Week 1. What is learning?

Dr. Terrence Sejnowski
Fox, M. D., Snyder, A. Z., Vincent, J. L., Corbetta, M., Van Essen, D. C., and Raichle, M. E. (!!"#. $he h%&an brain is
intrinsically or'ani(ed into dyna&ic, anticorrelated )%nctional net*or+s. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
,!, -./01-./2
Fi'. ,. 3ntrinsic correlations bet*een a seed re'ion in the 4CC and all other 5oxels in the brain )or a sin'le s%b6ect d%rin'
restin' )ixation. $he s7atial distrib%tion o) correlation coe))icients sho*s both correlations (7ositi5e 5al%es# and
anticorrelations (ne'ati5e 5al%es#, thresholded at R 8 !.0. $he ti&e co%rse )or a sin'le r%n is sho*n )or the seed re'ion
(4CC, yello*#, a re'ion 7ositi5ely correlated *ith this seed re'ion in the M4F (oran'e#, and a re'ion ne'ati5ely correlated
*ith the seed re'ion in the 34S (bl%e#.
9%an' :an' et al. Slee7 7ro&otes branch1s7eci)ic )or&ation o) dendritic s7ines a)ter learnin', Science 0;;, ,,/0

Fi'. ,. Motor learnin' ind%ces branch1s7eci)ic s7ine )or&ation. $ranscranial t*o 7hoton i&a'in' in the
7ri&ary &otor cortex o) a*a+e, head restrained &ice be)ore and a)ter rotarod &otor trainin'. An exa&7le o)
an a7ical t%)t branch *ith hi'h s7ine )or&ation ; ho%rs a)ter trainin'. Filled arro*heads indicate ne*ly
)or&ed dendritic s7ines and o7en ones indicate eli&inated s7ines o5er a ;1ho%r inter5al. Asteris+s indicate
dendritic )ilo7odia.
A . <& dia&eter carbon )ila&ent (r%nnin' )ro& botto& le)t
to to7 ri'ht# co&7ared to a h%&an hair, C)aser haarr7
$he Chandos 7ortrait o) @illia&
Sha+es7eare, tho%'ht to be by 7ainter John
Ather Rele5ant Readin's
• Michael D. Fox and Michael 9reici%s, Clinical a77lications o)
restin' state )%nctional connecti5ity , Front. Syst. Be%rosci., ,.
J%ne !,!
• Fox, M. D., Corbetta, M., Snyder, A. Z., Vincent, J. L., and
Raichle, M. E. (!!.a#. S7ontaneo%s ne%ronal acti5ity
distin'%ishes h%&an dorsal and 5entral attention syste&s. Proc.
Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. ,!0, ,!!;.C,!!",.

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