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Environment Committee August 4, 2014

Weavers Way Co-op
559 Carpenter Lane,
Philadelphia, PA 19119

Gorgas Garden is seeking a grant to help finance our community program that engages children in a
project that revives an abandoned public garden in Gorgas Park, Roxborough’s “Central Park.” Through
this program, the value and beauty of Gorgas Park will be enhanced, and youth participants will have a
physical, hands-on learning experience in nature. They will also learn land stewardship and teamwork.
We are requesting $500 from the Weavers Way Co-op Environment Committee to help us purchase
gardening tools and supplies, seeds, compost, and a tool shed, among other materials.
Gorgas Garden is a community program that benefits the children of Roxborough. This program aims to
meet some of their critical needs not currently being met fully at their local public school. Gorgas
Garden will revive the abandoned community garden in Gorgas Park, Roxborough's unofficial
community center. This project aims to involve children from within the community (elementary age up
to high-schoolers) of all abilities and genders as "gardeners." Adult volunteers, including responsible
young adults, will be project leaders who oversee the work of the young gardeners. Together we will
plant a variety of vegetables and fruits and learn about healthy living and nutrition.
Surveyed residents showed initial support and interest in involving children of Roxborough in a
community garden project in Gorgas Park. Our funding plan is underway. We are grateful for the gifts of
money, materials and time we have already received, yet we still seek additional funds so we can
faithfully execute our project plan.

A. Gorgas Garden, founded in July of 2014, is a new community organization based in Roxborough,
Pennsylvania. We proudly serve Roxborough and work to meet the immediate needs of the children in
our community.
Our Vision: We envision healthy children, a healthy park, and a healthy community.
Our Mission: Our organization teaches children valuable life tools such as teamwork, pride in one's
community, healthy eating choices, and land stewardship through a collaborative, hands-on urban-
agriculture experience.

B. Gorgas Garden is our first community project; we do not have any project outcomes to date besides
the funds we have raised for our project and the connections we have formed in Roxborough. We have
met with community members to understand their needs, brainstormed solutions to problems,
identified local assets, partners and stakeholders, and have developed a thorough and sustainable
project proposal. Already we have established a network of local stakeholders and supporters who
believe in our mission and have faith that we can achieve the goals and objectives of our project.
The community's children are currently being under-served by under-performing local public
schools. Gorgas Garden has conducted needs-based surveys with Roxborough residents, and after
analyzing the results, it was clear that an issue of concern was the need for more free outdoor activities
for children to keep them physically active and creatively stimulated. Gorgas Garden wants to meet our
children’s need for activities in nature that are educationally, emotionally, socially and physically
engaging. Our goal is to provide Roxborough’s children with an urban agricultural experience, from late
Spring to early Fall, through which they will learn land-stewardship, be introduced to healthy eating
habits and strengthen their sense of community. Our program has 4 objectives that will be achieved by
the end of the program:
1. To engage 30 community children in a summer program, lasting 5 months, during which they
will grow in their knowledge of where food comes from and how food is grown. During this
learning experience, participants will demonstrate an interest in urban gardening.
2. To introduce children to nourishing foods and basic nutrition facts about the crops grown in
the garden. Children will also learn healthy eating habits and will independently make healthier
food choices.
3. To teach children basic growing practices and garden maintenance through involvement in
preparing the garden for planting, growing seeds, planting seed starters, nurturing growing
plants, harvesting crops and general garden cleanliness and orderliness.
4. To instill a sense of community pride in the participants. We hope that children experience a
sense of pride in themselves and the garden, feel a profound sense of ownership, and after their
experience with Gorgas Garden, they will be motivated to serve the community in other ways.

The Program Director
and program leaders
will monitor and
evaluate the objectives
of Gorgas Garden in all
of its stages through
quizzes, arts-based activities, pre- and post-assessments, observation, interviews, photo-documentation
and surveys. These monitoring tools will chronicle the children's acquired skills and increased
knowledge. The objectives will be closely evaluated and the findings will be shared in reports to
stakeholders and will highlight any necessary program changes and improvements.
Gorgas Garden is to be an 8 month
project with 5 months of active
programming with the children in
the garden. Starting in March,
program volunteers and the
program director will evaluate
Roxborough's needs and available
assets and stakeholders for funding,
volunteer, and donation
opportunities. A team of volunteers
and child participants will be
recruited during the same time that
an advertising campaign will begin.
Hands-on work in the garden will commence in May and will continue through September. The project
and its monitoring will conclude in September with a celebration event. Program staff will then
evaluate Gorgas Garden, share its successes with stakeholders and the community to encourage
volunteer interest and child participation as well as illustrate how donations were handled effectively.
The proposed budget includes all of the potential costs associated with Gorgas Garden. Our project and
programming will rely heavily on community members volunteering their time to sustain the project. An
unpaid staff, one that donates their time, will save the program enormous costs that would make up the
bulk of the budget. The program relies on additional in-kind donations and grants from local businesses
and organizations to supplement the budget costs. Most of the money we receive as donations or grants
will be spent on purchasing necessary supplies such as garden tools, seeds, a supply/tool shed, compost,
etc. Additional funds will be directed to marketing Gorgas Garden in the community. Friends of Gorgas
Park, a non-profit that is responsible for park programming and beautification projects, has generously
donated this unused garden plot to our organization, therefore we will have no rent/lease payments,
with the understanding that our efforts will enhance the beauty and appeal of Gorgas Park.
Our program strives to be sustainable and will continue to be flexible in its approach, dropping
ineffective practices and constantly seeking to be more efficient and effective with our resources. After
evaluating our project's first budget, we will plan for program sustainability by focusing on joining
strategic collaborations with local stakeholders and assets, and creatively expanding our funding plan
and resources.
Lauren Todd, Program Director and Founder, holds a BFA in Painting and a minor in Art History. She is
currently working toward a Master’s degree in Urban Studies with a focus in Community Arts at Eastern
University. She is a Roxborough resident and a Philadelphia-area native who loves working creatively
with children and growing her own food. She will oversee the coordination of volunteers, fundraising
efforts, material/supply donations and activity planning for the participants.
A key staff person is Nina Berryman, the current farm director of Weavers Way Co-op’s two urban
farms. Her expertise will contribute to the success of our garden. The success of the program will also
rely on committed volunteers from the community to assist during gardening sessions.
Gorgas Garden fits the funding priorities and grant guidelines of the Weavers Way Environment
Committee. We are committed to using non-toxic and earth-friendly materials in our project, intend to
make improvements to our local public park and community garden, and aim to educate children on
land-stewardship and healthy living through physical activity and nutrition.
Gorgas Garden has identified the following local assets for Gorgas Garden: Gorgas Park, Friends of
Gorgas Park, Stanley’s Hardware, Weavers Way Community Programs & Henry’s Got Crops youth
agricultural program at W. B. Saul High School, Roxborough Development Corporation, and local
businesses and residents. We are excited for the collaborations that have already begun, and look
forward to increasing the number of partnerships with local organizations in the future.