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Name: Abhishek

Title of Work: Characterization and performance tests on emulsions

Meeting Time and Date: 16:30 hours _ 01/07/2014

A. Work Accomplished
Partial completion of literature review concentrating over various method of extraction of
emulsion residue and general tests performed on residues and on emulsions.
MSCR and TTS performed on few sample (results are yet to be analysed).
Particle charge analyser experiment completed
Performed Brookfield viscometer test on a sample (more sample need to be tested)

B. Highlights of Last Meeting/Discussions
Suggested to review more literature.
Collection and assembling of material was insisted to be done.

C. Work Plan for Next Week
Check the performance of silicone pad in MAB.
More sample testing using Brookfield.
More literatures focussing on image related characterization.

D. Problem Encountered
Difference between vacuum distillation and Rotovap operation.
How BBR(bending beam rheometer) is different than DSR(dynamic shear rheometer)
How to decide which spindle to be used for Brookfield tests.
E. Any Other Issues