I cry for strangers who do not love themseves

carrying the weight from infancy to present moment on their shoulders
people so mad they cannot even fake a smile anymore
the keychain, cap, and t-shirt says "I love Jesus"
the heart says i dont love myself.. beat me
smack me I will take my suffering humbly in the name of the Lord
Drudgery a national pastime momentarily in popular demand
oh your miserable..... !i my name is Jim...... I"m miserable too
its ok buddy now we can be miserable together
#ommiseration breeds conformity for a daily fi$ on an approval addiction
please.... accept me.... love me ..... pay attention to me....I"m a good guy%
some people actually manage to escape the herd running full speed to perdition
most people dont unfortunately
pleasure, being an escape route to ignore our suffering
makes us comfortable when we afe hurting
who"s actually happy in this sphere in space called earth
&ou are I say.....
&ou are

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