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BAM: (Bundes Anstalt für Materialforschung) Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing
is a senior scientific and technical Federal institute in Berlin.

BAM and notably the BAM Certification Body act as neutral independent third party on the basis
of the standards DIN EN 45011 for product certification (in future: DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065) and
DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for testing. Certification as well as inspection activities and monitoring of
manufacturers’ quality systems are carried out according to standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020 and

Certification sectors of the BAM Certification Body
 Explosives und Pyrotechnic articles
 Packaging for dangerous goods
 Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
 Pressure equipment
 Construction products
 Voluntary certification
Information for the same can be obtained from
2. Requirement for BAM certification is based on CGA G-4.4, OXYGEN PIPELINE AND PIPING
SYSTEMS (Compressed Gas Association) or IGC 13/12E (Industrial Gas Association).
This is basically for all Non-Metallic parts in a Piping System hence includes Packing, Gaskets ,
Seats etc.

3. Findings of IGC Doc 13/12/E (compatible to CGA G-4.4) is limited to gaseous oxygen with a
temperature range between –30 °C and 200 °C (–22 °F and 400 °F), pressures up to 21 MPa
(3000 psig) and a dew point of –30 °C (–22 °F) or lower depending on local conditions.

 4.5.1 : To assess the oxygen compatibility of a non-metal, a significant parameter to be
considered is its auto ignition temperature (AIT). In practice it is usual to allow a margin of
(see [5] Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und Prüfung (BAM) procedure for
oxygen gasket evaluation).

 5.3.4 Valve seals and packing The party responsible for specifying or procuring valves
for oxygen systems should contact the seals and packing supplier for guidance on
materials that are compatible and suitable for oxygen service at the design conditions
(see 4.5). Information on compatibility of non-metal seal and packing materials may be
found in ASTM G63 and BAM [9, 22].