Phoenix Elementary Lesson Plan

Discrete Skills Inventory Parts of Speech Class: Population Description:
SEI Classroom


Time Frame Conversation: Vocabulary: Grammar: Reading: Writing:

Grammar Skills Standards Link (circle one)

Theme: Frontloading: What do students need to know to do this lesson? Preparation AZ Content Standards:

AZ ELP Standards:

Language Objectives:

Content Objectives:

*Key Vocabulary: (Lexicon)

Learning Strategies:


Higher Order Questions:

Comprehensible Input: What things do I need to consider to be understood by my students?

Instruction: To include listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking Building Background: Links to Experience & Learning: Building Background: Key Vocabulary Activities:


“Presentation: Lesson Delivery: (Modeling)

Practice/Application: Activities: (Guided Practice)

Review and Assessment

*Vocabulary Instruction: Phonology: Students will pronounce sounds of words Morphology: Students will be able to recognize morphemes, or parts within a word. Syntax: Students will be able to identify the word functions in the sentence. Semantics: Students will know the various meanings of the word; traditional vernacular and slang as Well as synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms. Pragmatics: Students will use words appropriate in social context.

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