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What we called a person who hate fancy fartsy football player apperance,anti hyp

e player,fuck with a team with their supporters got to refer the history books d
uring banter against other opponent fans and team got player who so ass like a b
elon-dor star.And last thing got very2 pleasant support from malay chicks?Also t
he boys who rarely watch the ball but suddenly get into because of face the play
er itself.I cannot accept this pukimak basterd things happen in football scene.W
hat do you focus about while watching live football matches on tv?A dick?Whattaf
aking uncivilized.I named it after as football feminist sound maybe right?-Kah k
ah kah just asking dun get mad -refer;"Football feminist"- Sound more like a per
son who watch the football matches because the passion itself,looking for analys
e managers tactical during halftime and go to the stadium to feel the atmosphere
(Tapi bukan semestinya kena jadi ultras baru hip pergi stadium).This type a pers
on also will so cool when it comes to dirty talks about football/team,because th
em rarely speak "macam orang baru tengok bola".They will ignored orang baru nak
tengok bola cause you dont need to entertain this kind of stupidity but they com
e with their own word without pointing anyone but pointed and lashed out to the
team,histoy of the team/country,pernah jumpa pelacur dekat 806 Long Beach,Califo
rnia jadi Amerika teruslah jadi negara paling enjoy daripada cuba bermain soccer
.What soccer?Angguk engko.