Streak Plate

Learning Activity No, 3B
 Bacteria are microscopic organisms, when
mass multiplication occurs – bacteria can be
seen macroscopically in colonies.
 Cultivation is the process of growing
microorganisms in culture
 Subculturing is the transfer from one medium
to another
 Bacteria are either fastidious or nonfastidious.
Classifications of Media
 Four general categories:
 Enrichment
 Contains specific nutrients required for growth of
particular bacterial pathogens
 Supportive
 Contains nutrients that support growth of most
nonfastidious organisms
 Selective
 Has inhibitory agents to all organisms except that being
 Differential
 Employ some factor/s that allow colonies of one
bacterial species or type to exhibit certain
 Enrichment
 Buffered Charcoal-Yeast Extract Agar for growth
Legionella pneumophila
 Supportive
 Nutrient agar
 Selective
 Phenylethyl alcohol agar w/c inhibits growth of aerobic
and facultative anaerobic gram-negative rods
 Differential
 MacConkey agar w/c differentiates between gram-
negative bacteria that can and can’t ferments the
sugar lactose.

Streak Plate Technique
 Sample from original suspension or from starter
plate is streaked on agar with a wire loop.
 Purpose:
 Determine quantity of bacterial growth semi-
quantitatively or relatively.
 Most common technique to isolate pure
 If used with calibrated loop- can be used to
quantify CFU (colony forming units) in fluid
Streak Plate Technique
After Cultivation
 Invert all the plates and incubate for 24-48
hours at the appropriate temperature,
 After incubation, refrigerate the plates in
inverted position to preserve bacterial
 Examine the plates for well-isolated and
separated colonies.
Colony Description
 Size – may be determined by measuring
the colony diameter in mm
 Hemolytic pattern – alpha, beta, or
 Consistency – smooth, rough, or mucoid
 On MAC or EMB – Lactose or Nonlactose
Important Reminders
 Make sure all needed materials, cultures
and media are ready.
 Be sure to label everything correctly,
 Wear PPE and be sure to follow
appropriate precautions.
 Sterilize always
 Avoid spillage
 According to Sir Liwag: Accidents are just
better names for katangahan.

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