vcl vClriff:3


itt d :L:,o

cat r



(J r(:n .. cl(;I~ ;:1 rll

eon t errt , thU~3 cou l.d

nut i I'1)1 ir~ •

. ,

~ «» r;

me an t i.me

t i richl\/

1 c he ap Chine 'J

ron, co-ops to tna t af f Li.c t e 1 r~rying to sn i rr our manufacturers

log off l ea


v e

in OITli'lnI'CC

o rc

i in


('j (:I"H

n,.J:nuf~~c·)ur',; t}l'(:: exploit

ndkn i ttc;ri:~J are t:;ryiD[r; to Lo.. pay nn(l he exp I it a t Lon

o i.l our uur-e nuc r-at.s

"',Yjcj' '1' ", C'f'> f'ur jPclr(~+'

,., ..... A f' . .~ 1,1 ... ) .......... . -..L ("'--;\, ~,. '.~ '< •. J

can bureaucrats and re no honour Hmong

P 11



0T-~,j .


to ki~ifruit. 1 , all he bime. And t victim of c u.lt.u.r aI 1. p

rcql)"i:c lj,,:try Lo ok o > 11 .is .i s no t a out it for 1

;GVOrLmcnt remove

r-o t o od b,H'C e en lear ority 0 the'

~IJaori~3 have

idcntifi GVi ill

t cul t ur e of

~umin~tod film,





,-'L IIU



headline J..S

C'OlnrnE:! n ,t

ma de

A. L


f urt.her ZEa L-;U1(} of aq r e eme n+ ~v.i

Close)'. l\llE-,-~.r"alj_a '.'

Ec oriorn p,~:


ratlcn, en He:;,,,? (CER)

Trends over the la t SLY months include:

V,7()r E'; elL J. n q IJe'V} Z ea 1.:;'.:n(JE:') J' S increfi,:ed numbo

Nev) 7,eo owned an increasing trade def

the livinq standards of most to Tius r aI a ns :

S of mergers of large companies both ustralian New Zealand

u e tra Li.an


Zea.land Lmpo r t.s r

teady progress in diamantl New Zealand manufacturing . New Zealand industrj.es.

pro t.e ct .i.on f o r and in d smantling

Worsening Living Standa

':rll(~ \J i companie s Zealand as

an Emp movin9

F'eder'atjon teel

()J~ e s f rom 'V

re a s.ona ctorta to

f o r Nevv

taxes n cont

~ Much lower wages;

To get AusTralian indus io

to meve


(~C!";leY,·n.rrlel1,t'. mu s

('~()rlt',illl-:\,i~ i. ~".s poli


a n <:1 f?~ a J a. Y'

been lAC


of anG acccrdi

,p,,}..\ I'1arlagemon C():n81.11t~C1n.ts and

Department of Auckland Univo co of livin~ in New Zealand in Australia, but Aus ralian alar es

fze e z e 110~:~ tbe top hire!

G a st.udy

l')e Econol'1i c

r.n 1. 83 +he

Uti 11:-/ t:~h~2 arne a~ were on average

l~) per corrt

HE~C:\l1wh i 1 e tl e mar ke daub

ye a: F 197 S - 19

va Luo in 983 L





1~e trend cant ing

example Busi~~8smen in Well



wage order lS one

and Auckland are



i S los

are SJenE:~ra 11 9uara,ntec a ttx·a.cL .. E~d t.o

at ed vz i.

oppress 70 labour laws .it.s f o

and secure

'I'he Emai]

122 f T'- .i g·c:.r a t .i OD. old


ant: of

(:1(15C(1 down

its one sacked - because

:L VE'cS ava iLar.Le in )',1.1:"1'; Land . Au s tr a L'i.an ting the closure tacks on high acrOSE he 7asman are focussing not on compan e monopolising the rade but on

of the s S CTC1rn: , t'Ielbou:rn(: If -bag

£ aot.ory owned

i s Lon Gclf Po rq.inq I,t,il (Au s t raL'i e n

ahd British owned)

Christ ch giv reason

government incentives.

and moved t.o r ~,vas'e;:o: and

With New Zealand shearer s factory owner sacking Australian Zealanders at cheaper rate lose,

'Z\lJst,ralia and ;::.: to employ Nm">7 n both count r


The most of takeover ba tles must have been the proposed merger between three huge New Zealand companies N7 Forest Products (NZFP), Wat eSJ and Goadmans Group. Wa t sand Goodmans already had substanti.al inter shareholdLng (35 per cent

of each at Goodmans/Wattlc neM owns 2d.9 per

cen'!: of NZFP. Ie IJ.ZFP ovm s 24.9 per cent of ~'Jat .i.e e

and 7 Dcr of Goodmans The ng rivals


HI rue et.Lnq r~ZFI.> chai r-raan ,

Pa.pp s

Equally significan Elders IXL E Me

surprlse en~ orgy:

tock a 20 per cent holding In

Goodma It f.::

eli beC(lJIlE"

s haroho Lde r

(r:,,:ll£ as 9

U.E.B. (rna j or :~ tva:) l'lZ Fef Finance w i.t.h 2 <1.

(;OC;C5,m,a, 11 S Wa~ties and all

~hiB 1 her Elder IXL

FleLcI:":;l-ChaJ.lenge) Coodma.n s

NZFP wi 3 4 per cent)

(major shareholder Wattie 'J:'NY (GliJned 24,,:3 per cent:

Bonds (NZ) Ltdr NZFP

(Gcoc1man Grcup

to trans-Tasman Geve:rnmen"t, and

irman) linked the

"t.ribute to

Mini te Mr Muldoon

sale the for

set_ttng up an onvi r oruneri t wlLic'h a l1ulY'3c1 .i nit at.1-VE;:S

auch as he> Gcudman --Elder:c:: IXL move to -ta.ke place 0 "

J> Elliot maria q i.no d i.r e ct.oz of Elders TXL sa that

CER cne factor whic Elder? taken into

ot ~ ado and Indus

It i s of

~he r CER s ial

ing down of the New Zealand flour

milli ac ding to smaller miller:

Canto Flour Mills J. Brandl 60

cent of Iling and baki ealand is

c.orrt r o L of he lvatt o r'oup ,

pr opos IF for "f rec i.nq IIp''dlG' nc}u£nr \.' could Le ad +o a total monopoly and suppl no New Zealand bakers f r om ElderE, r m i.Ll s In Au st.r-a L 0. v 1081 down Ne\iv Zealan.d rniLls.

Here: conf irming th(:; sole'. 50

f"E:ove 21 r rond


pubLi.c i.

tak eover S ,i Goodmans

l\u s


soui manufacturer, Arnotts, agalD


Australian-controlled Alex Harvey Industries (ABI) ,has also tricd to ove the tb and th hardware 50 stores from Kerf Ke j to Inverca 11 AHI

become h0 largest wallpaper

st sheet 91a8 merchant in New

s ary Wil.lian Thorn the

retai r ZE~aland,

La r qe sr

rror manufacturer.

important move in

AliI is 56 per cent owned by ACT of Australia.

t() qa i n t.ho

f r orn CER 0'

iding a means for

the deve Au ralian rnanuf

r eci urc s iV


B. r -;;:"" t} r1gc~rncrl t; s




Ove seas n.i s t.e r '11 fA

Lnvcst.ment. Commi.a s ton

1 invest.JnOl'l .i n NCI/! Zeala The;

one - as of the 35


L 5 al-C;

a Llowe d , the

11 become known

f the on Ly


AET Henderson

s ha r e s n


Tof i

fi rm (}vl(0J1S a I s o c'i t'.E,(j

with and 5 pel'

a 0 con inue in the ra

CER in tating over the Owene, Gr o up InCl'Cd<:}ing itn

cent) n Mogal etc ever

finn of J,}3C 'Iran a.n';

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The prospectiv~ 0 0 bs the ail system 2 also


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tibj.1E~ t.here hes been a s hort+t erm Jmprovement in thc~ balance of trade wi Austral first months of 1984, the longer term rend is a worsening defi t. In the ended December 1982 $248 million more was imported into New Zealand from Australia than New Zealand exported to AUEt:ralia 'Phis wor s en ed to $427 mill~on in year ended December 1983. Increased exports to Australia were advertiseti as the most important benefit of CER: they have failed to ma t e.r i.a Lf.ae e

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ng New Zealand imports

Where New Zealand made produ~ts have threatened l·\ust:ralian manufthe l\llstl~alians have in several instances to use anti-dumping legislation to prevent the compcti on, saying New Zealand export incenti vc s wez e a .i dy on t.he products. This has happened with timber, fish car accessories and mutton, I'o11cy Holdings Ltd also c l ai.ms U:&t U'state government:E; in Ea s t ezn ].\,ustralia have responded to lng by local maHufacturers and

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reduction in Toll 15 export to that country."

If t.he id:" C1E;i1:1 1.S t:XT1C p ] t'raises +ho

quest ~an New Zealand exports compete wit

subsidies? If claim s not truer i is fur~her

derice for rea:r~'. t.La t, CEH is 2. one st.];E'E,t <

Further de:struction of New' Zealcmd .i.ndus t r y

Import licensing which protects both local industry and foreign reserves 18 steadily being dismantled under pressure rom CPR and the Unit States ( tim0table was discus cd by Muldoon during his recent v sit to Washington). This in itself is enough to undermine many industries. In addition: the Industr .i e s Def.~Lcuc:t:ion Comm.i s s i.on (J.D:::) and direct effects of eEB are st111 at wo~k

In Aprile IDC chairman E Tarrant i fied CER as one reascn fo Rrcstructu~ingn being necessary "now in 1984". He said "new tee logy (expeL ive in foreign

exchange arid job Lo s s e ) '<{as noc.cs se ry othe rw i se

New Zealand would lesL some domc2 ie Darkets" to

Au s t.r-a Li.a . He ident.i£ ied lower labour costs p company taxes, transport; and powc r costs as basic "to ensure that local industry had cond i t i on s from which .it; can get most benefit from free trade with Australia through CEH 0 g,

Currently under are the wheat and flour indust.ries (a Lr eady 82.2 per cent of rnilling is controlled by t.wo groups Goodmans/vJati:ies and Irelands), the automotive industry (parts of which are threatened with + ot.a I closure: i replaced by import.s from ~ustralia)o textiles (not currently covered by CEH ~ Lane tflJalker Rudkin is moving some of .i t s production to Australia to get access), and ceramics.

Direct effects of ~ER are seen in a declaration by the Atlas Corporation that "within five to ten years Atlas would be distributors rather than manufacturers of goods.~ Atlas currently employs one hundred people in Auckland assembling television sets c ~vhat i .: t is saying is that it warrts to sack those people and simply import the sets.

'1'his has industry~ machines~ are being closing" machines direct.Iy

already started happening in the whiteware

increased numbers of stoves, washing

clothes driers, r~frigerators and freezers admitted through eRR, and local factories are Atlas used to assemble Simpson washing in a Masterton factory. Now it imports them

from Australia. Dominant whiteware

manuf ac t ur e r Fi.sl10~1~ ~Pay}cE;;l a re a Lao nO~JV Lmpc r t i nq

Westinghouse and Kelvinator refrigerators.

The losers are New Zealand workers who get sacked when factories close. ir former employers in this case lose no+hi.nq they s imply make t.he i r prof its by

importing the products formerly manufactured

spending add i tiona1 foreign crche nqe t.he process

To those who believe CER will shower us with the benefits of "free trade, he Pri~e Minister has provided t~e answer. Referring (in March this year) to protectionism of economiesg he s !'New Zealand was the only count he knew of which was moving to reduce it,," Mu Ldoon knows tha t eve; country knowstha t "free trade" benefits the strong at the expense of the weak. Like poverty, it is a state ieh is virtuous for everyone but the wealthy who advocate it.