Sub: Dropping of proposal to purchase the STACK.

Ref : PE No 2662 date 20-08-2005 The purchase indent No 4248 dated 14-06-2005 was raised for procuring the STACK for Boiler feed pump Re-circulation valve of Unit # 3. The supplier M/s Dresser Valve( India ) have quoted Rupees 11,29,490-00 for the same. In the mean while action had been taken and an indent raised for One number of complete Re-circulation valve with actuator. M/s Dresser valve have quoted Rs. 14,34,761-00 A complete RC valve has the following internals and an actuator, approximate cost of which are as indicated below, if procured separately as spares. Valve body Seat Stack Cage Plug with stem Gaskets and seals Actuator 7,00,000-00 55,000-00 11,00,000-00 1,00,000-00 1,30,000-00 90,000-00 25,000-00 (Not procured in the past )

The total cost of the valve spares would be Rs 22,00,000-00. The cost of a complete valve with actuator ( Rs 14,34,761/- ) is lower when compared to the cost of spares as listed above. It is evident from the above that procuring a complete valve with actuator and with all internals at an additional cost of Rs 3,05,271-00 only, (over the cost of a STACK) is reasonable instead of procuring only the STACK. Therefore it is recommended to drop this purchase proposal at this stage. Action will be initiated to procure a new valve in due course.

Tech seal ( Bonnet ) 26000.00 Tech seal( Plug ) 38000.00 Back up ring ( Plug ) 3800.00 Back up ring ( Bonnet ) 10000.00 Stack gasket 5000.00 Seat Ring gasket 5000.00 -------------------------------------------87800.00

To The Branch Manager State Bank Of Mysore SHAKTINAGAR

Date : 17-12-2005

I, Anjanayya, am holding SB A/c No______________________with your bank. I wish to bring to your kind notice the change in my signature from English to Kannada as given below. Signature hitherto ____________________________ Signature changed as ____________________________ This is for your kind information and further needful action.

ANJANAYYA, Opt(Ele) Crane O/o EETM-1,RTPS,Shaktinagar

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