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The Criminal Thoughts
Kailash Chandra Sabat-7207884783

Yasmaanno Dvijate Loko Lokaanno Dvijate Cha Yaha
Harshaa-marshah Bhayo-dvegair Muktho Yah Sa Cha Me Priyaha
He by whom the world is not afflicted and whom the world cannot afflict, he who is free
from joy, anger, fear and anxiety - he is dear to me.

Chanchalam hi manah krishna pramaathi balavad dridham;
Tasyaaham nigraham manye vaayoriva sudushkaram.
The mind verily is restless, stubborn, strong and unyielding. Controlling the mind is as
difficult as it is to control the powerful winds.

In yoga it is told that ----Yoga schitah bruthi nirodhah.The purpose of yoga is to stop
bad instinct of our mind.

God tells if you compete a 7 ft jumping man because you can jump only 6 ft and spend
your body and mind, immediately you find somebody who can jump 9 ft and another
11 ft so on and so forth, so get satisfied and praise my creation.
1. There by you get my blessings
2. Else god takes away the good energy provided to you.
Selfless service to god’s creation is a godly duty and this multiplies your energy
I have tried to write this in my
1. Thoughts in curing and creating diseases
2. The vibrational meditation
3. I consume harmful thoughts
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In Gopal sahasranama God Shankar tells I dwell in human minds as minds–
Scitah swarupi Janardanah.

Mahaveer vikram vajarangi
Kumati nivar sumati ka sangi—God helping the good minded people.

Kamlesh Mishra, a yoga expert says –Our thoughts circulates energy in our
body.A bad thought exhaust the weaker part of our body.Even paralysis type
diseases are due to your bad thoughts as good thought increases your enegy
level and vice versa.

Gayatri mantra tells that Oh god give me good conscience
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Yoga of Brahma kumara analyses the mind with vibrational 40 thoughts a minute.
In odiya it is told ---
Nija akshi sabu sakshi---Our eyes witness our bad deeds even though we do crimes

Pranayam is a process to slow down our thoughts and breathing process and makes
our thought pure.

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