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Figure of 8 Walk Test (F8W

The Figure of 8 Walk Test (F8W) is designed to assess/compare straight path and curved path
gait skills, and also to assess motor planning in gait.
Equipment: 2 cones, stopatch
Course Lay-Out for the Figure!of!8 Walk Test
Visual schematic of the test layout illustrating an example of a completed test.
"ones are represented #$ the large %s. &rros illustrate an e'ample of steps taken and the
direction of the alking path (#ut the patient ma$ choose the alternate route as ell).
(um#ers correspond to steps taken (straight steps: )!2, *!8, +!),, )-!)./ curve steps: 0!.,
Instructions to patient
). 2tand #eteen the cones, facing in one direction (the starting/stopping point is not
marked 34 in order to avoid in5uencing the movement planning for the task.6)
2. 7egin alking at $our usual pace hen read$ (the person chooses hich direction to
go around the cones)
0. 2top hen $ou return to the start position.
Instructions to t!e t!erapist
• Timing: #egin timing ith the 8rst step, and stop timing hen the patient assumes a
side!#$!side stance of the feet #ack at the start position.
• 2teps: count the num#er of steps taken.
• &ccurac$:
3The 2!ft surround test #oundar$ as not marked on the course. The tester
determined the 2!ft #oundar$ area for the test setup and the relationships of the
#oundar$ to the testing space (eg, distance from the halla$ alls, 5oor markings, or
landmarks) prior to testing, and estimated hether the test as completed ithin the
#oundar$ #$ comparison ith the tester9s mental map of the testing space.6
). Time to complete: :::::::: sec.
2. (um#er of steps: ::::::::
0. &ccurac$: does the person sta$ ithin the (unmarked) 2!foot surround #oundar$ of the
<es :::: (o ::::
(o norms are reference values have #een determined $et for this test. 3The F8W is a valid
measure of alking skill among older adults ith mo#ilit$ disa#ilit$ and ma$ provide
information complementar$ to gait speed.6
=ess >?, 7rach ?2, @iva 2>, Aan2earingen ?B. (2,),). Walking skill can #e assessed in older
adults: validit$ of the Figure!of!8 Walk Test. Phys Ther. +,()):8+!++.