The Real-Time Web and its Future

Edited by Marshall Kirkpatrick

1 2. a. What is the real-time Web? Beyond Twitter and Facebook b. Matrix of issues and companies Case studies a. Ted Roden puts real-time into and the New York Times b. Superfeedr: Transforming the legacy Web into real-time c. Real-time as a trigger: Evri’s news-parsing technology d. How Warner Brothers uses the real-time Web in the music business e. Urban Airship does real-time mobile push f. Nozzl Media: Bringing real-time to old media g. Aardvark and the real-time Web of people h. Mendeley and the real-time Web of science i. Black Tonic re-imagines the real-time Web as a controlled experience j. At the Red Cross, the real-time Web saves lives Key players a. John Borthwick: thoughtful prince of the real-time Web b. Chris Messina: Rebel with a proposed technical standard c. Brett Slatkin, Brad Fitzpatrick and PubSubHubbub d. Steve Gillmor: The real-time Web’s leading journalist e. Another 15 important people to follow to understand the real-time Web Sector overviews a. Stream readers: Interfaces for the real-time ow b. Real-time search: Challenges old and new c. Text analysis and ltering the real-time Web Visualizations a. The path to value b. Real-time in conjunction with the static or slower Web c. Information overload Selected background articles on real-time technology 2 4 5 6 9 11 13 15 17 20 23 26 28 31 32 37 41 45 51 56 57 68 72 75 76 77 78 79





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