Report No.

Date: 18.01.2012

Project Name, Location : Katakhali 50MW Power Plant, Rajshahi.
Client : SBS International Business Ltd.
Equipment /Object tested : LFO Tank
Equipment / Object ID : INF
Capacity (If valid) : 700 m

Thickness : 10 mm
Tested Area : Bottom Weld seams
Inspection Date : 30.11.2011 ~ 04.12.2011
Acceptance Criteria : API 650
Pressure used during test : 25 cm Hg
Inspection Time : 10 Sec.

Sl. No. Welding ID Length Pressure Loss Inspection Result Remarks
01. - 96 meter. 21 spots. L R
02. - 21 spots. No NSD A After repair
03. - 96 meter. No NSD A Re-test.
Legends: INF- Information Not Available, L- Leak, A- Acceptable, R-Reject.

Certification Terms and Clarification:
1. This certificate is provided according to the test executed.
2. The validity of certificate is void if any sorts modification, reconstruction made but the test not done after job.
To maintain validity re-test must be done.
3. The certificate is not liable for any fail during service period of tested object.

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Md. Safiq Uddin (ASNT L-II) Client
Inspector For SBS International Business