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What is physics? Why do we need to study physics? These are the questions in my mind before I
study physics. These are the lessons I’ve learned in physics. Physics is defined as a science that deals with
matter and energy. It deals with the interaction of matter and energy, a physical process in a particular reason. It
is also the way they act on each other in heat, light, electricity and sound. Physics have many uses in our daily
lives. Everything we do and everything around us deals with physics. That’s why we study physics.

There are many topics that we study in Physics. The first topic was about waves. What is wave and
the properties or characteristics of it? Waves are rhythmic disturbance that transfers energy through matter or
space. It c carries energy without transporting matter from place to place. It have characteristics of: Waves have
also wave speed. Wave speed is an ultimately depends on elasticity, density, and temperature of the medium.
Reflection it is when a wave reaches a boundary of the medium it will return back along its original path. Waves
have a characteristic that is angle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection. Refraction it is the changes in
speed and direction.

Just like humans, waves also have behaviors Waves have different types. Mechanical Waves,

medium are: solid, liquid, or gas that a wave travels through. Under Mechanical waves are Transverse
waves, Compressional waves and Seismic waves. Standing waves are produce when two waves with the
same frequency interfere with one another.

Physics can be so helpful in everyone especially if you study and understand it well. Physics can
help us in our future because it can be used in several types of career or job. Just like in medicine, many
medicinal instruments uses physics examples are x-ray, electromagnetic fields, laser light and radio nuclides that
is used by other people for medication. Astronomy and civil engineering are also one of the careers using
phyisics. It is also the foundation of all engineering and technology.

In our daily activities we can encounter physics, like listening to music, they are sound waves for us to hear the
music. When you are working with some stuffs, there are interactions of matter and energy. Especially waves in
matter. Radiowaves, microwaves, ultra violet rays, x-rays and more they are commonly found everywhere but
we didn’t notice that it is Physics.

The next topic are about lights, In light there is an Index of refraction. Index of refraction it is
dimensionless or unitless constant that can be obtain by dividing the speed of light in a vacuum to the speed of light
in a material .The index of refraction are different based on a material used. Laws of Refraction the incident ray,
refracted ray and normal line all lie on the same plane.

Mirror, have you ever wondered how do you see yourself in a mirror? Physics answered that
mysterious question. It is simply because of lights and reflected in your eyes. Studying physics is fun and adventure.
Adventure because you will explore wide field of physics. While studying this subject you will learn, observe and
discover many things around you. Mysterious things will not be normal things for you after you gain knowledge in this
subject. Sometimes physics is frustrating because eventhough you understand the subject there is always that time
you will say that it is hard. It is occasionally painful, but for me it is ot occasional it is always painful for me everytime
I will take the test and all the lessons I’ve read and reviewed is automatically lost and flew away.

It is often richly and rewarding because, when you fully understand your everyday adventurous
different lessons you will feel the true happiness in your life that you understand it. There are also people who I
admire for being a giants in Physics. Just like Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton and more.
They will be always my inspiration in studying physics. To study more, to understand and trust myself that I can
survive it. Just pray even harder.