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Neil and Leah: Good afternoon Philippines, this is Eagle‟s Eye, Leah Rose Paras and Neil Brian Chua,
bringing you the latest, hottest and most wanted news this afternoon.

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III. Headlines

Leah: For the Headlines…

#1 Sen. Revilla praises PNoy‟s SONA 2014

# 2 Saudi OFWs seek help to go home
#3 She‟s Dating the Gangster, certified blockbuster!
#4 NU wins VS Adamson by 37 points

#5 Low Pressure Area, promoted as “Typhoon Inday”

IV. A. National News
Reporter #1 – Leah Rose Paras


Neil: For the national news, here‟s our field correspondent Leah Rose Paras, Leah!

Leah: Thank you partner Neil.

Detained Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. described President Aquino‟s state of the nation
address this Monday as the “most decent” speech since the President assumed office in 2010.
“Though there were many important issues that were not mentioned and addressed during the
Sona, I feel that this was his most reasonable and acceptablet.”
If Aquino had shown this kind of attitude since his assumption in office, then Revilla said the
President would have long united the country and had given more attention to the plight of every
Revilla is detained at the Camp Crame for plunder and graft charges in connection with the pork
barrel scam.

Again, this is Eagle‟s Eye Leah Rose Paras, taking flight for DWGC.

Back to you, Brian.

Thank you partner Leah.

IV) B. International News

Reporter # 2 – Neil Brian Chua


Neil: For the international news, here is yours truly, Neil Chua, reporting!

Some Filipinas illegally staying in Saudi Arabia have fallen sick and approached local
community leaders for help in going home, a Saudi news site reported Wednesday.
While the report did not specify how many women had sought help, it noted many of them are
with children and were referred to the Philippine Embassy for assistance.
Arab News quoted its source as saying the women who wanted to go home were told they have
to pay penalties, such as Saudi Riyal 500 for every year that their iqamas were expired.
But at the time, they did not go back after receiving their passports. They should have returned to
the embassy to undergo the repatriation process.
On the other hand, the report said some of the Filipinas managed to legalize their status and
found jobs at restaurants and other establishments, while others worked as household service workers.

Neil: Again, this is Eagle‟s Eye Neil Chua, taking flight for DWGC.

Back to you, Leah.

Thank you partner Brian.

V. Timecheck

Neil: TIMECHECK! It‟s exactly ___:___:___ PM all over the Philippine Archipelago!

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VI. A. Showbiz

Reporter #3 – Trisha Nagano

Leah: For the showbiz news, here‟s our sizzling hot Chikadora, Trisha Nagano, Trisha!

Trisha: Thank you partner Leah!

The Star Cinema movie She‟s Dating the Gangster earned P15 million ( $344,588.36) on its first
day of showing in theaters, despite Typhoon Glenda's presence in Manila on Wednesday, July 16.
The figures were released by Mico del Rosario, Star Cinema‟s advertising and promotions
manager on his Instagram account on Thursday, July 17.
The movie, based on the Bianca Bernardino's novel, which became popular via Wattpad, stars
Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla as Athena and Kenji, who pretend to be a couple to get Kenji‟s ex-
girlfriend jealous.
Trisha: That‟s all folks, the Chika Queen is now signing off…‟Til next time for more controversial
happenings in the showbiz life.
Back to you, partner Leah.
Thank you, Trisha Chikadora!

VI) B. Sports News
Reporter #4 – Fritz Velilia


Neil: In terms of boxing, tennis or even basketball, no other coverage has it better than the coverage by
our sports correspondent, Fritz Velilia, Fritz!

Fritz: Thank you partner Neil!

National University caught Adamson on a bad day as the Bulldogs carved out the most lopsided
triumph this season, 62-25, to grab the solo lead in the UAAP men‟s basketball tournament Wednesday
at Mall of Asia Arena.
The Bulldogs set the tone for the whopping 37-point ripping right in the opening minutes as they
zoomed to early double-digit leads behind Jay Alejandro, Gelo Alolino and Glenn Khobuntin.
Alejandro unloaded 10 of his team-high 13 points in the first half where the Bulldogs erected a
comfortable 29-point cushion, 40-11, on the way to their fourth victory in five games.

That‟s my latest scope from the sports scene, once more, this is Fritz Velilia.

Back to you Leah.

Thank you Eagle‟s Eye Fritz.

VI) C. Weather News
Reporter #5 – Darlene Catabas

Leah – For the storm and low pressure area updates, here is our resident weather forecaster, Darlene
Catabas! Darlene…

Darlene: Thank you partner Leah!

The Philippines weather bureau, PAGASA noted on their latest weather bulletin on Tuesday,
July 29, that the Low Pressure Area (LPA) spotted east of Northern Philippines has intensified into a
Tropical Depression. PAGASA stated that the tropical depression will be locally named as “Bagyong
Bagyong Inday was packing with 55 kilometers per hour, moving northwest at 15 kph. Based
upon the current movement of Bagyong Inday, PAGASA forecasts that the tropical depression will
leave the Philippine Area of Responsibility on Thursday, July 31, 2014.

Again, this is Darlene Catabas, reporting for the I am Ready segment of the DWGC Eagle‟s Eye.

Back to you Leah.

Thanks Eagle‟s Eye Darlene.

VII. Extro

Anchor Person – Leah Rose Paras & Neil Brian Chua

For the recap of the red-hot issues we delivered this afternoon…

#1 Sen. Revilla praises PNoy‟s SONA 2014

# 2 Saudi OFWs seek help to go home
#3 She‟s Dating the Gangster, certified blockbuster!
#4 NU wins VS Adamson by 37 points

#5 Low Pressure Area, promoted as “Typhoon Inday”

Once more, this is Eagles Eye, Leah Rose Paras, and Neil Brian Chua
Taking flight for DWGC 690!

Rise up Philippines, fly!

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