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Among the Counsel of Immortals

I stand upon the summit were titans make their acquaintance to establish not
an order but an anarchy, so that the powers that be, regardless of dominion or
ancestry, might will this Universe as they see fit, to the fullest capacity that they
choose. Among me are the many strong, sly, and satiating.
To establish terms between immortals is difficult, for with their signatures
these contracts become eternal, persisting as they do, through out the expanses,
through out the eons.
As a mortal counsel I tread lightly, a dignitary on behalf of mankind, whose
existence could not just be terminated, but simply not be, on their slightest whim.
We ask that they recognize our fragility, and the fleeting nature of our lives. That we
cannot push back in the quarrels we have with them.
Our emotions run more tame than theirs, for we know that we wont have an
eternity to reprimand our mistakes, to take back the things that we say but dont
Many are making their bids; some want the sky, some want the oceans. As a
human I tell them that they can have it all, we see no reason to make claims on the
material world, how could we defend what is ours anyway against such
uncontrollable forces? This is their creation, one we do not understand. We only ask
that they acknowledge this as our home, the only one we have. I wonder if they
have a sense of home, or of origin. They can traverse all planes, and they arrived at
the moment of creation. For them, home is existence. For them, their origin is
They look down at me, born with the notion that Im a lesser being because I
can die. Though I wouldnt say it out loud, I might think that were the higher beings.
Theyre all so childish, never having to learn a lesson time and time again because
the arrogance and ignorance will still never culminate in their demise. Knowing we
will die forces us humans to mature, and seek wisdom, as much as we can before we
perish in the blink of their eyes.
Finally the entire contract is drafted. What we call the laws of physics are
their orchestration of basic universal rules, what can and cannot be done in given
planes. This is the entirety of the contract, as I suspected would happen, they chose
to keep all other matters free range. I fear the chaos this will instill in the universe,
all of these divine creatures doing as they please, in constant conflict with each
other, wrestling for power, worship, and material. This disorder to come worries
me, yet I know us mortals will grow more resilient as we endure the anarchy of the
gods, we will control our own fate if they do not choose to control theirs.