Early adulthood and middle age

Dr Omar I Almodayfer MD, FRCPC, ABAPDip Head of Mental health KAMC, Riyadh modayfero@ngha.med.sa

Adulthood tasks

Is the achievement f the capacity for intimacy.
 Close

relationship.  Give and receive love.  Sexual life.  Generativity.

People change over life in a predictable manner.  Different cultures have different views.  Healthy separation and individuation is the goal.  Early separation vs delayed separation.

What is middle age ?crisis
Does it exist?  Or is it a psychological turning point?

A major task in life.  It has it is own life cycle.  Different goals achieved by different people in different situatins and times.

How does it affect health?  Mental health issues regarding work:  Work environment vs. work type.  Loosing a job.

In Saudi Arabia.  In the professionals' life.  In the health care institutes.

Single adults
Delayed marriage.  Living situation:
  Alone.  With 

extended family

How does it affect health?

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